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  1. Yes it is. I thought I posted in nature of reality, but I can't find it. Where did you get that from? Thanks
  2. Hi everyone, sorry to bother, but there was recently a thread posted that I can no longer find. It was up for a few days, had several views, and when I looked to post on it, I could not find it? I have not received any message about its deletion either. Does this just happen sometimes? Am I just totally missing something? What makes this even weirder is that I posted the same paper on the physics forum in their linear algebra discussion. It was locked almost immediately with a message about being reviewed by the mentors and when they could not find the error in the math, they deleted the thread and sent me a condescending message. I was coming back to the thread with screenshots showing this. Thanks for any help.
  3. Las Vegas Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Wants To Bring Back Segregation — Promises To ‘Make Life HELL for Unvaccinated’ https://en-volve.com/2021/08/26/las-vegas-democrat-gubernatorial-candidate-wants-to-bring-back-segregation-promises-to-make-life-hell-for-unvaccinated/
  4. Social distancing ankle bracelets for your kids... Parents Furious as Teens Forced to Wear Ankle Monitors at School Warning Others to Stay Back https://www.cracknewz.com/2021/08/parents-furious-as-teens-forced-to-wear.html
  5. This should work out well... ISIS, Taliban Found Among Afghan ‘Refugees’, Reports Say https://gellerreport.com/2021/08/isis-taliban-found-among-afghan-refugees-reports-say.html/
  6. FDA gaslights the world with FAKE “approval” of Pfizer vaccine while Biden’s fake presidency collapses https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/fda-gaslights-the-world-with-fake-approval-of-pfizer-vaccine-while-bidens-fake-presidency-collapses/
  7. And they were banned, no? Can this be discussed? Will this be discussed? There are so many of these observations. How can anyone think this is possible on a globe? The mainstream narrative for what happens in this situation is a huge tell. So true... the mainstream narrative can not begin to even address this fairly. Their own tech is destroying their stupid lies!
  8. It is absolutely disgusting what we have done to these people.
  9. Sorry, I know you hate this topic, but you did post that and I was honestly curious as to how you felt that those videos related to the shape, speeds or motions of the earth. I have seen videos with 'meteorite' or 'meteor' in the title, but my understanding of the mainstream narrative is that these things come from 'space.' If those videos prove that as you stated, can you direct me the actual part where it is confirmed that these objects came from space? Not that that would tell us the shape here, but it sure would be interesting to know and I just don't have the time to watch random youtubes. Not sure about your 'deck' comment either. Have I offended you? If so, I apologize. That was never my intention.
  10. Does this concern anyone here? Does this? Is this honestly not a discussionable issue?
  11. I am with you, brother. As I am reading this thread through, just finished page 5, I am seeing over and over some pretty fierce hatred from people who clearly do not want this topic discussed. Grumpy and bc have been pretty clear of their feelings about this and the off topic posting that continues to this point is staggering. Is there another topic... banking, jews, bloodlines, 911, covid, etc., where this happens anywhere near to this extent? I have made it a good way through the long thread, and I would have to agree. There are actually a few different names that I am noticing from that thread. This obviously makes for problems with discussion that ends up unreadable, which of course is the task of said posters. It is also a moderation nightmare which gives them the perfect excuse to lock these threads. I think all of us here get that. This is what we are all really here for. Isn't it? Does this fall under not discussable, because others have discussed this prior? Or, is it because the real crux of this matter will not be discussed?
  12. Several have been done. Timestamped... Note the difference at just one mile up, and then again at five miles, around where airlines fly.
  13. Hi bc, the op mentions... If you're going to post a video, or a link to a video, please also explain the content of that video as well as give your own opinion/take on it - and don't post videos that have already been posted. Would you be so kind? I honestly can not figure out what any of this has to do with the shape of the world. And why skip over gigantic points actually dealing with the shape, speeds and motions? Let's get right to the crux of it.
  14. Like, like, like, like, like! Sorry, but I got a message about having mo likes left or something? These are all what I would call GIGANTIC points. You guys are great.
  15. Not only nasa and newton, but literally all of them responsible for the spinning-water-rocks and gas-rocks in 'space.' They all took the time to have their masonic portraits done. I know this has been posted on other threads. The masonic lodge is a tribute to our plane with the sun and moon and other terrestrial lights overhead. Every religion and culture across history had similar representations. Clearly spurious as you can do the same thing around cuba, ireland, australia, etc., and they certainly are not spheres! That is what the entire 'flat earth' idea revolves around. That is what artists have known for centuries. That is exactly what 'flat earthers" explain. If the earth was the imagined spinning-water-rock, in any way spherical, the horizon would be what the mainstream narrative claims. It would be physical. It would be an actual thing and not the result of how our eyes work. Things beyond it would start to become invisible and no camera on earth would ever be able to change that.
  16. https://rumble.com/vlde24-report-2-kids-dead-after-24000-children-herded-into-stadium-for-jab.html And what kind of lifesaving medicine have we had to pay people to take?
  17. It might seem subtle, but the dome has never been shown to exist, and I believe the the gofast video is what you are referencing. Again, we know a container exists as we are inside a pressurized system. Gas pressure is defined by the force applied to the container when gas particles strike its walls. This book changed my world. It is a short, thorough and quite the thoughtful read. It isn't even a 'flat earth' book, but it does leave the reader knowing that the heliocentric theory is not possible. I recommend highly. You seem to have a great spirit for this topic. Keep up the good fight.
  18. What dome? I have yet to see evidence of this and legitimate flat earthers/globe denialists look at what we can prove, what we can demonstrate in this reality. This is not to say that there is no barrier as we are live in a pressurized system, but the dome reference is counterproductive and used by nasa and their mouth pieces for the purpose of mocking the otherwise simple truths we see every day that prove that we do not live on a spinning-water-rock. This barrier was discussed back in 2014 in an mit paper... This natural, impenetrable barrier appears to be extremely rigid, keeping high-energy electrons from coming no closer than about 2.8 Earth radii — or 11,000 kilometers from the Earth’s surface.... https://news.mit.edu/2014/plasma-shield-against-harmful-radiation-1126 Now all of the space lunacy from the article is silly, but the idea that a barrier exists is a simple truth and based in scientific law. No barrier = no gas pressure Gas pressure is literally defined by the force that the particles strike the walls of their container.
  19. You lazily quoted someone else and it just happened to come out coming from me? Seriously? And the flat earthers as you call them use their (the mainstream world's) globe math. Those who already know there is no sphere would never use spherical geometry, because they already know. That is the math that nasa uses, mit... all of 'em. That is simply the math that must be used when discussing where horizons must be on a sphere with any given radius. They claim sea level (that is actually curved, but we just can't see it) is exactly 3,959 miles from the center of our rock. While certainly there is minor differentiation on land, over water, this just cannot be. And that, time and time again, is what we are looking at in these examples. Now, if you want to say we are not on a globe and all the perfect circles that many believe are actual photos... the ones we see from nasa are total bullshit, then we agree for sure.
  20. Above this response, it says that you quoted me, but I never wrote those words. Actually pretending in a quote box that a poster wrote something that he did not is pretty weak and tells us all we need to know.
  21. Well, you went from 30 miles to only 9 rather quickly after you saw the math, but according to the internets... The world's largest offshore wind farm is now in operation off the Cumbrian coast at Walney, just 40 miles or so from the Isle of Man...
  22. People rally against the lockdowns in many countries, but Italy is one of the most prominent ones. 50,000 restaurants and businesses opened up. https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1350266724482838531 https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1350770568094769152
  23. Why has the gay, fetish porn not been removed? Besides the fact that it's gross and that no one wants to come on a thread and see that, this is a technique that has been used since the internet to stop discussions of uncomfortable information. 10^-17 torr? 1.33322368 × 10-15 pascals? How far, really?
  24. Not sure if this was posted, but seems uplifting... Denmark abolishes all Corona measures Danish parliament recently decided in Copenhagen that all Corona measures should be ended from October 1. There will therefore no longer be a mask requirement and the test regime will be abolished. The Danes will then no longer have to provide evidence of whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated, or whether they have tested positive or negative. Denmark’s SSI infectious diseases agency said it no longer relied on vaccination to achieve herd immunity in the country. Tyra Grove Krause, the SSI’s acting academic director, said a new wave of infections were expected after people return to work and school at the end of this summer, but it should not be cause for alarm. “It will be more reminiscent of the flu,” Krause said. https://freewestmedia.com/2021/08/09/denmark-abolishes-all-corona-measures/
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