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  1. This is Nuts, Moderna and Pfizer Intentionally Lost The Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy and Safety https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/this-is-nuts-moderna-and-pfizer-intentionally-lost-the-clinical-trial-control-group-testing-vaccine-efficacy-and-safety/289900
  2. Why? To sustain life? How? I think if the truth ever comes to light they will be talking about quantum locking in our electromagnetic world.
  3. Here is a decent one over water. Everyone I show these to sees the sun apparently shrinking as it recedes. The main problems over water, because mainly of the humidity or the additional liquid and the 'thickness' of that liquid in the air, is refraction (a few different kinds) and magnification. And here is one of those where you can zoom in on the type of sunset that odds showed you, and bring it back, and clearly above the water. This goes back to the idea that the horizon is not what the narrative claims.
  4. I just showed this to a few people and they said it was clear. Let's hope this works for you... We see this over and over at altitude. The best days are clear and when the air is dry. And his video isn't fake. That is commonly seen by everyone from that perspective and in that type of environment.
  5. Here is another timestamped.... To see it at sea level is nearly impossible. You will have much better luck if the shot is taken at a higher altitude. This is one way we can take all the atmospheric problems over water out of the picture. That is what I have been trying to show you. The resolution is fine on my comp, ftr.
  6. The sun recedes, we are not falling backwards, and on the perfect days we can all see this. Here is another one...
  7. Most days yes, and this is do to many factors. This is why these observations can only be made under the best conditions. It is not like it sets because we are falling backwards one day, but then on clear days it simply recedes and does appear smaller as it does. That is just the facts.
  8. I don't see how you can say that. Can you explain yourself? This goes back to the claim that the horizon in the mainstream narrative is physical. The fact that cameras show these objects clearly disproves that notion. Page 9 done...
  9. I just showed you that that is not so. On the best days we see exactly what the sun does. You don't see the size change clearly?
  10. You need to view this on very clear days. The idea that the sun sets because we are falling backwards on a sphere should be long gone. If you can get past the algorithms, you can find the above all over the place.
  11. It is about the math that proves why that picture is possible. This is just weird now, sorry. cot
  12. All that was covered in the post I began the thread with. It was all in the abstract itself. He wrote it under a pseudonym because of his credentials and his job was at stake. I think it was done in 2020, but just released a couple weeks ago. No science or math journal will touch it any more than they would print a paper showing how hiv does not turn into aids or that masks are an iq test. These 'prestigious peer reviewed journals' are for the sleeping masses. Just look at some of the crap they print. How much of David's work will the controllers of the mainstream narrative publish? I vote to put it back and let it play out. Hopefully someone with linear algebra will pop in... you never know until you try. cot
  13. This paper was the math for it. You did not have it. I'm sure of that. It was just released a short time ago. The fact that the physics forums mentors could not find an error in the math and then deleted it is a huge tell. And if I may, banning topics that have been discussed, even as new evidence comes to light is a dangerous precedent to set for future truth. cot
  14. Crap prison in tel aviv? JK, no idea, but this gestapo crap is going on everywhere and the masses sleep through it all. cot
  15. Does this thread still exist? I am getting private messages and I don't know what to say or what is going on here. If anyone can help... thanks.
  16. Hi, sorry to jump in on the moon thing, but this works in both spinning-water-rock world and also on a fixed plane. BC, you can prove to yourself what zark and m explained. Print out an actual picture of the moon and tape it to the center of a ceiling. Stand with your back against any wall and take a picture of it and then walk to the opposite side of the room and do the same thing. Compare the pictures that you just took. And still not quite caught up, so sorry if I missed anything or if this was posted.
  17. Made it through page 8. Is there a mainstream narrative that deals with that kind of symmetry... that came from an explosion?
  18. Great, I want to update it about the deletion from the physics forum. It is a great study on how mainstream science refuses uncomfortable questions. What section is it in? I searched the title, but could not find it. Thanks
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