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  1. I don't wish to be vague, but I mean the story in general. All the artistic interpretations seem to have their own merits and insights. My favourite is the Zoltan Korda interpretation because of its depiction of Shere Khan as Cain, but there are also many other life affirming fascinating insights in that particular film too.
  2. Australia records its worst ever score on anti-corruption index after decline to match Hungary’s: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/25/australia-records-its-worst-ever-score-on-anti-corruption-index-after-decline-to-match-hungarys
  3. This is a question worth asking but I think we already discussed this earlier in the thread...
  4. This is still too vague and general. How does what you're saying specifically relate the story of The Jungle Book and the morals and the lessons of the story?
  5. Governments around the world used Covid to erode human rights – report https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2022/jan/25/governments-around-the-world-used-covid-to-erode-human-rights-report
  6. But the Kabbalah is not bad or evil in and of itself. What can be evil is the intention behind its use. Without the Kabbalah, none of use would be alive. It's the engine that moves life forwards and supports life and creativity.
  7. As the police investigate No 10 parties, Boris Johnson may already be damned in the court of public opinion... https://inews.co.uk/opinion/no-10-parties-downing-street-met-police-investigating-boris-johnson-1421767
  8. But it will just have to be exposed.
  9. I understand what you're saying but the structure of what Kipling shared, in his novel, "The Jungle Book", shares patterns and truths from the Kabbalah. The elements of his story are therefore also recognisable in religion and theology. I agree that art is about personal interpretation but how can interpretations be given, if the work is dismissed even before any interpretation can start. That's why I'm now talking about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. "Art saves the spirit of religion by recognizing the figurative value of the mythic symbols which the former would have us believe in their literal sense." (Richard Wagner)
  10. I wasn't judging anyone, simply making an observation that without culture, art and creativity, there would be no truths with which to maintain a meaningful and purposeful sense of human community. If only the negative is focused on, then what difference is there between that and outright nihilism? So yes, there are conspiracies and they can be nefarious and evil but that doesn't and shouldn't mean that one should throw the rainbow and the baby out with the bathwater because if one does, you're is only helping the cabal and the dark forces of Satan.
  11. I've still got a few things to add about that. I'm not saying that I'm going to contradict the wonderful Tolkien in any way shape or form, but I do have a few little thoughts on the subject.
  12. It was revealed to those who were prepared to worship the devil, and then they concealed the secrets with the aim of creating a pyramid scheme because if a group has a secret, it becomes a great temptation that can be used to draw more cult members, but the price of that is one's soul. If they keep and perpetuate secrets, they have to forfeit their soul.
  13. I'm talking about Mowgli and what Mowgli represents. That's what you're throwing away. You're whole thrust is actually anti-art, anti-culture anti-creativity and anti-life.
  14. The New Age movement is a trap for all those that want the benefits of Freemasonry but without all the padding and restrictive structure.
  15. Of course Nimrod is in the line of Cain. They are all part of the lineage of the Builders of civilisation and the secrets of the Kabbalah were originally revealed by none other Satan the devil.
  16. I still think you're reading too much in the quote and your effort is superfluous anyone because it's already blatantly obvious you don't need to be a Freemason to be involved in the occult and believe in the Great Architect of the Universe and the NWO, etc. What Manly P. Hall actually meant by his quote regarding the cosmos being a Lodge is that the Kabbalah underpins all life and creation, and this is understood through the Divine art of astrology. Without the Kabbalah you wouldn't be alive, so we owe our existence and survival to it's reality. It's the engine which drives things and is related to the two Trees of the Garden of Eden. The Kabbala is also integral to the structure of Freemasonry, which is why it's such an enduring and powerful organisation. However, the Kabbalah also contains the fundamental secrets of the material world and the human condition. Those that learn its secrets can use it for nefarious purposes and that's the problem I have with Freemasonry. They take ideas from this mirror-reflected-world and make them doctrine and dogma, and in so doing, everything gets inverted and reversed, so black becomes white, up becomes down, and good becomes bad, which is why Jesus Christ accused the religious leaders of his day of being from their father devil because they placed the interpretations of man above the open exoteric words of the Torah.
  17. I posted the video which has the same information at the start of this thread, so I'm aware of the info where you timestamped the video from, but I'll discuss this later...
  18. A few more I remember... naff Right on Dream on scarper Bagsie (to make a claim for something) bonkers skidaddle
  19. In the next instalment, we'll try to find out what possibly happened to Shelob, in the end.
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