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  1. There's probably something in that ...people who have been in the 'education' system for a long time have become habitualized to receiving information from authority ..( the professor giving the lecture) ... they don't question it , they assume greater minds than theirs have figured it all out ... quantum mechanics , or whatever it is they're learning.... School drop outs are sneery of everything ... we see a few on this forum , don't believe in space or round Earth , doubt everything , they maybe mostly wrong , but they won't be suckered into taking a vaccine... You shouldn't mind being called a conspiracy theorist , that's what you are , you have a theory that there is a conspiracy in high places that directs world events ... Others have a theory that the world is as it appears on the surface and is portrayed in the media . ,
  2. The exact opposite is true ....All aliens we encounter at this time are malevolent .. These are the same ET's who have always been here controlling humanity . 5,000 years ago this control was overt , they walked among us , used us as slaves , then they depart from public view and used human helpers (Cabal/illuminati) to control us.... They are now about to return to public awareness , land in craft .... After human society collapses more ...They will pretend to be friendly , saying with their advanced knowledge and tech they can lead us and save us from disaster ... If humanity falls for this deception it's the end for us ... The likely way this will roll out has all been outlined in V the original series ... they do have to tell us first! \\ Malevolent ET behind a human façade
  3. Wow ... that is beyond coincidence , but not in itself Satanic .... (I've checked that is the 99th day ) Number 9 is the down "energy". A glyph of the limp flaccid penis and testicles , the exact opposite of 6 the erect penis and testicles , virile vigorous LIFE (Carbon) As in 9/11 .... down energy and the two towers .... bringing the towers down .... 9 is also the number of Fluorine At. No.9 ... the most deadly of all elements , one whiff of this gas is death So 9is the right number for dying , life force is gone , you can't get it up ...
  4. You are right fanofD ..... Nastiness is not appropriate , and shows lack of spiritual maturity .... Forgiveness and understanding is the only way WE escape this mess , Particularly we should be Praying for the real controllers . the fallen angels and malevolent ET's , they control human puppets like Philip .... But It's not clear if Philip was human , he may have been killed early on and replaced by a shapeshifting rep ...The best source we have on this (God channeled by Mollison) prefers to remain silent on the current living royal family not wishing to start a witch hunt and creating even more bad karma .. But he has spoken about Queen Victoria's replacement and her families' replacement ....
  5. Now he's dead he can reincarnate So que the Zombie Apocalypse virus to appear anytime now ...... Also called the reincarnated Crown Philip virus
  6. That's a good approach to take when trying to explain to believers in covid , why all countries are going along with it ... Remember the Tanzanian president https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/no-really-tanzanias-new-world-economic-forum-connected-leader-signals-u-turn-on-virus-policy-after-sudden-death-of-leader-that-knew-it-was-all-bollocks/
  7. So he Says in his new book he believes Oswald killed Kennedy ... and the Russians were behind it .... lol ..polls show even the US public don't believe Oswald killed Kennedy ... He's also using this book launch as an opportunity to prepare people for the open return of ET's He just .... "Hopes that we can be friendly and able to deal with a wide range of behaviors, in terms of dealing with ..... other creatures if they exist". So if the returning ET's want to eat us , just be tolerant ... They will be arriving soon , probably after ZA (WWZ) .. these are the same malevolent ET's who secretly control society using the Cabal
  8. Welcome to planet Earth Steelpie , the domain of malevolent entities ... What you have describe is in agreement with what some researchers believe , particularly Karl Mollison ... What you perceive as spiders they call spirit attachments ... they probably appear in the form most detested by victim ... So if someone really hated mosquitoes , they would appear in that form .... They are malevolent spirits , fallen angels , who made a willful choice to cut themselves off from Creator and hence his life force , and they can only survive by leaching energy from other life ... We are informed most humans have these , they jump on board at the moment of birth ... they get more energy from a distressed and tormented individual so they set about sabotaging the victims life in all ways possible , influencing them to be short tempered , uncaring , make stupid choices . They have been around for billions of years and set about psychically influencing and corrupting the ET races around then .... they soon turned them into depraved beings and these are the ET's now here , secretly controlling the Cabal ... These physical ET's are knowingly working with the evil spirits to corrupt and enslave us .. The solutions you suggest are in agreement with others who know this truth ... be more loving ... Also Believe in Creator and call on his protection. 'Torment of St Anthony' , this is how the Artist intuitively perceived these same entities
  9. That was always the plan ... an event designed for truthers to get involved in ... people like Kerry Cassidy and Simon Parkes swallowing the bait . Then the controlled media can make jokes about us seeing a willy in the course the boat took and we think Clinton ships children around in containers ... The millions listening to Radio 4 will never look at the information themselves , and so tend to believe conspiracy people are crazy , these same conspiracy nuts believe covid is fake too! ... People don't want to be labeled a conspiracy nut , so wear their mask and take the vaccine. This tactic will only work to some extent , it will just slow the awakening
  10. Sure .... The information in your link is no secret ... SP is quiet open about his life . He tells us his first alien contact was in his cot when 8 months old ! As a child he had repeated contact with Mantids and Reptilians , They said they had a special mission for him and asked him to choose which group he wished to work with . He chose the Mantids and later mated with one of them .... He also is quiet open about his families long history of involvement with MI5 and CIA going back generations ....and this is how he has contacts in these agencies who supposedly give him the inside story on current events .. We learn from other sources that the ET's who control this planet work with particular families who are very easy to mind control ... they place such people in strategic positions , in the CIA etc , it seems they are using SP to soften people up , ready for the public arrival of these ET's (in craft)... the same ET's who have been covertly controlling us through their human helpers the illuminati/Cabal. He doesn't talk much about ET's now , mostly time wasting stuff the ET's want put out there to distract , like the ship stuck in the Suez canal ... But his hard core followers know SP's past and accept the lie that ET's are here to help. So SP will believe in his mission , he's just genetically very suggestable (hypnotically) and will be putty in the ET's hands ... He may also be dishonorable ripping off his followers selling his fake 5G protection device ... He has said in a video the goal of the Mantids who he works with/for is to repopulate the Earth with human mantid hybrids Simon Parkes , his Mantid sweetheart , and their love child
  11. This is a very very big subject , I'll make a start and will keep going as long as someone is interested .... So ... Magic ? just what is it ... (not Magick that is another issue , perhaps latter ) ... Magic , in the popular mind is about getting what you want ..... a big pot of gold ... getting that cute girl to fall in love with you ... All conscious beings have the ability to cause effects , do magic , but every being has their limitations, so classical magic is about getting others , spirits , to give their help in achieving the result you want .... But first we should start with the Self .... It's often said the Self can do anything , we have unlimited power . That's a good positive mantra , but not true . We are limited in a human body , only partly manifest , partly expressed ... but there is a great deal we can do to optimize our performance ... The information on how to do this has recently gone mainstream in a big way , with books like "The Secret" and self help people like Anthony Robins "The Secret is a 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name. It is based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person's life directly. The book has sold 30 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages" Self help guru Anthony Robins on Stage , he has a following of many 10's of millions The basic message from the above people is that you need to be clear on your goal , and focus on it , not just in a casual way , but with dedication , and follow through with powerful action ...There also needs to be examination of personal beliefs ... It's no good striving for wealth if you believe 'money is the root of all evil ' ... that money is not spiritual , these negative beliefs will sabotage your efforts . .... So this is the path millions of unseen people out there are perusing , trying to make the changes they want , whether that be loosing weight , or better personal relationships ... trying to make these changes by their own focused efforts ..... Magicians on the other hand are trying for a short cut ... enlisting the help of other beings , spirits , to help achieve their goals , and this we may cover in my next post here .
  12. This comes up in a channeling by Karl Mollison of Gene Roddenberry (died 1991) , the creator of the original Star Trek TV series.... The question asked was ..."You corresponded with sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov about how to address the issue of Spock's growing popularity .. and your concern that he would overshadow Kirk . Asimov suggested Spock and Kirk worked together as a team so when people think of Spock they think of Kirk . Why was this a concern for you." Roddenberry answers by saying the appeal of Spock character was intended as a propaganda message to enchant viewers with the value of having an ET friend and companion advisor if not the ultimate authority ... unclouded by mere human emotion . This was to condition humanity for what is to soon come in our reality , the open arrival of ET's ., offering leadership in solving the many apparent problems human society has ( see original V series) ... These ET's will be the same malevolent ET's who control Earth now , covertly , using illuminati front men ... Interesting to note a great many Star Trek actors were jewish ... including Kirk and Spock ...so also was Isaac Asimov ... The true controllers , the ET's , use the Jews for much of their work in manipulating humanity , it is thought this 'elite' Jewish bloodline is more controllable through mind control ... 5min video Spock explains how the jews conjure their demonic ET god in synagogues The Karl Mollison channeling of Roddenberry can be found at getwisdom.com ... you have to join but there's no charge.
  13. The title of this thread suggests there is an overpopulation problem , when it's a cabal lie promoted by the likes of Gates . And the solution offered by Steph is a caveman , knee jerk reaction , playing into the hands of the dark side .. We are reliably informed it's only the large numbers of humans holding bodies on Earth , that keeps the malevolent ET's who control things , from having complete overt slavery of us .... We are billions , they are millions ... We vastly out number them and the high human population is a strategy of the light . The ET's have superior tech , mind control/influence over 99% of humans , but humans are still divine , just by being here we help hold back the tide of evil.
  14. SP's understanding comes from contacts he has in the "agencies" ...(CIA etc) ... if a number of his sources say something he goes with it ... so it's a piece of cake for the controllers to manipulate him , SP thinks his contacts are good guys in the CIA when in fact they are following CIA orders , or under mind control .... Kerry Cassidy is swimming in the same sea of dissinfo chatter , many around her are saying it so she is wept along , and she want's to believe it , that the good guys can raid this ship , free children .... To imagine there are good guys that could stage an operation , land with helicopters? or boats . on this ship ? and not be struck by the cabal is unthinkable. The cabal see all , they have control ... So my take is this is just like Jordan Maxwell's "Disaster coming in October" ... the latest here today gone tomorrow engineered distraction to waste our time. In a month it is all forgotten and nothing has changed... In a way covid is also a distraction , the public and truthers are focusing all their attention and energy on it , and it doesn't change anything ... best to ignore it ... carry on as if it doesn't exist , don't participate and don't fight it .... So what is not a distraction ? How should we spend our time ? By an in-depth study of who the real controllers are .. Getting a clear understanding of the situation we are in , then we can take effective action ... The truth is found in the work of Karl Mollison ... the effective action is Prayer.
  15. The reason Musk has said this is so he appears , to the casual observer , to be aware of the dangers , to be looking out for humanity ... Then he starts his company putting wires into peoples brains ! ... The idea of this would horrify many ... But it's MUSK ... we can trust him , he's so cool , his company's called Tesla after all , solar panels , electric cars , he's so green ...We can trust him to put wires in our brains ... The other agenda is to get people to believe AI can take over , then if the cabal did decide to go with a robot takeover , (very unlikely , it's Plan H in the playbook) , then no one will know for sure who's commanding the robots and drones , and the cabal can blame AI .
  16. I don't think this could be classified as Satanic... They just had to move some mummies to the new museum and took the opportunity to make it into a spectacle , being desperate to get tourists coming back to Egypt. The new museum is much more spacious
  17. So it seems DI may have been right to make it a principle not to wear a mask ! Nano tech in a mask will have a tough job getting to the brain ... so don't panic if you have worn them ... A nasal swab is another matter... Max is all over the place in that video , they don't want to turn us into batteries! It's been obvious to me for decades , just from output from Hollywood , that Zombie Apocalypse was the plan ... this seems the way they are going to do it .... but there will be other things as well , multiple diseases and side effects from the vaccines too. I left this comment on Max's video ... "Very important to know if the nano worms are disabled by an EMP ... easy to build a small EMP device , see Youtube." But I think it's all too late for that now , too many people will already have been 'infected' ... Max seems to think this is the calm before the storm , that when it starts it will happen very quick , like flipping a switch ( a 5G switch) ... You still have time to prepare , take your Q from Max , he's remote , fairly self sufficient , these are the people who will survive .. But Pray ... only Divine intervention can stop this in it's tracks ..
  18. Have you got a link for that video Mr H ??? The video above from BC is pretty scary .. Nanotech in masks and swabs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnAH0m_ThU8&feature=youtu.be nano tach in swabs has been thought by some for many months and now the evidence is mounting , in masks too ... We are not in Kansas anymore ... this are mobile micro devices that want to get up your nasal passage and into your brain. ET electronic tech. Maybe this is why lock down is easing , they've already got into the brains of many , so job done , stand by for appearance of zombies , the result of nano tech in the brain when 5G signal is sent. EDIT ... Ah , I think I've found Max's latest , BC posted it above in big bold type
  19. Here it is ... I've seen worse .... But the writing underneath destroys the whole thing .... A symbol conveys meaning , it doesn't have to be explained in words ... As soon as someone sees and reads the words , the analytical brain is engaged and the effect produced by the symbol is halted.
  20. Did someone say aliens??? The ET type , not the "illegal" type? DI is rather muddled on the issue ... He talks about the "Annunaki" and agrees with many researchers that they came here thousands of years ago and messed with us , bred with us and left an elite bloodline to rule over us , the Annunaki secretly support these "illuminati" who are still in control today .... Then there are the Reptilians ... DI thinks these could be interdimensional , shapeshifters? it's all rather unclear ... Luckily we have Karll Mollison who has clarified it all ... 3 distinct groups of physical ET's are working together to control things here , the two mentioned and the Arcturians... It's a long story , Karl explains it all here .... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos
  21. No Doug , he's definitely dead ...We have it from no greater authority than Karl Mollison , who was able to channel him ... The first question covers the strange circumstances surrounding his death , was it suicide or murder ?
  22. Video is nearly 4 hrs of gibberish , appears to be made by a sick Christian much graphic footage of animals being killed , people attacked and killed ... Reptilians cannot mate with humans , only Annunaki
  23. I'm surprised at KC being caught up in this , she's normally very level headed ..... All this information comes from "sources" feeding information to KC and the guy in the video you posted ... the sources are compromised ... We 've heard it all before when trump was president .." the white hats are taking over the DUMB's " ...false hope ... Mollison says the dark forces have tight control , there is no effective white hat resistance. Only Praying for Divine intervention can get the evil ones to move on.
  24. I believe this is all part of the psi-op ( that's to say a psychological operation to hypnotize , distract , lead us up the garden path) ...as are the other "coincidences" in bamboozooka 's video above ....they all lead you into a riddle that has no real meaning .... If there were an operation by the good guys to take over this ship and rescue kids and weapons the the sensible thing is to do this at sea ... not crash the thing ,and have the eyes of the world focused on you .... The connection to Clinton , and to a movie could suggest this was planned years in advance , and the crash was not an accident at all .... riddles within riddles ..... This is the sort of nonsense Simon Parks gets distracted with , I will have to check out his latest video.
  25. Take a look at the middle map above where it says "EVER GIVEN 1 minute ago" that position is the suez canal , and we know the length of the ship is wider than the canal ... On that same map we see the penis which is twice as wide as the canal ... just like with the planes on 9/11 , such maneuvers are impossible. This fake map is not just "a publicity stunt" ... it does have a very valuable effect from the controllers point of view ... it adds to the insane chatter , irrelevant issues , and makes the public think we're all nuts
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