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  1. Yes... it's particularly when drunks black out , this allows more entities to jump on board ... The only people I know removing these spirit attachments are http://www.teamarchangel.com/ there is a fee ... I tried them out , they do it all remotely , you just send the money and a few details about yourself .... I felt an immediate increase in energy level ... I would recommend them .... they are Karl Mollison's team , also at getwisdom.com
  2. Hmmm... Absolutely nothing backing these digital currencies .. when the internet crashes it's all gone ... It's like a pyramid scheme if you got in on the start you're laughing now ... but no way of knowing how it will move in the future , it's a total gamble .
  3. Give me a break !!! Perhaps you can give me the exact time in the video where you see a missile ... Is that it in the still shot , circled in blue ?? looks like a roof top with satellite dishes
  4. According to many psychics , mystics and astral travelers Most people carry around "spirit attachments" ... according to Karl Mollison 60% of the population have them ... these are malevolent spirits (archons) who feed off low level energy , their goal is to sabotage your life , cause misery and despair , so they get sustenance .... they try to influence you to make wrong decisions , try to make you short tempered and insensitive with others, become obsessed with kill kill computer games and drugs. Most of us will not notice their presence .... If they get a grip on the victim , by acquiescence , a downward spiral ensues and in extreme circumstances the victim becomes a child rapist and torturer and the host of spirit attachments will get their most favorite psychic food , and reward the rapist with pleasure ... Such extreme cases could be clasified as being "possessed" ... An exorcist with a firm connection to Creator /Divine realm can call on this Divine power to remove the attached entities /entity and send them to the light .... Astral traveler Paine Andov , he reports seeing spirits entering babies (who are particularly defenseless) and drunks ... Mollison confirms this
  5. Gold and silver are really starting to take off now ...But why did it take so long ??? As soon as the global lock-down started it was inevitable this would have a dramatic effect on the economy and share prices ... and that the only place to be was gold and silver , but we see prices dipped even when it was clear the effect of the pandemic was massive... Can people be so clueless? ... The truth is probably big money is in pension funds controlled by the cabal who want cash kept in shares and fiat currency .... and a big factor is the above charts are for "paper" gold and silver ... investors rarely take possession of the real stuff , they trust the the paper they hold has real metal backing it , so these prices can be fixed , but only within limits .... The cabal even tell you the price is fixed !! lol You couldn't make this up .... From Search "London gold price fix"... The London Gold Fixing is the setting of the price of gold that takes place via a dedicated conference line. It was formerly held on the London premises of Nathan Mayer Rothschild & Sons by the members of The London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. The search even shows you the cabal fixing the price ...lol ... I think those are pictures of the rothschilds on the wall Is that jacob rothschild sitting in the corner? These are times like no others silver, particularly has the potential to go stratospheric since it is in relatively short supply . The price of silver has doubled in the last 4 months , while gold increased 25% We have not started to see economic effects from covid , so this is almost certainly just the beginning of the rise !
  6. The evil ones who control this place are very clever ... they high-jack good ideas , and use them to enslave us more deeply .... All clear thinking people want a united world with people free to travel where they like , with no passports and borders . So many get drawn into supporting the EU ...UN and mass immigration .. These two institutions are corrupt and the way mass immigration is being done is destructive and designed to bring Europe to ruin .... So stay fast to the original dream , but until the dark ones are off our backs , it can't be implemented.
  7. Yes .... Corey Goode is definitely being used to spread a propaganda message IMO ...He functioned as an empath in the SSP , his role was to interact with ET's , sense if they were being deceptive in trading and other negotiations with the SSP ..... So it's an evil coalition of reps (standard model) ...Annunaki and archturians who decide everything to do with Earth and who rule the SSP .... They are quiet happy for humanity to know there are evil reps out there in space ... and the lie that there are good ET's about to help ....Truth is were on our own except for Divine assistance ... So , reading between the lines , it seems some apparently benign ET's are soon going to arrive openly on Earth ( after things fall apart more , economic collapse plague etc) ... they will offer help , high tech , but warn of an impending invasion from the evil reps ...then perhaps a space attack will take place , but it will be the SSP ... the evil ET alliance will use humans piloting SSP craft to mop up the remaining humans .... all this happening very soon now , according to Karl's sources within perhaps 4 years ... We can stop all these plans if enough people Pray to Creator to heal the evil ones that are on our backs , and take them elsewhere .... It's all very like the original "V" series ...Apparently Benign ET's arrive giving us anti gravity craft to fly around in ...half the population works with them , many are suspicious and oppose them ... The 'Visitors' turn out to be shape shifting reps in the movie ....In our case the ET's wont be reps but Arcturians these are beautiful human looking , but just as evil as the reps , and working with them ...So it will be a good myth to promote , that these (expected)'Visitors' are reps ... to all intents and purposes they are ... Same with Ickes idea about the virus ... He may be wrong that there's literally no virus , but at the moment effectively he's right , and we should behave as if there is none.
  8. Yes this has been going on for many decades . Alex Jones has been foremost in exposing this .... It seems the inclusion of dead infant humans in the witches brew they inject into to people is to destroy human moral , poison us on a higher psychic level ... There will be other components in there to poison the physical body ... and nano chips to assist in mind control ...and god knows what else.
  9. Hi DG .... Let me clarify Karl Mollisons position on all this .... He says humanity is in a struggle for our very existence .... The coalition of 3 ET races (Reps , Arcturians , Annunaki ) working with evil spirits (Archons) who have been pestering us for thousands of years , are now ready to annihilate us over the next few years ... The only solution is for us to turn to Creator/Divine realm and ask for healing and forgiveness for the dark ones ... this allows them to take action and deal with the oppressors. If we are successful in this we move into a paradise like civilization , still physical and living on Earth , and still with a lot of personal healing needed from the damage done to us by the dark ones . If we fail humanity ceases to exist , we "die" and go to the light and after a rest reincarnate in other , non human body types , available on planets elsewhere .... The evil ET's do have souls and when they die they go to the light and have a divine outlook on things... The problem is they have used tech to extend their lives greatly so they spend most of their time physical being corrupted by their culture and the dark spirits and quickly loose the Divine perspective .... Humans have remained relatively uncorrupted because we only live 70 years , return to the light each time we die , and are able to bring over and retain the Divine perspective when physical.
  10. I rest my case ... You are just being ridiculous now .... and you are unable to address my objections
  11. You haven't explained anything ..... He had two friends in the car ...Are they actors too ??? and the onlookers shouting at the police ?? all actors? The three officers in jail awaiting trail , they didn't seem to get a very good deal... They were presumably directed by the CIA black ops to do what they did ?? It's no good to just think someone'a an actor , and that's the end of the matter .... If you try to explain the details you find your idea falls apart
  12. Mr Ingram is an idiot ...use a search and you'll get dozens of links like this ..... Sep 25, 2018 - Nortech Labs says ammonium nitrate is not flammable, but if put under extreme heat and pressure, can explode. Note Ingram is an "intelligence officer " ...BBC and MI5 trying to stir things up again The Lebanese leader will also not say this is an accident .... if it was an accident then he's to blame for lax regulations
  13. Ammo dump ?? ridiculous look at the picture above , that's water in the shock wave .... As for Ammonium Nitrate not being dangerous ...It's well known that a powerful shock can trigger it .... and fireworks are clearly seen in some footage ... For some reason many (mind controlled) politicians are saying this was an attack.
  14. Yes ..I think that's the answer alexa ... more fear mongering ... This law was passed in 1984 when politicians were apparently even more stupid than they are now , and thought bulldozers could fix a plague ... How long can a virus survive outside the body ? ... From New Scientist ... May 13, 2020 - One study suggested a virus can survive for up to 72 hours on plastic and stainless steel, less than 24 hours on cardboard and less than 4 hours on ... another source ..... It is not certain how long the virus that causes COVID-19 survives on surfaces, but it seems likely to behave like other coronaviruses. A recent review of the survival of human coronaviruses on surfaces found large variability, ranging from 2 hours to 9 days (11). So closing the building for a week should kill all viruses ... if you believe any of this BS!
  15. No knowing what else would have burned , this would account for the dark smoke ... looking at other clips the gasses and water/steam from the main blast seem to rise upward very rapidly , just as well , this clear gas cloud , high in oxygen would have turned any fires on the ground into infernos. Plenty of these ammonium nitrate explosions on Youtube ...here's one in Texas ...
  16. Not at all , it explodes very clean , no residue , and leaves behind an atmosphere with much higher oxygen content (33%) than air (20%) ... very invigorating to breath
  17. This looks like a genuine accident , some fireworks initially went off in a wearhouse fire , then .... 2,700 tonnes of confiscated ammonium nitrate that were being stored in a warehouse at the port for six years Absolute insanity , ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) will explode by itself under extreme conditions .. to keep it there for 6 years was an accident waiting to happen ...Incompetent administrators ! Notice the explosion wave front looks like steam ( water vapor) it is mostly water that is released when it explodes .... not only can it be used as a component in explosives , but will explode with nothing added .... 2NH4NO3 → 2N2 + O2 + 4H2O.
  18. That doesn't make sense ...Hoax ..... Pretending ! .... Floyd was acting ??? So run us through how you think this "hoax" was arranged ...The CIA approached Floyd and said ... "hey man , we got a nice little earner for you " And they told the officer to kill him ..... If you say it was a "Hoax" you have to give details ... that make sense
  19. Of course .... they will roast the gringos and eat them during the first food shortage wave ..... Many people are innocents , don't realize how dangerous the world is ...It's probably too late to relocate now , should have done so years ago and had time to build an underground shelter ... without one of these I wouldn't fancy your chances anywhere ! Better off stay put , but get digging !
  20. ^^^ OK ...let's break this down .... Police walk over to the car , open the door , there's Floyd .... "put your hands on the wheel where I can see them ... Put you're hands on your head ... step out of the car" .... "Oh no man ... please don't shoot me " sobbing "Please don't shoot me , I just lost my mum yesterday" ...... "Were not going to shoot you , step out of the car " .... "Please don't shoot me Mr Officer ... Please don't shoot me " crying ..... So before anythings happened Floyd is scared to death , as if he knows these police have come to kill him . Officer goes over to talk to woman passenger .... 3:30 .."Why's he (Floyd) getting all squirrelly ? getting all scared like that ? " .... " I don't know " ..... "He on something ?" .... "No he got a thing going on" Back to Floyd "You on something ? " ..... " "No , No " ... ."cos your acting so erratic " Officers try to get him in the police car , Floyd desperately resists ..." No man I'm claustrophobic ...I'm not that kinda guy" .... 6:25 "I'm gonna die in here , I'm gonna die " Finally cuffed and lying inside the car .."I can't (joke?) .... I can't breath officer " His feet sticking out of the car the officers can't close the door , so take him out ... the rest you know ..... Very strange .... it's as if Floyd had a premonition of what was coming ..... Lying in the police car , why would he say " I can't breath officer" ...??? The top Youtube comment also noticed this .....Fady Narouz 14hrs ago " Why’s he screaming I can’t breath while being cuffed? Here's what I think happened ... This event would be well planned (not by humans , the officer's were puppets) ... All done with the expectation that BLM would run with it ... ET psychics and dark spirits working together , mind influencing those involved .... Probably Floyd was on something , so it would be an easy matter for these malevolent psychic forces to get in his head , convince him he was going to die .... This expectation is given to the officers , they follow along , also being mind influenced ...mind influenced to kill him ...According to Karl's sources this sort of thing happens a lot . Archons( evil spirits) mind influencing people to dastardly acts ...
  21. Very tricky to put a time on this .... There have been a number of threads showing the cabal seem to be intentionally sabotaging food production ... But logic dictates the economy will crash , if people are unemployed in large numbers .... inflation kicks in , dole money doesn't buy enough to fill stomachs ... this tied in with 'Defunding police" .. it's a perfect storm gathering , many people are ready to riot and loot already ... You need to secure the basics you need to survive .... food , water in a space that the looters won't find , or be able to get into.
  22. That video is quiet useless .... This guy travels all the way from the US to the Isle of White to interview David and wastes the opportunity.. Doesn't know the right questions to ask to draw out the information ..... David is not the best source to go to for an understanding on the reps .... he has the broad outline and he spells that out in 18 seconds from 7:07 onward... In that 18 secs David says the "...reps feed on our energy ... particularly the energy of children .." he really meant they feed of the energy of tortured children .... I have to disagree ... they feed on MEAT ..often human meat, particularly children . ....... The reps are physical ET's .... It is the dark spirits (archons) which possess the reps that feed on torment energy. It's just the same as humans who rape and torture children , they do not feed on the energy released . The evil spirits that possess the rapist feeds directly on the psychic energy released , and they tickle the rapist's pleasure sensors to encourage him in this activity ... For a much more detailed and reliable picture about the reps Karl Mollison is the best we have https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3/
  23. Everybody knows what you need to do to survive , and going back to live with parents won't change things ... Once the economy goes and BLM loot the supermarkets , the food supply chain will collapse and hungry looters will be going house to house .... A few have seen this coming , they are called "Preppers" they have underground secure dwellings and plenty store-able food ... This is not an impossible task ! You still have time.
  24. What do you mean "Saturn Conjunction " ? Conjunct what? Here's the chart for the date in question ... Saturn isn't conjunct any planet (it's the symbol closest to 12 O'Clock in the chart looks like an "h") Why are you posting this now? This meeting was a year ago I studied astrology many years , it's nonsense
  25. You are not living in the real world ... but in a mist of fake lies given to you by the media .... The truth is never has humanity been more evolved and moral .... Violent crimes and homicides in all developed countries have halved over the last 30 years The number of People doing unpaid voluntary work in all countries is off the charts .... Over one in five (22%) people in the UK formally volunteered regularly ,at least once a month (11.9 million people).https://data.ncvo.org.uk/volunteering/#:~:text=This gives an estimate of,year (11.9 million people). These are people working free in Hospitals or cat shelters ...most after working a day job !!!
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