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  1. Lots of disagrement there to much to deal with , I'll just address this point....... That just doesn't make sence ... Why would they just pick people at random ? Clearly they would target those who threaten their ajenda .the most .. They would never put all that time and effort on just an ordinary guy .. You might say you are just an ordinary guy , many outside looking at you may say the same , but something singled you out for attention and I suspect it was your interest in music. The crude electronic stuff they allow to be know .. the stuff on this thread , stoneage tech, is just the tip of the iceburge .... TI's get special attention , but now with 5G coverage all are mindinfluenced to "believe the government " .."believe in climate change " etc. .
  2. Hi Deca ... How you doin? Good to see your still alive and active.... I've been on Hiatus from this forum for a few years but continuously exploring , so I've fine tuned a few of my ideas. I'd like to run some by you , those to do with your speciality ....Targeted Individuals .... Mind Control ..... What is a TI? .... Generally this term is used in the truthcomunity to denote some one subject to harrasment of many forms , even gangstalking by human operatives , directed by CIA type agencies .. I think gang stalking is very rare ... it's very labour intensive. Before someone becomes a TI they are a "person of Interest" .... Very few are persons of interest .Certainly less than 1% It's those who may have a notable impact on society those entering politics or the green movement , alex jones and david Icke types ...film actors ... and particularly musicians .... Musicians ( Deca is one) are particularly targeted because they bring upliftment to humanity .... most will be targeted from a very young age and often put out of action before they even start. They will not even think they are targeted , school mates will be impulsed to bully them (for example) and drag them down. ...... those who do get going, the well known ones , Elvis , Prince , MJ will often die young. This is engineered to happen , mainly not by the CIA and other agencies using operatives or primative mind interference methods covered on this thread , those do exist but are only the most basic technologies which the ET's allow these agencies to use ... The real controllers are the ET's in alliance with dark demonic spirits these can get into peoples heads , mind influence them to get into drugs or other reckless behaviour , they can distract pilots or car drivers to cause a crash so it just looks like they die in an ordinary accident . Often the goal is not to kill ... too many deaths would ring alarm bells The goal with someone like Alex Jones will be to bring him dowm and in particular discredit the truth movement .. So I believe he was impulsed to make reckless statements on Sandy Hook , the resulting fiasco has destroyed him and greatly damaged the movement. The only solution is to Pray for Divine Protection from malevolent mind influence .
  3. That video is unavailable , Dale ... Do you remember what it said ?
  4. I agree with that Peter ... Particularly with regard to Space travel. Back in the 1980's Bob Lazar was recruited by the US Government to furthur develop anti gravity craft he reports he saw many hangers with different types of craft being worked on in Area 51 ... This is where the missing Trillions $ from the pentagon budget go each year , mostly off world ... A clear picture has emerged of this "Secret Space Program" from literally hundreds of whistleblowers .... approximately a million mind subjugated humans living off planet in bases and advanced craft ... this SSP had bases on the moon before Apollo 11 was faked. I have come across this abiogenic petroleum theory , but not looked into it deeply , very complex ...
  5. We can see from this thread how many different opinions there are on this number , on ANY number.... It's all supposition , human interpretation and extrapolation , people can look at things from different angles and come to different opinions .. none of it can be trusted ! So how can we get to the truth when Number is a abstract quality. There is only one way number is expressed sensibly (to our sences smell taste touch etc) That is in the matter that is all around us . there are 92 flavours of matter each different. The number of protons determins character .. Matter with 6 protons has one quality and that never changes and we can percieve these atributes through our sences and this gives an insight into that number , 6, carbon , is diamond the most preciouse item there is . also charcoal used for drawing allowing creative expression since the earliest of times , and LIFE , it's the foundation of all life .We are carbon based life ..... 9 is the revers of 6 ... Flourine, 9 protons is the most dangerouse and toxic element there is Without exception! ...Search it .... It's a yellow gas that will burn skin on contact and to breath it is death. Interesting the chemist who designed this graphic sees flourine as a dangerours ravenous reptile !
  6. Ah yes .... Falcon 9 a seperate Musk run rocket enterprise ... No frozen valves on these rockets , they all perform the task without problems , over and over Hundreds of succesful launches .. They're putting up the 5G satelight network so mind control signals can be beamed to even the remotest location (transduced by nano chips in our bodies which most have injested). ... So it's full steam ahead with these rockets ! He's got 4,000 5G satelights in orbit already with plans for anothe 8,000. He has used only one launch (to my knowlede) to put tourists into low Earth orbit and rendevue with the space station ... This is not a problem for the Cabal , people are already there , as I said in another post it's moon and mars bases they want kept secret , and they generally want to prevent people wizzing around in space in large numbers. The ET's have thousands of UFO missions daily abducting people and other things and large scale tourism would interfer. This thread has not dealt with most of the problems arising from the recent launch. At take off the thrust destroyed the launch pad , so that all has to be rebuilt .... The flying concret smashed into and damaged near by tanks which service the rocket so these have to be fixed. And photos from the launch show 5 of the 33 engine not fireing (see still in video above circled in red). So it's a cataloge of errors and setbacks all delaying things.... The destruction of the launch pad is rediculouse ! This couldn't have been forseen? Apollo figured out how to avoid this 60 years ago! I'm not suggesting Musk plots and plans how to delay this prodject ... It's all done by mindcontrol/mindinfluence of him and the engineeres involved , they are influence to overlook certain things ..... The ET's who are the real controllers are expert at this. Niether do I believe Musk chose 33 engines in a knowing way . This was also probably suggested by engieeres as a good idea , and they were mind managed to do this by the ET controllers ... WHY ? To discredit the truth movement! ... They knew truthers would see this 33 and make the freemason link and the public hearing this wouldn't believe it and think truthers are crazy... This is a big component in their stratagy to discredit conspyracy theorists , our numbers are very small . but we are the only opposition they face, and they do know with modern media ideas can go viral overnight.
  7. Well said .... Most on this forum realize what a lie 'climate change' is ... that the public has been brainwashed into thinking Carbon is evil and the cause of all our problems , and we have to reduce our 'carbon footprint'. The reality is Carbon is the basis of all known life! 'We are "carbon based life forms' and carbon more than any other of the 92 elements represents LIFE and that's why the forces of evil want it erradicated ... The big joke is, the cabal have convinced some in the truth movement, unwittingly , to endorse their plan .... that Carbon (666) is evil!! 666 is Carbon , it's that simple .... Put "carbon 666 " in a search! Man (We) are Carbon 666
  8. We have to view this in the contex of what is happening in the world in all areas ... There is a controlling Cabal who do not want human progress . Everything is controlled and corupted , The medical system is drug based offering over priced medication that may supress symptoms but cause more issues late , even doctors when surveyed say they wouldnt themselves take cemotherapy .... The education system is to dumb everyone down , force feed with stupid facts which are all forgotten in a few years , The legal system ensures crime continues . And the economic structure keeps us all poor. So the area of Space is no different. 25 years ago the Cabal saw that independent entrepreneurs were pushing to get into space if the Cabal didn't get control of this sector there would be a dozen different start up companies the public would be willing to invest in and things would be out of their control. So they push forward two of their guys , Branson and Musk (always give the public the illusion of choice) These two were already 'golden boys' haveing exelled in other areas and were hero's to many , so the public investors who wanted to get back to the moon , now have a simple choice , they buy shares in Musk or Branson these are known figures they can trust in this way true independent start ups are starved of funds and fail. Then it's relativly easy to manage these two companies to make sure they achieve little . Wild promises to keep investment coming that are never realized. and convincing the public this is really a very difficult task and they can't expect too much too soon The Cabal do not want the public in Space , they already have bases on the moon and elswere which must remain secret.
  9. I'm glad you've mentioned Mr Mollison . ... I havn't talked about him for a while . Beyond doubt he's the most important figure ever to appear in the truth movement. He's a retired scientist in his 70's has patents to his name .. On ritireing he decided to get into alternative healing using spirit guides , then archangels , channeling and finnaly he realised he could reliably channel GOD ! Sounds outrageouse but the information speaks for itself and fills in all the gaps in our understanding .. Remember he was just a strait guy so he found his own channeled information hard to believe .. Shape shifting reptilians ocupying positions of power , Apollo 11 faked , ET's in control of Earth , illuminati hybrid aliens .. Many thousand hours of first rate material ... He's also channeled hundreds of dead people like Jimmy Savile , Bush , Hitler , MJ My painstaking analysis has not been able to find any errors or inconsistancies in his work. https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos
  10. OMG ... If ever there were a thread that was a candidate to be banned this is it , it really does discredit the forum .... But strangly the title of this thread and Messiah's comment in above post is the most important information anyone needs to know! They are here and playing God , and have always been , and they are not interested in being friends. "They" are the malevolent ET's ... we'll call them Reps but not all are Reps , it's a coalition of Reps , Annunaki and Arcturians , they direct the illuminati , they're as evil as you can imagine, and are Psychic , telepathic , masters of mind control and have technology millions of years ahead of ours ... also they are working with evil spirits and can influence people , get into their minds and play games , and that's what they're doing to Messiah ...
  11. This video is quiet surreal ... The rocket is visably tumbling but the commentator doesn't want to believe it's going wrong she refuses to see anything wrong ..."still awaiting stage seperation" ... then it blows up and the crowd ooo's and aahs then erupts into cheers of delight! The comentator says " I do want to remind everyone everything beyond clearing the towers was iceing on the cake!" ... She closes to rapturouse aplause from the crowd (surely edited on ) " as we promised an exciting end to the inaugura test flight " This is media brainwashing at it's most blattant . It blows up 3 mins after launch .. what a great success ! This 1 minute is worth watching , cued at correct time...
  12. But you forgot to mention it then blew up!!! Musk is playing this down as if no big problem ! So huanity is being indoctrinated here to believe space tourism is dangerouse and not realistic in Musk's own words after yesterdays explosion Word for word quote! " Success is not what should be expected , that would be insane "
  13. This is a great oppertunity, twitter them and say you;ve found a forum full of climate deniers and they can have a thread of their own here ... I'll bury them!
  14. If ever you find yourself in a debate with a climate activist , it might be helpful to point out these irrefutable facts... All the chalk and marble and limestone deposits on Earth are made up from the compressed shells from little sea creatures . They extract CO2 from the atmosphere/sea and turn it into calium carbonate CaCo3 to make their shells, they still do this now .... The amount of these deposits is truely enormouse , just in England they extend for hundreds of miles , and are made visible where the sea errodes the land White cliffs of Dover So for humdreds of millions of years CO2 was taken from the atmosphere in this way and locked up .. As a result the amount in the atmosphere has gone down and down and down , less and less for plant life to feed on , and plant life is the foundation of the biosphere . CO2 reached all time low by about 1850 ( this is all acknowledged by mainstream!) much lower would have lead to death of the planet .... Luckily humans started burning coal and oil , (this also contains previouse ancient CO2 , bound by trees and plancton) .. and slowly ... very slowly the % of CO2 has started to creep up , still not high enough to make plants happy , commercial greenhouses have to pump in CO2 from dry ice etc to get good growth. The controllers of this planet love death , so they would be over the moon if our bioshere collapsed and died , so they've brainwashed the public into DEMANDING we outlaw CO2 ... What a Joke! When the malevolent controllers are gone our first task must be to burn all the coal and oil we have ( to get electricity) , perhaps in a 100 years we may get CO2 upto .05% at this level plancton populations in the seas would dramatically increase , suporting at least a ten fould increase in fish population ( and whales) .. these fish sensibly harvested could feed the world .
  15. They're esentially the same , both used liquid oxygen at -183C so they have to have pumps and valves that don't freeze up at these temperature . A frozen valve was the reason given for yesterdays abort , if we believe that ... So apparently enginerring has taken a step backward over the last 80 years!
  16. I've watched the first 30mins of the first video , and 10 mins of the second Dale .... There is a lot of thruth threre (IMHO) .. as far as it goes ... He certainly has a big following , 2M views on one video , and of course he's genuine , as are all the people who apeared , but I believed they're being managed by ET psycics .... This material is clasic New Age , feel good mysticism and the dark controllers are quiet happy to corral seekers of truth into this area ... AND IT IS TRUTH , but only the truth which will not threaten the dark control adgenda ... only positivity , no talk of the control grid on planet Earth , no talk of 9/11 or covid and who's behind it or how everything is corupted and we are mind controlled. No talk of the problems which face us which we are here to deal with ... Just past lives and mysticism and positivity. There's only one source which I know of which has the whole truth and answers all the dificult questions https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos the vieoes on this channel have 100 views on adverage ... LOL.
  17. Latest News 17/04/2023 LiveLIVE SpaceX halts Starship launch at last minute Elon Musk's company SpaceX postpones the debut launch of the most powerful rocket ever built The entrepreneur says a frozen valve meant the giant rocket could not take off as planned, but they will try again in a few daysThe vehicle is being put to the test in the belief it could eventually usher in an era of interplanetary travel Thousands of people had gathered on beaches along the Gulf of Mexico hoping to witness the spectacle When it does eventually take off, the planned test flight should fly most of the way around the Earth and splash down in Hawaii Ahead of the launch Musk said he wanted to lower expectations, and said afterwards that the team had learned a lot What an absolute farse ! In case we forget Hitler seemed to have a pretty good mastery of rocket technolgy That was 80 years ago! he mass produced them and was able to shower London with over 3,000 with very few technical problems. Now it's fingers crossed whether they'll even get of the launch pad because of basic problems like a "frozen valve" . The controllers defienietly do not want civillians in space . These space tourism companies have two main objectives , to destroy investors wealth and convince people these primative rockets are cutting edge.
  18. All humans are Divine ... fragments of God , so we are all born inocent and pure with plans to heal ourselves and the world... But we are born into a world of evil , and many are corrupted ... this is well understood , if you are born into a family that abusses you , you are very likely to become an abusser yourself in later life. Someone like "King Charles" will have been subjected to ritual satanic abuse and torture from an early age . It's institututionalised in Illuminati families , just like public school education . Even though he comes from a human/alien hybrid bloodline he may still have some sympathies to humanity and this must wrung out of his being to make him cold and heartless. The adverage person is corrupted by the world around , but also by dark spirits which are all about us , their goal is to drag us down into dispair and grief because they feed off this energy , so they will be trying to influence people to be short tempered , argumentatative .. cause a marriage to break up for example , which will also damage and children involved . Use of drugs , alcohol , even mariguana in a gross manner lowers natural psycic defenses and alows these deamons greater control. The only solution is to Pray often to God for protection.
  19. Let me respectfully offer some fine tunning to your post Consultant ..... The controlling families or Illuminati families are alien/human hybrid families (as revealed in detail in DI's 'Biggest Secret') , In reality they are one interbreeding family but are presented as 13 different families , see fritz Springmier's " bloodlines of the Illuminati" They are the Astors , Collins , Du Pont , Rothschilds ... etc . 13 of them . They DO KWOW they are related to the Aliens and that their wealth and power depends on them carrying out the Alien ajenda .... So they will be told that a plauge is to be released and they position assets apropriatly in pharma companies etc to benefit financially ... Someone like Biden is a nobody goffer and will not know anything about aliens , but maybe allowed to benefit , of more likely he's managing finances for one of these families ...These families like to remain invisible and direct blame and attention to politicians and others ... But Covid was an Alien creation .. The Wohan lab creation myth is a smoke screen , and also helps stir up tension with China for posible WWIII. David Icke is very clear on it being an off world Inteligence at the top of the pyramid of control.
  20. I investigated this issue in great depth 5 or 6 years ago and came away fairly convinced that Paul had been replaced ... The evidence is very strong , particularly in the cover and music of ' Sgt. Peppers' ... The theory is that he was killed and replaced and that Beatles management wanted this covered up , but the Beatles themselves wanted it known, but could only do this in covert hints in music and album cover and pictures ... Something about this didn't make sence .. the management also supervise album covers and photos so why did'nt they block this avenue ... Then I found a channeling of John Lennon by Karl Mollison , there John is asked the direct question "Was Paul replaced" ... The answer is he was not replaced , that this was a disinformation campain by the controllers ... the controllers created the evidence ... They do this alot it fills the public mind and forums like this , with false information and distraction and diverts from real issues which might threaten their control.
  21. Everyone is welcome ... I (my GF) have a very BIG patch of land and you can live very cheaply. Out of touch? I look at the big picture no one wears masks or needs vaccination and the population during this 'world pandemic' has just continued up and up since 2021 even faster! ! Now over 8 billion... World population figures cannot be overy faked .. Remember the black death was estimated to have killed 50 to 30% of the European population , so a comparable plague today wold kill Billions.... bodies rotting in the streets! On the subject of the Black Death many researchers have writen books with the conviction that it was caused by Aliens spraying from ships and personel on the ground .. It seems this was done early in the morning when mist was already in the air , this allowed the plaue aerosol spray to linger in the air and stay alive for people to breath , this seems a very efective means of delivery ... Of course the ET's cant use this method these days with everyone having cammeras on their phones. Plague-Bearing UFO Sighting Gianfranco degli Esposti writes that;
  22. Hmmm... Well it's all yesterdays news ... It's interesting to read my above post from two and a half years ago ... Covid has disapeared from the scene , and all the Cabals plans seem to have come to nothing . My understanding is this was an ET engineered virus designed to cull the population and cause a global economic collapse , but niether happened ... David Icke was expecting massive deaths from the vaccines , but these never happened either. I can only assume it was divine intervention , this can counter the plans of the dark ET's , in proportion to the number of people who call on God for help. I never took the vaccine last time I did was when it was forced on me at school age13 .. But it wouldn't bother me TOO much if I was tied down and forced to take a covid jab , it's not the kill shot many expected .... But generally I don't think we're out of the woods , posibility of WWIII , perhaps not with Russia , Ukraine has show she's a spent force ... China is another matter .... My understanding is the present plan is for the ET's to cause all sorts of mayhem and then they land and offer the hand of friendship and high tech solutions to the problems they have created all along (freak weather from 'climate change , economic colapse etc) ... They have to get humanity to cooperate and hand over rulership of the Earth to them ... This will be the New World Order and the end of humanity. So I stand by the advice in my above post ... Get remote and selfsufficient
  23. Pheew ... Hi Messiah .. this is quiet a thread and has been running for 2 years! I think the title has got it nailed They are here and playing God ... that is to say the Malevolent ET's are here and playing God, these same ET's control the illuminati (Cabal). I've only scanned through the thread but have watched the whole of the last 3 min video above , and I can say anyone watching that WILL think you are crazy ( I don't) ... these ET's are very technologically advanced , telapathic , and pure Evil... By opening up a dialogue with them you are inviting trouble. I humbly suggest you are very specific about who you call on .. It should GOD the creator of all that is ... Pray for his support , assistance and protection , he will not perform open miricals for you of the type you are asking ... litterally PIE in the sky ... (watch video to understand this joke) Blessings to you... oz
  24. God is the creator of all that is and is most clearly aparant in the life forms all around us ... The mind blowin complexity , variety and most of all Beauty of it all Just look at this picture of a common moggy The Beauty and subtle changes and arangment of colours! It's beyond belief, And the control system will tell you it all came about by random collisions of molecules ... 'Evolution' is the most blatant lie ever, and as molecular biologists probe deeper and deeper into the genius behind it , they realize there is inteligent design, The practical role of God in our live is to Empower our Will This is a free will zone for all life forms , malevolent aliens too , but God can help our cause if we invite this and our Will is aligned with Love. This is our trump card to defeat the Cabal.
  25. Oh MY GOD !!! I knew politians were stupid , but not that stupid , ... Vidio shows a pannel of politians asked what % of atmosphere is CO2 , They ALL say 5% or 10% Politians are selected becauce they are suseptable to mind control ... The answer is .035% and all the 'climate changge' panic is because it used to be .03% (off the top of my head) ... in the distant past it used to be over .3% ten times what it is today and the Earth flourished .. Above video is a testament to the "education system" 90% of politicians and public are lost.
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