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  1. Steppenwolf (a film based on a novel by Herman Hesse - Max von Sydow as Harry Haller) "There once was a man called Harry, who went on two legs, wore clothes, and was a human being. Nevertheless he really was a wolf of the steppes. In his childhood he was wild and disobedient and disorderly. And those who brought him up declared a war of extinction against the beast in him. And precisely this had given him the idea that he really was a beast with only a thin veneer of the human." FOR MADMEN ONLY Film intro...
  2. A German city cancels Wieland Wagner Due to Wieland Wagner's association with the National Socialists, and his close relationship with 'Uncle Wolf' - Adolf Hitler - Wieland-Wagner-Höhe, in Stuttgart, has been renamed Heinrich-Heine-Höhe by the City council. Up until 1933, the viewing platform was originally named after the Jewish poet, Heinrich Heine (1797-1856), one of Germany's greatest poets. Wieland Wagner was Richard Wagner's grandson. His mother, Winifred Wagner, often invited Adolf Hitler to stay with her in Wahnfried, the house that Richard Wagner built as his residence, in Bayreuth. Du bist wie ein Blumen (Heinrich Heine) (You are like a flower, English translation © Richard Stokes) You are like a flower, So sweet and fair and pure; I look at you, and sadness Steals into my heart. I feel as if I should lay My hands upon your head, Praying that God preserve you So pure and fair and sweet.
  3. Very unusual for an 11 year old girl to collapse and die with a cardiac arrest.
  4. A head rolls... ETO update: https://slippedisc.com/2021/10/head-rolls-at-english-touring-opera/
  5. I was a highwayman Along the coach roads I did ride
  6. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide All right now, for all you boppers out there in the big city, all you street people with an ear for the action...
  7. Apparently, it was David Amess's dream for Southend to become a city. Southend will be joining another seaside town in becoming a city - the City of Brighton and Hove, which became a city in 2000.
  8. La Divina Comedia Typical of a lot of human nature. It's very common for people not to just be themselves, so they have to belong to a group and once they join that group, label or identity, the ego takes over and they have to impress that group in order to stand out or just to be accepted as part of the tribe, and "more bells are added to this gaudy fool's cap which, through convulsive contortions and antics, are made to jingle louder and ever louder in order to maintain itself for as long as possible on the usurped throne!" It's all basic human psychology, but quite comical from a spiritual perspective!
  9. Has anyone been able to sing like this since 1950?
  10. RobSS

    Roger Scruton

    Roger Scruton on Moral Relativism A conversation with Roger Scruton hosted by the Common Sense Society in 2012.
  11. Our soul is our interface, the working area between our spirit and God, and from there, it can go either way, but we have to choose, either we go with the AI, human augmentation, transhumanist agenda, or we reject it. It's going to be more and more difficult to sit in the middle and not make an ultimate choice and this is going to be increasingly problematic for a lot of people going forwards. Rudolf Steiner, for example, said it's possible for vaccines to be used to disconnect humanity from God: "I have told you that the spirits of darkness are going to inspire their human hosts, in whom they will be dwelling, to find a vaccine that will drive all inclination towards spirituality out of people's souls when they are still very young, and this will happen in a roundabout way through the living body. Today, bodies are vaccinated against one thing and another; in future, children will be vaccinated with a substance which it will certainly be possible to produce, and this will make them immune, so that they do not develop foolish inclinations connected with spiritual life — ‘foolish’ here, of course, in the eyes of materialists." (Rudolf Steiner, Lecture 13: The Fallen Spirit's Influence in the World, 27th October, 1917)
  12. Roger Scruton - The Tyranny of Pop Music A discourse on how vacuous banal pop music kills humanity, and how, in contrast, our ancestors listened to music. There's nothing wrong with judging music, and in so doing, oppose political correctness. Our civilisation was made by music but to hear it, one has to clear the air of noise.
  13. The Ring of Fire In the style of Richard Wagner:
  14. Ron's Gone Wrong (2021 film) Summary: "Twentieth Century Studios and Locksmith Animation's "Ron's Gone Wrong" is the story of Barney, a socially awkward middle-schooler and Ron, his new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, which is supposed to be his 'Best Friend out of the Box.' Ron's hilarious malfunctions set against the backdrop of the social media age, launch them into an action-packed journey in which boy and robot come to terms with the wonderful messiness of true friendship. " (source) According to the film's trailer, there will only be two kinds of people, those that have the new walking, talking, digitally-connected device, and those that don't. We're being presented with serious choices all the time now. How critical they are to ultimate soul survival is still debatable. One choice already on offer is obviously whether to have the jab, or not to have the jab. All part of the AI transhumanism agenda, in little creeping steps.
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