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  1. It could well be a Zombie Apocalypse becomes reality ... It's all about mind control . We are subject to this at the moment , nano chips are put in food , signals in 3 and 4 G are decoded and send messages into our unconscious mind ... These will be general , like trust the government , believe the official corona story ... nothing to radical , like "eat people" ! But with the coming upgrade Mr Gates plans to inject new improved chips , in greater numbers into your blood stream , so they do not pass out of your body as eaten ones can do ... And 5G will send more powerful signals .... The weakest minded in the population could accept "eat people" suggestions , and start stumbling around trying to grab and chew on the rest.
  2. Another brilliant post Kitty ... the way you've dealt with the points I've raised , and countered them with a dazzling display of intellect is truly wondrous... I'm sure you've convinced many .
  3. Well that's slightly different , and not really paid actors , more soros financed chaos agents , as well as black-ops US Army groups ... they will be there trying to push things along , starting the fires .... This has been going on ... sporadically , for decades , but riots never really took off ... I'm saying lock-down restrictions have created a will in the people in general , to want to get some exercise ..get out on the streets in large numbers so social distancing and lock-down laws cannot be enforced , direct anger at the supermarkets that made them que for hours.... all unconscious motivation This added factor may just be enough to make the riots take off , and happen in other countries .
  4. I'm not suggesting rioting is a good idea , or that the rioters see any link to lock-down ... it's purely instinctive and unconscious .. It's just like kids at school ...After hours of sitting at desks listening to teacher , having their movements restricted ... when the break comes , they want to run around and around in circles in the play ground , letting off steam. Exercise after inactivity
  5. If governments keep people in their homes , restrict access to shops , then these freedoms of movement of the people are thwarted .... Pressure builds up and it's only natural at some point the dam will break ... people will run wild on the streets , manifest the exact opposite of orderly monitored ques at supermarket , break through all the restrictions and loot and riot So I'm suggesting the riots in America would not have happened , but for lock-down ... Could similar riots be coming to Europe ? Europeans are more subdued than Americans , but it could happen , an excuse will be found.
  6. That does sound the ideal solution , I hope it works out .... I've always been a loner , antisocial ,but that's my problem ... And so I find myself here with GF and one dog , nearest neighbor 300 meters away ...very comfortable and secure , watching the drama unfold from a distance ... I suspect I would have retired here anyway even if the cabal weren't moving on humanity ... UK is not a place to grow old in .
  7. Fear is not in my reality ... Fear is removed when your situation is secure ...Your life is not in danger ... Everyone has to move forward from where they are at the present , do what they can to preserve and protect the life of themselves and any who depend on them , If you have an alternative plan , lets here it .
  8. No sweat ... Stay put Brad ... resourceful people can survive anywhere ... Build a couple of taser light sabers ... train the kids how to use them , and they can protect your food stockpile from the Marauding Mutant Zombies ...It'll be like a game to them , they've played it all before a dozen times on their X-Box ... I almost sorry I won't be there ...I'll miss the adventure .
  9. Sure ... the more remote you are the better .... I would imagine the vast number of forum members live in typical streets , towns and villages (UK) ... all the flats and houses close together . It's hard to imagine teenagers would sit quietly and go hungry ... they will be calling on their neighbors
  10. It's very dry here ... I moved to this land 8 years ago , been keeping rainfall records 6 years ( I collect and measure ) ... This year has been very dry ... Karl Mollison says it's the ET's manipulating weather to impact food ..... I have a lot of durian trees which need plenty of water , I have a river I pump water from , without that they would all be dead ... the river ran dry 3 weeks ago , luckily the rain came just in time .... coconuts and mango-teen (have a lot of these ) can usually survive dry periods ....I must be better prepared for next year , the trick is to irrigate excessively while the river still runs .
  11. This is a waste of time KJ .... It's designed for people who grow and want to preserve food for the winter .... You will end up spending a fortune on jars ... then you have to buy the food and process it ... Just buy dried figs dates currents prunes dried apples , pears ,dried strawberries . Soak in water overnight before eating .... sprouting seeds (dried peas , sunflower , mung , alfalfa )
  12. If you've left it too late to construct a comfortable underground shelter then you still need a way of protecting what you have .... taser circuit modules can be bought on eBay for $4 ... Lets take a step back and look at why this thread was started ... Storm ..." Given the fact that most peoples world has been turned upside down in a matter of months and we don't know what's coming down the pipeline (we might think we do but we might also be wrong!), I thought it might be beneficial to start a thread with practical hints, tips or suggestions to be at least a little bit prepared...." So it's for a time when food supplies might be restricted , things might break down ... A fair % of the population will not sit in their flats and go hungry ! They will go out with mates looking for food ... So you can pickle and grow and store all you like , the marauding mutants will come and take it all ! ...Unless you can protect it .... Realistically what can you do , in a flat , in the UK ??? If I were in that position I'd buy a few of these .... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1000kv-Step-up-high-Voltage-Pulse-Inverter-Arc-Generator-Ignition-Coil-Module/192862721823?hash=item2ce783971f:g:~QAAAOSwupBckFyX Two wires go to a small battery ... two wires deliver the shock ... incorporate the whole thing in a meter long stick and you can hold them all off , only someone with a gun will get you .
  13. Realism can be a pain in the arse ... it's still reality and you need to face it if you seriously want to survive .... Aqua-phonics is very nice , but again looters will take it all while you sleep. This thread is about Surviving ( presumably if civilization breaks down) .... Number one priority is protecting what you have from those who will take it . Going underground is the logical solution .
  14. Brilliant ! (sarcasm) ...this straw enables you to drink pond water without getting sic ... So you're on the run , out in the wilds , drinking pond water ...and what will you be eating ??? Get it together people , you cannot survive on the run ! Only hope is get somewhere remote , get dug in with plenty of supplies
  15. Your original instinct to get out was correct Stress ??? You ain't seen nothing yet ... these are the quiet times .... How the hell do you think you're going to stop people stealing your veg in the night ??? Presumably you are growing this to avoid food shortage , You will be surrounded by hungry people ...People even steel from allotments in normal times , what do you think it will be like when there are food shortages ....good luck .
  16. ^^^ That's an interesting 1 minute video , published on youtube just 2 days ago ... Points out the windows are all boarded up , only one guard , not the usual type but a Gurkha and a crest is missing from the gates ... This must surely indicate no ones home ... they've gone ... This is just a neutral video about buck palace , but the comments are very radical , about the royals being pedoes ...NWO etc
  17. I think there 's something in that .... The impression I think most people got from Close Encounters was that this was a magical , almost religious event , these were friendly advanced ET's ... Same with ET phone home movie , ET's were nice and cuddly There are strong indications that the ET's do plan to make an appearance... One possibility is returning messiah ,fulfilling religious "prophesies" , they come to save us all because we cant manage our affairs , indications from the Vatican about this ... Another possibility is apparently friendly ET's arrive , warning of an attack from malevolent reps .... Before all this they will hit us with plagues , economic collapse , other calamities , to soften us up .... One thing is certain , no ET's appearing at this time have good intent , they are the same coalition of 4 groups that have secretly controlled us throughout history using the illuminati as front men.
  18. Laura also tells the very interesting story of how an attempt was made to recruit her into the SSP and relocate her to a colony on Mars ... It was a honey trap .... They targeted her with with someone who she fell in love with . He was going to mars and the controllers figured if she fell in love with him she would go too . ... She realized it was a trap and pulled out . She now understands the story she was told about this 'pioneering ' Mars colony was a cover ...humans have been on Mars many decades mostly as slaves . She believes if she had gone , she would have been unable to return. Video cued at correct time
  19. The understandings of Cyrus Parsa are very close to those arising from the work of Karl Mollison ... Here's Karl channeling Eisenhower . .... https://www.getwisdom.com/dwight-eisenhower-karl-mollison-15feb2017/ Laura has listened to this channeling and believes it to be genuine.
  20. That video is a 35 min chat between Goode and Wilcock about the "Global Galactic League of Nations" . I've watched half of it , and am more convinced than ever this is a false memory .. Goode talks about seeing representatives from " Estonia , Ukrainian , Latvia " ... African countries .. pretty much all the countries of Earth ... and these off world meetings have been going on for decades !! Many of these countries are still in the stone age ... one dictator will be replaced by the next , so a great many people in each country would have to know ... impossible to maintain secrecy , and yet no stories have leaked out ... only from Goode .... There is a reason Goode is the most publicized of all the SSP whistle-blowers , because he is carrying a tainted message ...... there are many more credible sources , but very few know about them ... 90% of Goode's information will be true , but flawed in such a way as to help the controllers plan.
  21. Wow ... Well done for preserving that thread Metak ... I'd forgotten all about it .... Perhaps another reason DI is not up to speed on this is I doubt he will have any people approaching him with their information on this ... He became convinced about the royals being reps because he had a whole string of unrelated people contacting him telling their stories ...he could look in their eyes , and became convinced .... Alex Jones is in a similar situation regarding the SSP , he says he has spoken off record with half a dozen highly placed individuals about it , and that's why he believes it .... The SSP is mostly an American thing ...DI would not be approached by would be whistle-blowers
  22. I think Corey Goode is the only one who talks about that , it's not really a space force , more a talking shop (a once a year? meeting) .... I'm not convinced it is real ... Goode talks about off world meetings with dozens of different ET groups present , with diplomats from dozens of Earth countries ... all European countries , Brazil , India etc have representatives there ... I find it hard to believe that diplomats from all those Earth countries could be whisked away off world for a meeting with aliens , and then return to their families and keep quiet about it all , and aren't in a state of shock ...These diplomats would presumably report back to the leaders of their respective countries , many people in many countries would have to know ...I don't believe it works like that ... particularly since Trump does not have high enough security clearance to know about the SSP. The SSP has maintained it's secrecy by rigorous separation from Earth ... those taken are kept off world for 20 years , if they are released they get a mind wipe The malevolent ET's could plant these false memories into Goode , again with the aim of convincing people there are nice ET's trying to help .
  23. Even Rich is in on the SSP info When it comes to humans in Space there is not just one group ... around 4 we know of , each apparently under different management but in reality secretly controlled by the same ET's who control things on Earth .... Dark Fleet .... this was started by the NAZI's who escaped Germany and went to Antarctica ...they were the first into space , on the moon by late 1940's and their empire is the most technologically advanced , speaks German , has a "fuhrer" is totally separate from the American groups which followed , but does trade with them , slaves and merchandise. Then we have 3 independent American organisations , highly compartmentalized , mostly the personnel do know of the existence of the others .... Solar Warden .... the personnel in this program believe they are protecting Earth ... they only operate within the solar system. Founded by the US Navy ICC .... Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate ... these are organisations like Boeing , Lockheed Martin , they create the tech , in facilities mostly on Mars There's one other , name escapes me , controlled by the US army I think
  24. Wow ....This guy is good ...He gets it all .... He get's the importance of our Divine connection . He get's that the ET's are behind it all ( second video 21:50 )
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