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  1. Ideally, they should go hand in hand, otherwise the intellect overrides the spirit. When the intellect relegates the spirit to second place, there's a danger of tyranny. That's why the religious leaders conspired together to get rid of Jesus Christ.
  2. An amazing walking tour, by LADmob, of the Luxur Temple, in Egypt. How on earth did such an ancient civilisation mange to build with such huge blocks of stone?
  3. He can go into the horse shed with Jacinda!
  4. Faucl is probably even a worse shill than the both Boris and Vietch combined, and yet no one complains when a video of Fauci is posted in this thread!
  5. I was asking for opinions about what he said in the video. I didn't give any personal opinion, so I wasn't "championing" his video!
  6. I haven't said he should be trusted.
  7. Boris did hide it, which is why people were fooled into voting for him, but the point is that it's still wise to know what shills say, whoever they are... "Be wise as serpents", as the saying goes.
  8. I'm not putting him is the same boat, I'm just saying that its shred to be aware of what shills say, as per the saying, "Be wise as serpents". Rob
  9. Boris Johnson is a shill in the sense that he's a stooge or a plant for the cabal. He doesn't actually represent his electorate and put their interests first, so he is a shill for the other side.
  10. Boris Johnson is a shill too but even with shills it's shrewd not to always ignore what they say, which is why David Icke often quotes those being controlled by the 'other side'.
  11. I know, but he didn't ignore my post!
  12. Just in... Reuters: New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, might have a horse throat: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-newzealand-idUSKBN2K307C
  13. Laying aside personality and not detracting from content, was there anything in the video you disagreed with?
  14. Big 5 In the style of Bad manners
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