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  1. A Deeper Consideration. I would like to contribute the following for consideration and Question of Logical, Rational, Practical, Functional Critical Thinking only, not as or for Argument, nor Debate, but that the following touches on many topics and points that I offer for consideration, and that this post may be edited and elaborated to overtime. The following post speaks to these topics generally, You may listen to the following post here. https://soundcloud.com/user-808021980/a-deeper-consideration The Symbol, Word, Image, and Object. A Time Before Time. Human, Man, and woman. Evil. Mind, Spirit, and Soul. Marriage, Spouse & Wife. Jesus and The One Sin. Freewill and power. I Openly admit which may be written in an unconventional manner, Spelling mistakes and all as the only way I know to put it and that I have deliberately summarized dramatically as it would prove rather lengthy, however, all readers are not only invited to Read the introduction on my page, where those interested may gain a better idea of the perspective, I also openly admit, the following is for those who are truly willing, thus also honestly able, and finally, before I begin, literacy is more a matter of Reading then it is of Writing. -“I Have Not A Political Fanaticism Or Favorite, Nor A Religious Denomination Or The Affiliation Of, Or To A God, Gods Or Devils, A King Nor His Queen, I Am Not Good Nor Bad, Nor Am I Virtuous Or Evil, I Am Not Left Or Right, Nor Am I Black, Or White, I Am Not Unjust Or Righteous, Nor Am I Mighty Or Meek, I Am Not A Color Nor Have I A Creed, For I Am The Line, Human, And Balanced, The Peace Between, Crossed Either Way, By Either Side, And For Those Who Will Not To Stand The Line By Me, Equally Stand A Part Of, From, And Against Me, Human Dignity, Humanness, Humanity, With Indignity, A Blasphemous Shame!” The Symbol, Word, Image, and Object. We should first have a basic understanding of Symbiology, the combination and sequential use of these symbols which are utilized to form these Many “Words”, and how at a time before Speech, The Symbol, Word, Parchment, Scroll, Script, Bible, or Book or their resulting Cultures and Societies which work to sustain them, simply did not exist esoterically, but that where depicted Pictorially, Metaphorically Only, primarily because Humanity, the Human being never needed, utilized, nor required Words, and that they, Symbols where not utilized in the Sense or Manner Man has utilized them throughout the majority of His history, by His Word, or as the Word, the Plagiarism and Perversion of Esoteric and Ancient Symbolization, and Symbolisms, as if a Power, Right, and Or Authority that has long been Exploited, taken Advantage, and Made as if a Weapon utilized unto the Minds of the Lost, Ignorant, Innocent, and Illiterate, long before the Spoken Word we so fluently Speak and utilize today. -“It Is By Its Fruit A Tree Is Judged, Not Its Words.” It was only after Man began to give Praise and Worship of the Symbol, Object, and Image, that Man successfully told of a Dream that Man will land on the Moon, letter motion pictures Telling a Vision that Man has, which today still proves more effective than a Word, be it Inscribed, Scribed, Written, Read or Said, overtime proving and become a much more effective means and method of which to publish and expose the masses to Propaganda and the Subliminal suggestion, complete with the Hidden Trigger Messages, Frequency, and Sounds, that are a very specialized Craft, Practice and Study today and for the foreseeable future, again all in efforts of sustaining a failing Artificiality, To Indoctrinate, Brainwash, and Educate. i.e. Originally Symbols were only utilized to Describe and or Instruct how to interact with the Inanimate Object, Device, Law, Body, and Beast. Esoterically, its Suggestion before Projection, which is the very foundation of a Symbol and Symbolism, a Word, acknowledged as, and soon becoming the first form of Man’s Magic, Witchcraft, Sorcery, Doublespeak, and Second tongue, or better, the Serpents Word, Spell, Enchantment, Blessing or Curse, as Religions and Rights, Laws and Policies that are not only plagiarized but also a form, Means, and Method of Menticide which to Manipulate the Ignorant, Illiterate and Lost peoples who are continually exploited or Forced by a propagated Authority as if a Right, soon becoming the formal Language and Tool utilized by the Gods, Kings, Priests, Politicians, and few Peasants throughout the majority of Man’s history. When Man began to use Symbols and Words to express Beliefs, Feelings, Suggestions and Ideas they were often seen as Evil, Witches, Sorcerers, Demon-Possessed and as if Devils with Two Tongues, this was not simply because Man started to use Symbols and Words, a second tongue inappropriately or incorrectly, rather, that has only ever proven to results with Man becoming, and remaining Distant, Disconnected and Dissociated from The Innate Rite, Ability, Universal Knowledge, Higher Consciousness, Intuition, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Truthfulness, Honesty and Human Dignity among the plethora of other things once Procreated, Cherished, Respected, Expected, Valued and Appreciated most before, and above all things, including Gods, Devils, Priests or Politician, Man or Woman among the whole of Humanity, for no Man and Men can Lie, nor Need to Keep Secrets whilst abandoning His Contrived Power and Reckless Abuse of a Authority, Above and Before other Men and Humanity as the whole, Holy thing, Truthfully and Honestly, For the Inmate Rite, Capability, and Ability of All Human, Life, and the Living, Man’s Pride for Human Dignity, which both Man and Men continue to fail to do unto this very day, however, for the lack of better Words, Doomed by His own Word and Deed, Purposefully, Deliberately by Man’s Devilry and its inherent instability and unsustainability of all Artificiality a Sudden Ending, if not Ignorantly, or Innocently, but Unknowing. -“It Is Only By The Human Being, And Hand Of Humanity Are Manifest All Things Made, By Our Own Responsibility, And Accountability Individually, And Of The Community Before All Other Things, Be They For Good Or Evil, The Righteousness Or Wickedness Of Gods, Or Devils, The Manifest Of Our Own Illness And Disease, All But That Which Occurs By Nature, Naturally, Inevitably, Eventually, Unavoidably, Unquestionably.” Only Lies Require Belief, for Truth is Known to those Truly Willing, thus Honestly Able, for Beliefs have always only been offered as a Coping Mechanism for the lack of Knowledge, and by those Knowing Better, and Different, the Truth, for those who Believe, can Believe in Anything, even if the Wrong, Bad or Evil thing, Lustfully, Faithfully, Fanatically, Obsessively, Extremely, Blindly, Violently, and Destructively for Belief has always proven to be Toxic, and Deadly throughout all of Man’s history, and still unto this day. Symbols and Words have been Perverted and Manipulated to Profligate Beliefs, Brainwash Thoughts, Indoctrinate Ideas, Suggest Feelings, and Propagate Information be it True or False, Right or Wrong, Good or Evil, of a God or Devil, were at a time before Human, Humanity and the other Living thing communicated such traits by our Innate Ability, our Energy, Truth, and Honesty, to the fullest of our Ability for Dignity, often referred to as ESP, the Extrasensory Perception, or in laymen terms, the Sixth Sense that which is not more than the “Telepathic” Ability and Energy shared by All Soulful and Living thing, which at a time was a Common Sense, and Acknowledged as the Common Rite, Respect, and Accountability, Language, and Tongue, in Ancient times latter regarded to as the language of the Living. i.e. Tower Of Babel. The Symbol, Word, Telephone, and Internet are also Intended to keep from us Honest Truthful communication, meaning Person to Person interaction, where the Whole message is Received via Body Language and Speech, however, that is not to say people are not as Dishonest, or Untruthful then either, but Lies are more Obvious, Observable, and Noticeable depending on the level of one’s Awareness. Honest, Truthful, communication depends on the Medium of which the communication occurs, when we are Reading or Writing, we are only using our Hands and Eyes to do so, and nothing is Seen or received in return but more Text, leaving us to Speculate whether it be True, False, Honest or Dishonest, Primarily because a Good portion of the message is Not Received, it does Not exist, No matter the intent. We can see this as a form of political correctness, that is primarily to facilitate the Lie, Dishonest dialogue, and the Narrative as it works to Restrict the Language used to communicate Honestly, Forwardly, Outwardly, and Truthfully, sometimes even Factually, however, truth has no concern for feelings, independent of who says it, and who may hear it, that is what Lies are for, to protect feelings by hiding Truths. Today the Truth, Honesty and Dignity of Human and Humanity, are, and have been Unfortunately throughout the majority of Man’s history a Reserved, Hidden and made Esoteric Knowledge, Rite, Ability and Practice resulting with Man and woman lacking the Knowledge, Awareness and or Ability to communicate Truthfully or Honestly with Dignity, let alone Telepathically, that only works to further Repress Truths, Honesty, Reasonability and the Accountability of Man, Men and woman, however, no matter, Truth is Discoverable, Obtained, Acknowledged, Known and Understood when we are Willing and Able, for Truth is Free, just as is Love, yet neither have any tangible or tradeable Value, nor are these meant for trade or to be exchanged but Shared Equally, Unilaterally, Globally, throughout all of Humanity, where the absolute opposite or opposing force or lack of these Prove a Devastating cost to those whom remain Ignorant of these Truths, and for Not, often left to Untruthfully, Dishonestly wanting and waiting, or turned away, only to consume of themselves and each other eventually, inevitably, unavoidably by my opinion and of what is perceived by the observation and example of the times, people’s, cultures, and societies of yesterday, today and tomorrow, also by that which has long been known to a few throughout all of Man’s, and Human’s history, be it of a secret society, the most ancient family, the genetic memory and esoterically. i.e. Honestly, and Truly, I say to you, if you cannot see me, you cannot hear to listen or Sense me. Children and young adults are taken advantage of remotely every day around the world because they have no Sense, thus awareness. A Liar is obvious to those who are Keen, I often say to the people whom I choose to speak to, that if they are to speak with me, “*to do so Honestly, and Truthfully*”, for I will Know, but not always say I Know, but, I Know, and what reason to say anything otherwise unless to Lie, when we are speaking Person to Person, we are expressing Truths the Mind cannot avoid Telling, the Truth from a Lie is always told Subconsciously, Uncontrollably, Unless they are Telling a Truth and being Honest, Naturally. A Time Before Time. It’s after the formation of the Moon, during Pangaea, and before Egypt (Gods). Frankly, all Religions and their related texts, scrolls, and Manuscripts have come from one source, the library of the "Human experience", gathered from around the world (Pangaea), which was one continent, one island. i.e. Earth. Riddles, Rhymes, Songs, Story's, Rumors, Antiquity, and “Human” technologies that have been given as gifts by these "Gods" unto men, and that have been discovered by Man, form the library which throughout the majority of Man’s history remains hidden in the depths of the Vatican, along with the plethora of other "Sacred", "Secret", and "Hidden" place around the globe and now space. From this library, each leader “Gods”, the governing body, family, which we recognize as “the Race”, was told to take from it, and to make of it their own Law, “God”, and its Governance Over Disobedience, a sacred right given to them, by a contract of secrecy, "the agreement", and "Religions" in a time of deceit, deception, and the disassociation, that is the disconnect of a human, becoming Man, Adam and Eve, the eviction from Eden, out onto the earth, Pangaea, resulting with the ancient, and esoteric Religion's that persist unto this day, that only work to keep from him, his whole mind, so to subdue his primitive mind, the ego, and by their craft, and its works, recognized today as satanism. When Pangaea, the planet, began to expand unto the world we know today, these leaders were told to each go in their direction, unto a continent their own “earth” or better, World, taking all those that would follow, or be made to, leading up to the "race and culture", we are witness to this very day, and what GOD would create the whining and sniveling thing, that continually begs and gropes desperately reaching and grasping endlessly for a tit to suck, or crumb to eat, if not just anything, in fear of retribution from anything but a devil, or Satan himself, for I know not a GOD or the Gods that would expect or ask I bow, rather the God I know, and God’s that know me, demand I stand. Human, Man, and woman. Wherever there is time for space, earth, and water by its indestructibility, given any opportunity life will be inevitably, eventually, unquestionably, for water is the literal record and genetic memory of every living thing throughout all time, dimension, and history. Nature to us is a matter of perspective, nature to its self is nothing because it's natural, where the perception of nature and what is natural must be apart from it to perceive it and to appreciate it, life and the living, otherwise, we would be no different than a sheep in the flock. Nature does not define its self, it's time passing, and space that facilitates the opportunity, which defines it, (manifest it) by the possibility, Humans are gifted the perception to perceive, (by the Human consciousness), thus we can only define our nature as imagined, or Manifest, by an ekphrasis. i.e. Before the name, Eve means a new beginning, and the Atom is confused biblically for Adam. All things Manifest and made are by time, its passage, and within its space, by the atom that facilitate but perpetuate all forms of existence, not only of the atomic or electromagnetic energy’s, that are the absolute necessity of all things existing, from matter to life, by its perception, the universal consciousness, referred to as reality, or real, and the infinite consciousness of the imagination, referred to as a dream, or vision, and by the hand of Human and Governance Of Dignity, GOD, exists the untainted consciousness of Man, and of his woman who are unique throughout all time and dimension from the other thing living universally, that they are imprisoned by the primitive mind and thinking, as if a baby, animal, sheep, or wild thing, the beast. Human, Man, and woman have come by the water of life and Human technologies that work to perpetuate, reproduce and procreate the Human consciousness obtained throughout Many times and dimensions ago, time after time, by water, light, and memory, the image, genetically atom for atom, unto the bone and flesh of the living Human being before Man and his twin woman, where before these, gender, sex or the need to reproduce sexually are not a necessity, nor are We in this Time from Nature or First Reproduced Naturally, Hence the Human consciousness of Man, and Woman Alien to all Other Living Thing, even so We, humans, Man, and woman do, as all things alive and living, remain a water-bound breathing being, for all things living, do live in, and by water even if only atmospherically, and or minimally, environmentally such as air, and water is indeed one from the same and if not by waters indestructibility, nor would there be air to breathe or life and the living, but dust to the wind indefinitely. Man and woman are unique among the other things living; however, Humans are throughout all time and space, (the universal consciousness), Human and Man are not about physiology, but of the psyche. (the human Mind, Spirit, and Soul.), esoterically meaning the whole of being, later referred to as holy, the Trinity. Esoterically, Human and Man are not a reference to, or of the physical, form of vessel, or gender of the body, rather of the sentient conscious and consciousness of being, the mind, the psychology, and psyche, of which all things are perceived, before the body, and its soul lastly, later referred to as the trinity, esoterically meaning the whole of a Human being from the image and genetic memory of everything, life, and living, Holy, which esoterically only means, Whole, Pure, or Complete. i.e. Something whole or Holy is some One Living which has completed its whole Cycle, or Journey, That Which has Experienced the wholeness of life, by its Genetic Memory and Living, also often referred to as Wise throughout much of the ancient and recent history’s of Man, however, The Human consciousness is not dependent on the form or structure of the physical body, the “vessel”, other than that it has the literal capacity to perceive, Manifest, and maintain Human technologies, and all things that are made, for example, a time before time, Humans were thought to have the body of the Mermaid, Centore, and Snake, let alone witnessed two suns with three moons. The first Human in this time and dimension has awakened before the formation of the erroneous Moon but remained in Eden. The earth became erratic by the tide, and setting of the land unto Pangea which caused earthquakes, major volcano activity, title waves above and flooding deep in the crusts of the earth, for it’s by these things Human were finally forced to leave Eden in search for safety, the further from the source, Eden and technology, the quicker they would get ill and die, suffered struggling to get back to Eden from which they can regenerate, replicate, and reproduce by the atom, cell unto bone, flesh, and body all that must sustain it indefinitely, by water, earth, Human technologies and the genetic memory of all things living, however, Eden has only the capability to sustain a number indefinitely biologically, and all diversion from this number cause inevitable instability, thus unsustainability, soon Leading unto the calamity Human Manifest and made Man Genetically, the biological experiment of which to replicate Eves capability remotely by the biological mechanism of which to reproduce the Human being (vassal) remotely in efforts of which to explore, discover and cover the lands, Pangea. Man cannot imagine what has not already been, for Man cannot remember to imagine, therefore, all that Man may imagine, has already existed in its own time, and in its way, for Man cannot create, but replicate, and reproduce from what exists already, and from what is given him, even if only imaginarily, the dissociated Human, not from the body or physical thing, but from the whole mind, the conscious, and consciousness, way of thinking and living, that is part of nature, and apart from nature to perceive by a unique Human perspective, that we may respect, and appreciate, for Human are the guardian and keeper of all things living, and of its genetic memory, recovered, gathered, and rescued over billions of years, times, dimensions and throughout all of their history’s, hence life’s diversity, the plant, flower, bird, bee, you and I, for not, a Human would be no different than a sheep in a flock, a lesson obtained long ago by the Human enlightenment, and its awakening. i.e. We name and describe all things nature, natural and not, for these do not name, nor need, or care to describe themselves to the best of our liking. Man learned from Human, Humanisms and the whole law of the Humanity, Human history, from which Man may procreate and prosper, and was made his twin and ability, woman, and by god, the governance of a Humans dignity, the first Man of his kind, and woman of her kind were to remain in Eden indefinitely, and from their offspring sent forth children, Adam, and Eve witch to reproduce, procreate, prosper, and succeed during the long journey from Eden, unto the Earth, Many generations later Man and his woman surfaced onto lands of Pangea, earth, however, also far removed from, his brethren, Human, Eden and from the support, wisdom and knowledge they once offered, during these times, there were Many tribulations and trials unto both Man and woman, while their minds and bodies had adapted to Many different environments even before their surfacing, and first exposer to the sun, and its radiation, unto this day, which has traumatized, made toxic, tainted, Demented and Dissociated and made evil the mind of man, that they are and must be Ruled by the Governances Of Disobedience, Gods, and Kings, as if a wild beast or sheep. -“All that we say we may miss, we will not, for when we pass our energies are expelled from the body, but not on to heaven or hell per se, rather unto all things, for we are not left wanting the physical or spiritual thing whilst we become part of everything, we are born again when any portion of our DNA and its genetic memory are reintegrated unto the developing fetus or seed.” Race, or better the difference of a race, is not by evolution, as Humans do not evolve, we adapt, remove the skin from the flesh, and we, are equally the same, we have adapted over prolonged periods in the particular environments we are born and continue to adapt to, for instance, "blacks” are indeed only dark-skinned because they, the family has adapted to that environment, from the time of Pangaea unto this day, Africa, and whites are pale-skinned, purely and wholly due to environmental adaptation equally, not evolution, we do originally all come from one place, time, and space, one family, “Human”, esoterically, meaning the whole being, later referred to as the holy thing. Man is imprisoned by his primitive mind and the ego, divided among his kind and woman by their ego, from Human, and Humanity as a whole that they suffer the indignity of pride over dignity. For Man is the dissociated hu-man, thus Man has always been referred to as the lamb, sheep, beast, devil, or Satan himself, as unclean, toxic, tainted, and sacrificial if not simply expendable. (slavery). Dissociative disorders are mental disorders that involve experiencing a disconnection and lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity. People with dissociative disorders escape reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy and cause problems with functioning in everyday life, in ancient times, people suffering this were not only considered to be possessed but evil. All dissociative disorders leave one vulnerable to a plethora of exploits that Manifest things like delusion, illusion, living by a dream, or idea, that only result with things such as mass Stockholm syndrome for example, that also require a facet of ritualistic punishment, fear, belief, faith, hope, worship, and praise, unto the abuser as a coping mechanism of the victim unto those who cause the issue to maintain its delusion and illusion of which they offer the solution that keeps them necessary, primarily, psychologically, ritually, pharmaceutically, but also technically as the coping mechanisms of with to live by, with of course the obvious inclusion of money, profit, power, authority and its effect, for example, doctors do not truly care, nor are they meant to cure the issue or address its cause but to help the patient cope and deal with the sustained symptom, for not, doctors would soon become unnecessary if not occasionally and sparingly, a very specialized craft and study, nor would there be much for the pharmaceutical, and drug industry, if any. i.e. In ancient times people suffering this were not only considered to be possessed, of the mind, body, and or soul, but completely controlled by an evil spirit, idea, belief, illness, instability, imbalance, guilt, shame, indignity, and sin fundamentally, morally, mentally, emotionally, and therefore are made evil even when unknowingly, ignorantly and innocently, by the ego, and or illness of the Mind, and or Body, the lost Basterds and Delinquents that require the Governance Over Disobedience, Gods. The ego is the evil mind, for its vulnerability, and volatility which is not its fault, but just how it works, the ego has no concern for what may be right or wrong, good or bad, belief or reality, rather only for whatever stimulates it, real or imagined. The more the ego is stimulated, the more it wants, and the more it gets, the more exasperated it becomes, Perpetually, Selfishly, Greed fully, Lustfully, however, this is not to say the ego is good or bad either, the ego is evil only for it has no consideration for these things, it is, however, also critical to the whole of the mind and state of being, for the ego also facilitates confidence, self-esteem, among the other elements of self. there are of course positive simulates that work to build and sustain the Many attributes of self, the good feelings, however, it is also proven true, we tend to remember and think more about negative things most, often, and over a longer-term, if not throughout one's entire life, in turn, making good and positive things hardest to recall, if at all, and by this truth, in most cases, the ego is being stimulated primarily by negatively charged energy, be it real or imagined, to which end, all forms of stimulus, positive or negative can corrupt the ego equally, easily, quickly, unnoticeably, innocently, for its vulnerability, and volatility. Evil. -“Esoterically, ‘evil’ means, that which is ill, uneven or inverted, unnatural or that what is, is not, nothing more, nothing less.” i.e. The reflection in a mirror is evil, a person who is (sick/ill) physically, mentally, or emotionally are evil, (possessed in ancient times), the magician’s trick is evil, imagined ideas and beliefs are evil, lies and untruths are evil, uneven ground is also evil and must be worked. To excavate is to evil soil, exorcism is to the soul, the same principle, to level out what is unlevel, balance what is unbalanced, and cure what may be ill, and the devil is to “do evil”, by the deed, craft, and works, fruit of all who suffer evil. (i.e. Illness), to which devilry this illness of the dissociated Man, his ego and evilness have been throughout the majority of Man’s history exploited as power and authority, the devil is to “do evil”, by the deed, craft, and works, (fruit) of all who suffer evil. i.e. Illness. Devilry this illness of the dissociated Man, his ego and evilness has been throughout the majority of Man’s history exploited as power and authority, Royal families would practice incest, inbreeding, and arrange marriages (gene pooling) in efforts to select the Many (psychological) tendencies to include the evil, ill ego, and its Many traits in their offspring, to include the evil spirit, thus, soul, therefore devil, the doer of evil by ill deeds, devilry, celebrated and commonly acknowledged as Satanism. Historically evil (ill) people have always made "good leaders" for their narcissistic, egotistical, mental, emotional, and plethora of other disassortative ailments which have been and are deliberately and purposefully inherited, and exasperated, it is this evilness, (this illness) that facilitates the existence of such things as gods and kings and by their force the evil deed, power, and authority over others, who are not ill, for envy, also that the majority, if not all hero’s throughout Man's history has been a mass-murdering, genocidal Maniac, who by all definition is evil, and a sinner, yet these are the people (idols) we revered and honored, worshiped, and praised, yet the truth and fact remain, that no Man, profits a thing unless by his dishonesty, deceit, and deviltry, the prophet his profit, the false idol and witness his calf, and upon the calf, a sheep’s golden fleece, for the fact, truth and honesty are free to those truly willing, thus equally, and therefore honestly able, however, at the end of the day evil will not, and cannot diminish evil, rather evil only works to embolden evil. -"It is by gods come the priest, from the priest, kings, and from kings his army, and from army’s by force, the artificiality of their authority, a belief, that Man become gods and kings, evidently, and proven throughout all Man's history, endlessly, the master and its slave, excuse, scapegoat, the sacrificial lamb, and expendable sheep.” Mind, Spirit, and Soul. The soul's existence is not dependent on the mind but affected by it, the mind is wholly dependent on the existence of the soul, it's a matter of the mind Manipulating the soul, not the soul Manipulating the mind. The mind nor spirit has energy on its own, the soul is the energy in the body of every living thing, the mind and its spirit are wholly dependent on the soul, the soul can also be considered emotional energy, or better, electromagnetic energy’s set-in motion, by the mind and spirit through the soul. (to act, or express). i.e. Emotional expression, physical movement, and telepathy, the mind is what Manipulates the soul, and spirit is in what way we will use our energy, thus very much a matter of choice, will, and power to express, behave, act, Manifest, or make it. The “spirit” is, in the way we utilize the energies of the soul, intentional and not, knowing and not, if the spirit is repressed by the mind, typically by suggestions, ideas, and beliefs that dictate, or Manipulate our mind, which also has a profound effect on the spirit, thus also soul, our will and power, ambition and drive, and in the way we behave equally. i.e. An ill mind has a bad spirit therefore an evil soul, more negative energy, and behavior, where a sound mind has a good spirit therefore more positive energy, and behavior, not excluding such aspects as attitude, outlook, perspective, perception, and way of living. If love, lust or hate, good or evil, happiness or anger, bliss or misery, GOD or devil, or the other thing has to control over, or, of you, then you are not in control of yourself. Consider, it is the mind that Manipulates the soul (the energy, power of a being), by the spirit and the will, therefore will power, it is not the soul's energy that Manipulates the mind, our will, unless being Manipulated, remotely, externally, or that it has become toxic, sick, for illnesses of the body that also affect the mind. Marriage, Spouse & Wife. i.e. considered in relation to their partner. (Family). Marriage was a Right Given unto a Slave to Own another for the purpose and Right to Reproduce and Procreate that have only been obtained by Protest. In other words, the “Right” to produce offspring, and to Teach them, (to Be Parents of the Child). Consider the following. This Right was Given as a Means of which to Sustain Power. Homosexuality is the First form of a Slaves Protest, Rather than Starving themselves to Death, they would practice celibacy and or Homosexuality. (abstinence). In the Time of Egypt for Example, By not reproducing the Slaves Hurt the POWER and AUTHORITY of both GODS and KINGS, for Neither have either of these without the Slave which to manifest it. Fewer slaves, less power and authority, literally. So as Appeasement and which to sustain their power and by its authority, a Slave was Given the Right to Take another as his own, by the Gods, the Only thing a Slave may own, a Home and Family, for the Gods and Kings Authority, not Peace or Prosperity for the slave, or of themselves, but of the Gods and Kings, that have only Given what was first Taken, the Rite, Freedom and the Will, from Human and Humanity, That the Ring symbolize. Bound to a Contract to abide by God's Laws, and not Natures or of Dignity, for the Sake of Its own Power and Authority of which to Make the King, His Army, and Its Slaves, today's Culture and Society i.e. History. Factually, in Actuality, the Choice of a person to stay with another has little if anything to do with Love, let alone Marriage, while it is wholly dependent on the choice to stay and tolerate, for reasons their own, Love and to stay, should never be bound by Contract, but Truth and Honesty, Dignity before all other things, otherwise we would have no use for divorce, that is somehow also ordained by LAW, and not God, but Government. Jesus and The One Sin. -"Jesus did not draw the line to show favor, or to choose a side, but stood the line, and all that crossed it, crossed him, literally, and metaphorically, in every possible way blasphemed and a shame unto this day." We must kill to sustain life and the living, and murder to destroy it, Only Humans, and Man are capable of murder, and of being murdered, sin, for murder, is unforgivable, for those who may forgive a murderer has been murdered, and the dead cannot forgive, nor be forgiven by the dead or the living, purgatory, however, a Human, or Man may kill when in defense of the attempt to murder unto themselves and or of others, but not for the retribution of a murder, and what was Jesus, but hu-man, (holy), among his brethren, men who murdered him. -“Jesus was crucified and murdered by men, yet risen, therefore never died, ever dead, or even murdered, for Jesus is not a Man, nor can any Man be Jesus, the metaphoric image and embodiment of all things Human, Man, and woman, the mind, body, and soul, the holy trinity, a sentient being, nor the whole of Humanity that continues to be crucified today as then, the same.” God is law, not a mythical, nor mystical being we are meant to worship or give praise onto, nor loved, or that which can love, talked to or answered by, but acknowledged and known, honored and practice with dignity, a lesson obtained by the Human enlightenment, a conscious, and the consciousness, truths made esoteric, plagiarized, and perverted by men, the (“gods”) which result in Religions, and the governments by a propagated (“right”) above and before the innate rite of every Human, Man, and woman, over long periods, be it for his power, authority, influence, favor, value, and control, plagiarized by perjury, the religious prosecution of which he is most guilty. And Jesus was, is the metaphoric image, and embodiment of all things Human, Man, and woman, the mind, body, and soul, when understood correctly, we can also acknowledge that Jesus was never a crucified Man, but all things Human, including our Humanness, innate rite, ability, and dignity of Humanity as the whole that continues to be crucified the same now as then, and throughout all of Man’s history unto this day, its mark a blasphemous shame, therefore we can equally acknowledge that the second coming, is the rise of Humanity, meaning, Man may have the opportunity to become hu-man, (“whole”), once again, and unfortunate for those who will be left to wanting and waiting, worse are those who are turned away only to consume of themselves and each other eventually, inevitably unto a sudden ending. -“Eve ate the apple for a Belief, whilst Knowing, and Adam Believed in a lie whilst Knowing.” Man, profits nothing unless by his dishonesty, deceit, and deviltry, the prophet his profit, the false idol and witness his calf, and upon the calf, a sheep’s golden fleece, for the fact, truth and honesty are free to those truly willing, thus equally, and therefore honestly able. Consider the Golden Rule vs the One Law. The Golden Rule, “Do unto others all that you would have done on to yourself”, Which frankly states to do whatever you like to anyone and worry and seek forgiveness after, that only works to facilitate War and Murder, and in reality, we only kill to sustain life and the living, and murder to destroy and waste it. Jeffrey Dahmer Murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys, However, he felt because he was “KILLING” and was not Guilty of sin, as he KILLED with the intention to Eat rather than to waste the body, even so, He is of course Guilty of Sin, Murder, even with the intention to eat true or not for none of those murdered attempted to murder Jeffery, which he had killed in defense of. The One Law, “Do and Have Done Unto Oneself All that May do and or have Done above, before and unto all others”, literally states that if you want to murder, you must first commit suicide first, to murder yourself first. -"What Is, Or Can Be Given That Is Not First Obtained Selfishly, Truthfully, Honestly, Such As We Must First Have Food To Feed, Shelter To Offer Refuge, Heat For Warmth, Hate to Hate, And Love To Share, and Dignity, For Not, We Are Only Left To Wanting, Seeking, Demanding, And Expecting It From Others For Our Own Vulnerability, Insecurity, And The Lacking.” Freewill and power. A woman whose weight was 98 lbs., lifting the rear of the vehicle her child was trapped and pulled the child to safety in one movement before dropping it again. We experience our true will and its power under the extreme circumstance, it is these which Buddhist monks seek to control and to Manipulate, to bend the will, by its power, and by other studies to bend the perception of time, that which is experienced under sudden, extreme and imminent threat. i.e. The freedom of the will is constrained by the mind and its weight, once this weight is lifted, so are all things the mind, body, and soul, the whole Human being, the holy trinity, the sentient being, a once common means of life and living. From my perspective and by its understanding Humanity is free, our Humanness the freedom, and that for these gods, and kings to exist, freedoms must be restricted, taken away, and destroyed, an observable fact throughout known history, however, because I was raised in the church with Religions surrounding me, today I use the words “god”, and “Jesus” very much metaphorically, rather than by the letteral interpretation of, or which is obtained by the indoctrination, brainwash, suggestion, a summary of this, is that the supernatural GOD is our will, freedom, and power of the will, which can be called upon at any time for any reason, and Jesus, the metaphoric embodiment of all things Human, Man, and woman, the mind, body, and soul, the whole of Humanity, the holy thing. -“We Have All Known For A Long Time Now, The Plan, However, Not All Have Chosen To Follow Or Partake. We That Live Like Common Folk, And The Potato Farmer, We Stand And Live In Protest Silently. We Disagree. We Choose Reality Over The Fantasy, And It’s Artificiality, For Who Should Follow, And Eat Of A Toxic Thing Knowingly, If Not Already Lost, Or Suicidal, But Also Silly.” https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100068947882467
  2. Welcome & An Introduction. You may listen to this post by clicking the following SoundCloud Link. I begin With a Short Transcript of a Conversation My Mother and I have had, and by providing some Relevant Information as I Believe it Will help readers gain a better idea of the Perspective and in what Context I wish to contribute and share the following, which is Not a Story, Nor is it the Answer, but rather a question we may need to ask Ourselves with a sense of Logicality, Rationality, and Practical, Functional, Critical Thinking Before expecting more from Life, Living, and those that we share and participate in it with, thus, Others. A short Transcript of A conversation My Mother who is 70, and I, a father of five were having that I feel is relevant in some way. My mother asked me some time ago, “what from this life would you take to the next, if anything, but only one thing?”. I answered, “memory”. She says “yes, I guess I have some memory’s I would keep also”, I raised my head to look at her and replied, “not my memory, or the memories of the things I may have enjoyed or care to remember most, But the memory of everything we have done, we as in all of us and all that we have done, both good and bad, so that we may know better and different, not to repeat a lesson already learned so many times and very long ago.” Time passed, and some years later, I was sitting with my mother talking once again and as per usual, and I say, “I just remembered something else you asked me then !”, She looks at me with inquisitiveness and surprise, I continue, “you asked me if I would do it again”, I remember answering, “most definitely yes!, Forever I am capable, and until I no longer need to, consider I have already remembered so much, I also remember that I told you this before.” Most recently, she asked me, “What would you be if you could choose what you would be ?”, I replied, “Me,.." almost without even thinking, however, a moment later I answered, "Myself.. but if you meant as an animal or wild thing, I would say Goose", with a smile I continue, "It’s the best of all three reality’s, Air, Water and Land, a Goose can Fly, Swim, and Walk.” An Introduction. -“We Have All Known For A Long Time Now, The Plan, However, Not All Have Chosen To Follow Or Partake. We That Live Like Common Folk, And The Potato Farmer, We Stand And Live In Protest Silently. We Disagree. We Choose Reality Over The Fantasy, And It’s Artificiality, For Who Should Follow, And Eat Of A Toxic Thing Knowingly, If Not Already Lost, Or Suicidal, But Also Silly.” I agree at times I do not use proper grammar and have spelling mistakes. However, I also openly Admit to these things and often say My view may Require a Will, and Willingness to Perceive in an effort to Acknowledge the basis of the Perspective and that I am not Politically Correct, Nor subject to Societal Pressure. also, at times, things are done Deliberately, such as Purposeful Wording and Phrasing may require one to Read Between the Lines. I am often said to use Many Words (Textually) while providing a seemingly complicated answer to seemingly simple things, My (“having to use so Many Words”). even so, I also tend to use these Words and speak for Myself rather than to steal, Borrow, or rely on others to do it for me, or with me for that matter, in some cases, such as Posts on Public Forums and Newsgroups, I have used Text and Generated Voice as I Believe My true Identity, Voice, and Image are Not Necessary, Nor do I seek an Acknowledgement other than what I hope to provide for Others, in this case, all of Humanity and those of the Free Will, and whoever has the Will, whom I consider and often refer to as The Willing. I have also been accused of pushing or spamming for much of what I share, that Unfortunately Requires these Many Words that are at times, if not often more than the most minimal as the majority of whom seek entertainment, or whatever pleases them most, and first purposefully seek, thus, those whom are by My perspective and Understanding the Unwilling, and Hypocrite who have not the Will, Knowledge, or the Ability to Admit, thus Manifesting a Perpetual Ignorance, which only results with people Arguing or Slandering of things they lack an Actual Understanding or Knowledge of, such as My opinion, or the Many Understandings that I have given as an answer to the common question with Words of My Own, and that relate when Understood Correctly, again, Requiring the Will of people who seek and share Knowledge and other Insight rather than Dogma, Drama, Propaganda, Rumor's, Witty comments or Slandering of an Individual or Individuals, rather than a Comprehensible, Relevant and Sensible Argument of an Opinion or Thing, and Not of the Person or Author. unfortunately, a sad reality that I have also at a time found Myself Beginning to participate, Nor am I perfect, but I am also Willing to Acknowledge this mistake. Some people have or may accuse me of Preaching Or Prophesying, which I take as an Insult. the Foundation of My Belief is the very Opposing Force of these things, Not unto the Belief in or of God’s or King’s, but that these and the support required to sustain them are Blasphemous unto Humanity according to our Life, and by what means We are Living while aligned with, and according to Their Action, and its Manifestation of an Artificial Reality Unto All of Humanity, as if Actuality that is Nothing more than the Working of the Craft, such as Witchcraft, Sorcery, Satanism, It’s Religious Right and Prosecution Propagated, Forced, and Enforced Before, and Above The Rite, as if Religious Beliefs and Ritual make a Human and Humanity A Sacrificial thing. I am not Preaching, However, it’s by these Realities that I tend to Perceive Things. -“I Have Not A Political Fanaticism Or Favorite, Nor A Religious Denomination Or The Affiliation Of, Or To A God, Gods Or Devils, A King Nor His Queen, I Am Not Good Nor Bad, Nor Am I Virtuous Or Evil, I Am Not Left Or Right, Nor Am I Black, Or White, I Am Not Unjust Or Righteous, Nor Am I Mighty Or Meek, I Am Not A Color Nor Have I A Creed, For I Am The Line, Human, And Balanced, The Peace Between, Crossed Either Way, By Either Side, And For Those Who Will Not To Stand The Line By Me, Equally Stand A Part Of, From, And Against Me, Human Dignity, Humanness, Humanity, With Indignity, A Blasphemous Shame!” It may also be necessary to Acknowledge that I speak of such things as God’s and King’s, Power and Authority, Good and Evil as an Artificiality, and Devastating unto All of Humanity throughout history. I try not to Provide or Contribute what is not already Discoverable, Researched, Acknowledged, or Known, but rather that which I have come to Understand Esoterically, and commonly via Research and Study, However, Primarily by the First-Hand Experience, also by its Observation and Effect onto the Reality’s, You, I, and Our Family’s must Live, while My Beliefs are a very different thing, and Not necessarily what I hope or Intend to Provide here, also, I often say “Words” are not meant for the “Telling” of Truths, further complicating its transcription and reading, again, My (“having to use so Many Words”), to discuss Honest Truths. I am Proven Well Versed, Aware, And have Acknowledged a Plethora of Study’s, including the many Ancient and Modern Sciences, Philosophies and Theories, which I have Deliberately Spent the Majority of my Life Researching and Investigating on a daily basis until this Day, not Only as a Hobby, or Past Time, but Exhaustively with an Insatiable Appetite and Inquisitiveness, by Practice and Participation, Research and Study, such things as The Many Basic and Deeper Psychologies, psychiatric theories, Ancient and Modern Philosophies, Pharmacology and Technology, Biochemistry, Neurochemistry, and All things The Mind, Body, and Brain, General and Advanced Physics, Spiritualism, and the Major And Mystery Religions, along with their Related Esoteric, Ancient, and Modern Definitions, History and Beliefs, also the Practical Experiences and Studies of Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism along with Voodooism, Satanism, Witchcraft, Sorcery, among others, Also of their respective Historical Beliefs, Foundations, Principles, Rituals and Purpose along with Esoterica of Angelology and it’s Mythology, Card, Hand and Mind Reading, However, Not Formally Educated, or (“Indoctrinated”), nor am I, or do I claim or proclaim to be officially recognized or authorized, accredited, But Openly State, That these studies and there related Acknowledgments have ONLY been Obtained and Learned By Self Study, Practice and Participation. With that said, it is of these Things I am Most Keen and may Refer to and their relative, related terms often and throughout the Majority of my posts, that may be more Comprehensive, and Comprehensible to those who are Familiar, Aware, or Educated in Any of these many things, formally and not. I cannot comprehend a reason not to post these many things and what other reason to post anything if not honestly and truthfully to the best of our ability, for we should already know to Not Share, or Eat of the Toxic or tainted thing Knowingly, deliberately, purposefully, by our Lust, Greed, Vanity, Ignorance, Devilry and Indignity, and Shame and Lesson obtained by both Adam and Eve Biblically. I have been asked on several occasions to provide Resources, Links, or other such things, where I have in the past, exhaustively, however, today, I prefer to encourage people to do some Research and Studies of their Own, You are Encouraged to NOT Believe or take for Verbatim but to Research, Discover, Learn, and to Think Independent and Critically of what is written here, and that some have asked for a Source, of which I am, and that these words are NOT what may be Borrowed or Stolen for Argument or as if My Own, but that is My Own, Honestly and Truthfully, to the best of my ability. Lastly, beyond the introduction, My posts have little if anything to do with me, but of the Raw Reality of Life and Living From then, Unto this Day, admittedly written in an unconventional manner that which for some may prove challenging, that is again only a matter of the Will and of being Truthfully Willing, thus also honestly able, It is the Message and Question that matter at all and most, where my identity is Irrelevant, unnecessary, Nor is it a necessity for others to Read or Listen to the posts. In closing. Note: I guess much of what I share is somehow grounds to be censored, if not completely banned, on most platforms including Facebook, twice interestingly, not to mention a number of groups that claim they want to Discuss or have the capacity to. -“Remember For, At The End Of The Day, We Are The Manifest Of A Words Meaning, And It’s Affect Unto Ourselves By Our Responsibility, Accountability, Insecurity, Instability, Illness, Disease, Fears, Vulnerability, And Weakness, For Words Themselves Are But Hollow, And Empty, Innocent, And Harmless.” Or if able and interested an assortment of topics by clicking the following. Thank you.
  3. For consideration. All things living have a facet of Covid, this is a FACT, which is common and NOT life Threatening. Why are we still calling it a Coronavirus, or Covid, when we have already established its neither of these, but the spike protean that is minuscule and much more deadly before and above all other thing. i.e. its NOT the common cold or Flu. It’s much like continuing to Argue that "Vaccines" are Deadly and maiming every one, when in Reality, its Biochemical weapons used to Murder the immune system so to enable the PRODUCTION of the Spike protean, Genetically, Bio mechanically, not a "Vaccine". It’s a Biological weapon, Nano-Tech, Gene Therapy, which to produce the Spike protean that is shed by others, contagious, and can be Deadly with direct and prolonged exposer, On that note, We contract these spike protean by those sheading, the protean are absorbed by the body and processed in a way that will remove the non-necessary, by sheading again, sweating, and waste. In other words, we can Detox from the protean shed by others, however, it takes time, at times days, and the less time we take to detox, the longer it takes, and more accumulates leading on to instability's, like we are witnessing daily. Wherein in reality many "Vaccines" Have saved countless lives throughout their history, Consider, Now they have Changed and have Perverted the Definition of a "Vaccine" to include the not so new Gene Therapy Technologies, even though they are indeed NOT the same Technologies. I can’t see how we can win an argument when we are not even arguing about the right thing, if anything at all. The COVID has not been Isolated, because it’s to variant, whilst the Spike protean has. In my mind it is no different then confusing Love for Lust, and Kill for Murder, a shame.
  4. for instance, does David read anything written here ?
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