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  1. The older I've gotten, the more research I've done into male HRT. It is accepted and expected that women will have to be treated with HRT at a certain point in time, but for men, loss of bone density, infrequency of erections, loss of muscle mass are just a handful of the symptoms associated with the decline of your testosterone. Most people immediately think of steroids and all stigma that is linked to the abuse of them, but HRT or TRT is completely different and imperative for people who are looking to maintain better than average physical and mental performance after 35-40... 'Standard' supplements I use are; - Brainzyme nootropics - Lions Mane - Cordyceps - Magnesium - L-Glutamene - HUEL Shakes, usually mid morning snack I rarely drink, don't smoke or take recre drugs and keep myself above average fitness. I personally think it's more important than ever, with this assault on the human biology and psyche, to keep yourself as optimum as possible. If this means choosing healthier foods and supplements in place of other luxuries, then all the better I think. It all depends on how far your budget can stretch.
  2. The only problem with this analogy is that most people aren't fit or healthy. The quality of food and lifesfyle erodes health at an alarming rate. Add the, what seems to be, the deleterious effect on the immune system by the vaccines, and you half less healthy people than you started with. I get your point, "they" want immasculated, unthinking, compliant men and boys. And similarly with women.
  3. I've just stumbled across Mr Scruton. Not exactly sure how. But I ordered his book, Conservatism, to learn and understand more about him, the world and myself...
  4. What positive changes have you made since this shit storm started back in March? Physical, mental or spiritual? Have you made improvements in your diet or exercise regime for example? Cut down on internet porn? Looked into gaining a new skill?
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