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  1. 8 inches per mile squared works perfectly for these distances. If the max height of the blade is 180 meters, that translates to just over 590 feet. 30 miles squared = 900 900 X 8 = 7200 Divide by 12 and we get 600! So, if you were just above sea level at the bar and your figures are accurate, exactly none of that windmill should have been visible. The actual trig proves a drop of just over that or 600.16 feet.
  2. This is very interesting. After a quick google, it seems that right now there is a team of engineers putting this together. Truly a brilliant idea.
  3. Wasn't sure if this needed its own thread, but NBC is now conflating terrorism with opposing the covid BS or questioning the fake elections...
  4. Fact checkers were never even a thing til the truth started becoming too obvious.
  5. I have recently stumbled upon this Tartaria stuff myself and find the whole thing fascinating. I hope to have some time to check out some more from this thread. Thanks for posting.
  6. Freemasons do love their number games... https://www.bitchute.com/video/JAnsPJxSpG87/
  7. Hello! I've finally signed up as my father-in-law was recently hospitalized for the Covid (yawn) and how shocking the last few weeks have been. Just unimaginable how people are being treated. He is an elderly man who thought he was dying and they would not allow his children even to visit. What a mind [email protected] Anyways, this site has actually been a valuable resource for us in getting through this whole crazy, clown-world debacle. While it seems there is much disinformation and misinformation thrown in, that is just par for this course as we battle for truth and justice. Thanks to all the real truthers out there.
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