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    Finally got to his site ... He has an amazing reputation .. from decades of research exposing tranquilizers , vaccines etc ... for him to come to the same understandings as truthers is a great win for our side .. "Britain's leading health care campaigner" (The Sun) "Dr Vernon Coleman is one of our most enlightened, trenchant and sensible dispensers of medical advice." (The Observer) "Sharpest mind in medical journalism." (Daily Star) "His message is important." (The Economist) "King of the media docs." (The Independent) "Perhaps the best known health writer in the world today" (The Therapist) "Probably one of the most brilliant men alive." (Irish Times) "The patient's champion." (Birmingham Post) "Britain's leading medical author." (The Star) "An articulate and prolific medical author." (Sunday Times) He needs to get more coverage , many who think David is crazy might listen to him . Many will know him already ... An interview with Rose ... joint interview with David
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    Tried many times , cannot get it ...
  3. That's quiet ridiculous ...Alex Jones is against wearing masks
  4. The controllers are way ahead of you ...ALL the main religions are expecting the arrival of the Mahdi / returning Christ etc so they hope to get all religions united in support of this fake messianic figure soon to arrive ... That's plan 'A' anyway ... nothing is certain ... but the vatican has been making preparations for this... Important to understand a coalition of malevolent ET's is at the root of it all controlling the cabal , Vatican and humans by mind influencing tech .... The only way to defeat them is pray for Divine Intervention
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    Where did you find this guy Alnitak ? ...Never seen him before ...He's very good ,,,very good ... got the whole picture ... Well most of it , perhaps not that the ET's are behind it all His website has gone ......... http://www.vernoncoleman.com/
  6. This 30 min monologue from David Icke covers this issue ...It's the humorous story of his trip over from the Isle of white for an interview in London ... they tried to get him to wear a mask on the ferry ... he refused ... he says marching is a waste of time ( and by extension petitions) ... just refuse to wear ...what they gona do? https://www.infowars.com/face-masks-why-i-wont-acquiesce-to-stupid-david-icke/ David comes over very firm that he will not back down on this issue , so if face masks do become mandatory in most places we may see him being arrested .
  7. Well done Owl ... a practical solution ...I'll go and check out your forum..... We all need to rally to new forums as an insurance policy against future hacks or censorship. My point about anyone opening up a forum is that I assume forum providers make it fairly easy for the average guy ... All we need is to start again a new DI from scratch , everyone re-register .... If Gareth wan'ts to transfer existing posts and membership from here to a new forum the "web master" can stretch it out , spend weeks on it ....paid by the hour a web master can hold management hostage , what you gonna do?? I could imagine the "web master" maybe MI5 ... Gareth can take the power back by just starting a basic forum from scratch ....It ain't rocket science!
  8. You've missed the most important part of the new law .... a gathering of 6 is banned outdoors .... Indoors you can have no more than 2 people together !! The effect this will have is that pressure will build up .. then the more lawless people in society will explode in rioting and looting , overwhelming the police .
  9. It's only going to happen if we let it .... what we see in these cartoons is a very vague approximation to the mark of the beast which is supposed to be on your hand or forehead .... In the cartoons it was on peoples forearm ... was not a mark , but an electronic device .... You might just as well say a wrist watch is the prophesied mark of the beast .... Biblical prophesies were probably planted by the ET controllers to get us to believe in the end times , convince us it is all inevitable , so we use our expectation to help it happen and are resigned to it .... Of course the cabal will come up with things that make it appear to be happening ...Gate's tattoo etc... So these are just PLANS the controllers have , which will only happen if we acquiesce... nothing is pre-determined
  10. An article was pasted on davideicke,com reporting this without expressing approval or disapproval ... DI must be in two in two minds about this , he is well aware Churchill was one of the controlling elite so he can't be happy Churchill is voted the most popular Briton or that this statue stands ...But also he must be aware this latest insanity is all about winding up to breaking point the average Briton This article from infowars highlights how statue defenders are having their heads cracked by police , the police retreat when statues are attacked Riot police cracked down hard today on people demonstrating to protect statues in London – a response not seen to the BLM rioters last week. A coalition of veterans, “football lads,” and others gathered in Parliament Square to protest the defacing of statues, such as Winston Churchill, by Black Lives Matter rioters that had occurred over the last week, with police just letting the vandalism happen. The largely peaceful protests were interspersed with some random violent scuffles between police and protestors. However, this was completely opposed to the BLM riots this week, in which violence and property damage was endemic.... This is all about giving a bright green light to looters and the insane .
  11. VIDEO: LOUIS FARRAKHAN WARNS AFRICANS NOT TO TAKE BILL GATES VACCINES Now banned across all social media just like Alex Jones Infowars.com - JUNE 13, 2020 72 Comm In a 2014 speech from Jamaica, Minister Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam, warns of the globalists’ agenda to depopulate the Third World, using Ebola, AIDS, and vaccines promoted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. “Did you know that there was a policy in America? A policy to depopulate the Third World?” Farrakhan asked his audience “Where do your vaccines come from? If you’re not getting them from Cuba, you need to look at them carefully. You’re vaccinating your children, but you don’t know what’s in the vial that they’re putting in your children’s arm. All of a sudden, they’re suffering from autism, then they tell you ‘no no no, there’s no connection between the vaccine and autism.’ Yeah, tell that to somebody else.” “They are killing us off!” he added. “AIDS is a biological weapon. Ebola is a biological weapon…if you can patent a virus, that means somebody made it. It ain’t a natural thing. They have to depopulate the Earth by 2 to 3 billion people.” infowars.com/video-louis-farrakhan-warns-africans-not-to-take-bill-gates-vaccines/
  12. This on davidicke.com today .... Italy, Germany, France & Netherlands sign deal for up to 400 million Oxford Covid-19 vaccines – Italian health minister Four EU countries have signed a contract with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca to produce enough Oxford University vaccines to rid the continent of Covid-19 infections, the Italian health minister said. Under the agreement, British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca will produce up to 400 million doses of the vaccine, which is enough for “the whole population of Europe,” Roberto Speranza wrote on Facebook...... https://davidicke.com/2020/06/14/italy-germany-france-netherlands-sign-deal-for-up-to-400-million-oxford-covid-19-vaccines-italian-health-minister/ So this is the danger of focusing too much on Bill Gates who is just a front man ... If the Cabal see he is being exposed , they will simply dump him and say the vaccines come from somewhere else .... "Oxford University" .... That's brilliant ! everyone in the world knows about Oxford University , the seat of learning , full of experts , these people can be trusted , roll up your sleeves .... So carry on exposing Bill's crimes , but make it clear he's just a front man ...No vaccines can be trusted
  13. I am constantly being blocked ...Almost given up posting .... Does anyone out there care this forum is crumbling ? ... Is there anyone working on this problem ?? What happened to the new forum promised to open 1st of June .... Anyone can start a new forum in one day ...!! Piss up in a brewery!
  14. The fundamental NWO plan was to get the whole world under one administration ... all decisions made in one place , by one World leader or group ... This was to be done in stages ... Europe in the EU ....Asian countries in The Asian Union (ASEAN) ... Canada , US and Sth America in their group ( I forget it's name ) Then when people got use to this these three groups would be unified into The New World Order , NWO This plan goes back many decades ... EU and ASEAN has been fairly successful , the American group not so much But now the EU appears to be falling apart they are desperate to stop this , if they can make UK fail they can blame it on Brexit and hopefully stop other countries leaving .... All their plans fail ... They were hoping to get things all tidy and organised for the arrival of their Anti christ / messiah / ET's ( not clear which plan their going with ) so things were all set up and he could just assume this role of world leader , perhaps ruling from the new temple in Jerusalem ... But they haven't even built this yet !!! The ET's who control things and make all these plans for the Cabal to carry out look like they will just plow ahead quickly now anyway , despite things not being ready ... I expect the open arrival of ET's very soon
  15. Ayawashka for Anxiety and stress ???? Someone's having a laugh ..... I've taken most drugs ... wrestled daemons single highhandedly ...But I'm too fainthearted to try Ayawashka ... it's for those who want to vomit their guts up and go on a nightmare journey .. No drugs will cure Anxiety and stress ... finding a course of action to alleviate what is causing the concern is the only solution Edit ...opps misread , it's Ashwagandha powder you've got .... I still stand by my last sentence , if there was a cure for stress and anxiety most would be on it .
  16. Just looked into this .... apparently billions more to pay for many years to come ... According to a BBC article .... "It was feared that if the government had not agreed to make such payments it would have soured relations with the EU "... So the UK tax payers didn't have to do this .... British politicians simply agreed to give away all this money ... https://www.bbc.com/news/51110096 It's because British leading politicians follow rothschild orders , transferring wealth from UK into the EU will make EU less likely to fail ...and the UK more likely to fail .. And they know the public are out to lunch , and leave such things to the "experts" ...
  17. ^^^ Idiot video made by a muddled christian flat Earther , who believes there are no Aliens ! The only way in which the alien arrival will be "faked" is that the ET's will use many humans from the SSP to pilot the ships , probably attacking humanity Many possible variations and scenarios on the drawing board , probably the final plan is not decided on ... ET's decide , humans are puppets in their hands.
  18. Here's an example of journalism at it's worst from infowars.com ...I'm not talking about the content , but the presentation ....A page is devoted to this article ..... NEW YORK UNDERCOVER NURSE CONFIRMS COVID-19 CRIMINAL HOAX Learn the truth behind coronavirus... Erin Marie Olszewski is a nurse turned investigative journalist who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic where she experienced the situation from two radically different settings. Olszewski worked at two hospitals, one private, the other public, one in Florida, the other in New York and not just any New York public hospital, but the “epicenter of the epicenter” itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump’s Queens...... The article waffles on , but never tells you what this investigator discovered ..You have to watch the video , over 1 hr long to find out .... I watched the first part... Bottom line, hospitals are diagnosing corona even though repeated tests of the same patient show infection absent .... because the hospital gets more money ... patients are put on ventilators and die as a result ...other malpractice by mostly incompetent , sometimes corrupt medical staff .. https://www.infowars.com/new-york-undercover-nurse-confirms-covid-19-criminal-hoax/ The video is also on davidicke.com ... https://davidicke.com/2020/06/10/undercover-nurse-exposes-what-is-really-happening-with-covid-19-pandemic/ the presentation there is even worse ... just the video and no text .... Infowars and davidicke.com have become a joke ...zero news , zero journalism , just videos ... one person employed full time writing articles would transform both sites ...
  19. Hmm ... I wouldn't say so... a random selection of women the same age she would probably rank as in the lowest 20% for attractiveness , body type repulsive , flat chested and skinny .. After make up artists and hairdressers she looked OK ....as most would.
  20. What's that ?? Who called my name ?? What's going on in this thread ?? Boris ill? , who cares .... Cloning ? My understanding is that cloning is not going on much . Boris is from the elite bloodline , jewish and related to the royals .But I doubt if he knows at all what's going on... need to know ... he's a minor player ... So it's a case of him either being as he was born ( a human , but elite bloodline) or he has been killed at some point and replaced by a reptilian shape shifter , very unlikely ,he's a minor , here today gone tomorrow politician. But this post raises an interesting point ... Blair is also a politician , but not here today and gone tomorrow ... he just won't go away .... loyal cabal operative. But have you noticed that the wives of prominent players are not as attractive as we might expect ? You would think Bill Gates "the richest man in the world(lol) " could make a better catch than Melinda .... These are arranged marriages, wives chosen by the cabal to give maximum support to their partner . Melinda is excellent on a podium talking to audiences and is whole heatedly behind the extermination/enslavement plan , and a great help to Bill. Same with Charles and Diana , she was hardly a looker ... but in this case it was simply about the right blood , as she said herself she was a "brood mare" .
  21. I have to agree with you Brad ... Karl Mollison's Creator is very doggy when it comes to vaccines , and perhaps the virus ... I would never ever take a vaccine ... It should be said Karl has worked all his life in medical research !! He is 70 now ... this may compromise the message when it comes to medical matters ... Creator has said as much that what is channeled is effected by the channeler... I brought this up in a thread on the getwisdom forum , and Karl did reply , not very well IMHO That all said the other information is so spectacular , I believe Karl is still the best source we have.... Looking at all the data on the virus , it does appear Icke's position is very convincing , that there is no virus !
  22. The creator as channeled by Karl Mollison has made it very clear he does not want worship , he says that gratitude is very valuable for those being grateful (he couldn't care less) ... Creators relationship with us is like a big father christmas ... we just have to pray for what we wan't , and if it's in Divine Alignment he will input his energy and make things much more achievable.... He recommends what we should want and pray for is healing and forgiveness for the dark entities which are on our backs .. so they piss off and leave us alone ... He says these Evil ET's and dark spirits are impossible for us to defeat alone .. Only divine intervention can deal with the problem ...It requires enough people pray for help , then the divine realm is permitted to take action .... If we don't ask for help rules dictate , that in this free will universe , they can't intervene.
  23. Yes ...Casbolt is an interesting story ... he became corrupted by his involvement with the cabal , was a loose cannon ... he knew about the SSP ...told a story of an advanced craft coming after him (in Hove Sth England I think) ... he was involved in dealing cocaine for MI5 and many other black opps , married into an elite family ... but he was half crazy , out of control , the cabal finally jailed him..
  24. That's right M... The original Total Recall was a very important movie . At the time of making 1990 it was the highest bugget picture ever made and stared Cabal insider Schwarzenegger ...Not so much hollywood telling the public the truth , more a Cabal cover movie .... Giving cover for them if any of their 20 and back SSP operatives started to regain memories ... he , and people he told would just say "Oh ... you've been watching that movie" ... The essential story is very close to the truth ... A secret high tech but savage civilization on Mars , the hero struggling to regain memories , figure out the truth . Many of the biggest movies hint at the truth ..Terminator series , Matrix series , but for them to be released they will be fatally flawed , leading many astray into wrong directions , particularly true for the first Matrix film ... Basiago ...jump rooms , Obama on mars ...it's all true
  25. Yes ...all of that ... perhaps not just mental focus .... Anyone here on this forum , open to Icke's ideas, has already shown an ability to overcome the mind-control ... the willingness to question everything , not go along with the sheep .
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