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  1. 7 hours ago, Ethel said:


    Again, I mostly agree with this. The spiritual community is full of dead ends and toxic spiritual bypassing. And the ETs you're referring to, I guess, are Archons and Reptilians. Surely once we are aware of this paradigm we can do something about it? I refuse to give in to those parasites.


    There is something we can do Ethel ....I urge you to check out this site ....https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos    just pick one of the channelings that takes your fancy , they all cover the same information .... I' convinced this is the best source there is ....

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  2. 9 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    The soul CANNOT be captured. It is not INSIDE the body.


    Rather, your soul is WITH GOD, but it is remotely LINKED/CONNECTED to your physical body.


    Would God really put a Soul inside us that can be captured/tormented in this plane???


    Would God - smart enough to design BIOLOGICAL CELLS & DNA and a multi-dimensional universe - really give Humans a "Soul that can be captured"?


    Dumbass Satanists may believe soul capture and such is possible. I don't think it is possible.




    I wouldn't bet on it HiC ...God appears to have made some pretty big blunders in the construction of this reality ... The biggest is that it's possible for any of us to be picked and put through a regime of mind control torture , at the end of this you are virtually a robot that follows commands. Not 1 in a million can resist this , and we can be sent out to do murder and torture and god knows what ... and WE carry a karmic dept for this !! That's right , it's an energy thing , and karma  will seek out the perpetrator , even though he's under mind control ....


    All that said , I believe God is still the only bet we have for getting the dark forces off our backs ....working with him. 


    9 hours ago, HistoryIsComplex said:

    Would God really put a Soul inside us that can be captured/tormented in this plane???



    Well we have put our soul in this body and this body can  be captured and tortured , we (the soul) is temporarily trapped   .... The soul is the YOU ...it experiences this reality the joy and the pain..... 

  3. Just now, Seeker said:

    What do you reckon happened to Diana’s soul.... moon 


    From memory ( it's 20 years since I read the Biggest Secret) ... I think David said her mind control handler was in the underpass  and fixed her with a hypnotic gaze and "captured " her soul as he killed her  ... reports from others that ET's have tech for containing souls , not sure if this is true .... She would have almost certainly  been killed in the underpass and not died  as reported , in the ambulance ....


    The moon was not full then ... I think full moon is ideal , but rarely falls on festival dates. 

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  4.  DI covered in The Biggest Secret both location and date were significant 


    The underpass crash happened at the crossing of two ancient roads , story is the cabal had an underground ceremonial chamber under the intersection of these two roads where sacrifices were performed ... fast forward a few hundred years and the intersection is dug up and the underpass built , so the crash would have occurred in the exact spot this ancient underground chamber once existed, about 5 meters below original ground level  ...


    This would be on a ley line point for magnification and insertion into Earth grid of the malevolent energy 


    This date   is a feast day /holiday ...today in the UK 31st is a Bank Holiday 


    many ancient christian  "Feast Days " on this date 


    Christian feast day: 31st Aug 


    So it's a feast celebration day for bankers and christians ..... the Queen is head of the Christians in England ... rumored she did feast on parts of Diana's dead body , no doubt including the unborn child ... Probably  in a ceremony with Rothschild  bankers in attendance , grabbing a bite to eat on their day off .


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  5. Don't all rush ! ...


    There will be like minded people in your area , they're just not on this forum ... Look at the Trafalgar Square meeting , perhaps 10,000 people ...


    Most of these will live in your area !  It's just finding and connecting with them ...


    I don't know who organised the TS meeting , but I would imagine they have a network connecting people ...


    I would suggest you have a goal in mind ... It's too late in the day just to chat ... The real goal must be to live together in a survival community .. If you put that idea out there I'm sure others are thinking along the same lines  ...Be prepared to move ...


    Not sensible to buy property or land , rent it , then you have plenty of cash spare ... in a few years the system will probably break down and no one will be collecting rent or evicting anyone. 

  6. 10 hours ago, Ethel said:

     I don't need to pray for an intervention because I know we are the intervention. We are infinite consciousness, we can do or be anything. We are the intervention. 


    I believed that for a long time .... " We are all powerful , We create our reality " I now see it as new Age propaganda put out there by malevolent forces so we fail ..... Our core being is "infinite consciousness" but we are operating through a body with limitations and restrictions ... we are up against ET's with mind control that can manipulate us like puppets 

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  7. 3 hours ago, jonesthepost said:

    When has ‘god’ ever intervened in any world crisis? In the massacre of humans; in the mass paedophilia that happens; in all the atrocities that have happened for centuries?


    Cite me one instance - with hard proof.


    And why, if you believe all the god etc stuff, are you scared to die?


    This is a FREE Will Experiment ....  This is the reason there is evil here ... that is possible with free choice  ...If God keeps butting in then that counterveens our free will ... It's a bit like if you had a 20 year old son ... he should be standing on his own feet , not keep looking for cash fro his father ... this is the challenge for us here to handle things ourselves .... But we are told these are extreme circumstances . We have no chance of beating he ET's oppressing us except with Divine help ... but if we don't ask for this , it's assumed we are happy to try alone .... Most people don't even believe in a higher power , the dark forces have virtually erased that . So first we have to believe , then Pray ... Karl Mollison explains it all ...


    Who said I am Afraid to die ??? I am taking sensible measures to ensure I live as long as possible . As long as you are alive , holding a body , you are in the game and are able to effect what occurs on Earth by Prayer and action  ...once dead , you are on the side lines , watching .

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  8. 3 hours ago, Heavenman said:

    I am currently on chapter 6, and so far I have found it be a great read. The story, so far, has a great direction and there is just so much information to take in. 

    Without giving away too much, I am extremely heartened by David recurring theme that there is help coming from a higher source. 


    Oh really !! I had no idea David was into this idea ... can you elaborate ??? 


    I too am convinced of this ... but it all depends on humanity Inviting this help ...


    This is a free will Universe and evolved beings won't mess in other peoples affairs .. Unless invited ...


    So however you imagine this "Higher Source" ..Reach out to it and invite it to assist humanity  heal and remove the dark forces oppressing us...


    Karl Mollison goes into this all in great detail ...getwisdom.com  

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  9. 13 hours ago, Hegel Schmegel said:

    ...... Would like to at some point pen a favorable review of it


    That's what I like to hear Hegel .... Not a review but just a summary ,  in a few sentences of what DI says "The Answer" is ....


    I guess this is the Answer to the current predicament we find ourselves in ???? (covid) 


    I think I know what David says is the Answer .... that we must all stand up and refuse to obey .... Well we know that , problem is most won't , so we all go down. 

  10. 23 minutes ago, Yasmina said:

    What do you predict is coming oz? 


    Most analysts .... Including DI believe an economic collapse will be the inevitable consequence of lock down , small businesses closing ,and  millions of extra unemployed , it will be helped along by  cabal manipulations  ....


    It's all about FOOD ... when people arn't getting enough,  they will loot supermarkets and the whole system will break down , when the supermarkets are all  empty all that will be left for hungry people to do is go house to house ...


    So First of all you need a food stockpile and a means of protecting it ... The light saber should be all you need , once the marauding mutants get a few thousand volts , they will soon scurry off to look for softer targets ...


    Second level of protection is going underground .... first a space big enough to store food , but  ideally for you to get in as well 

    36 minutes ago, Yasmina said:

    Is it possible to make an underground bunker in a small garden though? 

    Sure .... I built one under my kitchen in a house in London .... this was a fairly big 3x4x2 meters ... I was renovating the house at the time , and took the opportunity to build this secret space to grow cannabis .... outlet air went down the sewer ... I needed skips to take away the soil ..neighbors noticed nothing it was mixed with building rubble 


    You don't need one that big . If you have a ground floor kitchen perhaps a washing machine is sitting in the corner , you can use this to hide the entrance .... This has the advantage you have access to it from inside your house , no one will know you have built it  ....


    You need to get that boyfriend off the couch and get him to bang a hole under where the washing machine sits , to get things started .... 


    If Outside in the garden it need not be totally underground , but you really need someone with building experience ...concrete ....


    As for the parts for the light saber you might have difficulty getting elsewhere ... ebay is only place I know for the high voltage part ... I used eBay all the time when I lived in UK , takes about a month to arrive  

  11. Well how nice .... what could be wrong with that Deca??  Your not one of those conspiracy nuts are you ....


    You know Mr Musk has warned us about the dangers of AI ... so he's watching out for us ...I think we can trust him .... And he's into Tesla , and solar panels and electric cars , that shows he's on our side .... 


    He's done exceptionally well during covid ... many going bankrupt , but not Mr Musk 


    How did Elon Musk's wealth triple during Covid-19? America's ...

    Aug 21, 2020 - As many people grapple with the biggest economic meltdown since ... Elon Musk is now the 5th-wealthiest person in the world, so who's richer?
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  12. I watched the first 10 minutes of that Alexa ...... Stupidist thing imaginable , low budget .... It is nothing like what is about to unfold .... They won't be going out rounding people up in transit vans !!

    just cut off the food and people will be queuing up to get into the camps for one meal a day including vaccines and the mark 


    By the way , I already have my version of the 'Mark of the Beast' tattooed on my right hand ... done 30 years ago ...I've never , ever regretted it 


    This is it , without the circle 



  13. 3 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:


    Is it just me or have the Daily Mail, just deleted 15,000 or more comments from last night,

    the majority being in favour of the March and against the Con Virus lies.


    Also look at the number of Youtube views of DI speaking in Trafalgar Square .... only 3,000 ... I don't believe that for a minute ...


    They probably have a formulae , outright ban of some videos might backfire , people can watch on other platforms , so they marginalize by reducing the view numbers  

  14. 11 minutes ago, Doc said:

    I agree with everything you have said Oz, except the last sentence. I've never been a religious person. The most important thing we can do is keep talking to each other. If food shortages and economic chaos is to follow it's best to be on good terms with the people who live near you and form local communities again to share knowledge and help each other. TPTB hate local action.They have been striving for decades to separate us from each other. 'Every man for himself' is a big part of the problem we are facing..


    I have never believed in 'God' either .... till a year ago , it was the missing part of the puzzle which completed the picture ... Either way "there are no atheists in fox holes" ... this I have experienced first hand , when your life is seriously threatened the instinct is to pray , so perhaps it has to get bad before enough people pray for divine intervention ...then it will happen .


    Community and sharing knowledge sounds very fine , no one can fault that , but when there is no food (except in government camps) , it will come down to family ... 


    This will be a whole lot easier for people if they get out of cities and get prepared ... these are the good times , you can still buy all the food you want...stock up! 

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  15. It's great to see thousands of people out in Berlin ...Trafalgar Square .... It gladdens the heart to see some people at least will stand up ... but if truth be told , the controllers don't care what you do ... They have game planned it all with AI , have multiple counter moves for whatever we do . If by some very remote chance people should rebel in any numbers , not wear masks , they simply release a real plague ... then half the people in your street will be dead .... you will see their bodies laid outside their houses , the death wagon will come by everyday to scoop them up , and everyone will curse DI and truthers for encouraging non compliance.


    The controllers would prefer not to do it that way ... vaccination is a more orderly and under-control method of extermination ....


    So what do they have planned for the Near future ??? Most experts  , including David , are agreed on this .... economic collapse ... not just a hiccup, but a real collapse , Empty Stomachs ! .... It is the inevitable result of shutting down so many businesses having millions more unemployed , and of course the cabal will manipulate things so it happens too ( perhaps just before the US election)  . This could be survivable , except that there are a few % or the population who will not quietly go hungry ... they will loot supermarkets and high-jack food delivery trucks.... 

    “Every society is three meals away from chaos” - Vladimir Lenin


    Aug 17, 2011 - Britain is only ever four meals away from anarchy. So says MI5 and they know a thing or two about public order....


    So deal with covid in the right way  , certainly don't wear a mask and  go on marches if you can  , but don't imagine that will be enough . Your main preoccupation should be thinking the next move ahead and preparing for what's coming  ...


    The most important thing you can do is Pray for Divine Intervention .  

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  16. That brought tears to my eyes . Wonderful to see David get such a warm reception ...


    I think the mail article was pretty good , almost hostile to the establishment ...Quote ..."The former Labour leader's older brother was filmed being taken away from Trafalgar Square by a gaggle of mask-wearing police officers who hauled him into a van..."


    Not sure why Corbyn keeps getting arrested he's doing nothing others aren't doing 

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  17. 2 minutes ago, rideforever said:


    In Ukraine significant numbers of humans called for a saviour, and Porochenko appeared.



    Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko is a Ukrainian businessman and politician who served as the 5th President of Ukraine from 2014 to 2019. He served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2010, and as the Minister of Trade and Economic Development in 2012. Wikipedia


    Hmmm ... I guess he didn't deliver ... I'm not suggesting we need a Saviour ... ANY human cannot be relied upon the powers and tech the ET's have can neutralize them ...


    Beings more powerful than the ET's that oppress us are around , they're non physical and waiting for an invitation to help. 

  18. It seems very strange to me that a group like this should require any funding at all ...The public are sold the image of this being a grass roots group , just normal people showing up spontaneously and protesting ... Not easy to get just how much they do get in donations ... We know the Ford foundation gave $100 Million ... it's thought Soros gave even more ... many companies donate , and the public ... there are no records of how many hundreds of Millions $ and no indication of where this money goes ..... 


    I find it very hard to believe the violent thugs we see demonstrating are there out of a sense of social injustice , such people are self serving , I suspect many are paid .....


    And so does Rand Paul .Yesterday he was besieged by a  crowd of 100 BLM people who were waiting for him , he believes he was lucky to escape with his life  . He said ...


    “I believe there are going to be people who are involved with the attack on us that actually were paid to come here, are not from Washington, D.C., and are sort of paid to be anarchists,” he declared. “This is disturbing because really, if you’re inciting a riot that’s a crime, but if you’re paying someone to incite a riot that person needs to go to jail as well.”

    Was Paul referring to George Soros?            https://www.infowars.com/rand-paul-believes-mob-who-assaulted-him-paid-to-be-anarchists/


    I would imagine politicians are also bribed to "Take the knee" and sanction the sort of rubbish pictured below 



  19. 2 hours ago, Alnitak said:

    Hey lovely Admins, can we have a new forum section called regional groups or something similar? Then people can make regional groups within it? Clock is ticking we need to get local groups together sooner rather than later. Many of us hate facebook and dont go there! We need to make something here if possible. We know you are all busy but a new section to add local groups would be brilliant.


    @GarethIcke @Webmaster


    You don't need a new section for this ...three weeks since you first asked this question ... so what do you think the answer is .... ?

    Just get on with it , time is slipping by ...just start a thread  ..."Anyone in the Manchester area?"  or whatever ... a thread for each region . 


    In reality I suspect we are too spread out .... Are there a few dozen active members ?? Well I'm in  Thailand ...perhaps 6 in the US ...4 in Mainland Europe , 3 in Australia  2 in Scotland  1 in Wales that leaves less than  a dozen spread out around the England  . 

  20. Yes... good rant ... Australia , New Zealand and Canada do appear to be going totally over the top ... all three are governed by the Queen , she will be directing policy , pushing things to the extreme to see what people will take .... if they should rebel , so what it's far from England she thinks , if they accept it , then the UK can see whats coming for them ....


    Sure people should rebel , but if they ever were to , in significant numbers a real plague would be released ....What we have now is just a practice run!!   lol !! 


    They have been planning this for decades , do you really think there is a way out???  They have planned for all eventualities , no way to fight this on a practical level ...


    Only calling for divine intervention can save humanity ....Pray ! 



  21. 11 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    @oz93666 Could you please clarify for us how exactly this is 'legal'?


    I draw your attention to this website's Guidelines, and in particular the following:



    Of course every country has different laws , where I live Tazers are not illegal to own .... But the item described in this thread  is not even a tazer , perhaps could be described as a cattle prod which are legal .... Either way the UK police do not take such things too seriously , as I mentioned above even a tazer they will only confiscate and not charge you ....


    I suggest a thread on making and sharpening knives could be construed as being more illegal , knifes are taken  seriously in the UK ...


    This device will not cause any harm , just keep marauding mutants at bay , and is the most friendly way to deal with home invaders .....


    But I don't suppose for a moment anyone here will make one , nobody has any practical skills these days , can only type on a keyboard ..... Neither will anyone make an underground shelter .... I can guide you through the whole process , with a design suited to your own circumstances.....


    People (even here) are unaware of what's coming ....very soon . .If they were they be out in their gardens digging with their bare hands , clawing at the earth to make a safe place .... 


    Lambs to the slaughter ! 



  22. 12 hours ago, shabbirss said:

    on an energetic level, if you analyze corwley's  LIFE .... it is tainted by his (evil) influence.
    whatever "powers" or so called "mystical experiences" crwoley experienced, in the end his life was misery.
    this shows you that it is not a positive path.


    You think I need to be told that shabbirss ?  I said very clearly in my first post  Crowley has incurred a VERY heavy  Karmic debt .... all the torment and suffering he has inflicted on others will come back to him and he will have to re-balance the energy , by being a victim in future lives .....


    Important to understand Crowley did not incarnate with evil intent ... none of us do ...Crowley, when alive , believed he was the re-incarnation of the magician Éliphas Lévi ... And Mollison's channeling of Crowley confirms Crowley had many past lives as magicians .... he incarnated with a plan to try to put things right , pay off bad Karma .... but as often happens , when he got here , corrupting dark spirits found it was an easy job to lead him astray , back into old bad habits , and he died with even more bad karma than when he arrived !! 


    Posts on this thread suggest  I have not explained clearly why Thelema has a role as positive force in our future ...Let me try again , using Christianity as an example ....


    I have said elsewhere , that in my youth , it appeared to me Christianity was a toxic plague on society , holding humanity back , that it should be wiped out , churches burnt down ...


    Many truthers are aware the higher you go up in the church , the more corrupt and evil it is ...Insiders tell us the  Pope and others perform satanic rituals torturing and killing children ....Pedophilia is rampant among priests , and covered up successive Popes ... New Vatican buildings are designed in homage to their reptilian masters 


    Vatican Audience Hall 





    But also the central Icon in Christianity the crucifix , is clearly Evil ... designed to keep Christians focused on torture , despair ,  suffering and slow death ...and this goes back thousands of years , so it appears  Evil was designed into Christianity from the very start ...And we should reject it all !! 



    Not so fast , it's not that easy .... Christianity has an equally positive side ,  and does have a very uplifting and Divine influence on millions of it's followers ... they have manage to take only that which is beneficial ... 


    In this dualistic  Free will reality any religion must offer a choice of both the dark and the light ...We must have a choice to test us! 


    So don't reject Christianity just because the latest Pope is a child sacrificing pedophile ! 


    And don't reject Thelema , just because the Great Beast was even more Wicked ...


    Contained within Thelema is a jewel of sublime wisdom which will take humanity to paradise and the stars ! 

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