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  1. Yep ... that's the reality we live in ...They play humanity like a kid on his X box ... On Earth mostly done by mind-control . These are very advanced ET's ... As DI says they genetically messed with us thousands of years ago , so they've been flying around in advanced craft a very long time .... have sophisticated mind-control technologies delivered via wireless transmissions , that's why people do crazy things , taking the knee etc ....And it's about to get a whole lot crazier as the mind-control grid gets an up grade with 5G. ...Mental focus can help over come it .
  2. Fear Bases ??? That post is all very mild , just dealing with the Virus .... If you want fear check out this channeling by Karl .... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=243XOG9DGB1O
  3. Long term students of our subject will be aware we have two sources which stand head and shoulders above all others .... Unlike the majority of truthers like Jones , Icke and others they do not get their understanding from research , news items etc.... But from otherworldly means ... Karl Mollison channels , not just dead people , but God! .... And Andrew Bartzis has real time access to the Akashic record ... They both confirm other researchers findings about the conspiracy in high places ...cabal and ET's , but their reputation is built on their ability to fill in missing links which undeniably complete the whole picture. This is particularly true for Mollison , his arrival on the scene left many in open mouthed amazement at the quality of the material delivered... Mollison channels 'Creator' (God) ... we can assume this will pretty much be the last word on any issue ... but not so , Creator has said he will fug , even lie , if it serves the higher good , and prevents bad karma .... For example he does skirt around direct questions about the jewish involvement in the Cabal , presumably to avoid mass persecution of this group .. That said I think it's fairly safe to assume Creators information on Corona is fairly reliable ... That the virus was created and spread by the ET controllers , working with humans in the SSP , that wearing masks and social distancing are sensible precautions ( Bartzis also agrees with this ) I'm the first to admit David Icke presents a very good case for there being no virus at all ... But we have many pages of direct questions thrown at Creator( just a few are pasted below) and he seems to deal with all the issues .... getwisdom.com Questions – “I was directed to a video with Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D., as guest. He operates from the belief that COVID-19 is an exosome, not a virus. He states that exosomes are the secretions of toxic cells used to digest toxins and carry them from the body. He claims that COVID-19 is the same size as an exosome and this is why they are misidentified. He also claims that exosomes are not transmittable.” Are these things true? The phenomena are described accurately but it is not the case that the virus is not a source of infection and can reproduce itself. So this is disinformation intended to undermine confidence in the epidemiologists and maintaining cooperation with quarantine measures and vaccinations. That only serves the Extraterrestrial Alliance because people will drop their guard if they believe such notions. “To support his belief that contagion as such, does not exist, he cites a study done after the Spanish Flu Pandemic, by the U.S. Public Health Department, and captured in a book entitled Invisible Rainbow, by Arthur Firstenburg. https://www.chelseagreen.com/product/the-invisible-rainbow/ The study involved 100 healthy subjects and a number of subjects who were very sick with the Spanish Flu and three separate attempts to infect the healthy subjects through: 1. Collecting all infectious secretions from sick patients and placing them in the eyes, nose, and mouth of healthy subjects. 2. Injecting secretions into healthy subjects. 3. Having sick patients expel a deep breath directly into the mouths of healthy subjects. The results in each case were that none of the healthy participants contracted Spanish Flu.” Why were those results obtained? This was poorly conceived and poorly conducted, both. The major reason for the lack of transmission was ignorance about the timeline of the disease course and the fact that particular virus was largely shed prior to the onset of symptoms, but once symptoms appeared the victim is no longer infectious, so attempting to deliberately cause a transmission at that point would be futile as was observed in this study. So it is not ruling out a transmissible disease at all, it is simply inadequate science because of the lack of information to design the study properly. He also refers to the theory that Spanish Flu could have resulted from the electric grid that became more widespread just before the outbreak. Is that the case? This is another type of disinformation that is untrue as well. Electric grids have liability but nothing to do with this disease pandemic. He also states that a COVID-19 particle is too small to be captured by even an N95 mask. Is this missing the point about filtering out fomites? Here again, he is taking a very narrow circumstance and making a sweeping generalization. Many times the disease is transmitted through fomites generated from acts of coughing during which large globules of moisture are expelled which contain the much smaller virus particles. These are readily filtered out by wearing a face mask and a face shield as well as further protection from eye exposure. It is true that aerosolized virus with drying of the droplets results in extremely tiny particles that may or may not end up on a mask of N95 grade or pass directly through and be inhaled. But just because a barrier to spreading the virus is not 100% effective, does that mean it should be used 0% of the time? It is the same with hand washing. Many times it is helpful and occasionally it is not done adequately to remove all virus present, but no one would suggest abandoning hygiene practices simply because they are not 100% effective. Again, this is a disservice to spread such ideas. It is better to make clear why mask use is important but also caution people that it is not an absolute guarantee so they can weigh the risks and benefits of entering into a public place where others are present, especially if there are disease sufferers known to be in the location. Is this intended to encourage the public to disregard any self-protective suggestions? That is true and as such it is destructive disinformation in the form of partial truth. Could the intention to protect oneself with a mask confer any special protection beyond the “physical” limitations, if requested? In general, this would not be the case except with certain individuals perhaps having inordinate fear and where the use of a mask will alleviate their anxiety and allow them to be stronger and less a match to the invading organisms they may come in contact with. That could be a determining factor in some individuals about whether the virus gets a firm foothold and replicates in sufficient numbers to produce symptoms, but in most cases the person’s attitude will make little difference. It has more to do with maintaining a state of conscious vigilance about all aspects of exposure and the containment issue warranting mass use. Careless handling of a mask that is contaminated can reintroduce risk unless the hands are washed scrupulously and there may be even transfer of particles during the mask removal and handling that subsequently are picked up on the hands and transferred to the mouth and eyes. So there must be ideally some training and then a careful conscious awareness of everything a person does to maintain, as close as possible, good sterile technique. Such instructions are not typically offered or available to the average person. Since we know that the coronavirus is being spread by Mercenary Army Program (MAP) victims, could it be that the actual virus is not visible in any case, and what science perceives through study are the effects, not the virus? Could viruses be seeded in the etheric plane, or masked in some way? This is not the case. These are viruses quite similar to prior organisms that have come along. They are laboratory created with an intention to optimize them with respect to their various properties that will make them a good candidate in causing a pandemic in this case, and this is very much the profile, that it has a high rate of infectivity and unusual characteristics that will largely be unappreciated for at least some time and that will add to the worries and be a double liability. So the overall consequences will be that much worse and the fear that much greater. Could time be used to create virulence in some other timeline, with results forced into our present? That is always possible and has been done with respect to a number of disasters that have befallen humanity. This is done on a regular basis by the Extraterrestrial Alliance to change the past in a way that will benefit their progress in the future by going back in time and re‑engineering things and changing key events they believe will bring about future changes favorable to their aims. So this is done routinely and can be applied to optimizing bioweapons as well. They can try them out in the future and in some ways that is an advantage compared to trying them out in the past because that would destabilize the present moment they wish to work from and influence in the best way. Does awareness of exosomes change in any way the prayer requests needed to combat coronavirus? We see that as an irrelevant issue based on disinformation. The current government push is for more testing, testing, testing. The current method seeks to assess the viral RNA load to determine the COVID-19 status of the subject. However, a study from China found the RNA test to result in 80% false positive results. Will the current testing be reliable enough to sort things out? The current testing based on the gene sequence is accurate enough to be reliable for this purpose. The accuracy is not 100%, but close, and that is good enough to draw important conclusions about the statistics of exposure and accuracy of diagnosis, given there are many medical conditions that could cause similar symptoms in people and it is very important to differentiate the true cause, both for their benefit as well as understanding the epidemiology of the pandemic itself. There is currently some discussion about the possibility of coronavirus tracking apps. Is this part of a plan to control movement or withhold government assistance to persons determined to have the virus? Would this control take place in spite of questionable test results? This is much fear about things unwarranted at the present time. This pandemic is designed to be damaging but not as a way to gain absolute control over each and every human being directly. There will be changes in the institutions, changes in the culture, and in human thinking as well that will make people more subdued, more accustomed to government oversight and control of their behavior, and so on, but it is not warranted to extrapolate that to a police state monitoring of each and every human being at this point. That will be helpful to the Extraterrestrial Alliance down the line if they launch plans for a total annihilation, but things are not at that point yet. Will this be used to force vaccinations? How could prayer be used to impact test result accuracy or outcomes? Vaccination will be promoted by the government even in the absence of conclusive data of long‑term benefit because it will be reassuring and many people hold this in their minds, that the availability of a vaccine will be the point where they can truly breathe easy and stand down from their hypervigilance, living in fear and in quarantine and putting their lives on hold. That cannot be sustained over the long-term without a very severe destruction of society. So any means of reassurance and justification to get the economy moving at some point will be embraced, even a premature adoption of a vaccine that is not truly roadworthy but a half measure. There is an overconcern about vaccine and hazards and that is justified, but no reason to throw the baby out with the bath. If there is a COVID-19 vaccine that is effective, it will benefit all who receive it. If there is an adulterant added, which is becoming commonplace now with vaccines, that will be a tradeoff. What it will mean for each individual will be quite variable. Every human being is currently subjugated and programmed on a routine basis subliminally, so those adjuvants added through vaccination are for more long-term benefit to the Annihilation Program should that get going, but that will only be a question of how long you might hold out under such circumstances. Sooner or later they will find you, so it is almost a case of splitting hairs as to whether that is something to go to jail to avoid. In any event, the Protocol can deal effectively with any contaminants and deliberate insertion of harmful technologies along with a vaccine. Are there additional prayer requests that we need to offer, to forestall further attacks to undermine humanity, such as through limited resources available for survival? These are truly encompassed in Creator’s Recommended Prayers already, so there is nothing more specific that needs to be addressed here at the present time. Is the news that COVID-19 can spread to animals, a tiger for example, true or intended to further discourage humans who treasure their companion animals? What about house cats? House cats can become infected and carry the virus. The transmission to human will be possible because of their grooming behavior, licking their fur, and so petting the cat could transfer the virus to the mucus membranes by the fingers and result in transmission. But the likelihood of a cat getting the virus is extremely low unless someone in the household already has the virus and spreads it to the cat. So in most cases, the cat will be last on the list to be exposed and infected, but it is strictly true that if someone is found to be harboring the virus within a household, all members should self-quarantine and that should be true for the cats as well and minimal human contact with them take place. This could be done through wearing of gloves and restricting, if possible, their movements so one does not find them in the lap or being rubbed against unexpectedly as they are wont to do. Are dogs susceptible to infection with COVID-19 or able to become carriers? Dogs are resistant to this virus and will not be a vector. Kaufman vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIDths-UdDA&feature=share Dr. Kaufman also expressed skepticism about vaccines. I learned that Polio may have been caused by large scale use of the neurological toxin lead arsenate used at that time to combat an invasion of gypsy moths. Was that the case? This is not the case and is another source of disinformation. Preview YouTube video Medical Doctor Blows C-Vi-Rus Scamdemic Wide Open – Andrew Kaufman M.D.
  4. Long term students of our subject will be aware we have two sources which stand head and shoulders above all others .... Unlike the majority of truthers like Jones , Icke and others they do not get their understanding from research , news items etc.... But from otherworldly means ... Karl Mollison channels , not just dead people , but God! .... And Andrew Bartzis has real time access to the Akashic record ...
  5. If Tony was just a one off then it would be reasonable to be skeptical , but there are now more than half a dozen very credible people like him who tell their own personal stories of serving in the SSP , each for decades ... In addition there are dozens of people who give evidence from the outside looking in , so to speak .... The British hacker Garry Mckinnon who got into pentogaon computers and found evidence , names of craft , officer's records .... Laura Eisenhower , granddaughter of ex president an attempt was made to recruit her into the SSP ... William Tompkins , Bob Lazar involved in constructing UFO type craft ... Karl Mollison... So there is a mountain of evidence all giving the same picture , only those who have put in 1000's of hours exploring it all will be convinced the SSP is very real. Don't expect hard evidence , close up pictures of craft etc The SSP is off world, those serving are taken for 20 years and before returned to Earth are stripped naked , scanned , x-rayed ... they bring nothing back .
  6. Many oil spills have happened ...biggest was when sadam husain open the taps in kuwait it was the biggest oil spill in history ...2 years latter it was all clean , natural microbes eat it all .... oil is a natural substance made from plankton .... Fukashima ?? Everyone is living there just as normal .... DI got caught up in the media frenzy said it was the "end of japan " ....radiation heading for west America .... nothing happened all forgotten. Carbon monoxide is transformed in catalytic converters which all cars have now Plastic in seas ...exaggerated I'm not saying things are perfect but the media exaggerates it all ...99.99% of planet has no oil slicks or plastic pollution And that's what they want ...They want you to welcome corona lockdown ...an end to air travel .... and hopefully many dead humans , it will "help the Earth" .... All the global warming idiots love corona .... Global warming believer greta thunburg applauds the end of global travel
  7. The above channeling is quiet excellent , if very scary .... I've just listened to it again for the third time ... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=243XOG9DGB1O Ann Robarts drifts off from her main story to give an insight into how mind control operates here on Earth .. 31 mins onwards ... "There are no humans in positions of power who are trustworthy at this point . All are heavily corrupted , all are subjugated by mind control and this is done on multiple levels ...through the subliminal messaging coming through all electronic media ...music radio television and internet all feed a continuous stream of electromagnetic signals below conscious awareness , these signals feed internal devices ingested by the people themselves , because their food air and water are contaminated by microchips that transduce such signals and feed them into the neurons of the brain .. and provide ongoing messages 24 hours a day ..." So that describes the electronic mind control grid we are all subject to, giving us suggestions to follow government directives , believe in global warming etc... ... It is this the cabal hope to upgrade with 5G combined with injecting newer chips into our blood stream in the corona vaccine ... this should give a dramatic improvement in control , giving the controllers the ability to turn the most suggestible people into flesh eating zombies
  8. Sure ...It's mostly the SSP who abduct them ... very easy they have advanced tech that can "beam them up" ... then they get processed , the youngest and smartest will be press ganged into the SSP , they only take the most intelligent and talented .... many will be sold on the Earth slave market , anything to working in slave factories making cloths , or the blond haired beautiful sold as sex slaves or sacrificial victims ... others go to the off world slave trade , if lucky you will be eaten , unlucky turned into a cyborg warrior , or worst of all a personal slave to reptilians or others Here's the nightmare story of a family of 4 who found themselves abducted and taken to a rep home planet ... They're dead now , so Karl Mollison was able to channel the mother, Ann Robards ... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=243XOG9DGB1O "Ann Robards We know very little about her. Karl received her name from his primary source in the Light. She was identified as someone who could tell us about an extraterrestrial slave colony and her involvement and tragic experiences there. She and her family were abducted from their home at night approximately 30 years ago in Cleveland, Ohio...."
  9. Great video ... first part they both talk about their experience on Mars , Tony just visited there briefly , Randy spent most of his time there in the Mars Defense Force , fighting other groups ... Important to realize Mars is a big place ... half a dozen different ET groups hold and defend territory there , including reps , humans , mantids ...all are constantly trying to expand territory and fighting each other ...mutual agreement has banned powerful weapons on Mars to avoid total destruction , it's more like a game for all involved , hand to hand fighting on the surface , most bases are underground .
  10. Everyone is , you have to start first post with just text , this sometimes helps , not always , I've almost given up ... Don't worry a new forum is coming we are told opening 1st june ...not sure which year
  11. Who told you that? ...The MSM ... every-time they talk about him they introduce him as "That crazy conspiracy nut ..." to pre-program the listener ....You are being brainwashed by the cabal , stop listening to MSM ... AJ has millions of followers , he's a DI light . Just like Icke he has 90% correct , he knows about the SSP and is open to controllers being reptilians , but never really touches these two topics as he knows most will find them hard to believe
  12. This 7min video was released just 2 days ago ... Dr Salla is a great analyst , some of the best SSP whistle-blowers interviews were conducted by him . He must think an alien invasion is on the cards ... He talks about deep state launching it before the next US election (Nov 2020)... the same time period Randy Cramer gave ..
  13. This is the lie spread by the cabal and MSM to dishearten humanity , that we are destroying Earth by carbon dioxide and pollution ..all lies .
  14. The SSP is beyond all doubt a reality ... millions of humans taken from Earth , most living as slaves in an off world cabal/ET run empire .... So Goode's story will be 90% true ... it's figuring out which is dis-info put in there by the ET controllers , through mind influence , to deceive humanity ... Goode cannot be listened to in isolation , to get closer to the real picture see Tony Rodrigues and other whistle-blowers
  15. When we talk of a "fake alien Invasion" , don't imagine holographic images projected in the sky , fake blue screen TV news ... the craft will be real , solid and BIG ... why not , the SSP already has thousands of these manned by millions of mind controlled humans ... so why wouldn't they use these . So it won't be aliens , directly attacking Earth , but humans under mind control , piloting the craft .... Creamer in the video covers the scenario where 'good' aliens turn up at the last minute and save us from the invaders ..... All ET's interacting at this time are part of the evil ET coalition that has always controlled us
  16. Randy Cramer is an important player .... A whistle-blower from the SSP , who tells his story with the blessing of his superior officers .... 20 years service in a segment of the SSP , the "Mars Defence Force" .... in other videos he talks of being in combat with reptilians , who hold some Mars territory .... In this video he says he says was directed by his military controllers to talk about a possible faked alien invasion .... that these plans had been "dusted off" and may happen within 6 to 18 months ( video recorded 9 months ago) ... The people who decide are top military and corporate figures and they are trying to find the best solution to save humanity ... stop us fighting one another ... Basically the nonsense lie Reagan was sold , how an Alien invasions would unite humanity ... So in this video Cramer is telling us what a great idea this would be , and he's giving us a dream of a great future being part of an inter galactic society ... He is being spoon fed by his military superiors , and they are mind controlled by the malevolent ET's .... He's spot on in the last 3 minutes of the video , things are going to get crazier and crazier !!
  17. OMG !!! This posture is taking off everywhere now , The world really has gone mad ... London Yesterday This stance has been around for many decades and originated from American Football .... This is not at all like English football ... In it you can pick up the ball and run with it ! .... All the players seem to be running all the time ! Trying to grab the person carrying the ball ...Naturally everyone gets tired very quickly , so they allow a sort of break for them to get their breath back , and they rest on one knee for a while... Only quiet recently did it became associated black power. Post floyd the idea has taken off big time ... But those doing this are in such a trance that they cannot see by taking this pose they are acting out the role of the policeman kneeling on floyd's neck. They have become what they hate the most ...You could not make this up! Again , this does not just happen randomly , neither is it humans planning it all .... just like the non existent corona virus , it's all orchestrated by the malevolent ET's who control humanity via mind control suggestions .... As the mind control grid gets upgraded by 5G they will be able to influence the weak minded to do more and more crazy things ...Zombie Apocalypse is definitely on the cards .... The mind control suggestion will be "Eat human ....Humans are delicious ..." The good news is these ET's are very intelligent and imaginative and have a wicked sense of sic humor , so we can expect an outrageous decade ahead ... anything outlandish you can imagine , the returning messiah ....alien invasion ... and much much more !!
  18. I don't know what to make of this .... My initial reaction was "Why would they fake this" ...These sort of killings do happen , with all the phone cameras around it would be filmed ... Certainly the cabal will be ready to exploit it to the maximum. After watching the first video , I'm not so sure ... the woman sounds very credible . She says gas prices and car number plates are not consistent , if this is so we can expect other people to get on the case and expose this .... Suggesting Floyd is still alive does discredit the truth movement , so that's another reason the cabal may have faked it , knowing it would be exposed ... One thing fishy about the event was the officer must have known by standers were filming him , yet he didn't seem to care ... I'll keep an open mind on whether this event was staged .
  19. If one thing blows a hole in the official corona narrative, it's the fact that London public transport has been running as usual since the outbreak started .... Figures show daily journeys are down 90% , but that 's still around quarter a million Londoners who spend a part of their day jammed into carriages , breathing over fellow travelers , mostly without masks ... If we believe the official story this must surely result in the whole of London being infected by now , but figures do not reflect this .... This combined with other indications suggest , as DI is saying There is no virus ! ...I think he's the only prominent person saying this .... The fact that travel in the capital is down to 10% what it was , suggests only around 10% of Londoners are working . The fact that no ones standard of living has been lowered nor the economy crashed , indicates these are mostly paper shufflers doing nothing productive ... If 90% of farmers stopped work the impact would be immediate.
  20. Sure ... this is well known ...Alex Jones has been shouting about thymerosol for over 20 years .... It is THE toxin used to brain damage children ...ALL children have had an IQ reduction from this compound ... those who are over sensitive to this toxin become labeled Autistic .... 1 in 59 children now Autistic Others become diagnosed as ADH or similar , but all have a reduced IQ This is essential for them to carry out scams undetected .... Brain damaged people won't notice there is no corona virus, or the towers turned to dust .
  21. Yes ... there's that also ... To kneel is to make yourself less tall , less powerful , it shows you're surrendering to a higher power ... done in church and before royals ... So it's a strange posture for blacks to adopt who want to assert their rights ... it's a posture of surrender , as is lowering your head , offering your neck to be chopped with a sword
  22. Officers practice the posture for the next victim
  23. I sometimes look on BBC news to see what's going on over there ...Marches is support of Floyd (Yawn....) I noticed many people kneeling on one knee as a gesture of support for the cause , the BBC described it as "Taking the Knee " What does take a knee mean? "Take a knee is a protest against the unfair treatment of Black Americans. It has been used in many American football games...." But isn't that what happened to Floyd ??? He took the knee from the police officer ...The officer used the exact same pose to kill him ... That can't be a coincidence ... has anyone else noticed this ??? Mind control from the ET's and dark spirits I'm sure prompted that officer ... they do have a sense of humor
  24. I sometimes look on BBC news to see what's going on over there ...Marches is support of Floyd (Yawn....) I noticed many people kneeling on one knee as a gesture of support for the cause , the BBC described it as "Taking the Knee "
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