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  1. You've forgotten about their immigration policy and the Swedish Feminist Movement ...remember them protesting statues of military men on horses ... they want them pulled down , (to send a message to the immigrants ) The feminists are DEMANDING more immigration and say women shouldn't resist being raped .... So different countries are tortured in different ways .
  2. Rose 's net worth is $70 Million .... It just doesn't make sense that someone like him would be running around doing the interviews himself , or care about these small amounts of money ... Something fishy ... Rose want's to manage the interviews himself , steer things in a way the information serves the cabal .Most of all it seems he wants to give David a large platform even though Rose , himself, doesn't believe in Davids ideas ... it's illogical!
  3. Any beneficial tech is being suppressed by the dark ones who run society ... They don't want humanity or the planet having an easy time .... We could all have personal androids (robots) to do the washing up and make our beds , do the chores , that would really liberate humanity .. it's very basic tech. As for airplanes it's good to put the carbon tied up in fossil fuels back into the atmosphere ...The Planet is desperately low on carbon dioxide .... High CO2 level makes a flourishing biosphere , more life , that's why the cabal want to reduce it ... they hate life ...they hate carbon which is the essence of life ....666 ....
  4. Hallo Barry ...The term 1% (aka as the cabal , illuminati , NWO) ... is an over exaggeration 1% is 70 Million people !! ( from a world population of 7 Billion ) In reality the number of people we are referring to is probably close to 7,000 that's only 1 in a million ... And there is really no sharp dividing line between the so called 1% and the rest The royalty and rothschilds will be at the top of the pile and know more than any about the plan ... but others will be told what they need to know ... So included in the 7,000 will be the 13 Illuminati families .... top bankers , media moguls ... some pop stars ... Putin ,clintons , branson musk , gates these type of people ... Jefrey Epstien ...??? Not really he was just a gofer for the cabal
  5. This is all a big unknown ... David often says masks are useless because the pores in the fabric are large enough to let a virus through ... but that misses the point , they always travel on water droplets which are large and these get caught by the mask .... I agree the best strategy is to behave as if there is no virus ... society should just carry on as normal ... the current strain appears to be no real danger .... If I had to bet on it the virus will magically "mutate" into something more deadly ... people will be dropping like flies ... and David is on record as saying it's all fake .... The ET's behind it all are playing with us ... ramping up the terror slowly.
  6. After watching the above video from GR I ask myself what is motivating this guy to travel to the Isle of White to get an interview with David , when he clearly disagrees with him on most things .... His current net worth is $70Million ... I'm sure he is hungry for more money , but chasing David will not earn him much for his company ... This looks more and more like a set up ... Rose is being directed to do this by the cabal because it suits their plan to have David pushing "no virus"
  7. You're first post is very good John ...IMHO These are just a handful of people ... nothing to get excited about But funding both sides ??? who are the two sides ??? ... BLM vs Who ? The police???
  8. Yes ... the picture above is a street in London , not the US ... Big money is going into BLM $100 million from the ford foundation alone ... They look well turned out in their military uniforms ... many of these people will be paid to march .. What's that on their stab vests F F Force .... Fucked up Fools Force
  9. I have not come across this guy before ... I'm investigating him now https://donaldmarshallrevolution.com/ seems a good site .... First impressions are he's very credible and most of his information ties in with what many others have reported .... He brings in a new twist ...reports that members of the Illuminati leave their bodies at night , with help from tech and are put into clones of themselves in underground bases where they plot and plan and in their time off watch gladiatorial contests with victims who were unwillingly also taken from their bodies at night and put into clones of themselves .... Donald Marshall was one of these victims .... The cabal/ET's do have this type of tech I'm still working my way through his information .... Good find G to Fly!!
  10. Phil would have no idea where they originate ... Certainly there are many in underground bases , and Phil came into contact with some of these ... but the reptilians are very high tech , most are off world , they have a home planet , and subjugate many other worlds according to information from many diverse sources , particularly those in the SSP
  11. I've just put "Archons" in search and this is what comes up .... In Gnosticism, the archons (from Greek arkhon, “ruler”) were malevolent, sadistic beings who controlled the earth, as well as many of the thoughts, feelings, and actions of humans. They assisted their master, the demiurge, with the creation of the world, and continued to help him administer his oppressive rule. I would say that's pretty good ....The main thing to realize is that the archons are absolutely non physical ..... aka daemons , evil spirits , fallen angels ..... Fallen angels were high spirits who took a wrong turn in this fee will universe ... went spiraling down into depravity and cut themselves off from Creator ... These non physical spirits mentally/spiritually influenced and corrupted Physical ET races over millions of years ... and now these physical ET's the reptilians , annunaki , arcturians have got their grip on our civilization .... These physical ET's are now consciously working with the evil spirits (archons) .... it is the archons who feed directly on "loosh" ... and NOT the reptilians Reptilians eat MEAT ...So in my understanding the quote above from Goode is in error .... The reptilians are physical , they may get some vicariouse pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering on others , but do not feed on the energy directly ... the archons do ... the archons will psychically infest the reps .... and to a lesser extent humans ...it's said 60% of humans have dark spirit attachments ... these will try to influence thoughts , make the host short tempered and generally try to sabotage your life . .. Humans who torture and rape children will be heavily infested ...possessed ... by these evil spirits , but the human does not feed on the 'loosh' directly , the spirits do , the spirits may induce a feeling of pleasure in the human to encourage this activity which feeds them . This is what they would look like if you could see them .... The torment of St Anthony (by archons / evil spirits )
  12. I guess so , although Karl would only know if he had chanelled a description from someone "in the light" .... This seems to be what DI thinks they look like from the many stories he's been told .... The type interacting with humanity are around 7 or 8 ft tall but there are about a dozen different distinct groups classified as reps they often war with one another .... Corey Goode tells a story of his SSP encounter with another , larger type ... He says it was terrifying just to be in it's presence they are very telepathic and get inside your mind and mentally rape you ... He said after the encounter the two military personnel who were his security detail were shaking uncontrollably ... Goode's encounter with a "Royal White" ...this type is taller and has stubby wings Arizona Wilder in her interview with Icke describes that in rituals the royals would shift into their true form 7ft standard rept. and that the aim of some of these rituals , was to contact "the old ones" .. another type of rep , perhaps the type Goode met This interview is a classic , and still available on Youtube ...
  13. Yes ..pure genius , it's the only way they could have done it .... Imagine if in normal times they had tried to massively tax air flight , people would have rebelled ... So first shut down all flights for 6 months , and when they re-open people will be so pleased they won't quibble about the price , or having to have a blood test! Just looked at the Youtube comments (and left one myself) ... most of them look like they were made by members of this forum!
  14. Did you notice @ 1:04 ... the new permission to travel system will include "Mandatory carbon offsetting for all passengers " .... this is how they implement their carbon tax on air fairs , probably doubling the price of air tickets!! But of course all these movement restrictions are on the face of it BS .... Why should people returning to UK from Spain have to quarantine??? Both countries have about the same infection rate ... It would be different if the UK was clear of infection , but it has the highest number of cases of any country in the world(per million people) ...so we are told !
  15. You would expect with the pubs being closed alcohol consumption ( and hence demonic infestation) would be down ... But a UK survey show consumption is up .... 55.7% of respondents said they had increased the number of days they drink alcohol during the crisis and of that, 35.1% said they had increased the amount a little, and 20.6% said they had increased it a lot. Drug and alcohol use is the best way to get demonic psychic attachments , only head banging is more effective. A temporary or partial loss of consciousness is required , then the spirits jump in ... head banging (to heavy metal rock) impacts the brain on the inside of the skull and achieves this , so does excessive drinking.
  16. oz93666

    grey aliens

    Aliens are not Davids strong suit ... The closest he ever gets to them is the Reptilians , but he seems of the opinion these are other dimensional evil spirits . They are in fact physical ET's , travel is ships , can shape shift and teleport about (as in star trek 'beam me up') ...this understandably led to the error they are inter-dimensional. To be fair David does cover the Annunaki in 'The Biggest Secret 'agreeing with Zachariah Sitchen that they bred with us thousands of years ago ... going further he says they left an elite bloodline here to rule over the masses when the Annunaki stopped ruling us openly .... But then David mixes up the reps and Annunaki , at times suggesting they are the same .... also that the reps have underground caverns where they hatch eggs of their young ...all very confusing .... When asked in interviews about aliens , David gives the bland answer " look at all the billions of stars , of course we are not alone" ... but never goes further. Luckily others researchers have made things clear .... There are three main ET races that need to concern us ... Annunaki (13 foot humanoid giants) .... Reptilians (7 ft reptoids) and Arcturians (beautiful human looking , could pass among us as human) ....all three are evil beyond redemption , very high tech and work together to enslave humanity , using their elite lackey human cabal as a front .... Now to the Greys ...These are a synthetic biological race , created by the Arcturians and under their direction ....They have no Soul ... the others groups , despite being wicked do have a souls , Annunaki often living a million years ... so the Greys are used for much mundane work , mostly in abductions and breeding work with humans , a LOT of this going on ... There are of course many many other ET groups , both good and bad , these are very seldom seen because the Evil coalition of 3 hold power here and will not tolerate interference ... As David understood reptilian(ET) interference with us is THE Biggest Secret , something the ET's are very keen to keep from us , as a result there is a mountain of conflicting miss-information out there to keep people in the dark . The best place for truth on this subject is getwisdom.com
  17. Bill Gates forced to address conspiracy theories over Corona World Shocked By Bill Gates Statements On COVID-19 Vaccine 159,069 views · Jul 31, 2020 · Very strange to see CNN spending a lot of time addressing this issue . The video is 40 mins long is really quiet fair and balanced .... https://banned.video/watch?id=5f234e5f68370e02f2a61cec
  18. I'm afraid that is all disinformation originating from the malevolent ET's who control things here . Quote from your link ..." All heads of countries are either arrested or working with the light " and "With all this in place success is ours , there is no dark threat anymore ...." Very "feel good" ...everything is fine , it's all being taken care of ... people want to believe this ... It's designed to make people stand down and relax ...Truth is the worst is still to come . And after the worst the ET's will arrive openly , appearing very friendly and helpful , bringing high tech for us ....beneath their outward beauty is a reptilian... Think "V" movie (original) Only by humans praying for Divine intervention will things be fixed .......... getwisdom.com
  19. Quiet amazing how johndavid can be wrong on Everything ( most people get something right) .... I've just come from a thread where he says Nigel Farrage is one of the elite .... so funny .... He is new to the forum ... another few years and he might wise up , assuming he's not a troll....
  20. Hmmm... Just looked at that again .... The dancers have already died earlier in the performance (see still in video below) . Near the end they take their masks off and ascend the stairway ( to heaven) in pairs ... I interpret this as on removing their masks we see their souls , which are helped to ascend ... Notice as the pairs ascend their arms are crossed behind them in the 'X' of death. Here's the video cued at that part . https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/madonna-s-euro-vision-corona-ritual-may-2019-t7016.html
  21. The one thing we do know for sure is that corona was intentionally released ... We have Madonna telling us it was coming ..... https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/madonna-s-euro-vision-corona-ritual-may-2019-t7016.html We have Bill Gates holding conferences telling representatives from many countries how to react when it does come ... This is all carefully planned
  22. Her's a video from Nigel Farage released yesterday ..... boat loads of immigrants being escorted by French Navy to the shores of England , then put in a 4 star hotel ... I left this comment on Youtube .... You don't believe in conspiracy??? .... This is being done intentionally all over Europe to destabilize countries ... The illegals know how to riot , loot and stab ... and when the economy crashes from the fake covid fiasco , and there's not enough food , supermarkets will be looted and civilization will collapse ...all by design of George Sorros , Bill Gates and other Illuminati scum ...See Alex Jones and David Icke
  23. Very funny labrat ...no need to take the piss ... the army of web masters are doing what they can to find the all the missing posts ... As for your letter ....It's too long .... no one is going to read that least of all an MP ... if they do they will just think you're nuts .... Wear a camera , document what you say is harassment ... Have you considered the idea that you're imagining it all ? All this corona and the masks is driving many of us mad ... Why would they target you??
  24. This is a new one on me .... It came up in a Karl Mollison video .... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=BMYN72O1D6BY 2:09:05 Karl .... " someone sent me a link to sky worms. At first I thought this has got to be some weird hoax .. they're happening in many areas of the world ...So I asked Creator ..."What is this ?' Creator ..."This is an extraterrestrial technological manifestation that the Arcturians are doing , and it involves a certain kind of probe ...normally it's cloaked and invisible , but they are allowing it to be seen as part of the disclosure ( as a prelude to set humanity up for the great deception ) " ....Much more on this in the video Also covered in above Karl Mollison video is Crow777 and the wobbly moon , this too is genuine and ET created with the same motive. Here's one of the Sky Worms ...
  25. 01:05 .... "The virus can be treated ... Many thousands of physicians have been silenced for telling the truth that we can manage the virus " ... A dozen high ranking doctors on this video ... Bottom line , they say the virus is real but can be treated with chlor.... .... media spreading fear ..virus can be easily managed .
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