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  1. Hi Garry ....How up to speed are you on the SSP .... Tony Rodriguez .... Elena kapulnik....Randy Cramer and the rest ...? It seems their revelations put your discoveries into context.
  2. Oh my God ! What's happening ??? The public are taking action!!! The Queen will be on the phone to Bill Gates ..." It's plan 'B' , Bill ... release the real plague !" The media appear to be spinning this and making it about Andrew , saying the crowd were chanting Pedophile ... Sounds to me like "Pedophiles"
  3. Why not tell your boss you will try it out .... wear it the few minutes when he's around ... when out on the road , let it slip a bit , wear it around your neck ... play a game with them ... try to hang on to your job as long as possible , be a thorn in the side of those forcing compliance . If you pretend your doing your best , your boss might turn a blind eye , he doesn't want to sac you .... all the time you are on the road half wearing , you send a message to the public.
  4. You need somewhere to live ... but a good investment it is definitely not ... as the controllers plan to exterminate us , by one way or another ... Once the deaths start to mount , property prices will dive .
  5. I had a look at that yahoo link ... what caught my attention was the other news items there ... two of them designed to increase membership to BLM ... Coincidentally they surveyed me , asked if I would recommend Yahoo to friends and reason ... I said no ...reason ..."race baiting ...Just on this page " Black man shot in back by police" ...another article "white woman accuses black man of robbing own car " All these corporations and media are owned by the shadow government , and desperate to start a race war.
  6. Moronic officers ..... What has Taking the Knee got to do with the UK ... this is a uniquely US insanity ... Why do UK police feel the need to kneel in the presence of Asians ? According to the article , their boss is not happy about the picture ... not because they're kneeling , but because they aint got masks on!!
  7. So we have Antifa and BLM demanding the abolition of police , facing off against sane Americans ... You will remember BLM is a Satanic group , heavily funded by Soros and NWO institutions ...many $100 million's ...what do they do with this money??? https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/6874-blm-founded-and-run-by-black-witches/&tab=comments#comment-150904 Police stand down and leave them to it ... What is extraordinary is the extreme bias in this news broadcast Against the sane Americans ... The sane Americans are described ... 0:22 as "Far Right Activists" 0:35 ..."Many of the Right wing demonstrators were clearly armed " 0:44 ..."Man in the right wing section pointing a gun at the crowd" 0:55 shows a tweet " someone in the "anti fascist (BLM) group was hit and bleeding " .... so the sane Americans are "fascist" It goes on and on .... video is less than 3 mins long
  8. AJ would never lie to us! ... This incident reportedly happened in the 1990's .... they could have been deciding which new flicker rate to push for the LED screens they had in the pipe line then .... ..... Or they could be putting a flicker on-top of the standard refresh rate (flicker) that monitors and TV's have ....With high flicker rates in modern TV's ...up to 240Hz there is the increased possibility to flicker the TV signal going into the TV , and nobody would notice ...consciously .... There is no question unnoticed flicker does have an effect ranging from relaxation, increased suggestibility , anxiety , depending on frequency .... Pokemon seizures - Japan on December 16, 1997 In this incident, TV images with 12 Hz red/blue flicker provoked photosensitive seizures in a large number of children distributed over a wide area of Japan. Twenty minutes into the episode, Pikachu stops "vaccine" missiles with his Thunderbolt attack, resulting in an explosion that flashes red and blue lights.[1][5] Although there were similar parts in the episode with red and blue flashes, two anime techniques, "paka paka"[a] and "flash" made the scene particularly intense.[2] These flashes were bright strobe lights, with blinks at a rate of about 12 Hz for approximately six seconds.[6] At this point, some viewers experienced blurred vision, headaches, dizziness and nausea.[1][5][7] Some suffered seizures, blindness, convulsions and loss of consciousness.[1][5] Japan's Fire Defense Agency reported that 685 viewers – 310 boys and 375 girls – were taken to hospitals by ambulances.[5][8] Although many victims recovered during the ambulance trip, more than 150 were admitted to hospitals.[5][8] Two were hospitalized for more than two weeks.[8] Some had seizures when parts of the scene were rebroadcast during news reports on the seizures.[7] Only a small fraction of the 685 children treated were diagnosed with photosensitive epilepsy.[9] The incident was referred to as "Pokémon Shock" (ポケモンショック, Pokémon Shokku) by the Japanese press.[10] Later studies showed that 5–10% of the viewers had mild symptoms that did not need hospital treatment.[6] Twelve thousand children who were not sent to hospital reported mild symptoms of illness; however, their symptoms more closely resembled mass hysteria than a grand mal seizure.....https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennō_Senshi_Porygon
  9. BLM Prom ??? this has got to be a joke ... Promoted by the BBC ??.. They are rubbing the public's noses in it ... thank god I'm away from all this insanity
  10. Truly sic ... this is the way the cabal corrupts simple minded idiots ... Get them to think it's real cool to burn another human to death .... Admittedly only in effigy ... but if the idea was to take off , they'll be burning sacrificial humans for real everywhere , just like they do at Bohemian Grove
  11. Previous to this thread I had only watched SS campaigning against 5G, and my impression was he was very smart .... After watching more of that video above where he talks generally my impression is it's New Age gibberish , he contradicts himself at every turn , is strongly against humanity having any plan for our own future!!! ...More , we are just to be the observer and experiencer of what unfolds ... The controllers are more than happy for this message to go out ... They probably also don't mind us campaigning against 5G , they probably have forward projections showing this will achieve nothing... If he is a shill he would have no idea of this himself .. he would have been mind controlled from an early age . .. and really does believe in his own message .
  12. ^^^ well those are just typed words Attributed to SS ... lets see the words coming out of his mouth in a video I've just had a look at your link ....where It is suggested that SS is in fact Simon Adams an illegitimate son of illuminati parents ...and he's working undercover on some nefarious New Age plot Watching SS's videos he comes over as VERY SMART .... all he seems to be doing is campaigning against 5G , all be it in an over the top manner "5G Apocalypse ...Extinction event" ..what could be wrong with that ?? ... When he starts telling us to take a chip all his followers will evaporate .... Gone are the days when someone can be set up as a new age guru , and people will just blindly follow .... I have not been following SS , just watching him out of the corner of my eye ... I've just found this video where he addresses these accusations in the first 5 mins ... Or rather Avoids addressing them ... refuses to talk about them , shows his mean side , and just says his lawyers are after coming after his accusers ... Then he is asked what is his mission in life ..... And he can't even answer that !!! ... I take back what I said about him being smart .... He may well be a shill ...Some of his stuff IS suspect .... can't trust anyone but yourself
  13. You mean the sasha stone who has been tirelessly campaigning to stop 5G ??? the picture above does not look like him ... perhaps him when he was younger .... Anyone can put on the web a picture of someone with a fake quote .... Let's see a video of him speaking those words , or similar....
  14. Yes ... my fault for saying " but for some unknown reason most led lights for mains have a flicker " ... we know the reason , the manufacturer has chosen the pulse method to power the led . They could have used this same method and put a capacitor across the LED to prevent flicker ... or chosen a different technique to drive and dim the leds .... But for some unknown reason they decided to give us flicker .... The secret government has put a lot of research into the effect of flicker , particularly the frequency used on TVs ... it's designed to calm and relax and make us more suggestible .... I remember a story Alex Jones tells of being shown around a secret facility within a University .... dozens of monkeys tied in chairs watching TV
  15. Here's a thread on Swan .....
  16. "If you don't take your vaccine (poison) then you can't work says the WHO" Well what's wrong with that ??? who want's to work ??? I remember coming to the realization in my early twenties , that I was fortunate enough to live in a time and country where you didn't have to work !! ....All previous generations had a bloody hard struggle ...work or starve .... But I was born in a time when you get free money from the government !! ...So who in their right mind want's to work??? It's slavery .... And I've survived pretty well ... lived a very affluent life style ..... (Magick does help ..It can be used to attract wealth)
  17. Excellent Article Mr H .... Old lead-beater the pedo went out to India , looking for boys to molest and turn into Gurus .... "Leadbeater ran a sort of Messiah factory, comparable to a Hollywood star studio or a pop hit factory. He would identify a young man as a possible ‘vehicle’ for the World Teacher’s spirit, take over his education and groom him for the role. Groom in all senses of the word. One Theosophist noted: The parents were happy to go along with this ...." I notice the author of this article also takes a swipe at Alan Watts ..... "And so, rather like Alan Watts, he had to keep on performing, keep on talking and talking. Trapped in a public role, dissociated from his own loneliness and pain, he chose the worship of fans over the genuine love of friends and family." I agree ...Alan Watts is a transparent idiot , but many do like him , including DI ... Not to be confused with Alan Watt ... who is quiet brilliant IMHO Alan Watt
  18. It's Guardian Angel ...singular ...Each one of us has only one ...aka Over Soul .... It has an overall view of the many lives we live , and is there to give personal help and guidance ...always remembering WE are in control of this life ..so She will only send hint's and suggestions , never lead ... it helps if we believe in her and reach out ..... This is the first objective for the magician in Crowley Magickal system ..."To gain knowledge and conversation of ones Holy Guardian Angel" (understand your mission in life) Karma Karma Karma ... that's what the reliable sources all tell us .... the child being abused was an abuser in a previous life .... laws of physics are attempting to balance everything on an energetic level so the cycle goes around and around , until the victim and perpetrator learn to resolve things ... forgive and end the cycle .
  19. He allowed David on to plug the new Book "The Answer" ...... Alex and David seemed agreed on what the Answer was .... don't wear a mask , don't social distance , don't comply with lock down ..... Then Alex brought up the big problem with all this .... AJ..12:40 ...."What have they got planned next? Bill Gates has said on national TV .." A bigger more deadly ones coming , this is just a test" " AJ goes on to say 13:00 ... "if we comply with face masks , they'll release a deadly one , if we don't comply they won't" .... I don't really follow that logic ... they're going to release it anyway ... this was a test mainly for their police and medics . ... Perhaps if we all obeyed , wore masks and took their vaccines , they may not release a real plague.. they would prefer to exterminate us with the vaccine , in an orderly controlled way with our compliance .... But if we should show signs of rebellion , then plan B is release a deadly plague ... that will make us put on masks and beg for the vaccine.... And the sheeple will all curse the truthers and rebels who didn't wear masks because that allowed corona to run and mutate into something more deadly . The ET's behind this are not stupid ! they have been subjugating civilizations on many planets for millions of years.... They have us check-mated .... except for one remaining move we have left .... Prayer
  20. Chemtrails? What chemtrails ? Shutting down nearly all commercial flights has effectively ended chemtrails .... most of it was done by an additive put in jet fuel ..... This is not done by military planes , just not enough of them , and it would be noticed .... There are still cargo planes flying and a few passenger jets ...I would gestimate it's about 15% of what it used to be before covid.
  21. Zionists are not our overlords .... The alliance of 3 ET races are the ultimate controllers .... To much emphasis on this piddling little country (Israel) with an insignificant population of 6 million jews ...They control nothing , are being used by the rothshilds who created Israel ....just another pawn in the game , Mr Jones does have a lack of clarity on Israel due to his christian upbringing ... going to church as a youngster been programmed by preachers telling him the jews are "God's chosen people" ... Jones is also overly fond of the US military .... No one is perfect , and these two issues don't have any real effect on his work ... He's number one in the movement .... works non stop ... has an audience of millions and is leading rebellion against lock down....
  22. You remember that Simpsons episode Lore ??? A comet was going to crash into the Earth , and Ned Flanders was the only one who had a bunker ... Well first Homer and family came knocking , and he let them in ... then the whole town turned up ... being a good christian he had to let them in ... It was pretty crowded , not enough air for everybody .. I think they noticed Ned was breathing heavy , using up too much air , so they voted Ned had to leave and they kicked him out.... I would probably have retired here even if the apocalypse wasn't coming ... who wan'ts to grow old in England? So I sold up and came over here with a big sac of cash .... found a nice Thai lady who's more than happy to take care of me ,(and take care of the cash) , do all the shopping and other boring things .... So I'm very happy here , more than I was in the UK ... I have said many times , everyone's welcome, we have a massive piece of land with river in a remote area ... you can live free , build a bungalow from bamboo or whatever you want , food growing all around , and paid work if you want it .... but if you want a bunker , you have to build your own ....
  23. so ... the aliens who tinkered with us are the Annunaki (not the reps) through tech they have extended their lives to around a million years ... They , like us were created by Creator ...they have a soul .... like us they die and go to the divine realm where they become very nice and have a right thinking "Divine" attitude .... then are born again ... The problem is because they only go to the divine realm every million years they lose the divine perspective ... become very mean and nasty .... but long life makes them very intelligent They limited our life to 70 years to keep us stupid ... but frequent visits to the light make us very sweet , moral and divine creatures ... They also messed with our mental component splitting our minds into unconscious /conscious for ease of Mind control .. both psychic and technological ... Nothing wrong with only 5 senses they deliver more than enough data to process ....
  24. Are the Aborigines expecting a messiah too ??? Do we have to get a didgeridoo and head to the outback?
  25. TRUMP ASKED IF HE SUPPORTS ‘CONSPIRACY THEORY’ THAT HE’S ‘SAVING WORLD FROM SATANIC PEDOPHILES’ ‘I haven’t heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing?’ president responds President Trump signaled his support of fighting the Satanic New World Order and the pedophiles that run it when asked by a reporter if he supported the Q Anon movement. During a White House press briefing Wednesday, a reporter asked Trump if he subscribes to the Q Anon movement’s “belief that you are secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind?” “I haven’t heard that, but is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” Trump replied. “If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it, I’m willing to put myself out there.” Video cued at time question asked .... https://www.infowars.com/trump-asked-if-he-supports-conspiracy-theory-that-hes-saving-world-from-satanic-pedophiles/
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