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  1. This is not a video for the Faint-hearted ...It seems the deeper you go down the rabbit hole the darker it gets ....


    Slavery ! . ............ those up to speed on the Secret Space Program  revelations will know slavery is common place off world ... There are two separate human run off world empires , the Nazi run "Dark Fleet" and the cabal controlled SSP  ( the evil ET alliance has a strong grip on both)  ... this is where many abducted humans end up , millions of them , living  lives of drudgery , many forced to wear shock collars to keep them in line...


    But there is another possible fate for abductees , far worse than living in the SSP ... Being taken to a reptilian home world to serve as a slave to a reptilian!... Most humans abducted from Earth are thought to end up under direct servitude to the ETs in this way... the duties of the  slave in this recording  were not too arduous , personal grooming of the slave master , cleaning and  domestic duties , but the slaves live in abject terror as they are always tortured , abused  and maybe killed on a whim  .... 


    The above video  is a story of one who was a  Slave to the Reptilians 



    10:15....  "My entire family was removed and transported off planet ... we were removed from our home in the dead of night , then flown to a distant site , many many light years away , this place was a holding colony so to speak where humans were held to acclimatize them to their slave duties so that we can serve our Alien masters as slaves , lackeys , a toy or plaything for them , to subjugate and repress . So myself my husband and 3 children were all held in this slave colony ... family groups are removed in order to have a self perpetuating group of humans that can continue to propagate on site.  The weak are culled. This experience is the worst one can imagine......."

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  2. Many hours of video there ... Can you believe I've never heard of this before , but first impressions are it's first class and just what humanity needs ....


    It's essential we create our own positive visions for our future , and not give attention to the nightmares thrown at us by the cabal....


    The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture.....


    The Venus Project envisions a sustainable redesign of our cities and civilization


  3. On 4/18/2019 at 3:34 AM, healthguy3000 said:

    Check out the vid Stars are not what you think they are it's incredible too!



    Video of what amateurs see when filming stars through the Earth's atmosphere ... all sorts of wonderful effects produced by dust particles , air currents etc.

  4. 6 hours ago, ink said:


    Well so sorry....I didn't consider that I needed to put a description of this as from the name of the vid and the uploader, I thought it to be rather obvious. But I was incorrect.

    So here:


    I was really referring to the video itself ... It just starts showing "restored" NASA footage ....  But my comment could equally relate to your post ... Just what should we be looking for ? Have you posted this as proof Apollo was fake ??? This video comes from a NASA site ... all the comments on youtube are about how wonderful and brave the astronauts were.... 

  5. 34 minutes ago, Reinold said:


    So you're saying that NASA faked the moon missions so as to get more funding for research into further moon missions and space travel?


    I don't know where I ever suggested that .....


    NASA does not decide policy .... before 1969 top politicians met with technical advisers from NASA  and were told sending and returning men to the moon  was such a complex enterprise that statistical analysis showed the chances were very high something would go wrong ... They just could not take that chance , they were in a technical race with the Soviets . Was US rocket tech better than the Soviets ? ... the same rockets that deliver nukes .... If Apollo failed , the Soviets might think US rockets were duff and make a preemptive Nuclear strike ...This was the reason they gave to NASA for why it had to be faked ... national security... only few % of NASA staff were in on the faking ...


    Remember The US already had a base on the moon at this time ... they had back engineered down UFO craft and had a fleet of advanced craft which could easily transport materials and men from Diego Garcia atoll and other space ports , to the moon .... all completely compartmentalized from NASA....NASA is just theater , a distraction for the masses. 

  6. This is a three hour video , no real explanation of what it's about , and I haven't got 3 hrs to find out...


    I'll just comment on the first few minutes ... starting 01:23 , the astronaut coming down the ladder .... the line of the horizon is still clearly visible through his leg!!! Obviously a composite picture , noting else can explain that .....  Shooting fish in a barrel . Why watch more??? Apollo has  been proved fake in a 1000 different ways.  

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