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  1. That's a pretty good post from rideforever IMHO..... Notice how often the word subconscious comes up .... The word is that when the ET's tinkered with us thousands of years ago they engineered this flaw in our mental faculties .... the bulk of our mind is unconscious to our awareness , but influences our behavior , moods and thoughts .... Dark entities can influence our unconscious mind , and we have no idea it's going on ... In addition, with the advent of the modern age the controlling ET's /cabal have tech which can also do this ... we have ingested nano chips they put in processed foods ... these nano chips decode mind control messages carried on 3/4/5G and put them into the subconscious mind .... things like " trust the government , support carbon tax , wear a mask " Back to the original question .... the non physical malevolent spirits/archons feed on misery and disrepair ... they are working with the physical ETs who enslave us .... The exact details of how the spirits feed on our energy has not been explained
  2. That's Occult Witches ..... This is an interesting 10 min video , brought to our attention by infowars , it details how all the 3 founders of BLM have a training in traditional African sorcery .... Marxist co founder of BLM says .0:39 ." it's literally almost resurrecting a spirit so they can get the work done through us " ...video here .. https://www.infowars.com/is-black-lives-matter-run-by-witches/
  3. All reliable sources are in total agreement about the moon . It was brought here to be a base to keep an eye on Earth and beam influence at us .... Bartzis calls a "hotel for aliens" about half a dozen separate groups hold territory there , including humans in the SSP ... it's very similar to mars .. very barren so nobody really wants it but groups have an outposts there , not too many souls , so there's plenty of space for everybody.
  4. My understanding is MOST of this will be creative people picking up on the Possible future event and putting it in their work ... they will have no conscious knowledge .... A very few cases will be the NWO psi-ops team directing movie makers ..to rub humanities nose in it , get us ready for what they plan
  5. As said before , Karl Mollison (channeling Creator) has said cloaked craft from the SSP were above the buildings firing an energy beam weapon strait down through the buildings disintegrating them . This would presumably impact the ground under the buildings , an immovable object , and result in a great amount of heat , and perhaps leaving residual radioactivity .... You will remember the SSP is the cabal's secret off world empire , they have undreamed of tech , millions of humans serve in this force as mind control slaves. Mollison also says this force will soon be unleashed on humanity , disintegrating buildings in big cities firing weapons from UFO type craft ...It will be sold to the public as an Alien invasion , but it will be humans in the craft (aka fake alien invasion) Here's the story of someone abducted from Earth as a child to serve in the SSP
  6. ^^^ That was a truly excellent speech from Gareth IMHO ...( and you know me I wouldn't say so if I didn't think so) .... Displayed a complete knowledge of every aspect of this scam ....He's a Natural Speaker Let's hope the Youtube stays up there ...comments turned off ! ... I've never understood why people do that .
  7. ^^^ Dustification is THE big anomaly that must be explained ...Dr Judy Wood has gone into this in the greatest detail and nukes under the towers just doesn't do this Look at the second picture on this page , the rusty looking towers during construction , look how tall they are , if they collapsed the rubble would be around 100 to 50 meters high we only see a fraction of this (towers were 545meters) ...no known tech dustifies things like this .. we are dealing with unknown weapons the secret government has . where did the towers go?
  8. This would not really be classified as a ground burst , which throws vast amounts of material up and leaves a big crater .... If nukes were used they would have been contained within the granite bedrock with just a small opening upwards ..... If nukes are detonated deep under ground and do not break the surface a spherical cavern is created , the walls made of vitrified ground... Granite is the hardest rock known and could contain a blast , even so we don't see any up blast in the towers which is strange .... Although perhaps not , to get a good blast you need volatile material around the nuke , like wet earth ... granite has a very high vaporization temp so blast would be minimal . I'm not 100% convinced of nukes under the towers , although from my posts you might think otherwise .... The dustification of the towers has to be explained .... A very reliable source (KM) has said there were cloaked craft above the towers which fired downwards a weapon we have no knowledge of ..... The secret government has very advanced secret tech this could have disintegrated the towers and cooked the ground below them .
  9. How to get out of the rat trap you find yourself in ??? (covid lockdown) ...let's hear how you plan to escape that! That puzzle's easy . from first line shoes must =10 then from second line boy must =5 third line chips must = 4 forth line = 60 ...yes peter is right!
  10. I'm pondering how I would approach this if I was in Gareth's shoes ...I'm assuming this is a protest meeting against the covid scam ... I think I would give the personal approach ..humorous ..... Hallo everybody , great to be here ...I'm sure some of you here will be aware of the work of my father ...as long as I can remember he's been telling me about the imminent take over ...a police state brought down on humanity by the secret ruling cabal ...well now it appears they are trying to bring it in .... ....go on to mention DI takes the rater extreme view that there is no virus! .... he does research this full time ... so don't be too quick to dismiss this idea ....
  11. This is short notice ...only just discovered he's speaking at a protest in Victoria square that's in 5 Hours time .... He mentions it in this video at 3 mins https://davidicke.com/2020/08/14/covid-19-is-a-virus-of-the-human-mind-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share-to-counter-censorship/ Well done mate , I'm sure you'll do great! Let's hope someone videos it.
  12. I'm fairly convinced there were no planes .... also thermate was used ...look at this classic thermate/thermite cut ... they lay the charge at an angle so the top part slips down over the bottom ...If the charge was horizontal it would melt the steel the top part would fall down a few inches and get stuck .... I think the nuke link HU gave doesn't believe thermate was used .... First the thermate charges were detonated on two separate floors , collapse starts , then just one nuke underground for each tower .... Before all this charges were detonated to simulate plane impact.... Also the molten steel running down from the floors where the collapse starts can only be explained by thermate
  13. I've been thinking more about the two "memorial pools" at ground zero .... These cannot be only about getting the water to shield the radiation , ... It's about making the space a no go area for the public .... How else could they do it ? If they had put new buildings where the towers were , the people working at ground level would be exposed to radiation ... A receptionist working five days a week in this area , might get cancer after a year ... and if her replacement also fell sic , and her replacement , people would notice ... They could put a memorial garden there instead of buildings , but the public could bring Geiger counters and notice something amiss .... Flooding the area with water is the only way to keep the public off .... but not just a pool at ground level ...Intrepid truthers could paddle or swim out there and measure radiation levels at the center , where it would be highest ..... Look at this !! The two ponds are at the bottom of a ten meter drop !! And the public are kept back from the edge by a wall so they can't dangle a radiation counter over the edge ....! How would you get down into the water??? Jump?? you'd probably break a leg , I think the water's only shallow ...Tie a rope and lower your self down ? security would soon be on you .... And if you did get to the water and wade out to the center , you can't get to where the radiation would be highest , because there's this at the center of the ponds ... A bloody great hole ... Trump want's to get his people there and measure radiation levels , that will be hard proof of government involvement in 9/11 ... then he can arrest bush chenney rumsfeld and the rest.
  14. Well ... there's not much advice David or anyone else can give you ...You know the situation , on days when you feel brittle wear a mask and play along , on days you can do more ..OK . Spreading the word is the best you can do ...As for the vaccine ... wait till that day arrives .... Polls in US indicate half won't take it ...When first available there will be plenty rolling up their sleeves willingly ....If it's made compulsory it won't be for a year .... by then you will have other things to worry about ... Make sure you have food stored .... and lay off the medication ...It has been designed to make things worse long term .... No more would you inject heroine to solve your problems
  15. It's just like the assassination of Diana ... they could have got MI5 to do it .... but you cannot guarantee the loyalty of any operatives , some British agents could have a problem doing this .... Much safer to let the French security forces kill her ... they are not personally involved .. All these security forces are under NWO control and carry out favors for one another .
  16. Well of course israel was involved ... It's been well documented Mosad agents planted the charges in the towers ... But the US planned and organised the whole operation ... they would get Mosad agents to do many things simply because even CIA black opps people have some sort of moral code and might question blowing up NY ...or they might talk on their death bed . Israeli citizens have no such qualms ... and would blow up NY if Arab countries will get the blame and be taken out as a result .
  17. The two ponds are still lit up every night (but no spotlights shining into the sky) ... I would imagine radiation has died off a lot now , but if a power cut hit the whole area and all lights were out , I'd bet you could see a blue glow .... Here's the two square ponds in blue , marking where the two nukes went off exactly where the towers were ...
  18. This comes up in a channeling .of Indigo Swan ... He was a remote viewer working for the CIA .... Karl is asked , while in trance and channeling Swan , why he was asked to remote view the moon , when surely this is off limits.... .. 1:20 :50 " ... I was tasked with this observation ( to remote view the moon) , simply as an intellectual exercise by (CIA) overseers who did not themselves understand that the moon is an artificial satellite to begin with and has served many clandestine purposes for various ET civilizations and continues to be a base of operations for the ET alliance and now for their minions within the SSP ....I was tuning into beings present on the moon , in moon bases . This was a revelation , both to me and my handlers . As soon as this went up the chain of command , orders came down to cease and desist .Keep in mind the highest levels of the CIA are working with the ET alliance , but this knowledge is not privy to all ..." Full channeling here ..... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=BRUR65S3RSWW Artist and Remote viewer Indigo Swan
  19. Yes ... this is the Dutch banker , who came out a number of years ago ...I'm surprised he's still alive He tells his personal story of how he rose through the banking ranks , all the shady deals , criminal behavior he witnessed and was a party to .... The controllers thought he could be trusted and gave him the opportunity to become part of the next , higher level.... But this involved going to rituals , raping torturing and killing children ... this was too much for him and he blew the whistle ...
  20. This is all irrelevant to the world ...Trump has defunded WHO .... stopped global warming scam ... exposed immigration into Europe , and many more things which are core NWO policies in the take over .... it makes no sense to suggest he is NWO .... I suggest you widen your input to get to the whole truth ... You already see what is going on on the surface , you have to take in other data ... getwisdom.com
  21. Off target title to this thread FBG Trump has signed nothing ... It's UAE and Israel than PLAN to sign a peace treaty I would just say something about your views on Trump , (and AJ) ... The key to understanding this whole thing is to realize there is massive mind control going on by the ET's who operate unseen ...Mind control of the people to get them to march for BLM ... mind control to go along with scandemic ... and particularly MK directed at trump ... Trump has generaly stood up to this MK very well and has opposed and dismantled many of the NWO plans ... Only this outlooks explains what we see.
  22. Well that sort of reinforces my point .... you are already living in nature .... already in survival mode , paradoxically you may not be the best person to advise city dwellers how to survive . What is someone living in London suppose to do with this collapsible cooking stove ...go out on the street looking for twigs to burn when there's no trees anywhere ? I understand what's involved in surviving in a city ...it will be extremely challenging ...city dwellers generally don't know how to grow and have nowhere secure to grow it ... So for them it comes back to staying put , stocking up , and making a taser light saber ... Edit .... I've just read your first post on this thread , and have to say , it's really pretty good .... Just regarding your point on solar and it being very cloudy where you are .... panels are very cheap now , and do output some power on cloudy days ...I would think solar is the best option for you , just a 100W panel and a car battery should cover all your lighting needs , and heat water for a cup of tea (12V cup water heaters are available ) ... running a refrigerator is another matter . best lights are LED self adhesive strip run on 12V warm white
  23. Well of course , if you're growing area is secure that's fine , but people in other threads have been talking about getting down to their allotments .... I may not live in the UK now , but have spent most of my life living in London ... and ran an allotment , I know even in normal times things get pinched .... You bring up the issue of water , I would imagine this would be the last thing to go ... If mains water supply ceases then things get messy quick , no flushing toilets .... for drinking and sprouting the requirement is very small and can be collected from the roof ... Again, all my observations are aimed at people who live in densely populated areas .. that's the vast majority .
  24. Oh yeah ... that's a good one .... There's something called cherenkov radiation ... a blue light emitted when nuclear radiation is suppressed by water After power plant reactor fuel rods are spent , they dump them in water , this shields them and the water emits a faint blue glow The controllers had radiation from the ground where the towers were .... so they put a pond on top to shield it .... problem is , at night , people might notice the faint blue glow from the water .... no problemo ... put a load of blue lights in the area to drown it out
  25. Crazy ideas ..lol... where exactly do you think you'll be travelling too??? "vegetation and wildlife in your area" ...good luck eating that ! You've been watching too many survival movies , people travelling around , road warrior ....Fantasy Land
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