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    Well spotted chochomel ... that's the one ...not produced by SP , he just sells them .... Good to see it being exposed by trading standards ... although this publicity might give sales a boost .... I'll keep an eye out for SP's response... I'm sure he'll take it as evidence the device does work , and the elite want to stop people getting it !
  2. That's good news .... But rather silly to announce plans 3 weeks ahead of time , this gives opposition plenty of time to organize hacks or other sabotage.
  3. Well .... maybe ... when you think about it pre/primary schools are not really too bad ..( the teachers and parents wouldn't put up with it) ... they don't get the kids torturing kittens ... The worst it gets is around 16 years old ... I remember biology students at my school ( decades ago) , rebelled against dissecting frogs and earth worms ... they said it disrespected life ... I did not take biology , but I remember the reaction of the teachers was a mixture of shame that they were imposing such a system , and pride that the students were so enlightened .
  4. I've seen that video DG ...can't seem to find it on youtube now , it was attacking Bill Gates , it might have been removed .... here's a better one with Laura interviewing Tony .... She knows all about the SSP the secret off world empire run by the cabal with millions of slaves .
  5. This SSP certainly is THE most important subject ... Gaia is a subscriber based video channel , with more than half a million members and Corey Goode and Willcock have a vast library of videos on there . It must be assumed the evil controllers do want this information going out and reaching the most awake people on the planet ... Over 90% of Goode's information will be Good ... There is an off world space empire with millions of humans ... But this is controlled by the same Malevolent ET's who control politicians on Earth .... They are experts at mind control .... Just look at how they've got the whole world social distancing and wearing masks , for a virus that does not exist .... So it's absolutely no difficulty for them to manipulate Goode and Willcock ... Basically they will be trying to get us to accept the idea there are are benign ET's involved here .... All to get us to accept the Grand deception soon to come ... the open arrival of ET's pretending to be our friends ...( See original 'V" series )
  6. Another terrible video from Deca ...Do you even watch them yourself Deca? .... You never type any text as a synopsis that indicates you watch them ... Where do you find these guys ....The author of this video is yet another twenty something idiot He appears to be on drugs ....cannot focus his mind on what he wants to say .... Just Watch the first minute! It's a joke!
  7. I'll save you being tortured by that video .... lots of rambling from Passio and LOTs of interuption by AJ So what does Passio say is the biggest occult secret ... ? .."the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior " Hmmm... well , I wouldn't have put things that way ... I would say this is no secret , we are all born with an innate understanding of right and wrong ... the cabal would certainly want to corrupt that .... No clear message given in that video about what Satanism is all about , where it comes from .... It's simply the life style choice of the ET's who control things here .... the ET's who have been corrupted by dark spirit and Fallen Angel influence ...They get off on controlling and causing pain to others , dominating others ...And the fallen angels , who work through the ET's want humanity to adopt that life style too.
  8. This is the best presentation I've heard from David on Corona ... Recorded only yesterday , he's had months since it started to double check that his initial thoughts were correct. He's convinced there is no virus ... very hard to find any flaws in his analysis This is audio only...a pleasant change ... interviewer does s fairly good job in keeping quiet. davidicke.com/article/571122/observing-insanity-david-icke-talks-alchemy-radio-full-interview ( it took 7 attempts to make this thread ... constantly getting message "You are Banned" )
  9. When I'm posting there I just ignore the piss takers ... viewing figures on forums show there are around 11 times more non members viewing than members .... the smart alecks do not represent the average reader , so I just put the information out there . That David Icke thread has 1,600 views , it is an effective way to reach people .
  10. That doesn't sound right Denny .... We had a quality Karl Mollison thread here ... This forum is constantly getting new visitors , many could have been led to his work through this thread ... I still hold out hope it will be reinstated .. The last message from Gareth suggested it could be.
  11. Over on the contractors forum the exchange continues .... Contractor ...noun a person or company that undertakes a contract to provide materials or labor to perform a service or do a job. "the school meals service is provided by private contractors" So a contractor could be anyone from a supplier of school meals to a construction worker ...strange ... One poster pointed out JFK did warn against secrecy and conspirators... I replied ... Opinion polls show that over 90% of Americans don't believe the official story of JFK's assassination ...this was done by the secret controllers because he would not toe the line ... More recently 9/11 is a big smoking gun ... again the official story is ridiculous ..thousands of professional pilots have stated the reported maneuvers are impossible ...thousands of professional architects and engineers have said planes could not cause these towers to collapse https://www.ae911truth.org/ The way the towers turned mostly to dust suggests the use of exotic weaponry ... see the work of Dr Judy Wood https://www.drjudywood.com/wp/ Icke has written two one thousand page books just on 9/11
  12. This is slightly different from the Iraq war . The problem is that every country in the world is playing along ... they all wear masks and social distance , so people will rightly ask "are all world leaders being fooled ?? or are they all in on a conspiracy to enslave us?" ... And you have to have a good answer to that . ... The answer is they are all being fooled , only perhaps a handful of leaders know it's a scam .... When talking to Londoners you have to point out that if it's so contagious that we must keep 2 meters apart ... and the tubes have been running everyday with 2 million each day packed in like sardines , then all of London is infected by now.
  13. ^^^ No ..beauty is not an illusion , like pleasure it's meant to guide us in the right direction ... When we eat food that tastes good (pleasure) it's a signal that it's good for our body .... when room temperature feels right it means it's right for bodily health .... And physical beauty when looking for a partner has been shown to be linked with health ... studies show attractive people are fitter have "healthy DNA" ... if you had an alcoholic grandfather , it will have damage Your DNA and will show in your face as attractiveness ... We are a manifestation in flesh of the Karma of our ancestors. If you are attractive , your grandparents and great grandparents ( and back for 1,000s of years) lived good lives Do you find a heroine addict attractive? So beauty is there to guide us so we find a healthy mate .... Architecture? ...It's all about the bottom line , not beauty ....how many 1000 square feet of office space you can get for a million $ Modern Art is an attempt by the cabal to corrupt us with ugliness
  14. I think on the whole that letter is very good ...perhaps a little long ... We all do appreciate the great and tireless work the Icke family put in , it cannot be easy , and I do hope they realize any feedback we offer is only with the aim of making things better. The main peeve I have is the loss of information ... years of work ... I'm sure those who oppose us have this as their main aim to regularly erase everything ... I see the main priority is to stop this happening again , have backup ...
  15. The forum is rather strange .... Has a higher post rate than our forum ... is called "contractorukforum ... everything for the successful contractor" what is a contractor??? ... Well ... after 10 hrs I've had 5 replys to my first post , none of them hostile ... so I sent a follow up .... There are a number of big movies that resonate with Icke's message ...V , They Live , Matrix ... put hem all together and you come close to his world view ... Basically Icke believes there is a conspiracy in high places wealthy and powerful people conspire and manipulate world politics and events , their aim is to subjugate humanity , have more and more control over people , more surveillance , leading to a 1984 type world , hungergames ... Icke sees the corona virus as a big step towards this goal ... of course it did not appear by chance, was released on purpose... overnight the world population has got used to being controlled ...If they can go out ... where they can go . And all for a virus (if there is one) that is no more dangerous than the flue ...ridiculous measures , which on the face of it don't make sense ..For example in the UK social distancing , ques to go into supermarkets , while at the same time tube trains are still running in London and everyday 2 million travel to work packed into carriages like sardines ... if the virus is what we are told , then the whole of London must be infected .
  16. You've got the wrong idea ... this is a simple run of the mill forum with one thread which is titled "David icke" Of course there will be many silly posts taking the piss , these are just the general public , so there is an opportunity to reach new people .
  17. I just joined up and left this reply .... being a new member it will be checked out by moderators before it appears on the forum .... It's not accurate to describe it as "an anti Icke forum" ... It just has one thread on it called "David Icke" oz93666 .......... That's fairly close , but let me clarify ... The secret controllers of Earth are a coalition of 4 Separate malevolent ET species ..One of these are the reptilians who have the ability to shape shift , they can kill and replace anyone without detection , and this they do with important figures , some politicians and royalty ... Icke was the first to come out with this theory 20 years ago , but many other sources have confirmed it , see getwisdom.com ... or the testimony of numerous whistle-blowers from the SSP , like this one ... https://youtu.be/Fp4299-vfPs
  18. Badmouthing?? you highlighted this part of my post ... I cannot remember anything significant from Muir ... hardly badmouthing , a truthful recollection... Perhaps you can remember one of his posts ... he made thousands , had thousands of likes , tell us about one that was memorable, noteworthy significant ,
  19. perhaps I was being generous...As I said before I cannot remember anything significant from Muir ... The biggest loss was the Karl mollison thread ... that was important .... Coronovirus thread?? all that info is out there in DI videos and elsewhere .
  20. Benign ET's know it's bad karma to mess in our affairs ...My understanding is No physical ET's appearing at this time are benign ..... They evil ones will soon arrive talking love and light , trying to get us to trust them ...don't fall for it!
  21. There are a few stories told about spinning mercury producing anti gravity ..... Reminds me of an incident recounted by Tony Rodrigues in one of his videos ... He was a slave in the SSP for many years ...he tells of one assignment he had with 3 others , they had to visit Earth with a supply of mercury ...A reptilian was living in a high rise in NY city , he had an anti gravity device in his flat , presumably for recreation and it must have had a leak or needed topping up ... They delivered the mercury .... the 4 stood to attention while the reptilian examined them ... he sniffed each one in turn .... Tony later found out it was sniffing for terror , if it had detected fear in any of the 4 humans it would have killed and eat him ...
  22. Here's the bottom line on Greer ... His big error is to believe any technologically advanced ET civilization is morally /spiritually advanced too ... He doesn't believe in malevolent ET's ... but the truth is the reverse ...any ET's we interact with at this time are evil ... they control things here , and so they allow greer and collier and parkes and geller to promote the benign ET lie .... It's all to set humanity up for the grand deception soon to come . The open arrival of the ET's
  23. I wouldn't classify moderators as management ...although they are in a better position to make recommendations to management (the 'Family' )
  24. You'll have to spell it out for me ink ... what does that mean?
  25. Deca!! What's your aim in posting that??? A video made by a couple of Know it all 23 year olds who know nothing about anything , discrediting the whole subject , lumping it in with FE and other non sense... People need to be more selective in their sources there are plenty of experts in this field who are now in their 60's and 70's ... springmier , jones , watt, icke , maxwell where are their videos???
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