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  1. The answers always are in another world or dimentions, I am speaking about my dreams and visions. I can`t avoid question me if there are other matrix.... this matrix more difficult to break or rip. I think about it since I was abduced and then they steal my little child, the warm it since I was pregnant, but I no consent it. I change the time of cesarean, I keep my child to my home the next day without medical instruction.... I want to change the future advised....
  2. hi!! I have to say that I speak in spanish, I dont use translate but I know muy language can be not usual Today I decide speak, first sent a message, then I`ve read about forum. I have many questions, the principal, my DNA. I was born in Chile. I have had so many experiences... but I dont know were is my family, my real family. Althougth my fathers are chileans, my goodmathers born at south of Chile, they were of light skin and yellow - green eyes. I cant found my lineage. I dont know if de answer is the lineage or is another theme because my question and the reason of whrite us is: why I have connections since I remember all of my life.
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