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  1. 15 minutes ago, JJ73 said:


    Of course.


    It's not a dilemma at all.  You had previously stated you can see a way through this but yet it needs me and others to share publicly what up until now has remained private? I don't know you at all and I'm not implying at all you are not trustworthy. I would give you the benefit of the doubt that you are. Why does my private journey have to be written out here publicly?



    True, your journey doesn't need to be written out here at all, and I wasn't trying to persuade you to do so. When I wrote that humanity needs to reveal itself, I didn't intend to make anyone feel like they're not doing enough. I was speaking about my own reality, and should've made that clearer. I'm happy to explore the legacy of Wagner, etc. and taking personal responsibility for that. I can't do anything on my own and nothing can be forced. Things can only be allowed.


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  2. 11 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    well its difficult to know if mary was a curse or a blessing on you because without a rob-clone who we could put into an identical, parallel reality who never spent time with mary and didn't languish in the castle of temptation, against which we could measure your own experiences, we will never know to what extent she was a positive or negative effect on your life.


    For this reason its expedient to not indulge in musings on the matter and instead to seek to look forward instead. If we instead look on what we might otherwise view as personal failings as simply learning experiences that are part of lifes tapestry then we won't lose any psychic power to it and instead can take a positive away from the situation which we may then use in a beneficial way moving forward


    That's how I've come to understand things. She's both a curse and blessing, but focus on the blessing side of things is best.


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  3. 24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    I think we have to consider the existence of a third which is those who renounce their own personal power in order to allow others to have control over them. These people are not creative and in fact by reducing freedom they will also reduce the creativity in the world


    This third that mention is part of that group that's in the middle, which I mentioned.


    24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Sure, he is the fool embarking on the journey.....a journey that any of us can take


    Yes, an Everyman figure.


    24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    well i'm not sure it is as simple as that. I think it has older roots in celtic mythology and in the cauldron of plenty.


    The medieval writings on the matter could represent a christian slant on those older myths however exoteric christianity wasn't the only game in town and bubbling away beneath the surface was an occult river out of which was springing rosicrucianism, freemasonry and so on. When mehmed the conqueror invaded constantinople he forced many byzantine greek-romans in to flight and as they dispersed into europe they took all their books and writings with them and that knowledge then fed into the renaissance.


    I was referring to Wagner's distillation of the medieval mythology. If there's anything there that goes against Jesus Christian, I'd like to know what that is. I agree it's not a simple subject. As Carl Jung once wrote, “No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” - C.G. Jung


    24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    If all matter is energy vibrating then everything is frequency which means that music has power. So perhaps the question is what potentially transformative effect can music have on consciousness, even over the expanse of time?


    I agree that's a good question.


    24 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    So for him he was involved in a sacred process in which he was performing a magical rite towards the transformation of human consciousness


    The word "magical" is tricky and could lead to misunderstanding. It's not a magical rite in the sense of invoking magic for selfish ends, which is the realm of black magicians and occultists.


    In Wagner's libretto, the wisest Grail knight, Gurnemanz, who recognises Parsifal for the first time, as a man, since he's first encounter with Parsifal as a boy, says, "He is not one of the Brothers". Parsifal is a complete outsider.



  4. 10 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    are you sure that you're a pal of mary's?!!!


    If you're referring to Kundry (I don't fully understand your reference to Mary J), to be honest, I'd say that her curse is still having some influence, but not as much as in the past. Over time, it appears to have a diminishing effect. The irony is that the curse is self-inflicted, so it's a question of taking responsibility for reality, and not trying to blame external things or persons.




  5. 1 hour ago, Macnamara said:


    Can you expand on that? What issues raised in the clip are you seeing as redemptive within our time?


    From a conspiratorial perspective we have the problem that it isn't necessarily that many of us don't know what the right way is but rather that there are bad actors who are deliberately inverting things constantly in order to throw society off balance


    Those bad actors have set about achieving their aims with a ruthless precision and they have bought up all the media so that they largely control the space within which perceptions are formed; except its not just perceptions that are formed in that space for example scruton laments the dullness of pop music but the appreciation of music can be taught almost as if a person is like an instrument that can be tuned to a finer pitch


    The film historian peter biskind quoted someone as once lamenting that with the arrival of the blockbuster movie in hollywood it eclipsed film as an art form. It was likened to food as the quote was ''when mcdonalds came to town people forgot what good cooking tasted like''


    Orwell saw this coming as in his novel '1984' winston listens from his lovenest to a 'prole' outside whistling a tune as she hangs up her washing to dry and the tune is a formulaic pop song created by a machine


    In the interview, one salient point that Roger Scruton made was that he believes that despite all of Wagner's outstanding philosophical observations, the area that he most excelled in was music.


    I'm going to focus on Wagner's last music drama that Scruton analysed, which is "Parsifal". There are two parallel things i try to keep in mind when thinking about the essence of Parsifal... who is he, and what does he have to offer than can be of benefit to others?


    There are two main driving principles in the world... one has renounced love in order to gain power and control over the rest of us, and the other is creative, and is about renouncing power in order to experience love and freedom.


    Most people are between the two principles, but are finding that the power principle is beginning to assert itself far too much for comfort.


    The power principle seeks to empower itself through the hoarding of spiritual knowledge and keeping it secret, in order to have control over the masses.


    The love principle seeks to share spiritual knowledge so everyone can enjoy life to their full potential.


    One is a concealment of what it is to be human, and the other is a revelation of what it is to be human.


    So bearing that in mind, it's important that Parsifal shares knowledge that can make people feel self-empowered.


    So that leaves the other question... who is Parsifal?


    One thing is for sure, he's certainly not the Redeemer, the Messiah or a Messiah, but he is an Everyman figure. I won't go into the story of his background as a wild boy, his experiences in the black magician's fortress, and his wanderings through world looking for the Grail king in order to heal his wound because if anyone's genuinely interested, there are summaries all over the Internet.


    Basically, Parsifal, as per the story, is an Everyman figure, a nomad, who opens a timeless portal, in the form of the Holy Grail, through which Jesus Christ can make his presence known in the world, defeat the evil powers in the hidden realm, and in so doing, begin the task of putting the world to rights, and healing humanity, so that the world can be restored to paradise. In so doing, Jesus Christ fulfils his own prophecies.


    Roger Scruton, who is not a Christian but a humanist, said that Parsifal is a Christian work, and I've discovered nothing in the work that goes against Jesus Christ's teachings. If anything, it fulfils them. The question is, does the music, in and of itself, have the power to make time become space? That hasn't been tested or even discussed much in the public realm, in terms of it being a possible reality, with respect specifically to Wagner's work, in our world. The music drama is certainly about that, but my honest opinion is that, even after several decades of studying and learning the role from a singer's perspective, I personally can't rule it out.


    Wagner built his very own theatre in Bavaria, the Bayreuth Festival House, for the work to be performed in. He didn't want the work performed anywhere else in Germany or the world. He didn't regard the work as mere entertainment, or just another music drama, or opera. He regarded the music drama, "Parsifal", as a "Stage consecration festival play", or a "Festival play for the consecration of a stage", depending on how you translate what he wrote from the German, which was a "Bühnenweihfestspeil".


    There's a large part of me that says not to talk about this openly, but on the other hand, a part of me also says that if this has been divinely ordained, then it needs to come out. It's the same dilemma Jesus Christ must've faced when he was preparing to go public with his message. His message changed the world.


    O. E. Bernhardt (1875-1941), a German, Christian mystic, writing in the 1920's and '30's, wrote:


    The world


    If now from some part of the great Creation in dire distress, suffering and ardent appeals rise to the Creator, then a Servant of the Vessel is sent forth as a bearer of this Love to intervene helpingly in the spiritual need. What floats merely as a myth and a legend in the Work of Creation then enters Creation as a living reality. Such missions, however, do not often occur. Each time they are accompanied by incisive changes and great upheavals.


    When I first came across than text in the mid- to late 1990's, I was astounded because it confirmed intuitions I'd already had, but hadn't seen written about anywhere, since the early to mid-1980's.


    Christ once said he had many things yet say, but he told his disciples they would not be able to bear it. He said that if he didn't go away (death through the crucifixion), he would not be able to send the helper, but when he does go away, and when the helper he sends arrives, then that one will show the way back to him.



  6. 1 minute ago, JJ73 said:


    Well, here is the thing. I don't know. I have been looking through my internet history. I was looking at a totally unrelated Wikipedia page, about Fender guitars. I then type "Roger Scruton" into google. I  wasn't looking at anything which would have led me to do that, so it must have been a sudden flash of inspiration. This is not unusual for me at all. Often names pop up into my brain and I go searching for them. That then took me to his Wikipedia page. What is unusual is that you are discussing RS within the remit of seeing a way through this. With regards to my journey, I would rather not discuss that on a public forum.


    Thanks for explaining how you came across Roger Scruton, and I respect your decision that you don't want to discuss your journey on a public forum. I hope you can understand my reluctance to discuss my journey regarding seeing a way through this. It's a real dilemma because if everyone withdraws from sharing a personal revelation, then we've all lost the battle, and evil forces will take advantage of humanity's lack of spiritual revelation, and impose its own reality on us, which it's already doing in quite startling ways. 



  7. 9 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    Mary J is who you spent all that time with in the castle. She wrapped you in her smoky tendrils


    Why do you refer to her as Mary J? Is she a figurative person, or is she someone you actually know? Can you explain in more detail about her?



  8. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    one view of kundry could be that she represents ANYTHING that pulls you away from the grail quest


    Perhaps Mary J was initially assisting you on your journey towards individuation but if she became a safety blanket for you and a way of forgetting and shutting yourself off from LIFE which contains many of the painful lessons that will carry you along the path then she WAS your kundry


    Mary J is an old pal of mine and we sometimes bump into each other and usually have a good laugh and she often shares some interesting perspectives on things but she is not a crutch in my life. She's more of an ally


    For someone else kundry might be their workaholism or their obsession with money or their own petty mindedness. Each can tie a person down into stasis. Yours for a while was dope which you wrapped yourself up in like cotton wool. Maybe tomorrow kundry will take another form


    I'm replying to your other post, but just noticed you posted this. Who is Mary J?


    Now back to replying to your other post..


  9. 2 minutes ago, JJ73 said:


    This concepts outlined in this video appear to be consolidating where my journey has thus far taken me. The timing of this video is perfect.


    That's good to hear. I'd be interested in hearing more about your journey and how you arrived at Scruton.


  10. I watched the Scruton/Wagner video for a second time with a friend a couple days ago. As I've been thinking about these things for decades, there wasn't much new for me, but I do very much admire the way he makes it appear so easy to talk about things he discusses.


    My friend thought the way he explained musical language, towards the end of the video, was very interesting, but up until that point, he felt he was being too over analytical. I just emailed him to say that I'm watching the video again now, for a third time, so that eventually, everything Scruton says will just become so second nature that it'll be possible to say and do the things he talked about, without having to do all that analytical discoursing, which I know is off-putting. At the end of the day, it's about doing the things he talked about, so it doesn't feel like time's arduously passing. Easier said than done... 


    The topics he covered are a lot to take in, but they hold a lot of insights to the nature of what the cabal's agenda is, and how love can overcome power. So it's really a kind of self-empowerment video.


  11. This part of the thread is a follow in from a post in this thread.


    Roger Scruton died not long ago, but before he passed away, he gave an interview that skirts around some of the things that I've been thinking about for many decades.




  12. 1 hour ago, JJ73 said:

    I'm not a trouble-maker. If you have discovered a way through this or out of this, I will listen without judgement. In the last 18 months, I have lost the respect of practically everyone I have ever known and live as a recluse because of it. Those who do still speak to me, 'joke' about having me held down to get the requisite amount of jabs inside me.  I have nothing left to lose, in hearing you out.


    I'm beginning to feel the same way. It's a kind of sink or swim situation.


    I have mentioned before on the forum that I'm a singer. I use singing as a gauge of how I'm doing swimming on the surface of the ocean of consciousness that's out there. I'm aware of  the corruption in the commercial entertainment world. I'm also aware that it's only a matter of time before I really come under attack and I have to ensure that my technique and vision is going to be strong enough to withstand the brewing storm. This is a clue that the path involves music and some of the greatest philosophical minds that have applied their minds to music over the last 200 years. 


    Are you familiar with the English philosopher Roger Scruton? He died not long ago, but around 8 years ago or so, he gave an interview that skirts around some of the things that I've been thinking about for many decades. Not only have I been thinking about these things, but I've embed these things in the fabric of my being that makes me want to sing. There's already a Roger Scruton thread in this General section. I'll post the video there now in that thread, and the thread will become evident.


    it's not appropriate to continue this topic here, as it's already gone off topic, but all these things are related, so I hope Golden Retriever can forgive the aberration, in the interests of seeking understanding.




    Just posted the video here:



  13. 4 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    have you discussed this anywhere on the forum yet?



    if christianity was the over-arching story that bound europe together over centuries until the enlightenment led to a more materialist conception of history then we see a deep yearning in people for something that has been lost when they turned their back on religion


    In order to redeem our own times we need a new story that inspires and encourages the best from people



    turning over the gay mafia rock isn't going to provide a complete enough picture of the issue at hand, merely an aspect of what's going on. However it might help some people to see how the demonisation of straight males and of white people in general is all part of a push by the 'liberal', globalist elites to create a new society of moral reletavism that ultimately leads people away from creation and into the elites virtual metauniverse


    If people can see how these things connect up into a cohesive agenda and then see where that agenda leads then they may be able to look into that abyss and pull back in horror which may just inspire them to make the changes in their life that they need to make in order to help steer the ship in a different direction


    I agree with a lot of what you're saying, and I answered your question, 'have I mentioned this before?', in a post just before this one.


    You used the imagery of looking under a rock. This is a similar idea to looking behind the veil, or curtain, but the essence of these metaphors is a "revealing", which really means an apocalypse. Whenever I use that word, T'spoon hates it because he doesn't believe in the idea of an apocalypse, and vehemently argues against it because he believes "everyone is dead" and "the truth should be kept buried".


    I can understand why some people resist revelations... it's because everything in this world is a lie, so obviously if everything is revealed, everything would stop, including Time itself, so of course people are in fear of that happening. Ironically, the lie is also what can save us. Only the weapon that caused the wound, can heal the wound.


    I'm all for everything to be revealed. David Icke says, "Let the truth be told, though the heavens fall". I agree, but there must be a way through so things don't fall on our head, and kill everyone. If everyone's killed, then humanity is finished, so there must be something to keep time going that will bring an end to the evil agenda.




  14. 2 minutes ago, JJ73 said:


    I would like to hear it. I'm open to whatever that may look like.


    This is actually the first time I've been so blunt on the forum regarding this, so that's a start. Christ once said he had many things say, but he told his disciples they would not be able to bear it. He said that if he didn't go away (death through the crucifixion), he would not be able to send the helper, but when he does go away, and when the helper he sends arrives, then that one will show the way through what's now unfolding.


    So as you can imagine, there's a lot at stake here and what being contemplated is fire. When i first chose my avatar, I chose it after I came across it by accident. I had no idea what it really means, I just liked the look of it. Of course, I knew that it may have significance, but I learned more about it's different meanings since I started using it. I didn't know, for example that it's a symbol that midwives use to describe the birthing process. That's just one aspect, but to go with this analogy/symbolism for a bit, birthing isn't an easy procedure and can involve a degree of pain. Obviously, there are going to be people who are going to be very much against this to the point of causing a lot of trouble. That's why I haven't found a way of being really open.


  15. 33 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    they want their nanotech within you so that they will control that space too


    not even the commies or nazis injected everyone on the planet. This is next level evil


    That's why I know, and why you probably know, we're arriving at the end-game. T'spoon doesn't believe  there's going to be a climax. He thinks things will carry on and on, but I don't see how that can be the case because like you say, once they get us over a certain threshold, the game is up and there's no turning back and humanity is finished. I don't believe humanity will end in defeat, but I don't believe things will just carry on, as they have been for centuries. People who believe that are not facing up to the reality that the agenda is escalating so fast, there's absolutely no way this can carry on indefinitely.


    I have an idea how to navigate a path through, but I can't do it on my own. I also don't know how to say what I want to say openly. I've been thinking about it for decades privately, and never felt the necessity to discuss it openly because it's only in recent times that times have become critical.


    Over the past year that's changed and I've been looking for ways to express what I want to express but at every turn a barrier comes down because it involves looking at the problems of evil in a different way to how most people view the problem. One of the barriers is the reality that we've collectively built the prison we're all in, and people don't want to take the risk of questioning that reality. Most people don't want to take responsibility for the part they're playing in maintaining the false paradigm.


    In a recent post, for example, T'spoon said, "It's not much use revealing the truth if everyone is dead or enslaved though is it?"


    But the only thing that can save us is the truth. The problem, I feel, is that people are either knowingly, or unwittingly, fighting false paradigms, labels and appearances in order to stop truth being shared. T'spoon knows because I've told him a lot over the 14 years or so, on and off, we've known each other, but he doesn't want to know. He therefore has nothing positive to say because he believes that everyone, including you and I, are dead. That's why he speaks down to people and he only cosies up to people that are being distracted from the truth. It gives him comfort and a false refuge.


    I don't think trying to find a gay mafia is the solution. It's a distraction, a way of doodling the time away, but the clock's ticking and there aren't many tocks left.


  16. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    I'm not talking about left v's right


    the people i'm calling 'liberals' are the ones arguing for all the things that the cabal are pushing down into society from above even though it will lead to a totalitarian society devoid of freedom or soul


    We all know Liberalism is just a facade. The word "liberal" sounds good because most people want to be seen as being generous, non-judgemental and inclusive, so it's the ideal Trojan horse to use to get the bulk of the agenda through, but the agenda is also being channelled through conservative, labour, democratic and republican parties. The agenda is also channelled through the extreme left and right, which are both sides of he same coin. In reality, there are very few places to go for refuge away from it all, except within, until the whole thing blows over, which it will at some point, which is why I've mentioned that the story has already been written and we make films of it all.


  17. 1 minute ago, Macnamara said:


    i'm not going to go as far as to say that the 'liberal' camp don't have souls lol


    They are just the product of things that create mental illness


    There's mental illness on both sides, to be fair. The finger of one side at the other only gives energies to those in the unseen world.


  18. 1 minute ago, Macnamara said:


    i have been talking to all kinds of people online for years and what i'm seeing is that people have polarised into two camps,broadly speaking


    For want of a better term lets call one of those camps 'liberals'. Those people are supported by big tech, the big corporations, the media and by much of the news media


    Those liberals seem to have completely discarded objective morality. In their eyes it is ok to trample on freedom of speech just as long as the people being silenced are the people they disagree with. That camp are ok with people being punched in the face, doxed or harassed and no-platformed just as long as it is the people they disagree with and ultimately i have no doubts that camp will also say it is ok for the government to force jab people too because they believe that it is ok to deprive people from their freedom and even their right to life just as long as it is the people they disagree with


    As a result they have become the footsoldiers of the cabal as they are both moving in the same direction which is to say the sabotage of society with intent to cause harm to those they resent


    IMO, the picture is more complex than that. People like David Icke and Rudolf Steiner have claimed that there are mainly two types of people in the world. Those that have a soul and those that don't, and those that don't have a soul can be probably be found across the political spectrum, from the far right, to the far left. That's why playing the left vs right game only results in donating energy to the cabal.


  19. 4 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


    Sorry, just used to you following my tracks here and posting on any thread straight after me. Probably best if we try to ignore each other from now on.



    It was you that followed me on to the artificial entrance thread, and you followed me here into this thread that I started, so please don't accuse me of following you. I'm not interested in your non-factual reality.


  20. 2 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    I'm pretty liberal about personal choice but very conservative about social engineering


    Same here... but social engineering varies at different points in history. At the moment, things are swinging towards chaos and do as you want be the whole law culture. We're heading towards the end of this reptilian system of things, though. The story has already been written. We're just making film versions of it.


  21. 3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    i haven't said anything about sexuality either way


    if you are asking my personal opinion on that i believe that your sex life is your business and not mine


    I'm talking about what the cabal are upto and everwhere i look i see them throwing spanners into the gears of our society. They are not doing this because they are kind hearted people looking to make life better for everyone. They are doing this because they KNOW that their actions will have negative consequences for society. They are trying to crash everything so that they can RESET to their 'new world order'


    Sex is at the core of everything. Sex is the reason why we're here. It's the reason for the fall and best method through which to control people. It's not sex that's the problem, the problem is the misuse of sexual energy for the pursuit of power and control.


  22. Just now, Nobby Noboddy said:

    Do you really want to argue about who's more abused as a gender?

    Any abuse is satanic in nature.

    Bearing in mind the androgynous nature of the beast and it's helpers, they're going to feast on anyone.




    Good point. not I don't want to get into the stupid petty argument over who gets abused more because the fact is both girls and boys are abused by both men and women of all sexual orientations. The reality is that this actually all comes from other dimensional beings that don't have any human sexuality or empathy for human feelings. They just want to control the human race. They must laugh at humans when they look for gays to blame, or this or that group or the other.



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