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  1. Hi all. More of a social recluse. But it's been a while so l thought of come out of my rabbit hole for some fresh air. crazy times ahead... An had to make a post l thought people should be made aware of. That's why l signed up! I'm not a mad hatter, an like to read between the lines.. been a truth seeker for some time now.. peace! BMX
  2. Guys not one for posting, more of an silent observer. But this got me! No one anyware has reported this and it's A big fat cat. I couldn't sleep the other night so had a wonder around the web ... someone posted a while back about a tender for the construction of large scale storage facilitates for human bodies, the dead kind. So l decided to take a dive into the Tenders list to see if l could find it. It was there. Still the tender list has the option to sort in terms of cost .. ie highest 1st ect... I put this in an low an behold ...a shocker popped up! There's a Tender for the NHS in England for Oral Anticoagulant medication. NHS Framework Agreement for the supply of Direct Oral Anticoagulants (DOACs) for the NHS in England https://www.contractsfinder.service.gov.uk/notice/4aed5711-c38a-447d-bf8d-40c87c3a7788?origin=SearchResults&p=1 For the period starting November 2021 till March 2024 . Worth get this.. £3,185,000,000. That's Three BILLION 185 million. AN THIS IS JUST FOR ENGLAND. THE COST OF THIS WORLD WIDE WILL BE WORTH TRILLIONS. AN THAT'S BEFORE WHOLESALE. So my assumption is they know that blood clots are a real delema an are now prepping for it. THEY NEW BLOOD CLOTTING WAS A PROBLEM BEFORE JULY 2021 Jab you up ' an make you co dependant on a anti coagulant drug. what's David's motto.... Problem. Reaction. Solution. COVID .. JAB. .. DRUGS. ..DRUG DEPENDENCE. I just don't understand why this isn't on mainstream media or any news outlets... This is ducking crazy not to be mainstream news... why arnt people talking about this? is it just me? l think it's serious enough...So l had to sign up to this forum an make a post. I think this ' fat cat' is definitely worth letting out the bag! peace out guy's... pass it on if you think it's worthy. regards BMX.
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