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  1. This is a new one on me .... It came up in a Karl Mollison video .... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=BMYN72O1D6BY 2:09:05 Karl .... " someone sent me a link to sky worms. At first I thought this has got to be some weird hoax .. they're happening in many areas of the world ...So I asked Creator ..."What is this ?' Creator ..."This is an extraterrestrial technological manifestation that the Arcturians are doing , and it involves a certain kind of probe ...normally it's cloaked and invisible , but they are allowing it to be seen as part of the disclosure ( as a prelude to set humanity up for the great deception ) " ....Much more on this in the video Also covered in above Karl Mollison video is Crow777 and the wobbly moon , this too is genuine and ET created with the same motive. Here's one of the Sky Worms ...
  2. 01:05 .... "The virus can be treated ... Many thousands of physicians have been silenced for telling the truth that we can manage the virus " ... A dozen high ranking doctors on this video ... Bottom line , they say the virus is real but can be treated with chlor.... .... media spreading fear ..virus can be easily managed .
  3. Jeeezz that's bloody hard work ....Some silly woman reading from a book .... she can barely read , and the content is so convoluted I challenge anyone to make sense of it ..... She's mixing up Reptoids ...Nagas and Archons , they are not all the same , and not the same as the REPTILIANS ..... That Nice Mr Mollison has explained it all ... and it all fits in with what Mr Icke and many SSP whistle-blowers have said .... The reptilians are a group of PHYSICAL ET's ... they travel in Space craft .... are working with the Annunaki and Acturians on a joint project here to enslave us all .... Reptilians do have a soul , and when they die they do go to heaven (if lucky) Here's Mr Mollison channeling one of them who is now in heaven (the light) , it gives an insight into their culture and what they're up to here ....
  4. I'm not disputing they are deliberately inflating numbers , the strain of virus around now seems very non lethal , but that could change ... It's all very complex ... I was just pointing If Rose is on the dark side , then it's reasonable to assume they wan't Icke promoting the idea there is no virus .
  5. You seem fairly certain he is a fraud GR .... He is jewish (big red flag) ... I haven't got the interest in him to spend the time investigating .... But if he is a fraud , there can only be one reason he is giving DI a platform at this time .... Because David has got it wrong on corona ... The threat is real , despite what it appears like now ...the controllers are setting David up for a fall , it suits them for there to be confusion on corona.
  6. ^^^ You're all missing the point .... Of course it will be a hit piece ...it's the BBC .... But they were forced to cover this , because , particularly since corona , interest in our subject has exploded , and trump is constantly tweeting it , he must know 9/11 was an inside job , and the satanist trying to remove him drink blood .... and he's trying to tell the world .... The guy in the red hat in the video ...just like Icke , initially assumed Trump was one of the cabal ... but also like icke has changed his opinion.... This is the awakening going mainstream , mostly in the US thanks to Jones , who now often rants about reptilians controlling things!! Amazing to realize all the Q -Anon people at Trumps rallies know what's going on
  7. I haven't been paying any attention to Q-Anon ... but I just stumbled upon this video , Q-Anon is pure David Icke and it has a massive following ... Secret satanic cabal controlling the world breeding children for adrenal-chrome .... virus doesn't exist ... reptilians ... and basically all the things most people on this forum believe ... 12 minute video ...
  8. Your position ignores the work Von Daniken , Zacharia Sitchen and many others who revealed aliens have been messing with humanity for all our recorded history , and not in a good way , used us as slaves to mine gold for them .... David Icke agrees and goes further ... that 5,000 years ago they stopped walking the Earth openly ruling us , and went behind the scenes and left an elite bloodline to rule , who they secretly supported ...And it is this elite bloodline who creates all the wars and trouble , and it takes a great propaganda effort to get the masses to go along with it all .... Humans are not primitive and savage , that's the lie .... Only corrupted somewhat by these evil ones . The malevolent ET's still run things here , and would never allow any good ET's to interfere , even if they wanted to ... So of course there are plenty of nice ET's , but they will not be interacting with us at this time physically . .. physically as in craft landing it would start a massive war with the malevolents who control this place ... The good guys can communicate with us via Crop circles and psychic communications .
  9. Just had a look Charlie ... that's brilliant work ..Just what was needed to make Karl's information more accessible.. That will definitely help spread the word ..
  10. The NAZI's were militarily defeated in WWII , if the allies had known some had escaped they would have been hunted down. They obviously had to leave some sacrificial lambs behind , or everyone would ask .."where'd they all go?" .... So generals and military people were left to stand trail ... they would be no use in Antarctica anyway .... Also some mediocre scientists were left in Germany for the US (Paperclip) These people left behind would have no knowledge of Antarctica and probably believed Hitler killed himself ...The top scientists and many others escaped in submarines to a large underground base in Antarctica , previously used by the reptilians ... here they continued high tech work and were soon able to get to the moon and build a primitive base.... Hitler also escaped , but it seems he didn't fancy the idea of living underground he was ready to retire and lived out his days in sunny Sth America .... Now , 70 years on , this small group has grown into an off world empire ... the "Dark Fleet" ... they speak German , have a "Fuhrer" ... they have millions of slave personnel , mostly the Missing children ... they get these by trading with the Cabal/SSP , the secret US space empire .... the Dark Fleet is totally separate from the SSP and more technologically advanced . Both work closely with the evil ET's who control the cabal on Earth ..... Tony Rodregues (see videos above) was initially a slave of the cabal , then the SSP , but was traded ...sold to the Dark Fleet where he served as a slave on their ships , made to wear a shock collar to control him...
  11. Yes ...It's really crazy ... these insiders inform us this has been going on for 70 years . The NAZI's were the first into space , they escaped Germany and relocated to Antarctica , were on the Moon by 1950 ... the US followed them 10 years latter .... both groups now have vast empires will millions of operatives in bases on many planets ... they are all mind control slaves , a true nightmare ... the ET's will probably use these two separate , highly armed groups against us Earth dwellers in a fake alien invasion or similar , coming very soon now.
  12. There seems conflicting information on this ,NT .... all are agreed weekends and Monday are busy but surprisingly no hard figures .
  13. As I've said elsewhere Corona is not an easy enigma to crack ... the problem being the subject is very specialized and we are reliant on data from suspect sources ... I have certainly not made up my mind to what extent it's real .... David does present a good case that it doesn't exist , but he's the only person who believes this ... Could it be he's gone too far? ... Could it be Rose is only giving him a platform because he's made a mistake on this .... The two most reliable sources on the planet Bartzis and Mollison both say the virus is real and recommend masks and social distancing .... They also say one of the main goals is to crash the economy ... It's also clear masks are to muzzle us , reduce our oxygen and drive us all crazy ... But what you gonna do if there is a real plague??? Dammed if you do , Dammed if you don't .... I return to Mollison who has spoken much on this issue , he says the virus is real , ET engineered with the goal of killing half of us , destroying the global economy and civilization ... and vaccines are tainted. We still have the issue of the small number of deaths ... Even believing official figures these are very low , and no worse than a flue outbreak .. so how is it going to kill half of us ??? The ET's behind this are very smart and are playing with us ...easing us into the nightmare with a weak virus which has already induced terror in many ... at anytime the virus could "mutate" .. and the ET's replace it with a real killer ! There is a way out ... Pray for Divine Intervention !
  14. One thing I am convinced of is that there will be no Good ET's interacting with us at this time .... As you say the "outcasts" are working with elite bloodline to enslave us .. these outcasts are a coalition of 3 separate groups Annunaki .. Acturians and Reptilians ... these are very power full and technologically advanced ...If any benign ET's attempted to come here there would be massive conflict , probably destroying the planet ... But benign ET's would not try this , they know humans have to solve this problem ourselves by invoking Divine help.... So this coalition of ET's working with the cabal are bring total chaos to us now .... plagues , economic collapse , riots , perhaps war .... then when we are on our knees they will land in their craft , masquarading as the good guys , offering assistance , perhaps warning of an invasion from nasty ET's ... If humanity falls for their lies , were finished
  15. That's right Charlie ...Jesus is yesterdays News .... He may have been a good chap , but one of many .. And the dark forces have so corrupted Christianity it has repelled most right thinkers .
  16. The events allegedly happened in 2002 on a desert part of the Afghanistan, when a U.S. Army squad went missing. A Special Ops Task Force was sent to find out what had happened, and the soldiers walked along a ragged, mountainous trail until arriving at the entrance of a large cave. Pieces of broken U.S. military equipment and gear were scattered all around the clearing. The Task Force was about to enter the cave to explore its recesses when a 13-feet, red-headed, six-digit, double-toothed humanoid emerged and attacked them. According to the witnesses, the giant pierced one of the soldiers with his long spear killing him, before the rest of the squad could take him down, shooting at his face for thirty seconds straight. The body of the giant was packed and loaded into a helicopter, and transferred to a secret location in the USA for study. Inside the cave there were remains of human bones, leading the military to think that the creature was a cannibal. The giant weighed about 500 Kg as estimated by the C-130 Cargo plane team who transported the body from the pick-up location to the United States. The witness remembers that one of the pilots noted a “terrible stench of musk and dirt” exuding from the cadaver, like a man “who didn’t shower for 10 years.” (The witness told Marzulli that the odor was more intense than that of a skunk, and close to that of a pile of decomposing corpses.) The giant wore a canvas or animal hide to protect his feet, like some sort of moccasins. Karl Mollison , channeling creator was recently asked about this...... Creator .... " This was a real occurrence and the accounts are fairly accurate as to the details of what took place. This was an outsized being of unusual stature and appearance as well as behavior. And so this is one of many strange encounters with Anunnaki beings who are members of the small contingent here or may be stragglers involved in various duties who become isolated and then may be on their own for extended periods of time until they can rejoin their brethren. This indeed was a living, breathing, full blood Anunnaki. He was left behind in an earlier foray into the region for surveillance purposes and to recover some artifacts of importance to clouding their history. As you know, there have been many, many, artifacts of the early Anunnaki presence destroyed, especially during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And so there have been many forays done to destroy historical links to important events that took place and this they like to do themselves because they do not trust anyone else to take care of it effectively. This particular individual was separated from his group and was simply left behind and was not following orders and so was in effect punished by this means. There are a number of lower-level Anunnaki in terms of the hierarchy, some of whom have much more limited capabilities, particularly with respect to intuitive reach, and they may well have difficulty communicating with their brethren and can fall into difficulty if they become isolated and forgotten in this way. He had not been there very long but was there long enough to suffer and that led to extreme behavior on his part. There is no love of humans to begin with and so any threat to a physical Anunnaki will typically be met by swift use of force to whatever extent is possible. He had eaten some soldiers , this was a matter of course for him as the Anunnaki regard humans as first of all a food source. That is your greatest value to the Anunnaki other than as slave labor. So it is not so different in how people view cattle. They are a premier food source for milk and meat, but oxen, for instance, can be beasts of burden and trained to serve in that way. Humans by virtue of their greater intelligence have more utility as slaves to do useful work than would be the case with an animal of minimal intelligence or trainability. ...."
  17. Yes ... I've spent all my life with no belief in god ... I've been doing it alone and got nowhere !! When we look at the person in the truth movement that has had the most impact , Alex Jones , we see God is a big part of his life , he's always talking about his partnership with god and praying ... it maybe a slightly imperfect idea of god , tainted by Christianity, but it works and I believe it has given him divine protection and helped greatly in his success ... We are informed at this very critical time , when the survival of humanity is in the balance , there is only one thing we need to pray for ... I invite the Divine realm and Creator to partner with me in sending healing and forgiveness to the evil spirits and malevolent ET's that seek to destroy humanity ... May they depart from us ..May we rise to our full potential and create a paradise on Earth
  18. Something like kuggerands ... you will be selling to the same people you buy from .... Once we reach road warrior level , empty looted supermarkets , gold will be no good ... So perhaps a year from now gold/silver will be 10 times what it is now ... then you have to cash it in .... Cash it in to what???? More store-able food , building a bigger underground bunker .... Really all your assets NOW should be used to get somewhere remote ... digging underground ...solar panels , food .... But people won't do that now ... they still cling to the idea the storm might pass and the world will return to normal .... Chances are it won't .... So gold/silver is where you go now until you finally face the reality of whats coming.
  19. Far-fetched??? ... It's well accepted , certainly by Mr Icke , that at that time the Anunaki openly mixed with and ruled humans , this would have been when the Giza complex was built ...Before the Pharaohs You must have an explanation for water errosion lines on the Spinx there was no rain when the Pharaohs ruled !!! This one fact destroys the official lie
  20. Well that's the story Egyptology have concocted ...I don't believe it for one moment .... It seems first came the ET's who constructed the big pyramids for their Earth energy manipulation reasons .... the Pharaohs came after the ET's left and took over the pyramids , re sculpted the lion into a sphinx and built many smaller pyramids of their own .... It's proved beyond doubt the sphinx has water erosion ....hence it and the Giza complex was built thousands of years before the Pharaohs The idea of mastabas evolving into pyramids is pure speculation
  21. Well first you need to be sure there are any excess deaths .... I guess the bodies are disposed of by undertakers ... they should be doing more trade ... but I'm not sure they are .
  22. You are right to point out the challenges Brad ..... It is not realistic to just pick somewhere like Bulgaria or a country in Africa and think you can just go there and settle in fine , particularly when the world is in chaos ...you need contacts ...and a big bag of cash , or it will be a nightmare ...... Dagmar .... sounds like you are in the right location already ... the more remote the better . In Bangkok they love the mask more than the UK .... just that in this remote location where I am , nobody wears them....
  23. Hi Jh ....you must of watched the Youtube version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DZCKNhGwuo that's only half of the channeling , this was cut just at the exciting part , when Denny asks " Did the Royal Family see your continued existence as a threat?" .... Must have been done to get people to go to their site , where you can see the rest ... .. https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=HUK9N737W8NH ... you might have to sign up , but there's no charge ..
  24. Karl Mollison appeared on the scene fairly recently ...He had spent 30 years of his life working in main stream medical research , becoming disillusioned he retired early and began exploring alternative approaches to wellness ..hypnosis .... he met people who were channeling Angels and being very effective in healing , he tried this himself with success ... finally he realized he could channel "Creator" not just healing others , but connecting with a steam of truth and information ... Working with Denny , within a few years there accumulated a large body of work , over a 100 2 hr videos ...channelings of many dead people 'in the light ' and channelings of Creator . The outstanding quality of this material was apparent to many .... Laura Eisenhower (Karl Channeled Dwight Eisenhower) .... Elena Kapulnik , an SSP whistle-blower (Karl channeled her oversoul ) ... Karl's information confirms the existence of the SSP and off world advanced cabal run breakaway civilization with millions of humans , mostly slaves. He also confirms Icke's reptilian hypothesis ... that many prominent people , all throughout history , have been killed and replaced by reptilians ET shape shifters .... That his planet is controlled by a coalition of 3 malevolent ET groups who direct the cabal (Rothschilds , Royalty and others) .. These ETs are behind corona and the planned extermination of humanity ... Karl's main message is that these ET groups are so advanced humanity cannot deal with them alone .... Only by inviting the Divine Realm and Creator to assist can they be dealt with .... This is a freewill universe ...rules dictate higher beings can only take action if we invite them ... The way to explore Karl's work is by listening to the channelings .... pick a person you fancy from the 100 available ...Queen Victoria .... Jeffrey Epstien ...Michael Jackson ... they are all now in the Light and can see our predicament clearly ... they say we have only a few years to turn things around , or it's curtains for humanity! https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/3/
  25. Just done a quick search .... "What day do people shop?" "Monday brings in the most sales, followed by Sunday. Consumers generally shop more at the beginning of the week than the end of the week.Jan 8, 2018" So there's your answer ... it seems Friday is a relatively quiet day in shops
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