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  1. 6 hours ago, TetraG said:

    But Oz, then you go on as is your forte in this regard talking about ancient peoples co-operating with aliens, or at least the ancestors of those ancient peoples, is that what you mean?

    Well have been around on the forums a wee while, I've seen you talk about "Galactic Federation" of aliens or some larger than life thing like in the Vivleo social platform thread, but whether its called that or an "ET alliance" I'm not really too fussed...


    (ie, other things also need attention in the world equally as alarming)...  

    BUUUT to be fair anybody finding any degree of  struggle however if in doubt or if anybody reading this were to wonder deeper and yet question which things are at all credible currently in todays world, how could they get to know more ~ without having their mind too blown apart??? 🤖🧟‍♂️

    Is your knowledge expansive about aliens or kinda linear somewhat in accordance with stuff that has convinced you only?  No disrespect. Just wanting clarity.  :) 


    --I mean its one thing to agree yes ancient peoples once upon a time may have been visited by aliens and so on....but other than that I have not felt hugely compelled to look into any alleged ET alliances in the modern world.....

    except I think}}...  it could be conceceivable ET's are enslaved by government in a small* number* in todays world (I guess if at experimental* stage* still), or a bigger number if a big faculty of bio engineering program has risen unbeknownst to us all... And so not just looming but underway now(/soon?) by your reckoning orrr what?


    Like I say for me its maybe conceivably a matter of the aliens being bred and when hatched or synthesized and by governmental control are programmed to behave in a certain way against humanity??...

    But geee, isn't realizing that's a possibility alone night-marish enough?? 



    Anyway,  back to the point where you seem to focus on most=> ¶¶ aliens and the ancients (with modern emphasis being placed on alien led human cabal as you would assert I guess)  ¶¶, is that right?? ... Just trying to get some clarity for the two different cultural contexts you Oz believe in I guess where alien involvement is prone to be, simply by referring to either past ++whats happening in now times (future also a third reality if the alien shift in things is anything to behold).  


    So, why not too egyptians and ET's which were also believed to contact ET's???.. And are/were aliens by their own accord obsessed with ancient peoples because they would carry higher vibrations as earthly people (compared to anyone today) and the  aliens found interest in that or something? 


    Where do we get our understanding on Aliens ....? 


    It really all starts with  scholars like Zachariah Sitchen ,  Erich von Däniken , William Bramley ... from analyzing ancient texts , bible and artifacts , they all concluded that aliens were involved in our past , going back around 6 ,000 years (any recorded  history doesn't go further back in time) ...and these weren't nice aliens , they wanted to control and enslave us ..

    Icke came along and concluded they were correct , and that these aliens decided , as the human population expanded , that a better way would be to go out of sight and leave a chosen bloodline to rule over us who they secretly control ... Humans are less likely to see they are being controlled if other humans are the kings and pharaohs , the ET's were 13 feet tall!


    And this is the position today , a very few super wealthy elite are in control (royalty , rothschilds and others) ... they do know the aliens support them and they must follow orders..... Icke also came to an understanding from his contacts that "reptilians" were involved in some way , they were shapeshifters , and had replaced some people in high positions ....


    Recently another information stream has appeared ...whistle-blowers from a secret space program , they tell stories of advanced technology , an off world space empire populated by a million humans pressganged from Earth , mind controlled slaves ... they say the reptilians control this empire ....


    There is also information from insiders like bob lazar who were helping construct craft for this SSP ...


    So from all these sources and others , a picture was starting to emerge ...


    Then Karl Mollison arrives on the scene ... he's a retired scientist who became a channeler , by his logical and scientific approach to channeling he claims to have ironed out all the wrinkles  , and to be able to channel GOD , the source of perfect truth .....


    His information confirmed what we had already learnt from all those other sources , but fills in all the missing blanks flawlessly , and we now have the complete and whole picture.   


    So if you want a short cut , just listen to the channelings  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos    pick any at random , the same truth comes out in them all .

  2. Just now, allymisfit said:

    There are many variations of goth, Oz :)


    I identify as one and have done all my life. Even from being a wee kid! My style is completely different to the above pics. 

    The pics above are obv extreme lol. But not all are like that :) 

    I certainly haven't gone that extreme lol, although I did sport the black lipstick as a teen. Looking back, it was pretty funny. 

    You want to watch that ally ...I do believe demons are behind this influencing people to dress on their wavelength ... Black the colour of death , white  lifeless faces .. piercings , bats and vampires . People trying to make themselves look unattractive and hence alienated from other people ... trying to make them misfits .. allymisfit! 

  3. Just now, allymisfit said:

    Yesterday was World Goth Day. 

    I am gutted. I should have known! 


    A truly sic phenomena .This is how you dress if you want to increase your load of demonic spirit attachments . According to KM most of us have these sabotaging our lives ...


    "Extreme Goth" 


  4. 42 minutes ago, EzebuS said:

    It's shaped as a kid drawing of the sun, perfect for a bright morning breakfast. (I also see a tiny heart at top left)

    what does-it evoke for you ?

    That's very nice Ez... you've passed the inkblot test with flying colors you still have a bright outlook ....


    If you think it looks like a corona virus Anam then you're watching too much MSM . 

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  5. Just now, Thoth001 said:


    ....ego driven people right away labeling it as false.


    "right away labeling it as false." ??? 


    If you read from the start of this thread , I fell into the same error everyone is inclined to ... I wanted it to be true because it backed up the idea I had there were chips in the vaccine ... I brain stormed a number of other possibilities  to explain why magnets were sticking to arms ....


    Finally I thought ..." How do we know they are sticking by magnetism ??? " 


    A few simple experiments showed they weren't ....


    So YOU to can prove this is all BS by doing simple experiments ... But first you have to love TRUTH , above proving your present ides are correct. 

  6. Just now, Thoth001 said:


    I have noticed you seem to think everyone is an idiot but yourself. That just shows your intellect and ego. 

    Never mind personal attacks ...Why don't you explain why you think that video is ... "the best explanation you've seen so far "

  7. Just now, Thoth001 said:


    Here you go, this is the best explanation I have see so far:






    Video from TP, another internet idiot , who says he's watched "hours and hours "  of videos on this and "thinks "it's real. Then he's searched on the web and comes up with 3 possible explanations ... magnetic nano particles ...etc .


    I tried to leave this comment...


     TP , instead of looking through "hours and hours" of video why don't you just get a magnet and try it , I can get one of the magnets pictured to stick on both my unvaccinated arms when vertical  ... when I put a sheet of paper on my arm the magnet won't stick and slides off .... I can also get other flat smooth objects to stick ... a small mosaic  bathroom tile , the top off a water bottle ..... If you wash your arm the natural oils on the skin are removed and nothing sticks. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Rossiman said:

    They literally occupy the same space we do, but are able to veer in and out of our space-time continuum with ease.


    This concept is a big delusion , no such thing is possible ...Physical beings are physical ... Astral beings are non physical ... different realms of existence they cannot hop about and  enter each other's  plane   ... So spirits are non physical , they can see our world , but can only interact and influence us by thought ....


    We can enter the spirit world by astral projection , but leave our physical body behind ...


    So this is just nonsense that someone has dreamed up , that spirits , daemons can pop into physicality ..


    Physical ET's with advanced tech can jump from one location to another , just like in Star Trek, essentially appear to materialize out of thin air, but this does not allow entry or access to the astral plane....


    If spirits , particularly demonic spirits  could pop in and out of physicality there would be absolute chaos here  , that's why there is confinement ... a demarcation of different planes of experience.

  9. Just now, Rossiman said:

    There is no real proof of any 'galaxies' or 'planets'. There's no proof the earth is a spherical object floating in space in the middle of nowhere.


    The ancients believed EARTH was all there is - and that it is a flat surface covered by a dome, at the top of which is 'heaven' our true home, where we all return after 'death'.


    I believe all those sources over the current....


    Well you were the one who raised the idea of a 'counter alien force' coming to rescue us ! 


    Where do these nice aliens live if 'EARTH is all there is?

  10. Just now, Rossiman said:

    .... if a malevolent alien group has been controlling our 'leaders', a counter-alien force could not come in and eliminate their control.


    The evil Alien coalition that controls this planet have advanced weaponry , if there were some good guys and they did try to rescue us the ensuing battle would destroy us all and probably Earth too ....


    But we are informed there are no good guys in this Galaxy ... Just this Galaxy is a free will experiment , this allows rebellion, and that's just what happened billions of years ago non physical beings turned their back on Creator ,the 'fallen angels' they went spiraling down into depravity , and psychically influenced and corrupted  all  Physical ET's in this Galaxy , so all in our local environment are depraved .. 4 separate ET groups joined forces and secretly control this planet. 

  11. 4 minutes ago, Kirito said:


    There's you and another member who seem to have trouble believing this. Have you seen all the vids? That guy Hugo something seems to be compiling them. Are you a specialist in magnetism? Is your specialisation up to date with cutting edge technology? How can you claim 'sloppy science' otherwise?


    I consider myself a very good common sense scientists , and I can see how sloppy Hugo and the rest are ... If they find someone who's arm holds a magnet then they should try the other arm too , it will most certainly stick as well , this person has oily skin ....


    Or put a piece of paper between the arm and magnet , this will in no way effect any magnetic attraction but will stop the oils holding the magnet so it always falls off ...


    It's no good just watching videos , anyone can prove this for themselves , and you don't need a magnet , look for something with a smooth surface ... the top of a drinking water bottle is light and always sticks 

  12. Just now, Kirito said:

    I don't know if the ones that are doing popular mechanics magazine style cognitive dissonance posts are shills or if this is just too off the charts weird for them to handle


    Are you referring to me Kirito ??   No one is more 'off the charts weird' than me . I do believe there are tracker and mind control chips in the vaccine . But this sloppy science magnets sticking to arms thing discredits the whole subject .....


    Have you tried some experiments yourself ... an ounce of practice is worth a tonne of theory.

  13. 16 minutes ago, wideawake said:


    Those plates and pins are not magnetic. My wife had her fair share of them and still has some in her elbow, wrist and both femurs. I kept all the pins and plates that have been removed so far (quite a few) and none are magnetic.


    They look like stainless steel , waw  .. titanium is sometimes used ... both are slightly magnetic , a powerful neodymium should show this ....


    But you're probably right , I was just brainstorming . There is no need to suppose this is due to pins in the arm ...


    Any smooth object will often stick , it's the oils on the skin ... try it 

  14. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    Does 'Creator' have nothing to say about anomalous weather being caused by solar cycles?


    Not to my knowledge , But this effect is well known and only effects Earth's  overall temperature in a small way , the anomalous weather we mean is something like floods in the spring causing late planting by farmers followed by early frosts in summer which kills crops .....

    Solar cycles are 11 years from peak (hot) to trough (cold) but we hardly notice , we don't remember 2009 as a particularly cold year ...

    Some people have gone overboard on this , notably the "Ice age farmer" .. he thought an ice age was coming with this latest minimum , But the danger is past, the minimum was in 2019, 

    We are now warming up ( slightly )





    9 hours ago, Truthspoon said:


    Making rain is quite a simple process. You just fire enough heavy metallic particles into the upper atmosphere and it will rain.


    Many countries seed rain bearing clouds with silver iodide to cause them to dump their load of water early , this is the most basic form of weather modification ... The rain bearing  clouds have to be there already ... The SSP have much greater capabilities effecting the whole global weather pattern , local temperatures and rain and wind.  Particularly hurricanes of the size we see, are not natural ,  advanced tech is used to increase their power to wreak havoc on many areas  ... 


    So the sky's are full of cloaked craft , messing with weather , abducting people , starting forest fires , triggering earthquakes and volcanoes. This is how the million or so mind control humans, in the SSP spend their time ,  following orders from their Reptilian controllers ...The power structure is very similar to Earth, here , secretly the Reps control mind influenced politicians and others.


     We are informed latter the plan is to have these craft fire on population centers ...




    This will probably be after the arrival of apparently friendly ET's  offering help ... But the Evil ET alliance are fluid and do change their plans ... Only Prayer can stop them


    A disintegration beam fired from a cloaked SSP craft dustified the towers on 9/11

  15. On 3/26/2021 at 9:26 AM, G-Man said:

     ...shapeshifting Reptilians from the lower fourth dimension! ...my question is that if there was a Reptilian Elite out there, how are we supposed to stop them?  To put it simply.... how are we to beat this shadow government? 


    Understanding has moved on a lot since the Biggest secret was written 20 years ago ...From numerous reliable sources and witnesses we now understand the Reps are physical ET's .... move in UFO type craft  , they are shifters and do sometimes kill and replace prominent people for tighter control .... They are infested or possessed by demonic spirits from the 'lower fourth dimension'  ... So Icke got the two muddled up .... 


    The Reps are a very technologically advanced civilization , and have been subjugating other planets for billions of years ,they are Evil incarnate , having been corrupted by dark spirits for equally long  ...


    We are advised we can not hope to defeat them by normal means , but Only by calling on Divine intervention .....


    So  Doug is on the right track but we don't need to concern ourselves with Christ ... Rather Appeal directly to God !  


    Enough people need to find a belief in God , and call upon his help in healing and forgiving the evil ones , so they move on. 

  16. 7 minutes ago, Mikheil said:

    Yesterday, we had gale force winds, they were coming from the south, but very cold, max 17 degrees but with the wind chill factor. felt like 12.


    I completely agree with you about food, prices are already rising. I think this year will be the worst harvest for many years. A VERY cold winter, food shortages and people dying like flies.


    This generation are NOT equipped to survive. The minute you take away electricity they are FUCKED. How can people live without a Smartphone, a refrigerator and all the kitchen "gadgets"? How many of them could slaughter an animal?



    Here's what Creator had to say ,channeled by KM , about anomalous weather, else ware he says it's a lot to do with attacking food production  ...


    This again is the handiwork of the Extraterrestrial Alliance in conjunction with the Secret Space Program, to practice using weather modification to cause harm to those on the ground. This they do time and time again with increasing ferocity these days, including all of the severe natural disasters you can enumerate from wildfires to floods, to blizzards, to unusually arid conditions, to volcanoes, to earthquakes, to hurricanes. All are unnatural when present in extreme circumstances with extreme force. This is entirely artificial. It is done in conjunction with existing weather rather than out of the blue which would be noticed. So it seems to just be bad luck and, in this case, the early arrival of a freezing storm in October seems more like bad luck to have happened at the end of a season starting with too much flooding in the spring to delay planting and the two events seem to be wholly unrelated when in fact they are a single orchestration designed for maximum negative impact to impair source of food for human beings.

    This is part of the diabolical tightening of the noose around human civilization as they have designs on you and are ramping up the pressure relentlessly bit by bit and will continue to do so. Even when it becomes noticeable, it will be blamed on false causes like global warming or bad political decisions, and so forth, to distract the critics and the few whistleblowers who have enough intuitive awareness to see the truth of things, and the truth will suffer being lost in the torrent of voices decrying the situation and pointing fingers at the wrong culprits and outshouting those with true understanding

  17. Just now, Icke-Kia said:


    This has nothing to do with Musk. 


    Technically you're right I-kia  ... But usually Musk comes up in articles covering this .. like here  ... https://earthsky.org/space/discovery-channel-who-wants-to-be-an-astronaut

    In this article there's a big picture of Musk and some text about his activities , so in  the confused public mind , some will get the impression Musk is doing it.


    Discovery channel is "casting" for a long drawn out games show series  , the winner gets to go to the space station for a week , sent there in a rocket by some unknown company  .... 

  18. 3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Corey is another well poisoner. Do you have any integrity?


    That's what I said ....."his message is tainted" 


    3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Why should anyone trust your views on who is credible?  


    Err ...Dahhh ... Because my posts demonstrate an in depth knowledge of all areas of our subject ??... Because it's obvious I've been into this for many decades ??? ,Because I have asked all the right questions?? Because I demonstrate a dazzling intellect ? Because I approach things with a critical scientific attitude ?? 


    3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

     A while back you was telling people that Boris Johnson is okay...

    What are you talking about ? Show me a post where I've said anything like that...


    3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    ..... but now my countrymen are being screwed. You can dickride these subversive con artists all day mate, but at least give us a QRD on why we should take these zio nutters seriously if you believe they have all the answers.


    Now you're gibbering , I've no idea what you mean ...

  19. Bottom line is you can pretty much get anything that's got a smooth surface to stick to your arm , chest , forehead  .... It's the oils on the skin , so it will stick better if you live somewhere hot and sweat a lot ... washing the arm will remove the oils and it won't stick... Try the plastic top off a disposable water bottle , it's light and always sticks ....


    As for the video of the EMF meter , I'm not familiar with their operation , and I don't suppose the person who made the video is either  .. they could be measuring random fluctuations in phone transmissions.  

  20. Just now, SimonTV said:


    I've been doing some experiments , I can easily get a magnet or any other smooth object , like a hobby knife blade , to stick to my vertical arm ... The sweat holds it there ... some places it won't hold ..


    Try it yourself , it can't be too heavy and must be smooth 

  21. I've  just tried sticking a magnet to my arm , I had no difficulty making it stick to my vertical arm , it all depends how much sweat there is , some places it would not stick .


    If you think you've found a place it sticks try again in the same spot but with a piece of paper between arm and magnet , it probably won't stick.

  22. Just now, Jackunjill said:

    gonna do a vid later.  the back of the magnet in the pic is shiny black, we tried a neodymium and that stuck.  also tried a cheapo matte/dull black magnet that didnt stick.  we know someone with an emf meter, so we will try and get hold of it.


    Great news Jack ... this could be ground breaking ..


    IF you detect a signal from Jill's arm and IF an EMP can disable it ... it will be irrefutable proof even the most hardened sceptic cannot deny..


    You could do this for everyone who's taken a jab .. first show them they ARE tagged , and then disable it  .. this could bring their whole agenda to a halt ...


    An EMP device is easy to make , many types , many  Youtubes  , it can disable most electronics , mobile phones etc 



  23. 3 hours ago, Jackunjill said:

    Thats my mrs arm, six days after second astrazenica jab. 
    the fridge magnet is shiny, 9cm x 7cm and weighs 31 grammes. 
    she totally ignored my anti-vax ‘bullshit’ and got jabbed anyway. 
    looked worried after this photo was taken though…



    OK ... perhaps we can do some more experiments ....


    By 'shiny' I mean it looks like polished chrome , silvery .... You mean the surface covering with Micky Mouse is shiny? ... look on the other side , it's most certainly black...


    Can you get hold of other magnets small ones , silvery (neodymium) eBay  ... what about a small metal detector like the one pictured below   ... 20 quid on ebay 


    Or even better an EMF detector . According to some , your wife wife's arm will be emitting a signal ... If we detect this with an EMF meter , we can then put an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) in that area ,to see if this disables it .... It will prevent the aliens finding her in the final roundup ... They will eat her or worse , and you'd be left on your own ! 


    Remember what KM said about this channeling Creator ...

    ...they use their advanced technology to surreptitiously add nanotechnology in the vaccines that will allow greater mind manipulation and control and to have sensors present within humans that allow their ready detection wherever they might be located—that is the newest wrinkle and particular risk of the newer vaccines, that they include a locator chip that serves as a locator beacon so they can find you if they want to eliminate you.

    We have said before there are other ways people will receive these, so avoiding vaccination will not save your life. They will most likely find you with or without a locator chip and, in any event, to be a holdout and among the last to be eliminated will not be a life worth living. If you are reduced to rubble...


  24. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Why the hell do they need to snatch people from Earth to work for them if they're so advanced anyway, I would have thought they would be miles ahead with automation?


    These are depraved ET's into power and control , they delight in death and destruction and Earth and Humanity is like their computer game they play to relieve boredom and exercise control over other life  ... The biggest win is if they can get humans to destroy other humans. So they've created this human off world army to use against the bulk of the Earth bound population . At the moment this force is used in starting forest fires globally , manipulating weather to impact food production , spreading covid ... later we will see these craft fire on cities ... Only Prayer can stop them . 


    Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:

    This advanced breakaway civilization seems very sloppy. .. Imagine being a slave in an SSP for 20 years and then they let you tell your story on youtube. 


    There are about a dozen credible whistle-blowers from the SSP ... Corey Goode is the most famous seem by millions on the Gaia network ... his message has been tainted and is being used to spread the idea of benevolent Aliens to soften people up for the 'event' ... Remember all these people were mind controlled , some have broken clear more completely ...

    So partly the reps are using this disclosure of SSP to further their agenda with the more controllable whistle-blowers ... Those whistleblowers they can't control well, they don't care about , they think even if the information is out there , people are so stupid/distracted  it won't make a difference , cos only a handful will believe it.  

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