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  1. First video is particularly excellent ... you can tell with in 5 secs it's quality ... right from 00:00 the content starts , no fluff , no run in .... Yet another very smart guy who is convinced this is all about food ... Stock up now , while it's still in the supermarkets ... The second video highlights extreme weather destroying crops and the incredible increase in forest fires all around the world ...this would be the SSP using advanced cloaked craft to fire start .... the cabal have an off world empire manned by millions of slave humans with very advanced tech.
  2. This video was made in 2010 ... features DI 's 2010 talk in Brixton ... I remember watching the first few minutes ,when it was on Youtube perhaps 5 years ago ... Now , as David is out and about more Trafalgar Square etc , the muckrakers have re released it .... I suggest this forum doesn't advertise it even more ... This whole thread needs deleting
  3. The question is Fluke , Why have you posted this here ? .. this video has been out many years ... Do you think DI hypnotizes children and molests them as is alleged ? .... If you post it you must think it's worthy of our attention ... The main characters in this production look like actors from a London gangster movie ... I doubt they have the intelligence to produce this film themselves , were paid actors in an MI5 hit piece.
  4. You probably knew of the incident already ... these threads stay for years , someone looking at it in 6 months wouldn't know ... Yes , she buckled out of fear .... people in these circumstances need to ask themselves ..."What they gonna do ?" They will take her down the station , charge her , and release her in a few hours !! Not NAZI Germany yet .. Imagine what the French resistance faced ! Hard core torture if discovered , now that takes courage ! Here she is after release , hair done and makeup on ..."I don't regret planning lock down rally "
  5. Unbelievably trashy low budget 10 min video ... no one speaking just printed text to read , and childish images. Apparently some planets are lining up on 9th Sept and something big will happen
  6. You are living in the past Mr H .... In all of our recorded history , of course land and property have been a good investment because the population just grows and grows !! Now is the time of the culling ... the controllers policy is very clear they plan to exterminate Billions of us .... so land and buildings will be empty and you will just be able to squat ... I've a feeling you are fairly new to all this .. and it does sound surreal and crazy , unlikely to happen .... but people who have been studying this a long time , like Alex Jones and David Icke have known this was coming for decades.
  7. That's what I like to hear .... get down to the tube and flout the law BC ... I'll start a go fund me for your fine .... But the advantage to my approach is you are let free to go and annoy and educate another enforcer ... the officer will give you a mask , when he's gone you take it off , go shopping and educate another enforcer .. Important , I believe, not to get hostile ... that was the video guys big mistake , it got physical ... nothing good comes of that ... keep it light , friendly , surreal .. Your main goal is to wake up the enforcer , not fight him !
  8. Here's what I would have done ... I assume masks are compulsory on the tube ... I've decided to flout the law , sit down in the train ... I see the police guy approaching ... I engage his eye's ... as he approaches I give a broad smile ..."you really don't want to do this officer ...do you ? " ... "is this what you joined the police for , to enforce this non sense ?" ... " you know covid is a lie to enslave humanity ?" So I would engage him in a humorous, light hearted way ... play with him ...educate him ... At one stage he will insist ... then I either have the choice to say ..." OK , I surrender , give me a mask I'll wear it " ...or go the rout of the guy in the video , bring the train to a halt , the officer will call for reinforcements , and it's off to the police station... Even if you only went half way and surrendered , it would still make a point and overload the enforcers , that would be enough .
  9. Well what does that mean in practice ??? Let's take a practical example ... take a look at this 2 min video Imagine you were the courageous non mask wearing guy ...what would you have done???
  10. Unbelievably moronic video from a guy whose taken a course about bullying .... He talks the audience like were children .... "I'm going to talk to day about bullying" ... writes on the white board the word BULLYING ...lol Spends 15 mins stating the obvious .... little relation to lock down .... The way you deal with lock-down/mask wearing enforcement is obvious ...you ask yourself ... "what they gonna do??? " The answer might be , take you to the police station , charge you , release you with in 3 hrs ... then you appear in court and find a 100 quid ... so the choice is yours ... Best to play with the enforcers push it as far as you can without getting prosecuted .
  11. Use it to make sure you can survive Brad .... If I were in the UK I'd find a remote place somewhere to rent ... tell the guy you want to build an underground shelter on his land ..Why would he object ?? offer to give him 2 years rent money in advance ... that's probably all you will have to pay , most people will be dead in 2 years , no one to collect rent , on one to evict you ... Buy food , solar panels storage batteries etc ... Any spare wealth gold or silver ..... This is not a practice run ... the old world is GONE
  12. Wow ... that's a big fire ! Over 100 firefighters in attendance .... I would put money on it being started by a cloaked craft firing on the building , just like the Californian and Australian forest fires ... The ET's will doing their bit to destroy food , creating anomalous weather destroying crops , and watch out for more fires like this one ... Growing your own food is hard work . If on a tight budget I would get mung beans , and sunflower seeds (with hulls from some pet food shops) , both for sprouting , they taste delicious are packed with vitamins and minerals , and extremely cheap ... 1 Kg seeds expands into 4 Kg of sprouts It is no easy task for the evil ones to sabotage the food supply ... This is an enormous undertaking ... If 50 million miss a meal every day , this will leave a whole lot of food unsold and will normally result in lower prices ... they have to attack production world wide! ..By far the easiest way is to attack distribution . If looters destroy supermarkets and new deliveries cannot be made without trucks getting high jacked cities will turn into anarchy within a few days
  13. Firstly 666 is a very wonderful number , the best there is ... it is Carbon , the basis of ALL known Life 666 if Life .... And the Evil ones have brainwashed you into hating life .... Secondly , the "supreme Being" does not go around "Removing" people ... the Supreme Being supports ALL Life ... in this free will universe , It's up to us to deal with Evil ... And you don't deal with it by Killing people , but by forgiveness and healing!
  14. The reason many in the truth movement don't advance their understanding much is they hang around with family ... mum, dad , brothers and sisters , uncles and aunts who have no interest in the subject and know nothing ...so their time is spent arguing about the very basics , and they never get onto more advanced issues like the SSP ... reps etc ... I have not seen any of my 'family' or had contact with them for over 45 years .... no idea where they are , or if they are alive ... I went out on my own and connected with people on my wavelength ... I suspect David is the same .... Wives and your own children are different , wives you choose and children are part of you and will have some of your understandings.
  15. Don't bring Christianity into this ... nothing to do with anything ... or even 'Satanism' Just look at all the graphics on this thread put out by Iron Maiden ....dead bodies , swords with blood dripping , axes with blood dripping dismembered bodies .... In a word Death ..... that is what they are pushing
  16. This prediction comes from Bloomberg a news outlet dealing with financial projections .... I expect figures are similar for Europe .... The main issue in all this is , when will the looters take the supermarkets and hijack delivery trucks ? Before the end of the Year ? The message being sent to rioters in Europe and the US is that the police will do nothing ... Following article from infowars ... https://www.infowars.com/it-is-being-projected-that-more-than-50-million-americans-will-be-fighting-hunger-by-the-end-of-this-year/ Michael Snyder | Economic Collapse - SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 Comments Even during the best of times, millions of Americans struggle with hunger, and these definitely are not the best of times. Because of all the crazy things that have happened so far in 2020, large numbers of people have been forced into dramatic lifestyle changes Many Americans have deeply cut their food budgets due to a lack of income, others are now only eating one or two meals a day, and we are seeing more demand at food banks around the country than we ever have before. It is quite obvious that massive numbers of people are really hurting, and Bloomberg is reporting that it is being projected that the number of Americans that are “fighting hunger” will rise to “more than 50 million” by the end of this calendar year… To me, that is an absolutely staggering figure. Right now, the U.S. has a total population of about 328 million people, and so that figure that Bloomberg quoted represents a sizable chunk of the country. And we certainly don’t have to wait until the end of the year for the numbers to get really, really bad. In fact, it is being reported that one recent survey found that approximately one-tenth of all U.S. households “haven’t had enough food in a given week”…
  17. Definitely sell ...Quick .... things are moving very fast now ...I'm surprised the property market hasn't collapsed already .... millions of people have lost their jobs , how can they pay mortgages? .... Just in the air industry many 100s thousands of lay offs just in the UK . These people had mortgages, probably received a compensation hand out , are hanging on to where they live hoping things will get better and they will be back to work ... we know this is false hope , they will soon put their houses on the market . And don't buy a new place ....RENT ... this is not rocket science .... when the vaccine comes out deaths will start to mount ,dead people don't need housed the property market WILL crash
  18. Terrible opening post from Buddica ! ...Are we supposed to understand what this is about from that ???? An Ausi woman is arrested in her home for organizing a covid protest via facebook , video is here ....https://banned.video/watch?id=5f4fafef838dfb0597e3897d That was her moment of fame and she blew it ...pleads ...offers to delete facebook post , still she gets arrested . She didn't know how to effectively embarrass and shame those police and wake them up ..... and Stand up to them .... She's not going to a torture camp! Will be released in a few hours ! Her arrest was a blessing in disguise , she was pregnant and was about to go to an ultrasound appointment ....insane ! Don't people know the damage that does?? She could have said ... " Look at you hiding behind those face masks ... you cannot hide , God will see it all ... there is tyranny coming down on Australia worse than NAZI Germany .. and you are the Gestapo" The police are more than happy to be filmed doing this , they think it intimidates the masses ...I suggest people in similar circumstances rehearse what they would say and do, be proficient with your camera/phone ... millions will see it all and the impact will be much greater than the protest meeting itself! ...
  19. Important to realize the ET's who control society, also have tech which can manipulate weather , cause earthquakes and volcanoes .... So it's no coincidence we see at this time a rise in all sorts of 'natural' disasters , forest fires , anomalous weather .... it will impact food production , all synchronized with politicians and covid also effecting production ... all part of the same plan ....economic collapse , food shortage
  20. You think anyone's gonna watch this garbage fluke ??? ...I gave it 1 minutue .... some idiot sitting in his car just rambling away !!! Why are you watching this rubbish ... there's so much on Youtube , you could be educating yourself about reality .... try this channel... https://www.youtube.com/c/MichaelSalla/videos Or this one ....https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos
  21. Many unknowns ...I'm not convinced 5G will make enough people noticeably ill, it has been running for years in many areas and no spikes in illness ....I'm not even convinced you can catch anything from anybody ... without spending many hours looking into these two areas I'm in the dark ...I just don't feel motivated to spend the time going down those rabbit holes ... I've got the general idea , and I'm just watching it play out now ... What will happen in the US? Is the ET mind influencing tech able to get large numbers to riot? ...When will the economy collapse ? ...US and Europe are the front lines .. dangerous places to be! , as well as NZ , Canada , Australia ... they are all in the cross hairs because they were the freest and most affluent .
  22. It's time people faced up to reality .... You don't think they have covered every eventuality ??? Why do you think Gates is so smug and confident ??? There is one glimmer of hope ... there maybe no infectious viruses at all ..... Some very smart medical people are telling us you can't catch anything ...it's all a lie ... 50M dead from Spanish flue could all be from jabs .... Black death (we are told) was from flea bites ... We all assume we catch colds and flue from others but I'm not convinced .... So maybe they can only get us with the vaccine.
  23. If 50% say no they release a real plague and the cabal move underground
  24. The politicians and Gates have already told us ...This is the new normal ... it will never end ... Truthers who study this full time say it's only the beginning of a plan to enslave us all ...inevitably the economy will crash some people will not be able to buy enough food and they will loot the supermarkets and society will collapse .... So forget about night clubbing , you need a strategy to stay alive ....get out of populated areas
  25. The democrat party must have gone completely insane if they think anyone will vote for them now ...It can only be explained by ET mind control/influence directed at Dem politicians ... Latest polls show black support for trump has doubled over the last month ... he will win , but then comes the postal votes ... America has gone crazy!
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