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  1. 1 hour ago, Tickety boo said:

    Could it be possible this SSP is behind the approx. 2 million people that vanish each year without a trace ?


    Sure ...It's mostly the SSP who abduct them ... very easy they have advanced tech that can "beam them up" ... then they get processed , the youngest and smartest will be press ganged into the SSP , they only take the most intelligent and talented .... many will be sold on the Earth slave market , anything to working in slave factories making cloths , or the blond haired beautiful sold as sex slaves or sacrificial victims ... others go to the off world slave trade , if lucky you will be eaten , unlucky turned into a cyborg warrior , or worst of all  a personal slave to reptilians or others

    Here's the nightmare story of a family of 4 who found themselves abducted and taken to a rep home planet ... They're dead now , so Karl Mollison was able to channel the mother,  Ann Robards  ...




    "Ann Robards

    We know very little about her.

    Karl received her name from his primary source in the Light.

    She was identified as someone who could tell us about an extraterrestrial slave colony and her involvement and tragic experiences there.

    She and her family were abducted from their home at night approximately 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio...."

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  2. 6 hours ago, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:

    There are lots of stories. This is about Mars & Inceptoid. Tony Rodrigues asks about and compares moments with Randy Cramer - about Jupiter?



    Great video ... first part they both talk about their experience on Mars , Tony just visited there briefly , Randy spent most of his time there in the Mars Defense Force , fighting other groups ...


    Important to realize Mars is a big place ... half a dozen different ET groups hold and defend territory there , including reps , humans , mantids ...all are constantly trying to expand territory and fighting each other ...mutual agreement has banned powerful weapons on Mars to avoid total destruction , it's more like a game for all involved , hand to hand fighting on the surface , most bases are underground . 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Gaz Mckean said:

    when I try to post new topic on the forum its says I have been blocked from David Icke.com? why? anyone else getting this?


    Everyone is , you have to start first post  with just text , this sometimes helps , not always , I've almost given up ...

    Don't worry a new forum is coming  we are told opening 1st june ...not sure which year 

  4. 5 minutes ago, labrats said:

    People will call this guy a conspiracy nut - 


    Who told you that? ...The MSM ... every-time they talk about him they introduce him as "That crazy conspiracy nut ..."  to pre-program the listener ....You are being brainwashed by the cabal , stop listening to MSM ...


    AJ has millions of followers , he's a DI light . 


    Just like Icke he has 90% correct , he knows about the SSP and is open to controllers being reptilians , but never really touches these two topics as he knows most will find them hard to believe 

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  5. 7 hours ago, SaggiMC said:

    Secret space program with David Wilcock and Corey Goode, a real eye opener


    The SSP is beyond all doubt a reality ... millions of humans taken from Earth , most living as slaves in an off world cabal/ET run empire ....


    So Goode's story will be 90% true  ... it's figuring out which is dis-info put in there by the ET controllers , through mind influence , to deceive humanity ...


    Goode cannot be listened to in isolation , to get closer to the real picture see Tony Rodrigues and other whistle-blowers 

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  6. When we talk of a "fake alien Invasion" , don't imagine holographic images projected in the sky , fake blue screen TV news ... the craft will be real , solid and BIG ... why not , the SSP already has thousands of these manned by millions of mind controlled humans ... so why wouldn't they use these . So it won't be aliens , directly attacking Earth , but humans under mind control , piloting the craft ....


    Creamer in the video  covers the scenario where 'good' aliens turn up at the last minute and save us from the invaders .....

    All ET's interacting at this time are part of the evil ET coalition that has always controlled us

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  7. 9 hours ago, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:

    I quite recently stumbled upon this. It's Randy Cramer, and he talks about a fake Alien invasion. The talk is from the Alien Cosmic Expo 2019.


    Randy Cramer is an important player .... A whistle-blower from the SSP , who tells his story with the blessing of his superior officers ....  20 years service in a segment of the SSP , the "Mars Defence Force" .... in other videos he talks of being in combat with reptilians , who hold some Mars territory ....


    In this video he says he says  was directed by his military controllers to talk about a possible faked alien invasion .... that these plans had been "dusted off" and may happen within 6 to 18 months ( video recorded 9 months ago) ... The people who decide are top military and corporate figures and they are trying to find the best solution to save humanity ... stop us fighting one another ... Basically the nonsense  lie Reagan was sold , how an Alien invasions would unite humanity ... So in this video Cramer is telling us what a great idea this would be , and he's giving us a dream of a great future being part of an inter galactic society ...


    He is being spoon fed  by his military superiors , and they are mind controlled by the malevolent ET's ....


    He's spot on in the last 3 minutes of the video , things are going to get crazier and crazier !! 

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  8. OMG !!! This posture is taking off everywhere now , The world really has gone mad ...


    London Yesterday 



    This stance has been around for many decades and originated from American Football .... This is not at all like  English football  ... In it you can pick up the ball and run with it ! .... All the players seem to be running all the time ! Trying to grab the person carrying the ball ...Naturally everyone gets tired very quickly  , so they allow a sort of break for them to get their breath back , and they rest on one knee for a while...


    Only  quiet recently did it became associated  black power. 


    Post floyd the idea has taken off big time  ...


    But those doing this are in such a trance that they cannot see by taking this pose they are acting  out the role of the  policeman kneeling on  floyd's neck.


    They have become what they hate the most  ...You could not make this up! 


    Again , this does not just happen randomly , neither is it humans planning it all .... just like the non existent corona virus , it's all orchestrated by the malevolent ET's who control humanity via mind control suggestions .... As the mind control grid gets upgraded by 5G they will be able to influence the weak minded to do more and more crazy things ...Zombie Apocalypse is definitely on the cards .... The mind control suggestion will be   "Eat human ....Humans are delicious ..."


    The good news is these ET's are very intelligent and imaginative and have a wicked sense of sic humor , so we can expect an outrageous decade ahead  ... anything outlandish you can imagine , the returning messiah ....alien invasion ... and much much more !!  

  9. I don't know what to make of this .... My initial reaction was  "Why would they fake this" ...These sort of killings do happen , with all the phone cameras around it would be filmed ... Certainly the cabal will be ready to exploit it to the maximum. 


    After watching the first video , I'm not so sure ... the woman sounds very credible . She says gas prices and car number plates are not consistent , if this is so we can expect other people to get on the case and expose this .... 


    Suggesting Floyd is still alive does discredit the truth movement , so that's another reason the cabal may have faked it , knowing it would be exposed ...


    One thing fishy about the event was the officer must have known by standers were  filming him , yet he didn't seem to care ...


    I'll keep an open mind on whether this event was staged . 

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  10. If one thing blows a hole in the official corona narrative, it's the fact that London public transport has been running as usual since the outbreak started .... 


    Figures show daily journeys are down 90% , but that 's still around quarter a million Londoners who spend a part of their day jammed into carriages , breathing over fellow travelers , mostly without masks ...


    If we believe the official story this must surely result in the whole of London being infected by now , but figures do not reflect this .... 


    This combined with other indications suggest , as DI is saying There is no virus ! ...I think he's the only prominent  person saying this ....


    The fact that  travel in the capital  is down to 10% what it was , suggests only around 10% of Londoners are working . The fact that no ones standard of living has been lowered nor the economy crashed , indicates these are mostly paper shufflers doing nothing productive ... If 90% of farmers stopped work the impact would be immediate. 



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  11. Sure ... this is well known ...Alex Jones has been shouting about thymerosol for over 20 years .... It is THE toxin used to brain damage children ...ALL children have had an IQ reduction from this compound ... those who are over sensitive to this toxin become labeled Autistic ....


    1 in 59 children now Autistic 


    Others become diagnosed as ADH or similar , but all have a reduced IQ 


    This is essential for them to carry out scams undetected .... Brain damaged people won't notice there is no corona virus, or the towers turned to dust .



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  12. Just now, Seeker said:

    I don’t know if this is just my imagination, whilst I see the link with Floyd, isn’t this the stance people used to take when in the presence of their King/ Queen? Like bending the knee to show they were loyal to them. So people bending the knee showing that they are in control by the media telling them to do this, telling them to clap every Thursday etc. Is it just my imagination or a link? 


    Yes ... there's that also ... To kneel is to make yourself less tall , less powerful , it shows you're surrendering to a higher power ... done in church and before royals ...


    So it's a strange posture for blacks to adopt who want to assert their rights ... it's a posture of surrender , as is lowering your head , offering your neck to be chopped with a sword 



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  13. I sometimes look on BBC news to see what's going on over there ...Marches is support of Floyd (Yawn....)

    I noticed many people kneeling on one knee as a gesture of support for the cause  , the BBC described it as "Taking the Knee " 


    What does take a knee mean?

    "Take a knee is a protest against the unfair treatment of Black Americans.

    It has been used in many American football games...."


    But isn't that what happened to Floyd ??? He took the knee from the police officer ...The officer used the exact same pose to kill him ... That can't be a coincidence ... has anyone else noticed this ???


    Mind control from the ET's and dark spirits I'm sure prompted that officer ... they do have a sense of humor 

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  14. The posts from Armesis and motleyhoo exhibit what is known as Steven Greer Syndrome . The big error in believing technologically advanced ET's are also morally/spiritually advanced . 


    This section of the Universe is a free will experiment , and the physical ET's that we come in contact with have been corrupted by fallen angels and dark spirits . The coalition of ET's that control humanity are extremely technologically advanced with sophisticated mind control that plays most of humanity like puppets  .. This is the cause of the troubles in the world ...


    Only Karl Mollison has the whole pictur

  15. So it's the 3rd ..Is the new forum running now ? how do I sign up ? 


    This forum is impossible to use takes 6 attempts to make a post ....


    12 pages of recommendations ??? do you think any will manifest ?? good luck ..


    We don't need bells and whistles , I will be grateful for a basic forum that works.  

  16. MSM is trying to whitewash this now "piles of bricks and bottles" ... and police trying to remove them , Implying rioters brought them into the area .... I don't think ordinary rioters plan like that , especially to get a palate load , bring them on a lorry and off load them , palate intact ....


    Infowars is spreading the truth , a big article on this ... https://www.infowars.com/organised-violence-rioters-are-finding-huge-piles-of-bricks-in-us-cities/




    ‘Leaders are young white men all dressed up in black with military-grade radio communications, who were central command posts with earpieces’.

    Several videos and pictures of large pallets of new bricks left in city centres throughout the US are fuelling the theory that organised groups are funding the violence that raged throughout the weekend in America.

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  17. 9 hours ago, KillBill said:


    Look at this Baden's resume.


    In part:

    Testimony at the O. J. Simpson trial

    Investigations of the John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations

    Death of Jeffrey Epstein

    He was even brought in to conduct an autopsy after the shooting of Michael Brown, which led to the Ferguson Riots in Missouri.


    Not enough to even raise an eyebrow? And here's you saying about Baden "he's not lieing now".


    -Dr Baden crisis actor Doctor on call.


    The local police carried out an autopsy which said floyd died of a heart attack ( in other words that nice policeman is innocent , just a coincidence he was kneeling on his neck at the same  time) .....


    So then the family get their own autopsy done by Baden , who said the cop suffocated him .... 


    And your trying to tell me Baden is lying .

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