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  1. That's a good question ... The psychological warfare experts would not have chosen that day randomly ... and it will have nothing to do with numbers or the occult .... The main thing they would be trying to avoid is the police being swamped by calls from sheeple in supermarkets reporting non compilers ... they could be overloaded , not respond effectively .... people get away with not wearing masks ... non compliance catches on , and the whole slave grid collapses!!! So their aim must be to bring it in on a day when that risk is minimized .... perhaps to do with shopping patterns ...I don't know ??
  2. It's important to realize covid is just the start of things , your aim must be to position yourself to survive what is planned ..economic collapse... food shortages ... supermarkets looted ...a breakdown in law and order ... So any populated area is a danger zone ... it maybe possible to survive in remotest Wales with solar panels an underground shelter , food stockpiles and growing your own food ... but it would be hard ... too bloody cold ...nothing grows easily ... I saw this coming 15 years ago and escaped to Thailand ... a very remote area of jungle/farmland .... I have a massive piece of land (about 10 football pitches in size) with a river and coconuts bananas and ten different fruits all growing wild ... and a big underground shelter .... All are welcome to join me here ... One big problem .... the borders closed !! UK has the same population as Thailand ... but has one thousand times the reported deaths from Covid that Thailand has ( it seems Thailand isn't in on the scam) ...No one wears masks where I am ....
  3. Well J .... this is all a small test to see how courageous truthers are ...How many will make a small gesture for what they believe in .... This is not NAZI Germany (Yet) ... you will not be shot on the spot , or carted of to a torture camp ! lol You highlighted the dire consequences you can expect for not wearing a mask ... ." Our colleagues will be encouraged to politely prompt non-compliant customers by referring them to the notices in-store. Our colleagues will not be required to challenge or enforce compliance. ..." So what you gonna do ??? the balls in your court .
  4. This is a no brainer ... Of course TPTB want to demoralize/defund the police so that law and order brakes down ... they hope there will be wide spread looting of supermarkets , a break down in the food supply chain , then hungry people loot more , the whole thing snowballs out of control very quickly. BLM ties into it all ... immigrants in Europe and US are being told they have been wronged , and feel justified in rioting and looting Economic collapse is inevitable result of people being on lockdown unable to work , followed by high food prices
  5. I have no faith in either ... I believe Gareth is being taken for a ride by "web masters" .... they will be being paid by the hour and take months to do what should take hours .... This "new" forum works just as badly as the old one.
  6. Not wise to keep large amounts in banks ... this is so predictable and you have had plenty of time to reposition assets... Economic collapse and devaluation of paper money is inevitable ..gold or silver is the place to be ... both have only just started to rise massively it was a forgone conclusion once the pandemic struck ....
  7. The forum is still not operating properly ... editing of posts is blocked , I have not tried but I would bet you cannot start a thread normally ... All due to excessive security which does nothing to protect the site .
  8. That's a good question Eagle ... It takes us in an interesting direction ... I would have to say no , I don't agree with Mollison on this ... But I don't disagree with him either .... I keep an open mind on this issue .... If I had to give odds on which of the three possibilities seems most likely it would be as follows .... Icke .."there is no virus " .... 50% Jones... " virus real but no worse than flue" .... 35% Mollison " virus is a very real danger' .... 15% I have never found a source which I felt was completely true .... Mollison is the best I've ever found , but he appears compromised on medical issues , he did have a career in medical research which may have effected his clarity on this subject ..... That's all good , it keeps us on our toes ...question everything .
  9. On November 15, 1996, then Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch visited Los Angeles' Locke High School for a town hall meeting. At the meeting, Ruppert publicly confronted Deutch, saying that in his experience as an LAPD narcotics officer he had seen evidence of CIA complicity in drug dealing.[9][10] On April 13, 2014, Ruppert was found dead in Napa County at home just outside the Calistoga, California city limits. Ruppert died of a single "self-inflicted" gunshot wound to the head......Wikipedia Still not posible to edit posts so I post again
  10. The cabal control most illegal drugs and slave trafficking which is the big money in crime .... they had to have that cash ...around $800 billion/year themselves ...By cabal I mean CIA and MI5 operatives ....... they will supply mafia and other groups , or these groups will hand over the bulk of the profits to be allowed to continue .... the money is fed to the secret government and funds the SSP off world empire . Michael Ruppert a NY cop/CIA operative exposed this 20 years ago .
  11. You make a fair point Mark ...Icke does not spell it out totally clearly , perhaps he's not certain himself .... reptilians /archons these are tricky subjects .... Luckily we have other excellent sources who fill in the blanks and give the whole picture .... Icke was right first time ... It is an ALIEN CONSPIRACY ...and the reptilians are one of the groups in the coalition of three separate ET races who are organizing the enslavement of humanity. The reps do shape shift and have killed and replace perhaps around 100 prominent humans on the planet ..... Everything else is secondary ... sabebatians ...freemasons ...marxists BLM ... these are just useful idiots manipulated by the ET's and the few humans who are in on the whole plot .... The term "Archons" is best forgotten .... there is a malevolent spirit angle at the root of it all ...fallen angels went to far on the free will tack and became depraved , over millions of years they corrupted the malevolent ET's who now manipulate us , mostly with mind control .... and the Saturn/Moon link is part of the mind control grid ...see getwisdom.com.
  12. No , channelers can't be trusted ..... no one can be trusted .... So how do you know whats true ???? You have to put in decades of investigation exploring every possible source out there , then slowly a picture emerges ... you build up your own world view , test it with difficult questions . After this you have a good understanding on the bed rock , what everyone in the field is agreed on .... Then , when you come across a new source you quickly come to an opinion based on what you are already pretty certain of .... Once in a very rare while there appears a source which is truly exceptional .... not only does it agree with Most of what you have already discovered , but it answers those difficult questions which you had not yet resolved ... Such a source is Karl Mollison at getwisdom.com .... So unless you put in many years yourself ... thinking hard , you will not recognize the truth even when it's laid out for you ..... Let's take Corona virus as an example .... there are some things which serious investigators are all agreed on .... That it is an intentional operation by the controllers to enslave and kill humanity, destroy the economy .... That nothing in MSM about this can be trusted ... death numbers , infection rate ..... Apart from this there is wide disagreement .... David Icke doesn't believe there is a virus! .... Alex Jones believes it's real but no more deadly than the flue ... And Karl Mollison believes it is very deadly ,ET created , recommends social distancing and masks !!! .... I keep an open mind , but would say Icke's hypothesis seems very convincing .
  13. Two ways of circumventing this occur to me .... They have to identify you and have your address to fine you if you don't volunteer it they have to cart you off to the police station and waste many hours .... Secondly what exactly is defined as a "mask" ... you could have the flimsiest smallest piece of material just covering the tip of your nose , not obstructing airways ... I don't know how David will handle this , he has vowed never to wear one .... It's pointless to fight this , the masses will go along with it .... People here have taken their eye off the ball and are concentrating too much on what's happening now ...You should be focusing on how to survive what is probably coming ...economic collapse , food supply collapse , immigrants rioting because of BLM or to get food , breakdown of society.... Those in populated areas don't stand a chance , unless they have a secure underground shelter and plenty of food stored !
  14. ^^^ look at that image above ...What has hot air ballooning got to do with Davids message ?? .. It conveys the idea of larking about , having fun , time wasting distraction .... Fiddling while Rome burns
  15. I guess the "You" refers to Gareth ..??? It appears the top management is repeatedly sabotaging their own forum !!! Erasing enormousness amounts of data which would have woken many newcomers up who would be constantly visiting and browsing .... now it's all gone ... this will have a dampening effect on the awakening! How can this be explained??? It's as if top management has been infiltrated .... I do believe Gareth and others believe they are doing the right thing .... this can only be explained by mind control/influence .... Many diverse sources and insiders inform us most of the population has ingested nano chips which have been put in food ....These lodge in the body and transduce information carried in 3 ,4 and 5G transmissions .... mind control signals... and turn them into a form that effects the unconscious mind ..... ALL of us are subject to this .... The broad population will receive encouragement to follow government directives on wearing masks .... or suggestions to go on BLM marches ..... support the global warming agenda ..... But important players ...politicians , Gareth , will get special individual attention , input which sways their judgement , all with the aim of sabotaging things . ... This is all explained in great detail by Karl Mollison ...A good way to get into this information is listen to the channeling ...
  16. That's Ben ...aka Hag ..see here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hpanwoforum/david-icke-forum-hacked-t7069.html
  17. It has been shifting towards this since the name of the forum became "Social" .... Gareth has no interest in forums , he never posts here except admin .... because he has no knowledge of the subject ...And yet he conducts interviews on Iconik !!! with people like Simon Parkes ....lol So it will end up dumbed down ... people making stupid one line comments .... suited for Gareth's generation
  18. This sounds the best idea ..... The miss management and incompetence has been unending for years on DI forums .... now the moderators have thrown up their hands I can only see things getting worse ..... Grumpy Owl's forum is a clean sheet , we should all relocate there ..... I put it all down to ET mind control .... everyone is subject to this to get them going along with wearing masks etc .... people in important positions , like Gareth and David will be subject to an extra dose of mind control , to encourage bad decisions ... this is what caused the end of TPV and DIforums....
  19. oz93666


    Yes but who are "they" ...It's not humans who are behind this all ... anomalous weather to destroy food ...locusts ...increase in earthquakes and volcanoes , tornadoes ...In David Icke terminology it's the reptilians , an off world group who control the humans , either with their cooperation , of through mind control ... more accurately they are ET's ...they have advanced technology in all areas ...see Karl Mollison ... https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3
  20. The average person is not ridden with guilt over their countries past deeds . Until quiet recently the average brit was quiet proud of their Empire .... Recent indoctrination in schools has made the young guilty about everything ... The best explanation I have come across to explain excessive alcohol consumption is from the work of Mollison .... Most of recorded history has been harsh for people , long hours of toil to get enough to eat , and they took to drink as an escape at the end of the day .... these habits have momentum and continue in our lives in present days.
  21. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine myself recommending praying .... I've had no belief or connection to "god" all my adult life ...I did try praying as a child for some relief from my tormented life , but things only seemed to get worse! .... A year ago I came across the Karl Mollison material ...it was so profound and flawless and filled in all the missing links , I had to adjust my views ... I recommend everyone check it out . It's very easy to get into , he has over a 100 channelings of dead people , they all go over the same stuff and give information on how to pray effectively ... https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/4/
  22. OK ... let me answer that in the context of the title of this thread .... The way out of this mess? We are informed by the most reliable source we have , that humanity is totally outgunned , we cannot escape this mess by resistance alone ... The forces pitted against us are a coalition of 4 separate malevolent ET groups .... some are billions of years old , and they have been subjugating civilizations for a long time on many planets ... these physical ET's are in league with evil spirits ... entities can get into the minds of people , possess them to varying degrees ....Nearly all people have these dark spirit attachments , influencing them on a daily basis , encouraging short temperedness , wrong ideas and sabotaging their lives in general .... In addition we are subject to electronic mind-control... these together explains all the craziness we see from people around us.... So our thoughts often are not our own ..... Only assistance from higher beings can defeat this ..... So there are legions of Benign entities very keen to help .... but in this free will experiment rules dictate they can only assist if we ask ...We have to first believe in Creator and evolved helpful beings and then ask for help ..... You can pray for anything ... if the goal is in Divine alignment , help will come .... So I Pray for healing for my bad tooth ...good health in general , a successful transition (not to get stuck in purgatory , a big risk) ..... But most of all ..... We are advised the most important thing we can Pray for is healing and forgiveness for the dark forces , so they change their ways and move on ... This is crucial at this time , humanity faces the very real possibility of complete extermination within around a 5 year time frame. So it's all about getting enough people Praying , and staying alive as long as possible (once dead you are out of the game and just a spectator) getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3/
  23. Very strange .... I don't know why they wouldn't lie with their hand on the bible , they surely cant believe in the bible.... perhaps they do? .... All astronauts and top NASA administrators were Freemasons , simply because it's a secretive group ... Freemasons can be trusted to keep secrets.
  24. "Told "....read in books 1,000s years old ...lol .. she "ministered to the sic" .... perhaps the sic jews .... reading between the lines , seeing what is happening TODAY ... it's fairly clear From one perspective the NWO is a jewish move to enslave/exterminate those who have persecuted them for thousands of years , and they have the other dimensional assistance of their wicked jealous god Jehovah , who's "Earthly manifestation is Shekinah " ...I can't spell it out any clearer than that ... Remember the scene from the movie when shekinah escapes the arc ... those who gaze upon it are turned to dust. The hero and heroin who are tied up , survive because they look away .... Raiders of the lost arc story by phill koffman ...Kaufman was born in Chicago in 1936, e was the grandson of German Jewish immigrants
  25. That's Laura Eisenhower Interviewing him , the granddaughter of the ex-president . She knows it's all real from her own family stories ....also they tried to get her to willingly join the SSP .. It helps if they have the consent of the victim ..... you notice Tony did agree , he was only 10 years old at the time , they duped him , once in , they've got you .
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