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  1. I always assumed management didn't want the pay the few hundred $'s a year it would need to keep the old forum accessible... First kept it running a while ... then when they thought no one would care , let it die.
  2. So Now all the dust has settled I take it that all the information on the forum is gone ! Been Lost .. The slate has been wiped clean ... Yet again ! ... There were some important threads on social.davidicke.com take 1 ... things which could have woken up and informed casual browsers that will always be coming here .... I thought about trying to reinstate them , start again ... but why bother , management has no interest in preserving them , put's no value on them , otherwise the old forum would not have been deleted....and backups for this forum would have been held So this forum has become what the name implied ... just a social gathering , not a resource of information ... a place where people come and chat and bicker about the latest thing , all soon gone and forgotten.
  3. Yes ... Agreed ... Look at the soldering ... small dots , this should be bright silver , but it's heavily tarnished , about 10 years old I would guesstimate .. the small box on which COV 19 is printed has many dents showing it's not new . I'm pretty sure it's the circuit board from an old DVD player .
  4. LOL ... That's so funny ... The idea that I could be a troll ... I'm not even going to bother defending myself .... It really is best not to raise the issue of trolls . People slip into paranoid mode , and see them everywhere , then it divides the forum , everyone is thinking "is this person a troll" just because they don't see eye to eye on some issue .... Some even think AJ is a troll!!! If you see a post you think is trolling Ignore it .... Don't feed idiots whether they're government paid trolls or not .
  5. I could be wrong ... I do see things I regard as damaging to this forum .... the biggest one is Flat Earth ... If I were head of MI5 , I'd have operatives pushing this ... people who argue with FE ers are just as bad since it only makes the tread grow ... No one will give me a name of one of the people who they think is a troll .... Perhaps you can tell me the sort of posts a troll would make here ... But really forums like this are small fry , very low viewing numbers ... everyone is on FB twitter , youtube , and that's were I would position operatives.
  6. I don't believe this is how the cabal work .... they would not waste time sending trolls (paid agents ) here ... all they have to do is delete youtubes , sensor FB , hack this site ....Job done I can see no evidence of trolls here , this site is bound to attract plenty of idiots ... FE ers etc.... Give me the name of a troll and I'll look at his posts and give an opinion.
  7. It's Icke's core premise ... outlined in the Biggest Secret and elsewhere , that ET's came here thousands of years ago . genetically tinkered and left in charge an elite ruling bloodline that they secretly support and keep in power , these are the Illuminati or cabal , they did this because it's easier to control humanity if we don't know we are being controlled .. Now in the end game we can expect a spectacular return of the true controllers in the final grand deception.
  8. So where you gonna go if this forum disappears COMPLETELY ??? HPANWO is a good choice ...That's Hospital Porters Against the New World Order ... It's a forum run by Ben , an ex member of the old form only has a few members ... He has great respect for David ... It would be a good place to regroup
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