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  1. No need to go to these extremes ....The science shows that for this to effect the oxygen in your body you must be very close to the transmitter ..... Obviously , oxygen is 20% of the air , and these waves have to get through the air to you .... The oxygen in the air will rapidly attenuate a 5G signal at this frequency ..... So Musk's satellites will have no effect on your oxygen , neither will a lamp post transmitter 25 meters away ... They are relying on people being stupid enough to bring 5G routers into their homes ..lol So if you have one of these on the desk you work at .... and it's transmitting at exactly 60GHz ... then you may start to notice some effect. Of course schools are starting to get these ... But no one would be crazy enough to let their children go to school ... How 5G will help make classrooms smarter - The Globe and ...www.theglobeandmail.com › featured-reports › article-...May 26, 2020 - Students at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver are learning at the school's 5G Hub, a three-year, multimillion-dollar partnership ... See ... it's going to make classrooms Smarter ! ... Now what could be wrong with that???
  2. ... David might be frustrated , even in despair as he see's that humanity is in a trap and seemingly unable to escape Well no , I'd love it .... The reptillian hypothesis is what makes David's work stand out from the rest . With very little to go on he was able to figure out "The Biggest Secret" ... that top people have been killed and replaced by rep ET shape-shifters ...And this has all been confirmed by many reliable sources ... So if an interviewer , sneeringly refers to Lizards , this is David's opportunity to lay out clearly what it is he's saying ... Problem is he's doesn't seem too confident about this now , is not really sure what he's saying .... Luckily we have others who are clear ... see the work of Karl Mollison ... reptillian replacement comes up often in his work ....https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos
  3. Who's invoking fear ??? ...AJ and others and myself are just describing what is probably coming ...Fear is no part of my reality , because I'm SAFE (relatively) ... If this truth causes fear in the listener it can only be because they are NOT Safe ... their body wisdom is sending a fear experience to get their attention together with a message ..."take practical action to ensure continued life" ... Get out of cities , get self-sufficient! Sure that's true , but apparently not enough people are praying yet , since things are getting worse ... We are in a race to get more onboard .
  4. It's no good saying "sorry that didn't happen" and think that's sorted it .... Explain to me the heat underground Iron workers at the site pointed out that huge columns that were bent into horseshoe shapes - without the flanges showing any cracks or buckling. They cited, "It takes thousands of degrees to bend steel like this"........Bechtel engineers, responsible for safety at Ground Zero, wrote in the Journal of the American Society of Safety Engineers: “The debris pile at Ground Zero was always tremendously hot. Thermal measurements taken by helicopter each day showed underground temperatures ranging from 400ºF to more than 2,800ºF.” Shows Thousands of tonnes of Granite under tower MELTED AWAY ...Impossible for thermate to do this !
  5. There's something to what you say .... But hasn't David Icke been doing exactly the same thing for 20 years , warning cameras are going up everywhere , a police state is coming ...1984 Both AJ and DI realize these are only PLANs the controllers have , and depend on us doing nothing .... AJ often gets frustrated because he doesn't know what to do to shake people out of their trance
  6. Welcome to the forum rs1978.... Perhaps you came to this forum looking for hope ??? And you want us to convince you were not all FKD . What are the practical steps we can take .... Well , DI has always recommended non compliance ... if enough people close their bank accounts , don't pay taxes or rates , or wear masks , then the whole system will collapse .... Others are organizing protests and marches .... nearly 100 people attended the one Gareth spoke at !! .... Others have signed petitions not to take the vaccine ... Don't you think this will bring their take over to a holt ??? ... No , me neither.... The other important thing we can do is spread the word ..... But when you look into the blank eyes of someone you are trying to explain the scam to , you know it's pretty hopeless , they cannot think ... have never been able to , they've been processed by the 'education ' system .... So on a practical level it may seem we're FKD ... headed for enslavement or extermination ... But I don't think so ..... There is a Divine Realm ... another dimension where evolved beings exist and are watching all this .... In a free will universe rules dictate we have to ask for help , or it's assumed we are happy to handle things on our own .... So this is humanities way out ...Our only way out ... Pray to god , or Creator , or whoever you believe in , that the Evil ones be taken from us and freedom returns . getwisdom.com
  7. How do you think ??? When the economy crashes ...a virtual certainty according to DI ...dole money won't buy enough food ... marauding mutant immigrants have looted all the supermarkets , they'll then go house to house looking for food ... Nothing is certain but I'll give this scenario 50% chance of happening.
  8. Lot's of venom directed towards AJ from the many new comers ...I've been regularly listening to him since before 2000 , he is the most important figure in the truth movement ... AJ is predicting nothing . He is covering how Gates is telling people "there's no way back to a normal life ... the virus will not end"
  9. Agreed ( to some extent) ... that's why I live in a remote area , self sufficient with an underground shelter with foot thick concrete walls ... What about you?..Have you prepared? The plan is to stay alive as long as possible so you can pray ... Marching ? Protests? Petitions to not wear masks? .... Too little too late ...Alex knows this is pissing in the wind. Nothing can hold back the nightmare but Divine Intervention .
  10. ^^^ Video of comedian taking the piss out of Christianity .... Been there , done that ... You know as a teenager I used to fantasize about burning down churches , It was so clear to me Christianity was corrupt , and it IS corrupt , all religions have been corrupted by the dark forces , because they did represent an opposition to the evil ... Despite this corruption , most religions still have something intact , a belief in the Creator .... so in these end times the cabal are desperate to wipe out any remaining vestiges ... All over the world from sri lanka to Israel thousands of chuches are being vandalised and burnt down " May 2, 2019 - Hundreds of other French churches are being quietly burned or damaged — in deliberate attacks. Ellen Fantini, who directs the watchdog .... " The pope is trying to hush it all up ... just like he did with pedos in the clergy .... The top level catholics are satanists and want it . So don't get too tied up with religions .... Bottom line there is a Creator , and a Divine realm willing to step in , but can only do so if invited .
  11. I think Alex and David are planning to go down with the ship ... don't want to desert all their followers by running out ... Alex did say in that video , if he was thinking of only his personal survival he would get somewhere very remote and build a secure underground shelter ....although (he said) the killer drones would eventually even find these people .... The point is these people will be the last to go .... We have to believe we can turn this all around ..... Maybe 5 Billion will die before those left alive will Pray intently enough for the Divine realm to intercede and stop the madness .... When people are in dire peril they instinctively Pray , we have to hope this will do it.
  12. Great article ..... Regarding Covid , It seems the controllers didn't wan't to release a real plague (Yet) ... because they would lose control ... and they are control freaks .... If a real plague was released , police , military and doctors could catch it and die , and they need these people (for the moment) to implement the "new normal"... So much easier to let the vaccine kill people ... and it's such a joke to them cos people willingly roll up their sleeve .... You won't drop dead on the spot . I expect there will be a wide variety of toxins and pathogens sprinkled around , one batch of vaccine won't have all the same , this way people won't catch on .... So if you're family went to your doctor all together , one might be injected with a cancer causing virus which will manifest as cancer after 6 months .... another might get a toxin that debilitates and leaves you with no energy , another something that attracts the liver , death within a year ..... and another could just get the nano chips injected , no physical symptoms , but used for more complete mind control with 5G Those who willingly serve the control grid , like police and nurses will get their jab while at work , this way the controllers can make sure their vaccine is clean.
  13. In My jungle hide away I've gone solar .... So the lighting is run on 24V DC .... led's are fine in their basic form , but for some unknown reason most led lights for mains have a flicker ( not mains frequency ) .... so do most quality touches , one press for full power (no flicker) , two press for dim which has flicker , then 3 clicks for strobe .... This is what I mostly use . Warm white self adhesive strip can be 12 or 24V .. cut to length required , being plugged directly into DC with no circuitry they don't flicker ... ideal for power cuts can be used with a 12V car battery and consume minimal power ...many colors available Best to arrange them like this , the light is aimed up to the ceiling and scatters back , looking directly at the strip is uncomfortable ...
  14. I don't think she has a theory , just concludes from the evidence " someone has the ability to direct energy and disrupt the bonds of matter " ... well sure ...clearly they do ... I would suggest we know who has this tech .... The cabal controlled off world empire , they've been zapping around in antigravity craft for decades ... have time travel ... teleportation .... cloning and much much more , and apparently disintegration ray guns that can dustify buildings fired from cloaked craft ... And all this information is on the web , just search.... " Secret Space Program Salla "
  15. That's the title of Alex Jones' latest video .... No one gets what's coming as well as AJ does ... He's been living this information for many decades and get's the whole picture ... He expertly spells it all out in the first 10 mins of this video , no adverts no ranting .... https://banned.video/watch?id=5f3b10c2df77c4044ee5e072 It's a rather pessimistic picture ... AJ doesn't remind us what the only solution is .... He does Know , but he sometimes get's lost looking into the nightmare , and forgets to tell us .... If I were to remind him , he would agree .... he would agree ... Pray for Divine intervention
  16. That's a good question .....Putting the nuke issue aside for the moment ...... Why dustify the towers at all? Thermate alone could have brought down the towers although this would have caused much more damage to adjacent building , and the pile of tangled girders and debris would have been massive ... it would have required 100's of people to clear up , and months to do it .... these workers would see all the many girders , sliced through in the tell tale thermate way .. Dustification removes all the incriminating evidence ... and makes clean up so much quicker and cheaper .... Also the secret government does have UFO type craft (SSP) that have undreamed of weapons that will surely be able to disintegrate buildings in this way , perhaps they were showing humanity a taste of what's to come with the fake alien invasion .... According to Mollison advanced UFO type craft will soon be firing on big cities , the craft will not be piloted by aliens , but mind controlled humans in the SSP....
  17. I don't know if there's an occult connection .... Oprah will be driven by money ... she will be having plenty of debates covering "White Privilege" , gently stirring up racial tensions . She will do whatever her minders tell her for money .... The BLM people , mostly , are driven by demons ..... In that video is covered quiet clearly that BLM organizers and leaders (100's of people) are into the occult ...they open themselves up to what they believe to be their dead ancestors , allow these spirits to " work through them to get the work done " .... In reality these spirits are deamons/archons and Malevolent ET psychics trying to start a race war . Ophrah's handlers (CIA) and the BLM evil spirits are working for the same goal , and at the highest level are connected in that it all leads to the malevolent ET's who control things ......... The ET's ( a coalition of Annunaki , Reptilians and Arcturians ) direct the CIA and the evil spirits .
  18. Nano thermate (not thermite) ( thermate = thirmite plus sulphur ) definitely was used .... but does not explain the colossal amount of heat trapped underground , figures show this would need thousands of tonnes of thermate !! ....The buildings would have lit up like candles, never mind getting this much material into the buildings .... Nor does thermate alone explain the dustification and disappearance of the towers!!! No known science explains this. Any theory must explain ALL the evidence
  19. After thinking about the material in that video , I recon Demitri is working for the CIA ... His own story is that he was on the FBI's most wanted list for supplying a 9/11 high jacker with a passport , He had been arrested in Thailand and US were sorting out extradition to the US .... then suddenly nothing comes of it , he's still living free in Bangkok... I would imagine a deal was struck , "...work with us and you don't have to go to Guantanamo ... and we give you a salary " and so the story he tells is the US government were innocent victims didn't know any attack was coming ... a Russian missile hit the pentagon ( fired by who we are not sure) ... The nuke explanation as told by Demitri is not convincing, has many errors ... I can go over if asked ..... The dustification has to be explained , so does the ridiculous amount of heat left below ground .... We are left with thermate and exotic weaponry .. a disintegration beam fired from a cloaked SSP craft , and perhaps underground nukes
  20. ^^^ Awesome video ...over 4hrs long ! I've watched nearly 2 hrs ... He gets into the nuke at exactly 1:00:00 ... Explains how a 'crushed zone ' is produced in underground detonations. Due the the EXTREME pressure a layer is turned to dust ... but then at 1:37:00 he suggests this 'crushed zone ' travels up the tower ... but this is impossible since there is no way to contain the pressure! He says something extraordinary at 45:55 " The American government had nothing to do with the 9/11 (penetration?) , it was just a victim " Also that the missile that hit the pentagon was Russian!........... he is extremely credible , and I wouldn't dismiss these statements off hand. So ... he's sold me on underground nukes ...also there had to be thermate .... and I believe a cloaked SSP craft firing a death ray is needed to explain the dustification! Will finish this video latter .
  21. From book review .... "Khalezov claims that underground nuclear explosions can be directed in such a way that their shock wave will "dustify" things located above them as was seen in the demolition of the WTC buildings. Khalezov says that when he was working for the Soviet government he saw plans for the WTC towers. He says that all New York City buildings have to show how they will be demolished in the future before they are granted building permits and that the WTC towers had been designed to be demolished in the future with nuclear devices. He says the Sears Tower in Chicago and UN building are also designed to be demolished with nuclear devices. I am an engineer and I need a better explanation than what Khalezov provides to convince me of his physics. In particular, Khalezov needs to explain how the shockwave of a nuclear explosion pulverizes things in much greater detail with much more corroborating evidence. Khalezov does not explain sufficiently how a nuclear explosion sends out a shockwave that "dustifies" things. And how does it "dustify" a building with the precision seen in the demolition of the towers and WTC 7? He asserts a lot but does not reference much. Films, photographs and other research showing the truth of psy-ops/black ops needs attention. The inexplicably hot ground that stayed hot for months, strange puffs of mist emanating from the ground and other evidence show signs that a nuclear explosion may actually have occurred. Dimitri's argument is not without merit. It is just too poorly presented to draw conclusions...." I think that's a pretty good review of his ideas ... If that first paragraph is true that is a powerful indication that nukes were used ... But for a small nuke to dustify thousands of steel girders, all many inches thick !! That needs explaining ... Also a nuke is a very momentary event , a pulse , all the energy is released and gone in much less than 1 sec , but the dustification took around 15 secs as the collapse happened , we see structures melting away ..... Many nuclear bomb tests were carried out by building a tower from steel struts and putting the bomb on top ... These towers were very fragile , just strong enough to support the bomb the steel "L" beams used to build them only about 3mm thick .... Far from being vaporized or blown a way or dustified the tower was usually left standing , the top just bent from the blast Before After
  22. Interesting video showing comets are not snowballs at all ... I wouldn't expect a change in mainstream science ...The EU community and Thornhil in particular do not grasp why there are so many errors in science ... they think it is just entrenched scientists defending their own point of view ... Truth is ... like every area of human endeavor it is intentionally corrupted to hold back humanity ....the cabal decide which academics lecture at universities and these people tow the line ...it is all to steer science away from EU type theories , which could lead to antigravity tech and zero pt energy which would free humanity
  23. Let this be a warning to all ... Important to understand they do not just lace vaccines with one toxin ... many different things ... Vaccines for third world may have things which sterilize or give polio ... In the west Thmerosol is a favorite , causes reduced IQ in all .... sensitive victims get autism /ADD etc This way it can go undetected ... if everyone taking a jab got chronic fatigue people might put two and two together
  24. I take this as disinfo put out by NASA , to get people like us on board ... we believe there are people on the moon , so will seize upon this story , and say "look NASA agrees" ... but then you have to accept the lie that Apollo put men on the moon , which is NASA's main concern . People worship all sorts of non sense ...All religions have been corrupted , paganism to too.
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