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  1. This is Nuts, Moderna and Pfizer Intentionally Lost The Clinical Trial Control Group Testing Vaccine Efficacy and Safety https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/this-is-nuts-moderna-and-pfizer-intentionally-lost-the-clinical-trial-control-group-testing-vaccine-efficacy-and-safety/289900
  2. It is about the math that proves why that picture is possible. This is just weird now, sorry. cot
  3. All that was covered in the post I began the thread with. It was all in the abstract itself. He wrote it under a pseudonym because of his credentials and his job was at stake. I think it was done in 2020, but just released a couple weeks ago. No science or math journal will touch it any more than they would print a paper showing how hiv does not turn into aids or that masks are an iq test. These 'prestigious peer reviewed journals' are for the sleeping masses. Just look at some of the crap they print. How much of David's work will the controllers of the mainstream narrative publish? I vote to put it back and let it play out. Hopefully someone with linear algebra will pop in... you never know until you try. cot
  4. This paper was the math for it. You did not have it. I'm sure of that. It was just released a short time ago. The fact that the physics forums mentors could not find an error in the math and then deleted it is a huge tell. And if I may, banning topics that have been discussed, even as new evidence comes to light is a dangerous precedent to set for future truth. cot
  5. Crap prison in tel aviv? JK, no idea, but this gestapo crap is going on everywhere and the masses sleep through it all. cot
  6. Does this thread still exist? I am getting private messages and I don't know what to say or what is going on here. If anyone can help... thanks.
  7. Great, I want to update it about the deletion from the physics forum. It is a great study on how mainstream science refuses uncomfortable questions. What section is it in? I searched the title, but could not find it. Thanks
  8. Yes it is. I thought I posted in nature of reality, but I can't find it. Where did you get that from? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, sorry to bother, but there was recently a thread posted that I can no longer find. It was up for a few days, had several views, and when I looked to post on it, I could not find it? I have not received any message about its deletion either. Does this just happen sometimes? Am I just totally missing something? What makes this even weirder is that I posted the same paper on the physics forum in their linear algebra discussion. It was locked almost immediately with a message about being reviewed by the mentors and when they could not find the error in the math, they deleted the thread and sent me a condescending message. I was coming back to the thread with screenshots showing this. Thanks for any help.
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