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  1. You should give your source Haunted Universe ... people will think you dreamed this info up yourself ... it comes from here ..http://springfieldvt.blogspot.com/p/div-idpost-27415-classpost-27415-post.html Yes .....indications are nukes were deep under the towers .... radiation channeled upwards . Nukes were I believe used in addition to thermate
  2. Sprouting is the ideal solution for this Seeker ... it gives all the natural vitamins and minerals much more so than veg , and without the growing problem... Sunflower seeds with husks (available in some pet food shops) these taste the best , husks come off in sprouting Dried peas ...mung , and alfalfa ... Sprouts are full of prana , the ultimate energy and health food ... obviously , it's the seed just bursting into life ... I used to eat only this stuff ..but the habit slipped So not only can you feed yourself for a fraction of the cost , but you will be much healthier .... Bring it on NWO!
  3. Due to popular demand I plan to cover in this thread a realistic defense option to protect you and your family ...Basically a long cattle prod with a powerful light on the end .... The public are not allowed to own tasers in the UK . I watch a lot of cops with cameras videos on Youtube , in one episode they were called to a nightclub , staff had noticed this guy had a taser in his pocket , a hand held device he bought on the web ... the police took him to the station , confiscated the taser , but didn't charge him. Watching these cop videos gives a good idea of what you may encounter regarding looters . No one has guns , just knives perhaps a sword ... a long taser stick will checkmate these The device we will make would not be recognized as a taser , if police should see it you could explain it 's a cattle prod , and only delivers a small shock (shock can be adjusted up to the strength of a police taser) So first the parts , all available cheaply on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1PC-Super-Arc-6-12V-Inverter-Pulse-High-Voltage-Generator-Ignition-Coil-80KV/352692452124?hash=item521e1bbb1c:g:4qwAAOSwP4hdBLDR The two red wires are the high voltage end ... the other two connect to a small battery , not normal batteries but rechargeable lithium , these batteries are essential for torches you should also get a head lamp while your at it .. These are the batteries 3.7V ...search "18650" many brands , most untrustworthy ...I would recommend getting a recognized brand samsung, sony particularly for touches where long life is needed ...the light saber will rarely be used so cheap batteries may do https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Samsung-INR18650-29E-Battery-Cell/203074072509?hash=item2f48286fbd:g:uGgAAOSwG~xfMqiA You will notice the voltage generator (first image) says 6 to 12V input ... but when I connect one cell (3.7V) the spark is considerable ( I haven't touched it ..lol) so one cell maybe enough , for more jolt put more cells in series ...three cells max! You need holders for these cells .. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5PCS-Plastic-Battery-Case-Holder-Storage-Box-for-18650-Batteries-Charging-3-7V-j/303629323965?hash=item46b1b7cebd:g:Wh4AAOSwo4pYKrY0 And a small push button to turn it on https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12mm-Waterproof-2-Terminal-Momentary-ON-OFF-Push-Button-Round-Mini-Switch/263885440143?hash=item3d70cc448f:g:piYAAOSwvWtbg5so Here's a good head lamp , essential general survival kit , runs on the same rechargeable cells .... many types available https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/6000Lm-Headlight-Torch-XM-L-T6-LED-Headlamp-Head-Light-Lamp-18650-Charger-UK/392804932247?hash=item5b74ff9a97:g:jCUAAOSwiDFYNVlE So that's what you need for the basic saber (without the blinding light facility, I'll cover this if requested ) , when it's all arrived , post on this thread , and I'll walk you through construction .
  4. Defending yourself is covered in this thread .... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/6298-27-things-to-consider-for-survival/&tab=comments#comment-148433 You basically need a long cattle prod like thing to scare people off ... easy to make for $10 ... if anyone is interested I can go into further detail of how to make one , it delivers the same shock as a police taser.
  5. oz93666


    Yet another excellent video from FGB ...although rather long , the punch line is at 16:06 ... He believes it's all about having everyone's data in the cloud and not on the hard drives in our own devices ..... He doesn't believe in Reps ... He is definitely Wrong about this ... What hasn't been covered is that this is an up grade to the existing 3/4G mind control grid ... most of us carry within us ingested nano chips , which decode messages carried on 3/4/5G and put them strait into our unconscious minds,
  6. Forget growing , if you live in a populated area ..... We are only thinking of growing because the supermarkets are empty ! And in that case hungry people will grab your growing food in the night! Those living in the countryside , like you , can grow ... but you should have already figured out you need a good pair of shoes , and a good knife ... Collapsible cooking stove ? twigs and a fire stick ??? why will you be cooking outside ???? presumably you live in a dwelling now , cook inside now ... why change that?? I would advise everyone to buy a bag of mung beans ... NOW ... experiment with sprouting them ... put 2 inches of seeds in the bottom of a plastic water bottle , soak for 3 hours then drain and rinse often , they will expand and grow .Don't grow too long , only 1 or 2 days ... This is the ultimate healthy food 1Kg of seeds is very cheap and will feed you for a week goes down well with with bread and baked beans ...
  7. Karma aside , these weapons are not appropriate for what's ahead ... In all certainty you will not be out in a field taking on people , but in your flat ... throwing hydrochloric acid around ?? Napalm ??? lol ...give me a break it will get you too! ... Even a knife or sword is a bad idea ... most people will shrink from using them , your flat will be a bloody mess , you will have bodies to dispose of , and the "authorities" if active will not like you doing this..... A zapper (cattle prod) is ideal ... this can also be designed to protect an area with wires , like an electric fence.
  8. I live in a remote Jungle /farm environment in Thailand .. so none of the advice I give applies to me ...I chose this place because food grows wild without help ..coconuts , bananas etc I have a big solid underground shelter .. But I know from comments that most people live in populated areas ... growing food is not realistic ... stockpiling is the only solution , to buy time . ...
  9. Seriously mean shit , and bad karma .......hyrochloric acid bombs, home made napalm , catapults and axes all these are very dangerous for the user and not appropriate... Realistically you will need to defend yourself from home invaders ... kids with knives looking for food , already broken into your flat , a confined space .... a zapper stick is the ideal weapon , it won't harm them in any way , just send them running .
  10. I don't imagine people will be walking anywhere ... they may not be allowed out ... why would you want to go out in times of lawlessness and collapse ??? Too many movies have got people thinking in terms of a nomadic existence during a collapse .... this is not realistic ... you stay put in the flat you live in now , and you last as long as your food supply .... It's not realistic to try to grow food , hungry hands will grab it one night while you sleep . Zapper powered by rechargeable 18650's , these power head lamps , recharged by mains or small $10 solar panel
  11. All very predictable .... Alex Jones's take on this is that the global economy had to collapse anyway , mass printing of fiat currency made this certain , so corona was brought it to tip things over the edge ....Corona gets the blame .... Politicians can say "not our fault" What this means in practical terms is government printing /borrowing ever more money to pay dole ... not enough taxpayers putting money in .... so runaway inflation ...dole money doesn't buy enough food ... supermarkets looted , civilization collapses .... But the government will have camps where they will keep you safe .... make sure you get all the vaccinations ... and at least some food .... People will be queuing up to get in.
  12. I hate to be critical when the title of this thread seems so promising ... but most information here is irrelevant and off target .... We are not going camping ! ...It's not that type of survival .... footwear ? collapsible stove ? vacum sealing ? utility knife ??? What exactly are we preparing for??? ..A time when you maybe quarantined in your flat ... or when the economy has collapsed and food prices are high ...perhaps looters have taken out supermarkets and food is scarce ..... So really it's about food ... and when you are hungry you won't be to picky .... This has all been sorted out by the previous generation , see "Survival into the 21st century" an excellent book .. Sprouts are the most nutritious and cheapest food ... mung beans even taste good when sprouted ...1kg of seeds ... turns into 5kg of mung sprouts after 2 days watering ..( put them in a plastic water bottle and rinse twice a day .... these alone would keep you alive ... alfalfa , sunflower seeds (with hulls) taste good when sprouted , and are very cheap and are highest in nutrition .... dried figs , dates , dried bananas dried apples pears ...baked beans .... Latter I might make a thread on how to make a tazer shock walking stick from parts brought on ebay for $10 it will keep knife wielding looters at bay .It's a stick a meter long contains a circuit and battery , the dangerous end has wires running down the length , anyone coming into contact with these gets a serious jolt This is the circuit module $4 ebay ..runs on batteries
  13. I understand it's tough for many ... It comes down mostly to food , just make sure all your spare cash is turned into food with a long shelf life ... baked beans dried fruits like figs dates , mung beans for sprouting are excellent ... tuck it away somewhere safe ... Even if everything turns out fine you can still eat this food , so nothing is lost . Forget candles .. expensive last only hours , a fire risk ..... rechargeable LED touches are everywhere.
  14. Moronic lies and garbage ...I'm disappointed this is is being covered here ...5 days old ...misinformation , now known to be such ... Trump does not "confirm nuclear missile" ''' In that video he says his military advisors said "it was a bomb of some kind " ... they must have been trying to stir things up , or more likely just stupid I can tell from the water vapour explosion wave front this could only have been ammonium nitrate ... Nuclear ??? No mushroom cloud ... no radiation ..Dahh !!! The Lebanese people know who's fault it was .... their rioting has just caused the whole government to step down ...Incompetent decision makers allowing this explosive to be stored in a populated area for 5 years!
  15. Yepp ...Another good one FBG ....That was made in May 2020 ...so there's some predictions in there that never happened .... predictions are always hard to get right ..... But all are agreed that things are about to get scary .... Real Scary .... And I DO mean REAL SCARY .... Every expert in this field Understand we aint seen nothing yet ..... So stop wasting your attention on fighting face masks and fighting social distancing ...It doesn't matter ... it won't effect anything ... These are the last few months YOU have to prepare before the Shit hits the fan .... Get out of populated areas ...if you don't , your done for ! ....get food , get underground !
  16. Why would you think anyone here , or David would be interested in this film??? The film is only being noticed because it's 720 Hrs long .... the trailer is 7hrs long .... looking at a clip from the trailer it's just gibberish... Anyone who will surrender their attention and mind over to another and allow them to lead it for 720 hrs is an idiot.
  17. Why should youngsters care about face masks ?? It's nothing ...a minor inconvenience ... wait till the dole money doesn't buy enough food , kids in the UK already understand the police do nothing , if they arrest a looter , he's charged and then released..lol ... The controllers have done this before in many 3rd world countries , they know hungry people loot shops .... But just encase westerners have forgotten what to do ,they have brought in millions of fresh immigrants ...they know to survive .... it only takes 1% of the population to loot and civilization will disintegrate. It's already going on across America , and these looters aren't even hungry ,they're going after consumer goods Chicago Police Arrest More Than 100 People After Looting Batters Downtown 10th Aug 2020 ....The city briefly raised most of the bridges to the main shopping and business district. Mayor Lori Lightfoot condemned the crowd’s actions as “abject criminal behavior.”
  18. I 'm sure whatever way this comes , it will be designed to minimize the fight for them ... they don't want to be dragging people into camps ... hunting people down ( they just don't have the personnel to do this ) ... it all needs to be done willingly ... get the people to que up to get in the camps ... So it all depend on how long your supply of store able food will last ... that's how long you stay free !
  19. A very well made chilling , 10 minute documentary covering a 500 page secret manual detailing how the American people will be relocated into internment camps ... it describes the layout of camps and how they will be run Think much worse than NAZI concentration camps .... This is nothing new , Alex Jones has been ranting for decades about this . Once food is cut off , people will willingly surrender ... They could try and put people in camps now , tell them they have covid , but they know there would be a rebellion ... So first crash the economy ... then supermarkets are looted ...no delivery trucks can get in without being high jacked ... What you gonna do ??? role up your sleeve for food , hand your guns in for food ... finally march into a camp for a meal.
  20. Is this a possible scenario? ............... ..It's virtually Guaranteed I've just watched a video from Alex Jones about the coming economic collapse ..If anyone has their finger on the pulse he does .... Will it come this year ? There's no way of knowing , but people should be preparing NOW ... Many have gone back to sleep and are just obsessing about what's in front of them now .... covid ..face masks ...all this is a minor annoyance .. it's the imminent collapse (brought on by covid) and how to survive that you should be thinking about .... So it's food .... electricity ...water .. where will you get these from in the future ??? cos if you expect the supermarkets and grid to supply your needs ...Look out !! By the way , forget candles , that's ridiculous .... you need a number of head lamps ... they take rechargeable 18650's ... a small solar panel will charge them make sure it's zoomable Cash in the house ??? turn all that cash into long life food ... before the crash !!!
  21. Phuket would probably be OK for survival .... it;s fairly remote and a tourist area , beaches ... but there's no tourists here now , so it should be empty , and hungry locals , restaurant owners etc who want the tourists back .. so foreigners would be welcome .... So if your friend has a base there , this might be best ... Mexico ? the people are more savage than Thailand ... remember wherever you are we can expect a collapse of the economy , food shortages , lawlessness
  22. Ah... Phuket is very close to me . only 60Km away ...I guess he's stuck here , no outbound flights? ... I've been here 15 years ....you need time to blend in get established ... If you were to go somewhere like Mexico , with no contacts ,the locals would probably eat you first before the reps turn up ... particularly in these times , when things are falling apart
  23. I'm in Thailand , a very remote area .... anyone is welcome to join me , I have a massive piece of land ( 10 football pitches in size with a river) ... But the border is closed now ... same population as UK 60M ... but UK has a Thousand times number of reported covid deaths ...no masks where I am , very relaxed .
  24. Pretty close ... Not praying not to be eaten .... Praying the evil spirits and malevolent ET's that are on our backs are dealt with by the Divine realm ... then the Matrix will collapse and things will get better quick ... This is a free will universe , the Divine realm won't/can't step in unless invited ... People don't appreciate how quickly things are going to move now .. You'd better hope flights start up soon , some of you maybe able to escape .... Those in Europe and America are in a rat trap , sitting inside watching the metal door come down ... those elsewhere are in less danger.
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