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  1. I think on the whole that letter is very good ...perhaps a little long ... We all do appreciate the great and tireless work the Icke family put in , it cannot be easy , and I do hope they realize any feedback we offer is only with the aim of making things better. The main peeve I have is the loss of information ... years of work ... I'm sure those who oppose us have this as their main aim to regularly erase everything ... I see the main priority is to stop this happening again , have backup ...
  2. The forum is rather strange .... Has a higher post rate than our forum ... is called "contractorukforum ... everything for the successful contractor" what is a contractor??? ... Well ... after 10 hrs I've had 5 replys to my first post , none of them hostile ... so I sent a follow up .... There are a number of big movies that resonate with Icke's message ...V , They Live , Matrix ... put hem all together and you come close to his world view ... Basically Icke believes there is a conspiracy in high places wealthy and powerful people conspire and manipulate world politics and events , their aim is to subjugate humanity , have more and more control over people , more surveillance , leading to a 1984 type world , hungergames ... Icke sees the corona virus as a big step towards this goal ... of course it did not appear by chance, was released on purpose... overnight the world population has got used to being controlled ...If they can go out ... where they can go . And all for a virus (if there is one) that is no more dangerous than the flue ...ridiculous measures , which on the face of it don't make sense ..For example in the UK social distancing , ques to go into supermarkets , while at the same time tube trains are still running in London and everyday 2 million travel to work packed into carriages like sardines ... if the virus is what we are told , then the whole of London must be infected .
  3. You've got the wrong idea ... this is a simple run of the mill forum with one thread which is titled "David icke" Of course there will be many silly posts taking the piss , these are just the general public , so there is an opportunity to reach new people .
  4. I just joined up and left this reply .... being a new member it will be checked out by moderators before it appears on the forum .... It's not accurate to describe it as "an anti Icke forum" ... It just has one thread on it called "David Icke" oz93666 .......... That's fairly close , but let me clarify ... The secret controllers of Earth are a coalition of 4 Separate malevolent ET species ..One of these are the reptilians who have the ability to shape shift , they can kill and replace anyone without detection , and this they do with important figures , some politicians and royalty ... Icke was the first to come out with this theory 20 years ago , but many other sources have confirmed it , see getwisdom.com ... or the testimony of numerous whistle-blowers from the SSP , like this one ... https://youtu.be/Fp4299-vfPs
  5. Badmouthing?? you highlighted this part of my post ... I cannot remember anything significant from Muir ... hardly badmouthing , a truthful recollection... Perhaps you can remember one of his posts ... he made thousands , had thousands of likes , tell us about one that was memorable, noteworthy significant ,
  6. perhaps I was being generous...As I said before I cannot remember anything significant from Muir ... The biggest loss was the Karl mollison thread ... that was important .... Coronovirus thread?? all that info is out there in DI videos and elsewhere .
  7. Benign ET's know it's bad karma to mess in our affairs ...My understanding is No physical ET's appearing at this time are benign ..... They evil ones will soon arrive talking love and light , trying to get us to trust them ...don't fall for it!
  8. There are a few stories told about spinning mercury producing anti gravity ..... Reminds me of an incident recounted by Tony Rodrigues in one of his videos ... He was a slave in the SSP for many years ...he tells of one assignment he had with 3 others , they had to visit Earth with a supply of mercury ...A reptilian was living in a high rise in NY city , he had an anti gravity device in his flat , presumably for recreation and it must have had a leak or needed topping up ... They delivered the mercury .... the 4 stood to attention while the reptilian examined them ... he sniffed each one in turn .... Tony later found out it was sniffing for terror , if it had detected fear in any of the 4 humans it would have killed and eat him ...
  9. Here's the bottom line on Greer ... His big error is to believe any technologically advanced ET civilization is morally /spiritually advanced too ... He doesn't believe in malevolent ET's ... but the truth is the reverse ...any ET's we interact with at this time are evil ... they control things here , and so they allow greer and collier and parkes and geller to promote the benign ET lie .... It's all to set humanity up for the grand deception soon to come . The open arrival of the ET's
  10. I wouldn't classify moderators as management ...although they are in a better position to make recommendations to management (the 'Family' )
  11. You'll have to spell it out for me ink ... what does that mean?
  12. Deca!! What's your aim in posting that??? A video made by a couple of Know it all 23 year olds who know nothing about anything , discrediting the whole subject , lumping it in with FE and other non sense... People need to be more selective in their sources there are plenty of experts in this field who are now in their 60's and 70's ... springmier , jones , watt, icke , maxwell where are their videos???
  13. The latest few pages of posts has brought forth information , that IMO has reduced the likely hood that Muir was a mole ... It could be , that like me , he's just totally disheartened, that yet again , vast amounts of information has gone ... many hundreds of hours that Muir had put into his posts all evaporated ,Again . Not because of a hack , but because of incompetent management ...If value was put on this information then back ups would be in place, it's very easy! .... I think most people come here now mostly for a social interaction , just partly for the information ... so few care if all the past posts get wiped , it has become just a social club ... social.davidickedotcom
  14. I'm just throwing out ideas , which I'm sure have occurred to others ... just as I'm undecided if corona is real , I'm also open minded about this hack .... The deletion of all the material from the old (First) forum , without explanation has left me wary of management ...less trusting .
  15. I think tinfoil hat is a moderator ? Is that right ..... To get to the truth of all this we must be careful where information comes from ... I guess the above is what you were Told ... I from previous posts I understand all you know for sure, first hand , is that you tried to contact Muir , but received no reply ?
  16. Nobody likes to admit their errors .. The way management just deleted the old forum with no explanation indicates they regard members as sleeping partners ...We Don't Need to Know I don't know enough about computing to answer that ... but I would imagine there are deeper and deeper levels , perhaps the hacker did not have deepest level access ... Or perhaps MI5 realize if the forum is totally gone , their infiltration and hacking department is out of work ...defunded .
  17. I think just removing posts would deal with that ... no need to lock the thread .... Let me put it this way ... Suppose you ran a hotel for many years , same employees , they all turned up for work every day .. then one night the hotel burnt down , and one of these employees just disappeared ... no one could find or contact him ... who do you think the police would suspect and go looking for ??? Also I think it's a myth that forums or any system can just be hacked by clever computer geeks ... They need the password to get to the operating system ... normal moderators would not have this ... but if management felt they could trust Muir , they may have handed over tasks to him which required the next level password ... It had to be an inside job ... if not ... if outside people can just hack , then what's to stop them doing the same next week , and the week after ?
  18. Many threads on this forum reporting synchronicities with numbers and outside events often related to hints at cabal plans etc... Two reasons for this .... you can do pretty much anything with numbers ... add them up in different ways to find meaning .... But also if you are deeply into a system , whether that be Islam , or Astrology , or kabalistic numerology , then the outside world will tend to take on that system ...It's an example of our minds creating our reality .... How this works in practice is , suppose you are obsessed with the Koran and there are important numbers there , let say 26" 3" 83 ... then your fixation on these numbers could go back in time and you will arrange your birth date for this ... or choose a house connected to those numbers .... Most people create synchronicities without noticing ...For example I have known about 6 people who were close to me with the name Barbara ... far beyond all chance ....one of my sisters was Called Barbara , and for some reason I must have been fixated on this name , so set up stresses in the Aether , which would tend to draw to me , others with that name.
  19. Of course the logical explanation for all this is that Muir was a mole ... MI5 paymasters would expect him to put in 9 to 5 type hours , so he would have no trouble in building up the highest number of posts and reactions ... and no one here will notice he has no knowledge of the subject ... I can remember very little about Muir's posts , just that he had the strange idea the Cabal was run on Kabbakistic Magic ... when I questioned this he had no reply .... also near the end I remember he attacked two new members , simply for asking reasonable questions ... So the goal would be to gain management trust ... and finally get the password needed for access to forum settings , essential to bring it down .... After the cash Management would realize Muir did it ... They would be embarrassed ... would not want to talk about it ... close down a thread inquiring about Muir .... But then another thread on Muir starts ! ... they can't close again!!! So an announcement ... "Muir is well .He's just taking a break" Don't judge management harshly ... The stress and work in running any enterprise the size of Ickonic and davidicke.com is considerable ...But in addition to this all the dark forces are targeting you as well ... Not just MI5 agents ... but the mind control suggestions from electronic means and ET psychics , suggesting that you should trust certain individuals ... The only defense from this is a partnership with God/Divine Realm . This is what has enabled Alex Jones to survive and expand over decades ... He prays daily and asks for help ...Even though his idea of God is distorted by Christian beliefs ...It still works! .... So if Muir returns after his "Break" I'll eat my words .... But I suspect he's gone forever!
  20. Trashy sites like dailymail have one goal, to get as make hits as possible to make MONEY ... That article is covering data many years old , and nothing particularly unusual is happening , but they know 99% of readers are asleep.
  21. That's great work massivedone it deserves a thread of it's own , don't be shy ....
  22. That video is even better than the first one Messenger .... I can't recommend it enough ... Essential viewing , after 2 minutes you won't be able to turn it off .. I've just been re-watching some of Todd's material Here's a 6min video that deals specifically with the music industry https://youtu.be/Otti-82jEAc?list=PL4FDD6F3AC3874999
  23. That's an extremely important video ... John Todd was an Illuminati witch insider and very high up in the music industry 1960s/70s ... He claimed that high level cabal witches put spells on certain types of rock records , that each individual record had a daemon connected to it and when it was bought , the daemon traveled with it and influenced the person who bought it Even I find the information amazing ... Just like they did with Fritz Springmier , the cabal stitched him up on a false charge ... he served 30 years in prison ... when released in In 2004 he was placed in a psychiatric facility, where he died in 2007 age 58
  24. Luckily this type of music is very fringe ... I for one could not remember any of their tunes .... I can see many here love it .... But he's just like Bill Gates , only instead of injecting your body with toxins , he's injecting your minds ... the accompanying music is so good it puts you off your guard ....
  25. Why does his throat cancer not surprise me ... Reading posts on this thread it seems many regard Bruce as more like a dear friend and not the criminal he is ... I could not remember any Iron Maiden music , so went to Youtube ..The first that popped up was The Trooper... As soon as it started to play I remembered it ... that brilliant opening guitar riff .... then the lyrics ... You'll take my life but I'll take yours too You fire your musket but I'll run you through Very Nice , Very loving ... But Iron Maiden fans just cant see it ... The music induces such pleasure all discernment goes out the window , and they without thinking drink up the images and lyrics of war and death and destruction ... So Bruce has accumulated some Very Heavy Karma ... all the millions of innocent open kids he's led to the dark side ... If you were to meet him he may well be a nice chap , has no idea what he's done ,he was certainly under mind influence and inspired by the evil ETs and dark spirits that control things here ... But Karma accepts no excuses
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