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  1. 10 hours ago, Basket Case said:


    Can you explain if.....if the 1% are human, how anyone would begin to bring them to account ?


    Well... I did say if they were just human it would not be too difficult to bring them to account ... compared to if they were ET's , millions of years more advanced than us , psychic mind control experts and the rest  ....


    DI often conveniently  forgets this , says "they're just the 1% , if humanity gets off it's knees , it's game over " ....But in his books  he agrees , they came here long ago in space craft , genetically tinkered with us .... thousands of years have passed since then so their tech has moved on drastically ...


    They have us check-mated , if we rebel against lock-down and masks in any numbers they simply release a real plague .... You think they haven't got something like the Black Death? .. Killed half of Europe , a very nasty way to die ... the ET's just release that and the human cabal go to their underground bases...

    I don't think it will go that way , most people are complying ... The ET's have a more spectacular end planned for us ...multiple crises.


    The only solution is call on Divine Intervention ......There are  Legions of non-physical high beings looking on, and on our side  , they easily outgun the dark forces ...But in this free will Universe they will not step in , it would violate our free will .....unless significant numbers of humans request this    


    I am convinced this is the only way out .

  2. 11 hours ago, Basket Case said:

    There's a very obvious world wide take over right now, by the elite / cabal / Illuminati / deep state....or whatever you want to call them.
    lf at the very very top they are inter-dimensional shape shifting lizards it's not making a whole lot of difference to us on the ground.


    I would say it does matter and it's crucial to know who were up against ... 


    If it's just a bunch of humans , the "1%" , they it should not be too difficult to overthrow them and bring them to justice ,... 


    Most of those suggesting the reptilian ET hypothesis  say the ET's behind it all are way way ahead of us in all areas ... they are in control of many planets like ours , they have very sophisticated mind control tech and this explains the insane rioting we see breaking out .... Humanity does not have a chance in hell in defeating them by any method we can dream up ..

    Only by partnering with a higher force can we succeed 

  3. Just now, kh904 said:

    Well I've just received the following reply from the CEO:


    Dear Mr XXXX

    We do not stock David Icke’s books, except by mistake, for no other reason than that they are self-published. The books removed numbered a small handful that became part of our stock in error.

    We stock only a small percentage of the books in print – across all the shops about 300,000 titles from amongst the many millions in print. We take this curation seriously and removed the small number of copies when their presence in one of our shops was brought to our attention because of Mr Icke’s association with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

    David Icke’s anti-Semitic comments have been widely publicised and have been cause for him to be denied entry to Australia, amongst other actions taken by responsible bodies.

    In short, we will not be stocking David Icke’s books because they do not meet our criteria for selection.

    I am sorry that we lose your custom in consequence. I respect your views on the need for free-speech and to guard against censorship. The actions of a bookshop to curate a small, considered selection of stock do not run counter to these principles.




    Well if they've been "Widely publicised " he should be able to give you a link and claim the $10,000 reward ! 

  4. Just now, shabbirss said:

    @oz93666 does ya thelma include poop eating? curious


    Well ....  there is a document called "liber Oz" ... It is an outline of basic  human rights that should be extant as we move into the new civilization ....


    Here's the first few paragraphs....




    Man has the right to live by his own law—
    to live in the way that he wills to do:
    to work as he will:
    to play as he will:
    to rest as he will:
    to die when and how he will.


    Man has the right to eat what he will:
    to drink what he will:
    to dwell where he will:
    to move as he will on the face of the earth.





    You see there  "Man has the right to eat what he will"  ...At the moment he doesn't ... cannot eat heroine , magic mushrooms .... So in the new civilization we see the state will not interfere on the issue of drugs , it's up to the individual  ... and if he want's to eat poop  one will arrest him .... I can't imagine why anyone would want to do this , this is waste material the body is passing out , does not want..


    I cannot remember in all my readings , coming across the idea of eating poop .. , has anyone got a link to prove Crowley did this?? ...he might have ...Dali was on record doing this ...



  5. That's great ...well done ...


    In their minds waterstone must be thinking 'there's no smoke without fire why rould CAA pick on David?' .... I would point out David has tirelessly campaigned to bring attention to the plight of the Palestinians (and other groups) and this is the real reason this unjust accusation have been made ...


    Also tell them there is currently a $10,000 reward for anyone finding any statements in DI's work that could be construed as antisemitic...I'm offering it . . 

  6. 29 minutes ago, Valentin Ion Hagiu said:

    Free electricity is true ... wach and do it yourself before saying something else :


    Absolutely ridiculous ...first video ...my immediate thought was these people were morons who never had a basic education in physics or engineering ...but looking closer they may not be so stupid , that video has 6 million views and has adverts every 3 minutes !   ...that must earn them something ....


    Of course it's all BS , such things have been on youtube for decades now ... if that simple contraction could put out 5 KW those people would have mass produced them , they'd be everywhere , each one putting out 5 x24 = 120KWhrs/day = $10/day EVERY DAY! 

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  7. 33 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    @oz93666 Interesting I wasn't aware he actually ate small children. 

    Hi Fluke ...

    I can't be 100% sure on that ( probably not to often , he was always broke and I guess children  would be expensive) ...But reading between the lines , the sort of excessive personality he was .. opened up to any sort of spirits , he did call himself the "wickedest" .... And child sacrifice goes on a lot within the elite  , so I'm fairly certain he did it.


    33 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    Blavatsky again I found her works unreadable. Almost the ramblings of mad lady, perhaps not helped because it was translated from russian? 


    Blavatsky and the rest have all mostly been forgotten .... but Crowley remains and has a very big following , many very active forums ... most people into him are lost big time .... All the more reason for a Second Beast to get these people re-aligned with the light ....


    The irony has not escaped me that the Beast (myself) who's  call sign is 666 .... is asking people to turn to God and Pray ...lol  ...You could not make it up ! 


    Karl Mollison has channeled Crowley ...  https://www.getwisdom.com/channeling-series/page/7/

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  8. Welcome to the Forum Valentine .... I've watched your 12 min video , and IMHO , it's really not too bad ....


    Much I disagree with ( free energy by using a motor to drive a generator and people all around us reading our minds) ... But I think you've got the important parts right , it's an ET conspiracy and the prevalence of mind control .... 


    I would suggest it's no good making a video telling us your ideas of what  reality is ... better HOW DID YOU ARRIVE AT THESE IDEAS .... what are your experiences and sources . 

  9. 4 hours ago, Rudy matos said:

    I have Read David icke books years ago when i was literally 14 I recently rediscovered his youtube videos and it seems like he has the same premise as a global cabal with intent to rule humanity but it seems that he has strayed away from the alien/reptilian aspect of his initial theories. 


    I think you've hit the nail on the head Rudy .... 


    My understanding is David came upon the reptilian replacement theory  after encountering many people who told him stories relating to this  , his belief was  these people were  being guided towards him by a higher benign force , that it was important he get this story out ..... He met an MI5 agent who confided in him ... David asked him "What is the Biggest Secret you and MI5 know"...he replied  "the royals are not human , they're  shape shifting reptilians" ...

    After much soul searching David decided to make the reptilian idea the core of his magnum opus , the most important book he ever wrote "The Biggest Secret " , and this is indeed the Biggest Secret , that many top people have been killed and replaced by shape shifting ET's ....


    So he published... The reaction was predictable .... David is only human .... so understandably in interviews , (it seems) he would prefer the subject was not brought up , it's hard enough convincing people 9/11 was an inside job , never mind the reps!! .... So it's gone on the back burner ... perhaps David is not as convinced as he was , he does seem in come confusion about what/who the reps are exactly , tending to think of them as 'archons, daemons' ... not physical. ....


    No one man  can do everything , and luckily we have many sources who have confirmed David's initial insight , and massively clarified the whole situation.


    Preeminent among these sources is Karl Mollison ... He explains the reptilians are one of 3 groups of ET's who work together to enslave humanity ... the reptilians have the unique ability to shift form and  become human ... so they often kill and replace political leaders , for more effective control of humanity .... these three groups are physical ET's ..extremely advanced technologically , and mostly manipulate humanity by  mind control , both psychic , and using tech (3/4/5G) ...




  10. 2 hours ago, metak88 said:

    Forum member @oz93666 considers himself his successor.  😉


    Who's been talking dirty about Mr Crowley while I've been sleeping ???


    Yes It's true ... I am the successor to Crowley .... He laid the foundation for a new religion , Thelema destined to guide humanity into our new paradise reality .... he was the first prophet , the "Great Beast" ... I am the second , the "Red Beast" .... It's a bit similar to Christianity where  the head is the pope ... and there have been a long line of popes..... "Pope Pius IX " ...  "Pope John III " etc 


    So there will be a long line of Beasts . Each new Beast clarifies and expounds the Thelemic doctrine ....


    I had known from an early age my destiny ... and bought every Crowley book there was , immersed myself in his teachings .... What effect did this have? ... Did I start sacrificing children and other depraved things ??? ... No I devoted myself wholeheartedly to Yoga and personal development  (intellectual and spiritual) ,and seeking communion with my Holy Guardian Angel  to have greater clarity on my purpose in life and how to realize  it ....because , believe it or not , that is what Crowley's  teachings advise.


    So within 6 years  I had absorbed all his information , discarded his books and developed my own ideas ...


    Make no mistake ....Crowley was not one of the good guys ! He did rape torture and eat small children .. ( not something to joke about) ... he has incurred a VERY heavy  Karmic debt .


    Those behind the  creation of Thelema were the dark fallen Angels and malevolent ET's who control all things here ... their goal was to corrupt humanity into deeper depravity with this new religion ... But rules dictate , for something like a religion , and for it to take off , it has to have balance of dark and light ... So there is plenty of dark in there , and plenty of light , you can take what you want ..... It's the same with christianity and all the rest of the religions ....


    So what new insights have I brought to Thelema ??? 


    It is the cult of bliss and ecstasy realized through tantric sexual union  and the path of Yoga ....


    Those on this path must perfect their Yoga .... all postures ,

    but particularly for the male , this one .....                      This is the preparation for divine union ....


    BKS-Iyengar-Padmasanapetit.jpg                    yab-yum-fdea9e95-905e-414c-8377-8d0953c8



    For many reasons Zero Gravity is required to optimize sexual union .....


    This is the paradise  which awaits humanity , But first we have to get the Dark ones off our backs , unless we do that , all will be lost and humanity destroyed  .....


    So this is the message I have for you all at this critical time .....


    Re energize your believe in God/Creator /Divine Realm ...

    Pray that this higher forces unite with humanity in healing and forgiving the Dark ones oppressing us ,

    that they depart and leave us in peace  ....


    I'm more than happy to answer questions , keep them precise.



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  11. 3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    And most patriots will be put off joining the army now that they're cracking down on patriotic sentiment, all while they do these massive diversity recruitment drives too. Then we also have the media pushing constantly pushing anti-white propaganda to make people hate us further. If people can't see that this is a recipe for disaster then they're naive as hell.


    I expect if unrest does occur the politicians will make sure the army stands down or is ineffective ... we see this already happening in America ....


    Extraordinary that for decades this influx of military age Muslim males has occurred into Europe , and is still occurring into UK being put up in 5 star hotels !!  It's as if the public and politicians are in a trance .... Mollison tells us this is all done by mind control , the ET's have very sophisticated tech , targeted and the public and particularly politicians ....


    So when the politicians direct the army ineffectively during the coming troubles , they are not traitors ... just under powerful mind control   

  12. 17 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Oppps ... that's quiet a stash !!!... (picture from your link) 




    I was about to say I thought the UK was fairly weapons free , but your second link shows arms were found in a UK mosque ...I expect MI5 secretly assisted in their delivery .


    So , perhaps , first the economy will crash , an inevitable consequence of corona ... rapid inflation , dole money or wages won't buy enough food , then armed  Muslims  will make their move , take control of supermarkets , intercept food deliveries .. declare Shariah law in European countries 

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  13. Just now, Deus_Videt said:

    Seems to be an English equivalent of Common Core math.



    Of course ... this does not happen by chance , education has been intentionally corrupted to make learning frustrating so people give up ....


    The medical system is designed to keep you sic and slow kill 


    The legal system is designed to keep the most number of criminals out on the street 


    The ET's who control the cabal make sure society is sabotaged ! 

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  14. We here a lot about the US falling apart , but the same thing is happening in Europe , from Sweden to Amsterdam to France increased rioting and no go areas ...


    This from infowars today ....



    Gangs have set up road blocks in a suburb of Gothenburg, Sweden, amid a surge in violence between warring criminal networks, according to reports.

    Vehicles passing through makeshift checkpoints in the Hammarkullen neighborhood of Angered have been inspected by gang members, sources told Sveriges Radio.

    “It is completely unacceptable, it is the police who are responsible for order in society and not criminal networks,” said police chief Erik Nord.

    "Yesterday we did not really get there before they withdrew. We take this very seriously as it creates a great deal of insecurity.”

    The checkpoints were reportedly established following multiple shootings in the area, which authorities believe may be linked.

    “We have drawn connections between the events and we believe that it may be part of a serious conflict between criminal networks. That is why we have gathered forces to combat acts of violence,” said Nord, explaining the crisis has been classified as a 'red mode' emergency.

    “Now it has turned and there is a conflict between a couple of criminal networks that is escalating. We have a red status with a clear risk of further violence. Red is a situation where there is an immediate and high risk that it may erupt in further violence. And there we are now. It's a serious situation.”

    Gang warfare has become an extremely serious issue in many Swedish cities and 'no-go zones.'

    The migrant ghetto of Araby in Växjö exploded in violence over the weekend amid a rash of shootings, explosions, car fires, and beatings, according to Fria Tider.

    One woman told local media she had fled war in her home country, but was encountering similar circumstances in Araby.


  15. Infowars is covering this now .....

    "A large gathering of protesters yelled “pedophiles” at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London, the home of the royal family.

    So far, major mainstream outlets – particularly BBC and Sky News – have been silent on covering the incident.

    “Just thought I’d share what is happening in London outside Buckingham palace since you won’t see this on the news because the first news channel that shares this will be sacked!” said one Twitter user.

    The event was reportedly organized on Facebook by the anti-child trafficking group ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London.’

    The march began Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and also included a rally at Parliament Square.

    Attendees were encouraged to wear white T-shirts to show solidarity and similar protests were held in Liverpool and Manchester...."

    The footage has been viewed by millions despite the mainstream media not reporting on the protest."

  16. 1 hour ago, Seeker said:

    I was hoping if someone could clear this up for me please, I always thought the people who ruled the world were satanists, or like sabattean frankists as David Icke calls. And they the same as Jewish people or different? I always thought they were different as regular Jewish people have been shafted in the past by the elites, are the elites an offshoot of Judaism or satanists posing as Jews? As for the nonhuman side of things, they do satanic rituals interacting with demons, they wouldn’t waste their time with it if there’s was nothing to it


    I think it's a bit like politics ... we have communism and fascism the two opposites ... but in practice the end result is identical , a dictatorial elite ruling the masses    The controllers know they're the same , but the foot soldiers believe in their side ...


    So we have satanism , lucifarianism , kaballah , witchcraft  ... the people at the top believe in none of it .. different flavors of the same thing to cater to different tastes , for wide catchment  .... it will all come down to torturing raping and eating children

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  17. 15 minutes ago, Seeker said:

    So 2 people I know personally went to get tested recently, both didn’t turn up as something came up on the day, their results came back positive... not the first time we have heard this. How does this even happen 


    It could be down to Freemasons in top positions in Hospitals knowingly fixing  the figures ...they will not understand the whole story , perhaps they were told "Look , the public are not taking covid seriously , inflate figures so then they'll wear masks" ... The other possibility is ET mind control ....


    Thailand has not had one new death for months ! with the same population as UK it has One thousand times less "deaths" ... such countries are just not infiltrated by freemason type groups 

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  18. Who the fuck is running the Uk.???


    Here he is .... it's Mr Burns ....




    That said I don't believe Boris is aware of the fake nature of covid and it's part in the impending collapse ... He will be taking direction from his 'scientific advisors ' and others ... but mainly influenced by mind control from the real ET controllers ...That's why it looks like he's blundering around ... watching his U turns the public will never suspect a conspiracy.. that's the idea!  

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  19. What you need to survive ???? ...a 9Hr video .....I can tell you in 9 secs 


    A strong underground shelter packed full of food .... And a tazer light saber ( see my thread on how to make it) 


    But you know no one here will do anything ... they can type out letters on a key board , but have no interest or energy enough to take action to save themselves ....


    So they'll just keep typing away till either the vaccine , or plague or famine  gets them ... or if lucky they will survive long enough till the reps show up and eat them! 


    Edit .... Just looked at your link ....it's really excellent  ...from the Health ranger .... he gets the whole picture "There is a specific set of actions that you must take in order to survive. Those actions are not merely "preparedness" activities, but also relocation."


    Here's a brief exert from your link ... This is from the Health Ranger , a very level headed chap...




    As the collapse accelerates. Those who live in cities and suburbs will face mass starvation. City dwellers will be the first to panic, and they will spill out of the cities, raiding suburbs and rural areas in search of food, medicine, firearms and shelter.


    Entire nations will fall into chaos. Regional wars will break out, and global warfare between nations may quickly commence.


    Local power grid infrastructure will be targeted by those seeking chaos, and power grid failures will add to the chaos that's already set in motion by the food collapse and financial "freeze."


    As we've already learned from the lawless riots of 2020, police cannot help you. The police are being defunded in Democrat-controlled cities, and even National Guard troops are being ordered to stand down. When the chaos comes to your door, there will be no one coming to your aid.

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  20. Hi Garry ....How up to speed are you on the SSP .... Tony Rodriguez ....  Elena kapulnik....Randy Cramer and the rest ...? 


    It seems their revelations put your discoveries into context. 

  21. Why not tell your boss you will try it out .... wear it the few minutes when he's around ... when out on the road , let it slip a bit , wear it around your neck ... play a game with them ... try to hang on to your job as long as possible , be a thorn in the side of those forcing compliance . 

    If you pretend your doing your best , your boss might turn a blind eye , he doesn't want to sac you .... all the time you are on the road half wearing , you send a message to the public. 

  22. 5 minutes ago, RE:fresh said:

    Real estate is the best investment. It's about what is actually valuable.


    You need somewhere to live ... but a good investment it is definitely not ... as the controllers plan to exterminate us , by one way or another ...


    Once the deaths start to mount , property prices will dive .

  23. I had a look at that yahoo link ... what caught my attention was the other news items there ... two of them designed to increase membership to BLM ... Coincidentally they surveyed me , asked if I would recommend Yahoo to friends and reason ... I said no ...reason ..."race baiting ...Just on this page " Black man shot in back by police" ...another article "white woman accuses black man of robbing own car "


    All these corporations and media are owned by the shadow government , and desperate to start a race war.

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