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  1. 28 minutes ago, metak88 said:


    That video is  a 35 min chat between Goode and Wilcock about the "Global Galactic League of Nations" . I've watched half of it , and am more convinced than ever this is a false memory ..


    Goode talks about seeing representatives from " Estonia , Ukrainian , Latvia " ... African countries .. pretty much all the countries of Earth ... and these off world meetings have been going on for decades !!  


    Many of these countries are still in the stone age ... one dictator will be replaced by the next , so a great many people in each country would have to  know ... impossible to maintain secrecy , and yet no stories have leaked out ... only from Goode ....


    There is a reason Goode is the most publicized of all the SSP whistle-blowers , because he is carrying a tainted message ...... there are many more credible sources , but very few know about them ...


    90% of Goode's information will be true , but flawed in such a way as to help the controllers plan.

  2. 1 minute ago, metak88 said:


    @oz93666 Remember when I started a thread about this on the old forum?   Link to cached thread from the old forum.


    There out to be something like reddit's AMA (ask me anything) where we could just ask DI some questions.


    Wow ... Well done for preserving that thread Metak ... I'd forgotten all about it ....


    Perhaps another reason DI is not up to speed on this is I doubt he will have any people approaching him with their information on this ...


    He became convinced about the royals being reps because he had a whole string of unrelated people contacting him telling their stories ...he could look in their eyes ,  and became convinced .... 


    Alex Jones is in a similar situation regarding the SSP , he says he has spoken off record with half a dozen highly placed individuals about it , and that's why he believes it ....


    The SSP is mostly an American thing ...DI would not be approached by would be whistle-blowers 

  3. 42 minutes ago, metak88 said:

    .... Global Galactic League of Nations.


    I think Corey Goode is the only one who talks about that , it's not really a space force , more a talking shop (a once a year? meeting) .... I'm not convinced it is real ...


    Goode talks about off world meetings with dozens of different ET groups present , with diplomats from dozens of Earth countries ... all European countries , Brazil , India etc have representatives there ... I find it hard to believe that diplomats from all those Earth countries could be whisked away off world for a meeting with aliens , and then return to their families and keep quiet about it all , and aren't in a state of shock ...These diplomats would presumably report back to the leaders of their respective countries , many people in many countries would have to know ...I don't believe it works like that ... particularly since Trump does not have high enough security clearance to know about the SSP. 


    The SSP has maintained it's secrecy by rigorous separation from Earth  ... those taken are kept off world for 20 years , if they are released they get a mind wipe 


    The malevolent ET's could plant these false memories into Goode , again with the aim of convincing people there are nice ET's trying to help .



    1 hour ago, screamingeagle said:

    have you heard of a hacker Gary McKinnon (aka Solo)


    Even Rich is  in on the SSP info 


    When it comes to humans in Space there is not just one group ... around 4 we know of , each apparently under different management but in reality secretly controlled by the same ET's who control things on Earth ....


    Dark Fleet .... this was started by the NAZI's who escaped Germany and went to Antarctica ...they were the first into space , on the moon by late 1940's and their empire is the most technologically advanced , speaks German , has a "fuhrer" is totally separate from the American groups which followed , but does trade with them , slaves and merchandise. 


    Then we have 3 independent American organisations , highly compartmentalized , mostly the personnel do know of the existence of the others ....


    Solar Warden .... the personnel in this program believe they are protecting Earth ... they only operate within the solar system. Founded by the US Navy 


    ICC .... Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate   ... these are organisations like Boeing , Lockheed Martin , they create the tech , in facilities mostly on Mars 


    There's one other , name escapes me , controlled by the US army I think 

  5. If Laura is talking to him , he must be good ,. Laura gets the whole picture ....


    First video is 2hrs long and his audio is not good , very hard to follow .... But he seems to be saying China is going for take over of the world using AI interfaced with machines ...Skynet ...also using 5G mind-control of people .... 


    Second video is 1 hr and audio much better ... as is the content ...


    So this a twist on the normal conspiracy outlook ....here we have China making a move on the West ...could well be true , ET's are manipulating both China and the Western Cabal we are familiar with. 

  6. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:



    That's not to say I doubt it's existence by the way, just that I am neutral on the topic as I mainly focus on things on Earth that I can prove. Maybe David is the same.


    Well David is not the same ...otherwise he wouldn't have spoken strongly on the royals being shape shifting reps ! ..what hard evidence is there for that??? 


    Alex Jones is the most "down to Earth" of them all ... but he has many high up millitary talk to him ... he knows it's true ...

    You or I don't have this advantage ...but still we have a vast number of credible sources and if you put in the hours of examining them there is NO Doubt ...  


    If you are waiting for  photos and other hard evidence you will be the last to know ... https://youtu.be/rph8Mg6JDTY


  7. Well...it's not so much they're disguised as UFO ... they ARE UFO's ...(use anti gravity propulsion can perform fantastic maneuvers) .... The SSP has thousands of these craft , piloted by humans taken from Earth .... The US Navy who filmed the UFO's have no idea about the SSP , or who's piloting the craft . As KJ35 said the very top people in the military have decided to release this now , the ET controllers who put this idea in their minds are preparing humanity for the arrival....


    But my main issue is , why does David Icke seem to know nothing about the SSP???


    Even Alex Jones Knows about this from his contact with Generals and other high ups .... he very rarely talks about it because he knows it's hard to believe ... Here's a direct quote from an Alex Jones video 2 years ago ....


    AJ..."What does NASA know that we haven't been told ?? We have a breakaway civilisation here ..we have a whole system of 50 years advanced technologies , that's confirmed ...life extension you name it ...Trump is still trying to get access to all this (information) ..they're trying to keep it walled off from him, keep him in the dark that's why there's a governmental mutiny going on..."  


    He makes the mistake of thinking NASA are involved ...They are not . They are totally compartmentalized and in the dark , except perhaps for a few at the very top

  8. 4 hours ago, chocomel said:


    But how does one distinguishes true UFO and U.S aircraft disguised as UFO?

    They do have them.

    Well...it's not so much they're disguised as UFO ... they ARE UFO's ...(use anti gravity propulsion can perform fantastic maneuvers) .... The SSP has thousands of these craft , piloted by humans taken from Earth .... The US Navy who filmed the UFO's have no idea about the SSP , or who's piloting the craft . As KJ35 said the very top people in the military have decided to release this now , the ET controllers who put this idea in their minds are preparing humanity for the arrival....



  9. 8 hours ago, Forsaken Bankzy said:

    Because the context of Matthew 24 was for his generation, the generation that crucified the their Messiah. 

    "Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place." Matt 24:34



    Haaa...where do we find these bible bashes ? what are they doing on the DI forum 


    That bible verse was written over a thousand years ago ..."this generation did pass away " ...and none of it "took place" 


    from Search ....


    How do you define a generation?
    A generation is "all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively." It can also be described as, "the average period, generally considered to be about thirty years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children of their own"
  10. 2 hours ago, jupiter12 said:


    oz666 ,,


    Your knowledge of the Universe and all it's aliens and it's moderators and the help they need is incredible ,,


    Everyone needs an oz ,, ! :classic_blink:


    Some things do need pointing out ... If not we'll still be in this situation in a months time .... If a webmaster  knows what their doing it should not take weeks to fix  .... why not close it all down and open a new clean forum with a different provider ?? All done in a day ....


    This forum is not a high priority to the family , if we don't keep pointing out the problems nothing will be done. 



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  11. Snap ... make the first post with just a few words ... once you get started you can often add with edit .. or if that's blocked make a follow up post  and continue that way ...


    Gareth has said he's got a new webmaster who's learning the ropes ... If he doesn't get it sorted soon he may need help 

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  12. 31 minutes ago, kj35 said:

    What is your take on the tall greys oz? Where do they originate. ...


    I'm not sure about the tall greys ,  kj ... But my understanding of the greys is that they are a synthetic (biological) life form , created by the arcturians ... they have no soul . A sort of slave race .They do a lot of the mundane work in abductions and breeding experiments on humans 

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  13. 38 minutes ago, kj35 said:

    There was thread on pre hacked forum about this i recall. I think most concluded it was part of fake disclosure friendly alien stuff.


    Watched those videos again and its obvious they are making us 'ready'


    I think your right ... this has been on davidicke.com before and discussed on the forum...


    But this article was published again yesterday on davidicke.com  . And I found it strange that DI is credited with talking about Aliens ...


    The only time the subject comes up if an interviewer asks him if he believes in them ...and he always says " look at the trillions of stars , of course were not alone ..that's all ! " ...


    He never says.... "Well sure aliens exist , that's the reptilians I've spoken about for 20 years "  ...Icke does not believe the reps are Aliens (physical and travel in UFO's) ...he believes they're from another dimension ...'demons" ....


    An investigation of testimony from SSP whistle-blowers ..... and Karl Mollisons work , would clear up this misunderstanding 



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  14. D8hxF2MX4AAJ2RP-e1590609256737.jpg


    Well No ....DI does not talk about aliens , he's strangely silent about the whole topic ....


    And people don't care about the Navy video because they already believe the government knows more than it's letting on ...



    Government Information About UFOs
    In your opinion, does the U.S. government know more about UFOs than it is telling us?
      Yes No No opinion
      % % %
    2019 Jun 19-30 68 29 2
    1996 Sep 3-5 71 19 10


    When is DI going to get up to speed with the SSP? ...The off world cabal run space empire with fleets of UFO's manned by millions of slaves taken from Earth ?



  15. 13 minutes ago, chocomel said:


    might be interested in this. The article mentions of alien bloodlines.


    IMHO a terrible mish mash of garbage written by an unknown faceless person ...Is everything in the article wrong? ...no it couldn't be ....


    There are thousands of half wits out there all with their own version of the truth, if you fill your head with it all , you'd go crazy and get nowhere ....


    So select your sources wisely .. you want to see him on video . ...getwisdom.com 


    Let's take corona as an example ... this is a terrible maze to get through  ... even leading thinkers in the field with decades of experience disagree  ....Alex Jones believes there is a virus .... David Icke doesn't .... If these two full timers disagree how can we hope to get to the truth ???


    Here's the method I adopt ....I take one expert ....David Icke ... I just focus on him , what he's saying ...I understand his view on the matter inside out ... for the moment , I take it on as my belief and I test it , look for holes , flaws , try to prove it wrong ...and  build on that .  

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  16. 8 hours ago, chocomel said:

    @oz93666 talked about a USB stick which was to be produced by Simon Parkes.

    Is this it?



    Well spotted chochomel ... that's the one ...not produced by SP , he just sells them ....


    Good to see it being exposed by trading standards ... although this publicity might give sales a boost .... 


    I'll keep an eye out for SP's response... I'm sure he'll take it as evidence the device does work  , and the elite want to stop people getting it !  

  17. 5 minutes ago, zarkov said:


    I agree that we are born with an innate understanding of right and wrong, but as soon as we open up to external influence from pre-school to primary school those innate comprehensions are quashed by obedience training. It seems that that is where the internal discord begins and continues for many into later life and becomes the illusory framework from which all societies ills emanate.


    Well .... maybe ... when you think about it pre/primary schools are not really too bad ..( the teachers and parents  wouldn't put up with it) ... they don't get the kids torturing kittens ...


    The worst it gets is around 16 years old ... I remember biology students at my school ( decades ago) , rebelled against dissecting frogs and earth worms ... they said it disrespected life ... I did not take biology , but I remember the reaction of the teachers was a mixture of shame that they were imposing such a system , and pride that the students were so enlightened .  

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  18. 10 hours ago, Dagmar Gross said:

    I just wanted to say here how I love Laura Eisenhower's message to the Evil Ones! I found it so uplifting and full of hope for us all to hear that we are not alone and that she clearly knows there is a whole army of Light Beings in the process of helping us defeat these demons.


    I've seen that video DG ...can't seem to find it on youtube now , it was attacking Bill Gates , it might have been removed ....


    here's a better one with Laura  interviewing Tony  .... She knows all about the SSP the secret off world empire run by the cabal with millions of slaves . 


  19. This SSP certainly is THE most important subject ...


    Gaia is a subscriber based video channel , with more than half a million members and Corey Goode and Willcock  have a vast library of videos on there . It must be assumed the evil controllers do want this information going out and reaching the most awake people on the planet  ...


    Over 90% of Goode's information will be Good ... There is an off world space empire with millions of humans ... But this is controlled by the same  Malevolent ET's who control politicians on Earth .... They are experts at mind control .... Just look at how they've got the whole world social distancing and wearing masks , for a virus that does not exist .... So it's absolutely no difficulty for them to manipulate Goode and Willcock ...


    Basically they will be trying to get us to accept the idea there are are benign ET's involved here .... All to get us to accept the Grand deception soon to come ... the open arrival of ET's pretending to be our friends ...( See original 'V" series )

  20. Another terrible video from Deca  ...Do you even watch them yourself Deca? .... You never type any text as a synopsis  that indicates you watch them  ...


    Where do you find these guys ....The author of this video  is yet another twenty something idiot 


    He appears to be on drugs ....cannot focus his mind on what he wants to say ....


    Just Watch the first minute! It's a joke! 

  21. I'll save you being tortured by that video .... lots of rambling from  Passio and LOTs of interuption by AJ 


    So what does Passio say is the biggest occult secret ... ? .."the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior "  


    Hmmm... well , I wouldn't have put things that way ... I would say this is no secret , we are all born with an innate understanding of right and wrong ... the cabal would certainly want to corrupt that ....


    No clear message given in that video  about what Satanism is all about , where it comes from  .... It's simply the life style choice of the ET's who control things here .... the ET's who have been corrupted by dark spirit and Fallen Angel influence ...They get off on controlling and causing pain to others , dominating others ...And the fallen angels , who work through the ET's  want humanity to adopt that life style too. 

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