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  1. Note how faint the trail is , and more imortantly the gap in the trail ... this suggests it is a condensation trail ,contrail , and where the atmosphere is slightly dryer it will evaporate .. A cem trail made of particulates would never have a gap .... I remember 10 or 20 years ago the skys looked like this (in certain areas) and youtube was full of videos of it ... I still maintain this was an attempt to starve us all by killing crops with reduced light , it had very limited effect and so they decided to abandon the idea ... It's a lot of work for them , and the public might slowly start to notice and ask questions if the skys always looked like the above picture ... and if it wasn't working anyway .....
  2. Has Chemtrailing ended? My attention was drawn to this thread ... Chemtrailing I thought ... Isn't that finnished ? Always having an open mind I watched the above video ... She talks about 2002 ... what was happing in 2004 and 2006 , searching her picture they all show her older than in this video ... further seaching shows Rosaline died over 5 years ago. I would guess the video was made perhaps 15 years ago when chemtrailing was full blast. It is an excelent video and asserts the main purpose was to block the sunlight , she seems to swallow the official story that this was to stop global warming but in all likelyhood it was to see if they could destroy crops on a large scale, But I guess they realised this wasn't feasable and so have stopped it all ... I could be wrong ..... but show me current videos of chemtrails
  3. I would say we all have to take effective action ,understanding the truth tells you What action , I believe this is mainly Prayer ... believe in God and calling on Him to heal the malevolent ET's so they move on ... The rules of this free will reality dictate we have to invite His help or it will not come ... My understanding is we all ascend together , or if the darkness wins the ascention doesn't take place and a reset is posible and we start again . I've no idea what DI means by that ... should we take drugs like Ayahuasca? ... or learn more about conspyracy to understand the truth about the world ? He really should spell out exactly what actions he thinks we need to take to "expand our perception". Yes , I'm in a remote location , see very few people , waiting for the rains to come , the Durian trees are thirsty .( income from durian and mangoteen and oil palm)
  4. Ah Yes .... Mc Kinnon ... In a way this relates to the video I posted above . Although the SSP is mainly off world there will be records of it in the pentagon, lists of craft and personell , and Mc Kinnon claimed to have hacked into pentagon computers and found among other things lists of craft which were not known to be on Earth (not aircraft carriers, submarines , etc) and records of many personel. Strangely the pentagon did abmit he had hacked them (in hindsight I bet they wished they'd ignored it all) , and were desperate to get him extradited from the UK to serve a long prison sentence... Mc Kinnon played the sypathy card claiming to be autistic and not a real threat , UK authorities seized his comuter and interviewed him (2002) , but after a lot of back and forth between US and UK governments his extradition was not granted and he is alive and well and on the projectavalon forum , although doesn't have much of interest to say. So it's not so much my opinion , the pentagon clumsily endorsed what he was saying , that there is evidence of an SSP . Although if you look at the Wikipedia page on him it spins the episode and little talk of the SSP , just vauge references to UFO craft etc. Why wouldn't the UK exdradite him? Perhaps the Pentagon finally realised they'd missplayed the who afair and to put him on trail would just bring more attention to it all , so secretly told UK not to grant extradition.
  5. I do believe this issue has been well settled . Not that the elite entered into an alliance with ET's or deamons , but that they were put into power and are kept in power by secret help from these ET's ... this goes back 50 years to Von daniken , zechariah sitchin and other scholars , their meticulous research revealed that they have always been here enslaving us ... David Icke explored their work and agreed with it all (see the 'Biggest Secret') and he went furthur and asserted that around 5, 000 years ago they decided to go undercover , withdraw from public view , but control humanity through a hybrid alien bloodline of theirs .. these are the illuminati , very few in number and they are mostly unknown to the public (except the royals) .. they control the politicians and others we see. ... Now days DI seems unclear wether these are ET's (travell in UFO type craft) or deamons ... this is due to the reptilians ability to materialise out of thin air , but then that's what captain kirk can do and he is physical ... these are very technologically advanced creatures and can beam right into your bed room and abduct you! But they are physical eat flesh , human flesh! This is all confirmed by dozens whistleblowers from the secret space program ... these reptilians are working with the US government and fooling them into an aliance (just as they did with hitler) ... they have built up a space army with over a million humans taken from Earth . The US government is told this is to help protect Earth from malevolent ET's ... in reality the reps control it completly through mind control , and plan to use it to attack Earth .... Here's the story of a US Army recruit who was noticed for his above adverage abilities and invited to join this Secret Space Program. It's a long story , this is just part 1.
  6. Yes ... I agree with all that , T .... and you have a clear understanding that divide and conquer is a prime strategy ... in politics , race , LGBT , it's about dividing the public into camps and hopefully getting them fighting .... But it's not humans that are behind this all .... Humans don't get around a table and conciously plan these diabolical plans ... there are only a very very few ( the illuminati) who are in on the secret and they are in mansions with their feet up .... The people on the ground implimenting these plans are mindinfluenced to believe it all. I don't agree with DI on everything , but he does get that implimenting this agenda is an off world inteligence.
  7. Hi Born Free ... I've read your post very carefully ... the word Spiritual and spiritual work comes up many times so perhaps first we should explore what we/you mean by this .. to get an idea I searched 'Coffe and Spirituality' ... you said you went to a meeting with that billing , what sort of people would be expected to attend such a meeting? My search turned up nothing except some links suggesting coffe {and alchol} were inimical to the spiritual path. LOL I guess the person organising this group would be someone promoting their own spiritual doctrine , a Christian , or Hari Krishna , and they just tacked on coffe to get people to come. I used to think spiritual work was sitting in the lotus , stilling the mind , doing yoga , of which I've done a lot ... I now think it's just expressing love in all you do .. Nothing else matters too much , not even taking the jab or not ..... Those who are weary of jabs do have a truer understanding of the state of the world. They understand government does not have your interests at heart ..... but as it turned out 99.999% who did take the jab are still alive and kicking. This world is a tough place .. we all voluntered to come here to take on the problem of evil which has got a grip here. If we are succesful we all ascend to a realm with greater freedoms and posibilities. The only way to win is to call on Divine intervention to heal the perpetrators .
  8. Look at the expression on Charle's face and the above one top right from Mr Crabtree It's Charles's defalt look. Is it a happy one? What does that look say ? It says " Please don't torture me anymore , I'll be good , I'll do what you say". He was brought up in an illuminati family and WILL have been subjected to satanic ritual abuse and torture at a young age ... this is standard upbringing to try to turn them into depraved heartless people ... Sent to public school away from family and subjectect to their severe regime from a young age . A mother incapable of love who shakes hands with her son after not seeing him for a long period ... Queen Elizabeth news: How the Queen 'humiliated' young Prince Charles at public event THE Queen snubbed her infant son Prince Charles in public after failing to form a mother-child relationship, a documentary has claimed. https://www.express.co.uk/news/royal/1046123/royal-snub-queen-elizabeth-prince-charles-humiliated-handshake-spt So don't feel animosity towards Charles , he's trapped in a nightmare and been subjected to an upbringing that reptilians imposose on their children.
  9. Here it is alexa .... https://youtu.be/jPeHDihuzco This is the Youtube version , only the first 45mins .. for the full 2 hrs you have to go to their main site where all the videos are , you have to sign up , but there's no charge.
  10. They have always been here playing god ... See the research of Von daniken , Zecharia Sitchin and many others who revealed this all 50 years ago ... David Icke explored the work of these researchers and concluded it was all true. They enslaved humanity and got them to mine gold ... These are very technologically advanced ET's and could have used machines to get the gold , but are DEPRAVED and get enjoyment from beating humans to exaustion to mine gold. ... The Annunaki bred with Earth women , some produced were giants and they used these to be slave masters .... others hybrids could pass as human so they set these up as pharoes and kings , which exist to this day as the illuminati ... a bloodline that recieves secret support from the ET's and rules us . This alowed the ET's to withdraw from the scene and rule us covertly .. this prevents mass resistance. There is understandable confusion about who these ET's are , Sometimes depicted as giants , these are the Annunaki Sometimes as reptilians The reality is the enslaving 'gods' are a coalition of three different ET groups . The dominant ones are the Annunaki(twice our size) , then the reps , then the Arcturians (can pass for humans) .. there are also the Greys these are not a true species and don't have a soul as the others do , the greys are a genetic creation of the Arcturians , they are 'worker bees' here in the greatest number (millions) and do mundane work like abductions . So all these creatures are the most evil imaginable and delight in causing suffering , torturing children ... they play humanity like a compurer game , there is no reasoning with them, no overcoming their advanced tech and mind control capabilities ..... Except by calling on Divine assistance , Pray to God these creatures are healed and depart from the Earth.
  11. I've been exploring this subject most of my life ... It first started at the age of 16 . I had an older sister , and her boyriend worked in a printer who duplicated the BUFORA news pamflet ... He knew I had a scrapbook on the Apollo space program , and I guess he thought I would be interested , and every new edition he printed , he would give me a copy .... Since then I have explored every aspect of this subject , (as well as occult and conspyracy )... I could list hundreds of valuable sources from Bob Lazar , Al Bieliek , Tony Rodrigues , Correy Goode , Simon Parkes .... exploring them all deeply , sifting out where the truth may be and what is disinfo/missunderstanding ... So after 50 years at this I felt confident I had a fairly good understanding .... Then I discovered the work of Karl Mollison , he confirmed most of what I believed , but more importantly filled in all the missing gaps , adressed all the nagging inconsistancies in my world view .... He does claim to channel GOD ! , and I am convinced he does , simply because of the veracity of the material .... So new people coming to this subject don't have to do things the long hard way , just explore his work! https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos Well tell us what that is , I'm always willing to learn.
  12. So the Coronation looms ever nearer (thank God I'm out of the UK) I recently had cause to post here Mollisons channeling of Queen Victoria and took the opportunity to listen to it again ... There is explained why the malevolent ET's who control us , relish the Monarch system .... It is because their societies are run on similar lines . A hierachical system of rewards and punishments coming from on high , a leader that no one elected , there by virtue of heritage and power. The Monarchy system the UK has today is much watered down because the public would not put up with things run as they were 500years ago when the Monarch could torture or behead oponents at will and start war on a whim . These Monarchs would always be rep shapeshifters because they love blood and carnage and to lead an army of stupid humans to be hacked apart in battle is a big joke to them when the soldiers have no idea that their leader is not human. It's unclear whether Charles has been killed and replaced by a rep .... the role of king is mostly ceremonial now , no (overt) torture or wars , so the atraction and reason for replacing him must mostly have gone ... But a rep will love the simpering fielty the king will recieve from adoring public , and there is always the posibility of unseem influence over political policy. The channeling also says there is mindcontrol of the public via the 5G network, to influence them to see the Monarchy as a worthy institution ,essentialy British , patriotic to support , good for tourism, and harmless ,
  13. Yes ally , Arcturus is in fact a Star (recognised by astronomers) and the Arcturians come from that star system .... Arcturians are one of the 3 malevolent ET species conspiring together to control the Earth .. They look human , are very atractive , hyper inteligent and psycic and pure evil in intent. My understanding is , these ET's , which have always secretly controlled humanity via the illuminati , are planning to present themselves to humanity , land in craft offering assistance and hightech solutions to all our problems fix 'global warming' cure disease , zero point energy ... But to end all wars , they will say , they need to assume governance of the planet ( a New world Order) .. we have already shown we can't live in peace , so they will help achieve this , if we willingly accept their help. This is the Grand Deception , if humanity willfully accepts this offer , then the Divine realm must stand back and honour our choice and see us destroyed!
  14. Thie above video covers plans in America to give the public mind altering drugs on prescription , like Ayahuasca ( they already have millions addicted to prescription opiods , more potent than junkie heroin ) Ayahuasca is very hard core .... I've never tried it , because it didn't sound very apealing , often the partaker vomits for extented periods , feels unwell for hours , then the trip starts involing hearing voices and having visions , usually guided by a "Shaman" ... (I don't like the idea of anyone "guiding me" ) ... So this trip is like giving the partaker instant access to the spirit realm , and this realm is mostly populated by malevolent , deceptive entities (deamons) who are in league with the physical ET controllers of the Earth. David Icke tried it and had a profound experience where it was explained to him this whole reality is an illusion , it's not real , it's only in our heads. And this took his message in that direction , that we live in a "Matrix" .. nothing is real , and so nothing matters .... Why take the effort to resist the Cabal? they're not real , nothing is real .... And so the truth movement and resistance to the Cabal is neutralized. David Ickes Ayahuasca trip , cued at correct time
  15. You bring up some interesting points in that post . LastOne... One thing .... I remember , long ago , a mate laughed at me because I thought tie sticks were called that cos they came from Thailand ... No he said it's because the buds are TIED with thread ! Searching it now I see the general opinion is that it is cos they come from Thailand ... I suspect the term could be of a mixed , The Thai people wouldn't have called them that and they became famous in the West ( and the term apeared) after American soldiers returned from the Vietnam war. Thai/Tie Sticks
  16. The video above from amevivant perports to show "holigram failure" of a woman . But the objects behind the woman also suffer "holigram failure" the lampstand distorts . Of course it's nothing but a glitch in video transmision which distorts the whole picture. As are all the videos I've seen presented as evidence of this These type of videos don't cause me to dispair too much , because it does bring the idea of rep shapeshifting replacement into popular culture . A reputable opinion poll idicates 12 million Americans (4%) believe politicians are shape shifting reps! (The same poll shows 37% think global warming is a hoax , very encouraging ) ... https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/04/12-million-americans-believe-lizard-people-run-our-country/316706/ Rep replacement IS real but you won't find video evidence of it , and it's not holographic ..... The reps are very advanced in everyway (except morally) they consider themselves very superior and would not manifest as a TV presenter ! They kill and replace those in power ... royals CIA , military , key people who can cause wars to happen. If you really want to understand this phenomena you need to investigate the work of karl mollison , He has channeled many famouse people who were killed and replaced by a rep shapeshifter .. They do this for tighter control of society , and for bloodthirsty tasks which humans would rebell at doing Pol pot ,Stalin , the SS leaders in Nazi Germany ... https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos Queen Victoria tells her story of being killed and replaced by a Rep
  17. "A new symbol has appeared in the kaleidoscopic jumble of neon signs that light up Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok's most international street. The sudden ubiquity of the five-pointed marijuana leaf, in lurid green, announces the spectacular boom there has been in weed-related businesses in Thailand since cannabis was decriminalised last June. Walk two kilometres east of the BBC office in Bangkok, and you pass more than 40 dispensaries, selling potent marijuana flower buds and all the paraphernalia needed to smoke them. And this is Thailand, where until last June you could be jailed for five years just for possessing marijuana, up to 15 years for producing it; where other drug offences get the death penalty. The pace of change has been breathtaking....." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-65345274 I should start by saying I've been involved in canabis growing , in the past , over a number of years , have been grabbed by the police for this in London and Amsterdam and I still use it today ... But I would not grow it today (despite living in Thailand) ... I believe the current world wide liberalisation is part of the Cabal's plan to put people to sleep as they close in for the final kill. All drugs , alcohol and canabis included , lower the bodies natural psycic defences and allow malevolent spirits to get a grip. Alcohol and canabis CAN be used in a ritulistic setting ,in a positive way and this is what I strive to do .. Injesting very small amounts in a controlled environment with a specified focused intent ... But 99% of useres don't do this , they massivly over consume , particularly alcohol, and just socialise as normal! The way most over use canabis leads to lethargy , and a disengagement from reality , just what the Cabal want . Those who produce and sell this will be aiding the darkside and will have a karmic burden (as I have for my past involvement with this drug) .
  18. 10 out of 10 Webtrekker ... But then you're on this forum , we should expect that those here are smarter than the adverage bear, have a habit of questioning things , in other words thinking.
  19. That's an excelent point.The author of this video obviously selected the worst 10% to make his point. But what about the other 90% . Do you think they could solve this simple algebraic equation Or calculate the rate of heat flow through a copper rod 20cm long ... 1 cm2 cross section Or give you an exaple of a past participal At one time they did know these things , They crammed for exams and could give the answers to this and much more .. within less than a year it was all forgotten because they had no interst in any of it ... so 12 years of their life was wasted ,in boredom and restriction , not only that it taught them to hate learning , hate thinking .. So now they won't listen to anyone questionin 9/11 or similar issues because it requires thinking.
  20. This is the greatest tradegy imaginable ... Not only is this policy of reducing carbon emmisions destroying the biosphere , it will reduce everyones standard of living dramatically!
  21. A cross section of the US public asked general knowledge questions ... I don't think they did to bad ...considering ... I sure we can wake then up to what's going on in the world
  22. Starship grounded indefinitetly Musk needs permision from the Federal Aviation Authority for every launch , The FAA have just anounced they are withholding this untill an extensive investigation is carried out on the impact of the concret debris and dust on the environment wildlife and residense of the area.
  23. I've watched that video , Dale .... In my humble opinion typical New Age glitzy time wasting half truth .. Annunaki psycics will be mind directing him and most of his followers to do silly irrelevant things that don't interfere with their ajends in anyway ... After 5 decades of intensivly reserching these subjects ( I'll be 70 this year) there's only once source I would recoment ... Karl Mollison https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos
  24. Important to realize these arcturians are as evil as you can imagine, they delight in torturing children , just as the reps and Annunaki do. These three physical alien groups are in a coalition to enslave and destroy humanity My understanding is these 3 races have been around a very long time, Billions of years in the case of the Annunaki, the most technologically advanced ... they have all been overshadowed (possessed) by the fallen angels ... Angels are non physical , originaly helpers of physical life forms , they would inspire and uplift by positive mental influence , but they made wrong choices and went spirally down into depravity and this led to the downfall of this Galaxy ... All life in this Galaxy is either totally evil , or under the control of these advanced evil physical races (as we are). The fallen angels work on us too ... sabotaging our lives by mentally influencing us to be negative so they have dispair energy to feed off .... If they get a firm control over a human they become a serial rapeist and killer. The only way to prevent our downfall and destruction is to refind our belief in God and allign with his love ... Call on Him to heal these perpetrators so they change their ways.
  25. Your original link tells me " blocked in your country (Thailand) due to copyrighted content " Other links give me lots of videoes but not the one wanted , it's just not listed ... It must be due to me being in Thailand .. the channel does seems intersting on a quick look. That certainly agrees with what I think might be the case ... That he's an Arcturian .. an ET. These are in a different class from the illuminati , they give orders to the rothschilds and royals .. they age very slowly, which ties in with DI saying Pindar has been around for hundreds of years and doesn't grow old... The evil ET alliance are made up of the Annunaki (humanoid twice our size) Reptilians ( reptile 8 ft tall) and Arcturians (can pass for human, very atractive) .... There are two other Arcturians who we know of , that have interacted with humans ... Maria Orsic worked with the Nazis helping develop advanced weapons and craft for them Valiant Thor " In 1957, an extraterrestrial named Valiant Thor allegedly landed outside of Washington D.C. demanding to speak with President Eisenhower. For the next three years he lived inside the Pentagon working with top scientists and government officials." .. (helping with weapons developement)
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