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  1. Of course the whole sick joke in the Christian saga is that the people who Christ was standing against , the Roman Empire , an Empire built on slavery , barbarity ,conquest and taxing citizens into the ground , has now become what we know of as Christianity ... The Roman Chatholic Church ...


    They have taught the Christians it wasn't them who put Christ to death ... they're not to blame ... It was God's Will he was Crucified ...LOL You couldn't make that up! 

    God's Will was that Christ would continue his ministry to old age , but God's Will does not rein in this free will domain. 


    And the Romans  have taught Christians to kneel before the representation of their wicked deed , the crucifix ! And eat his flesh and drink his blood  And the people get the message , unconciously " This is what happens to you if you oppose the evil that rules this Earth."




    The Roman Empire was Evil manifest in that day , the Reptilian Empire , certainly they will have twisted the Christian doctrin and the Bible 


    Our pressent discussion concerns the Old Testament , but that was certainly muddled too , to hide the fact the Elohim were ET's 

  2. 14 minutes ago, alexa said:


    Please - Read the book of Enoch. 😉

    Which part ?     But there we have the problem  some here putting too much credence on the Bible , which is just one source , which we all agree has been partly corrupted . 


    So to understand this very tricky area we have to explore many different sources and researchers , fit the jigsaw puzzle together. ..


    The sources I mention above have spent their lives on the Ancient alien issue , they have much to teach.

  3. On 3/30/2023 at 11:30 AM, alexa said:

    No - It was the fallen angels.


    It defienietly was not fallen angels! 


    Hasn't anyone here read Sitchen or Von Dainigan ?? or David Icke  The Biggest Secret ???


    These beings came in Space craft   They are the Annunaki they can physically mate with Earth women , despite being twice our size . They produced giants like Goliath to act as slave masters over us , they also produced a hybrid line that could pass as human the illuminati , who rule us now. 


    Fallen Angels are NON PHYSICAL and cannot cross the barrier into physicality ... they psychically corrupt the 'Advanced ' ET races and humans but are trapped in the lower 4th dimension.


    Here's the story of how Goliath came about , as a mating of an Earth woman and a "Son of Elohim" ... https://youtu.be/eyC-F9eRu0E?t=1471


  4. 13 hours ago, Mono Inc said:


    How is Musks image f##@ed?


    Quiet right ! The rocket got off the launch pad after all , and even managed to fly for a few minutes before blowing up ... That's a great sucess , as this video and Musk is constantly brainwashing everyone to believe ... It was a great triumph! 


    We know the launch pad was blown apart by the trust of the engines , and showerd lumps of concrete everywhere doing extensive damage to nearby tanks and other equipment  , but no one could have forseen that ... And we know the FFA have now blocked future flights untill they review the damage caused to nearby homes , wildlife and the environment from flying concret and dust ....


    So all in all a great sucess and learning experience. 


    But I don't blame Musk or his team , they will all be targeted by mindcontrol to make such disasters happen ... and of cource the ET controllers  can easily cause any rocket to blow up without leaving evidence.


    Bottom line They do not want people in space ... Only rockets putting up 5G mind control satelites .


    So Musk is bailing out ... there was talk of Space X going bankrupt in this video 

  5. 11 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    Where does Space Force fit in to what you believe to be true?

    The Space Force was established by Trump  in 2019 .... their craft  have flames coming out the back (are rockets) so it's all a distraction , like Musk's space venture.


    True SSP uses anti gravity which changes the whole ball game , you can craft as big as aircraft carriers that can wizz effortlessly around the solar system.




    The controllers are getting the public ready for limited spun disclosure ... hence the  increasing number of UFO sightings ... Trump's space force was probably also part of this process of aclimatising the public ... So if soon, the true SSP is partly revealed, the public (who are half asleep) will say , "Oh we know about that , that was Trump's idea" 

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  6. 17 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    Ok, Cool mate, I thought you might be interested because it's channelled information from spiritualists.


    Acording to God (as channeled by Karl Mollison) 95% of channelling is disinfo ... Annunaki Psycics notice any such outreach and impersonate lofty sources to confound seekers of truth .... the only way to avoid this is to be sure to connect through God ....

    If the channeled  manuscript perports to prove 'Christianity to be of heathen origin' , this sounds like the sort of thing the dark side would be behind ...

    This 2 minute video explains the problem with channeling ...




  7. 5 hours ago, Macnamara said:

    The Cabal, The 4th Dimension & The Simulation | David Icke



    That's a pretty good video IMHO it's quiet recent And I would agree with it , except for DI describing this reality as a Simulation 

    Simulation ....deffinition ..
    an imitation of a situation or process.
    ...the action of pretending; deception.
    "clever simulation that's good enough to trick you"
    He talks of a 4th dimension , the astral plane and he says that's where the beings reside who manipulate our world ...
    He talks of the 5th dimension where truth resides and we can see clearly reality. 
    All of that is fairly accurate IMHO.  The dark spirits (fallen Angels ) reside in the 4th , they are behind all the trouble , having corrupted (possessed) physical ET's Billions of years ago ....
    It is these physical ETs who are here now practically manipulating our society via the illuminati and directly . To ignore these physical beings is a big mistake as they are where the rubber hits the road . Those in the 4th can only  psychically influence others , physical ET's can interact physically with our world ... Kill us with weapons 
  8. 3 hours ago, Macnamara said:


    your name 'oz' is from crowley's 'liber oz', 93 is the 93rd current which is what thelemites say they are and 666 crowley took as his own number as the 'great beast'


    so i'm surprised you are not giving a kabbalistic interpretation for example that jesus would correspond to the sphere of tiphareth, the heart chakra. Some would also ascribe the sun to that sphere so there is your fire


    I do indeed regard myself as Crowleys successor ... The second Beast in the Thelemic tradition ... he was the Great Beast , I am the Red Beast ...


    I was schooled from an early age in the old Magical systems , including Kabbalah ...Now  , I regard Kabbalah as a relic of the past , defunct , of no value ...


    Number certainly is important , but a new system of interpreting number must arise , based not opinion , but on hard provable science ....


    The number 93 is very important , it's the number of Thelema itself , and Agape 




    93 is the first transuranium element . That's to say,  all of known creation consists of 92 elements .. 93 is the first element made by man (in nucear reactors) it is a creation of his will and opens up new posibilities and dangers 


    6 and 666 are simply Carbon the foundation of all life ... 




    Crowley and his work were heavily corrupted by the dark , even so  he managed to get the  basics right...

    That the most noteworthy aspect of our reality is WILL .. free will reigns here ( it doesn't in othere parts of creation where karmic payback is much more immediate , making deviation almost imposible) ... We and other beings have total free will , if our will is in alignment with LOVE it will be empowered by GOD ...


    Yes .... The big surprise is ...There is a God 


    So it's ...... Do What Thou Will Shall be the whole of the Law ... Love is the Law Love Under Will ....


    This lays out the rules of engagement . We are in a death struggle with the forces of evil which are also allowed free will .. These are prescent in the form of malevolent ET's and non physical dark spirits ... Without divine help it is imposible to win . The only way we can is to call on God to send healing love to these creatures so they move on . 


    Crowley was also groping around in the right areas , he knew the way forward involved  Sex , Drugs and Yoga 

  9. 9 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    Which one? ;) (SSP) 


    We can break down the Secret Space Program into two camps ....


    The first group are the NAZIs ... They didn't just disapear after WWII , they had plenty of notice the end was coming and evacuated their best scientists and engineeres to a  base in Antartica . There , with continued help from the malevolent ET's they developed avanced craft , soon had a base on the moon  and then a base on Ceres a large body in the Asteroid belt . This group is called the "Dark Fleet" 


    The other group are the US and this has subgroups in it  one under US airforce command one under US Navy control , there maybe others ... but we can refer to this group as  "Solar Warden" .... It has over 1 million personell off world taken from the armed forces and civilian population , these people believe they are protecting the Earth from bad ET's , in reality they are a mind controlled army which the ET's plan to use to destroy humanity. 


    The Dark Fleet had a head start on the US and so have better tech and are in a position to threaten and make bargains with the US ... they need personell which the US can supply.... here's the story of someone  sold to the Dark Fleet , he was originally property of the illuminati from the age of 9 


    Here's a general backround video covering the basics ...



  10. 5 minutes ago, pi3141 said:


    And this one - again from Devils Pulpit.



    As the name Jesus itself is really none other than the ancient Persic name for the sun, with a Latin termination, the radical word itself, I. ES, signifying I, the one, the alone ; and ES, the fire —that is, the one great fire, which is the sun, and which, worshipped under the name Hercules, compounded of (Greek)^, the light, the universal fire, which was the same Jesus Christ, and under the name -Aesculapius, compounded of :(Greek), the fire, the universal father, which was the same Jesus Christ, and under the Greek name of (Greek), Apollo - that is, apart the many, which v/as the same Jesus Christ, and under the Latin of Sol, or Solus, the One, the Alone, which is the same Jesus Christ.

    Hmmm .... I'm not too convinced by all of that Pi ... too longwinded and doesn't give the  Etymology .. Important to realize Jesus was a common name in that culture , like John or Harry is in ours .... this from Wikipedia 


    Jesus (/ˈzəs/) is a masculine given name derived from Iēsous (Ἰησοῦς; Iesus in Classical Latin) the Ancient Greek form of the Hebrew and Aramaic name Yeshua or Y'shua (Hebrew: ישוע).[1][2] As its roots lie in the name Yeshua/Y'shua, it is etymologically related to another biblical name, Joshua.[3]


    "Christ" is the title which bestows divinity and makes this 'Jesus' stand out from all the other thousands of other people called Jesus around at that time. 


    But the main point I wanted to make to you and John Lash is that older myths will be mixed in with this new religion to make it palatable to the people , truths will be blurred , and since the Roman Empire is involved dounright lies and distortion inserted , but at it's heart there is good in Christianity. 

  11. 23 minutes ago, pi3141 said:

    Why has 'someone' inserted the name 'Jesus' which means 'God of Fire'


    I can't find any sources which give Jesus as meaning "God of fire" please supply them ..... But in the hebrew alphabet the letter Shin doubles for the element of fire and spirit , so could be interpreted as "son of spirit"....


    But to deal with your other points , when establishing a new religion you MERGE with the old religion ... don't change festivals / holy days ,  the people are used to those dates ,just change name and meaning  ... Don't change location of worship , knock down pagan temple and build a church at the same location.


    Christianity is a mine field some disinfo from the dark side , some misunderstanding , some truth ...


    Bottom line Jesus came to show the power of love , heal by casting out deamons , the same deamons that infest 90% of the population today (acording to God KM ).

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Macnamara said:

    Grains are meant to pass through the digestive tract so that they can be spread around and seed. So in order to eat them humans need to pre-digest them because we don't have the right stomachs to break down the seed coating


    So in order to eat your morning porridge you need to soak the oats before hand (8-12 hours) and to have something acidic in there as well as the water eg whey, lemon juice or vinegar. Alternatively you can ferment the oats with a sourdough starter


    So we can eat oats but we need to do some prep beforehand just as our ancestors did


    For many fruits and berrys that is the case ... Apples Pears Watermellon blackberries , berries of all kinds , the plant wraps the seed in something delisiciouse so mammals eat it and the seed comes out in a nice wrapping of firtilizer , poo.... and so grows ... But grass seeds were never meant to be eaten , so no seed coating to break down , shown by the fact you put these seeds strait in the soil and they grow ! 


    So grass seeds are a very unnatural food for us  We aint Buggies! 


    It's hard to avoid... in bread and pietza we are all hooked on it , don't worry too much it won't kill you..... quickly. 

  13. 4 hours ago, Graham Jessop said:

    I would ideally like Davids videos to be on a youtube like page that he can join in with anytime he wants and answer questions that are asked of him.

    I have suggestions that i think would work, would put an end to the madness etc but it needs someone like David involved.

    When he did that TV series and took over a TV channel, or formed his own it was halfway there, what he needs is a forum where other people's suggestions could be aired.

    What i've noticed is that David has no real answers to the problems, i have got those.

    David tends to specialise on certain key areas but seems to be pretty clueless on others.

    We need to come together as one. That is my suggestion. If David never answers any questions, then i don't know what will happen either.


    I pretty much agree with that Graham ... DI should interact more with those interested in his work  ... I have a question for him What about the SSP? 


    You have some suggestions that would work , Graham ? well lets hear them .

  14. I expect most people will be sick to death of hearing "this food is bad for you , that food is bad for you" ... it seems every common food is no good ...


    But this is to be expected because we have our current  diet courtesy of the malevolent ET's who want to slow kill us! 


    It was about 5,000 years ago the "gods" taught humans agriculture .... See Isaiah 28 ...this consisted of growing grass seed .... very labour intensive to produce  and an inferior food ... It will keep you alive , but slow kill you ....


    This shouldn't suprise anyone here ... isn't that what society as a whole is designed to do ? Slow kill you with out you noticing ? That's what the medical system does , and people think it's helping them ... the economic structure is to keep you poor and put you in an early grave through endless work.


    So all the grass seeds , rice , wheat , oats , barley  should be avoided ... They won't kill you outright , but then niether will a covid shot , people would notice. 


    So what can we eat? fruit coconuts , bananas , eggs , chicken .... I still eat bread , on adverage about 1 slice a day , freezing it is supose to make it better. 


  15. 10 hours ago, David Icke Headlines said:

    Nasa Fraud? Space walks, use of cables and CGI at the ISS 


    Is David Icke on board with fake Apollo? 


    I am not aware that DI has ever commented on the idea that Apollo 11 was faked ... 


    Yesterdays article was the closest he has come , to my knowledge . It was about the posibility that NASA is fakeing some ISS,  Space station footage , but the picture DI posted was of someone on the moon  , hinting that that may have been faked too.... 




    The link from DI's site goes somewhere strange with poor video ... here is the relevant youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jZ1S62QxxWM it deals with a citizen bringing this to the attention of a county commision ....


    I believe the whole area of Appolo and ISS is a mine field intentionally designed to catch people out ...


    It certainly apears some ISS footage was filmed on Earth , but the evidence is so faint it can easily be countered  by the sceptic , and we get nowhere , except perhaps to discredit the truth movement in the eyes of the public.  


  16. 27 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    what is the "NWO"


    That's an excelent question EW .... 


    How would we explain that term if your mum asked "what's the NWO?" 


    I would say the NWO is the structure being set up to falicitate easy and effective management of the world ...


    At the moment there are hundreds of different countries , all with their different leaders , all with different laws and regulations ... it's a nightmare for the would be controllers to control .. so they set about settting up unification ... European countries would unify under the EU .. all have the same regulations , one EU parliament ...

    Likewise Asian countries are unified under ASEAN 14 different countries Thailand , Philippiens , Vietnam etc ... trying to harmonise with the same regulations , no import restrictions , one parliament ...

    The Americas have their union I forget it's name .... I think there are 5 different groups for the whole world . And finally these 5 groups will all be unified under one leader ..


    That was the plan anyway ... But it's really got nowhere .


    So the controllers wanted the whole world under one legislative control so when the ET's arrive (reveal themselves) .. they will say "we can help solve all your problems , end wars bring you advanced technology , but we must direct things " ... and the structure for this is already inplace for this NWO ..


    But as I say the illuminati have failed miserably in getting the world ready for this NWO. 


    Russia? .. it's just one insignificant country ... the illuminati trying to establish this NWO are mostly in the West , they are the illuminati , the 13 families outlined by Fritz Springmier 




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  17. Many threads on Russia on this forum ... I don't think we need to worry about her in a conventional millitary sense ...


    Those who have been following the Ukraine invasion will realise what an impotent force Russia is , after over 1 year , no progress in conquering such a small county and over half Putins tanks have been destroyed ! So there's no real need for NATO , spending could be cut back ... the population of Russia is only 140 million and she's bankrupt and technologically backward. 


    Russia  does have Nukes , although the components in these degrade rapidly and need constant replacement , I expect these are now as useless as the tanks. 


    Is Russia a part of the NWO ... no , but I would imagine Putin has been killed and replaced by a rep shapeshifter ... This is not usually done to politicians who are often only in office for a few years ... but Putin has been in power since 2000! and is a dictator. 


    The dictator of China would also be a prime candidate for rep replacement , he's been in power 11 years and is a much bigger threat than Putin. 


    The controllers will be looking for opertunities to start WWIII before the final chapter. 

  18. I've recently been watching some live performances of his .... all are magnificent , he has a very hands on relationship with the crowd ...


    This clip stands out as the most electric and romantic ever recorded , very short but watch till 3:15


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  19. I was profoundly impacted by this group , it seemed they were talking to me and many songs seemed to relate to my mission ... pleasuredome , power of love , relax...


    None of the members were notable genieses , I think production had a lot to do with it , but they certainly tapped into something ...


    Here's the video of their reunion  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1aVadenHN8  , not realy worth watching .


    This version is with no visuals .... imagination is better 



  20. This thread has certainly found indications of the use of advanced tech by ancient civilizations ....  But don't imagine the people as a whole understood this tech or reaped the beniefits of it ... They were slaves , as we are now , only now the slavery is less overt ,  still , nearly all of us have to work 9 to 5 to feed ourselves and keep a roof over our heads .


    As the scriptures reveal the (ET) "gods" taught humanity how to use grains , wheat and barley , these are GRASS SEEDS! an inferior food source that needs an enourmouse amount of work to produce enough to keep the body alive ... this was the first step at institutionalising slavery .... slavery to toiling on the land .. Can't have people eating dates and bananas and coconuts ,they grow themselves ... 


    In Egypt cultivation is dependent on the flooding of the Nile so certain months people would have nothing to do  .... Idle people may have time to plot rebelion   , so at these times they were all pressganged into building monumants to the glory of the rulers  ... this wasn't a choice , people were forced.


    The ET's and their Pharoh hybrid bloodline naturally wanted these monuments to be the best and so the ET's did permit limited use of advanced tech. When the ET's compleatly withdrew from society they wanted to hide their past involvement  , so naturally took the high tech machinery with them.  

  21. When this tragedy is examined carefully we find a host of unrelated events which all conspired to bring it about and make the loss of life much greater than was necessary...


    The number of life boats was only sufficient for half the pasengers on board , and only a third if it had a full compliment of passengers ... a gross 'oversight ... Even so they had two and a half hours to fill the lifeboats which could have contained everyone at a tight squeeze , but the crew had never been trained in evacuation , were first of all complacent and incompitent , then later paniced and many lifeboats were lowered half full  , remember they had  two and a half hours to do this , something that should take 15 mins or 30 at most .


    The ship had 21 massive steel water tight doors to seal off compartments to prevent the posibility of sinking this is why she was called "UNSINKABLE'" ... but the Captain decided not to close them...... till the last minute when it was too late ! 


    The SS California was only a few miles from the titanic and radioed her before the impact warning of iceburgs .... After the impact  crew on the California saw distress flares from Titanic  but FAILED TO ACT!!!


    I've only listed a few of the "unlucky coincidences" that brought about this sinking and led to an unessesarily high death tole ..


    How can it be explained ? 


    The Captain was in overallcharge and made all the fatal decisions , but he went down with the ship! ...Did the Rothschilds say ...."Hey Captain Smith we have a special job for you , smash the Titanic into an iceburge and don't close the the watertight bulkheads"     .... "no problem Mr R ..sir ... I'll do it and go down with the ship ".


    An explanation for this incident came up in one of Karl Mollisons channelings  ... the ET aliance engineer these sort of calamities all the time , they are psycic , can get into peoples heads , they mentally influenced the designers not to put enough lifeboats on board , they mentaly influenced the captain to be complacent ... they mentally influenced the crew of the Titanic to panic , and the crew of the SS California to ignore distress flares from the Titanic.


    They are very advanced beings in all ways except morraly , our world is their computer game , the aim is to restrict progress , cause death and destruction and  deshearten humanity. 


    The ET's will probably have let their operatives on the ground(illuminati)  know this was going to happen so they could get rid of troublesome people and take advantage in other ways .



  22. On 5/4/2023 at 12:28 AM, Truthblast said:

    9/11 gave us Ground Zero.

    COVID and before it AIDS gave us Patient Zero.


    Important to acknowledge that all their diabolical plans always seem to come to nothing ....


    9/11 was the Lie that FAILED to change the world , to paraphrase the title of one of DI's books .... They had preship tens of millions or military age muslim young men  into Europe in preparation for this event ... They hoped that when the US invaded Iraq they would rise up and riot , cause a civil war in Europe .. but it all came to nothing ..


    AIDs I can hardly remember that ... And Covid ..... WHO yesterday declared that is all over https://www.bbc.com/news/health-65499929 so no more vacine pasports , Bill Gates had plans to tatto us all with flourescent die to show we've taken our jabs , but that will never happen now ...


    Who's the spider at the centre? I think a better analogy is who's at the top of the pyramid ?


    One Dollar Bill 




    All we can see is an eye ... the eye can see us but we can't see who's looking at us ... it could be human , DI says it's not human .. Reptilian 


    This is how DI would answer that question , the video is terribly rambling , but not too long .


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  23. 4 hours ago, LastOneLeftInTheCounty said:

    So what’s the situation in Thailand right now? Is it getting expensive out there? 
    Can you get away from the modern bullshit by hiding in the jungle? 
    Do you need inoculations to survive there if your a westerner? 
    Don’t you need a covid vax for entry? 
    Is there any hope of escape out there? 

    Very cheap to live ... Visa could be a problem ... I get retirement visa , renew each year , must be over 55 and show 20,000 pounds in bank acc.


    I've never had inoculations , niether have most westerners here .


    WHO anounced yesterday covid is over so the requiements for entry covid jab proof may soon be waived. 


    Realistically you will need a big wad of cash to move out here . the westerners I know living here have to keep returning to UK to work , then come back ..


    I have a basic life style and spend about 500 pounds a month , but have no rent of electricity or water costs . 



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  24. 8 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    Do positive or benevolent beings, ETs exist?


    Certainly .. But they are in alignment with creators Will ... which is that they should not interfer or get involved in any way ...


    My understanding is that this is a test of humanity. to see if we have the ability to over come evil which is present here in the form of a coalition of 3 very advanced ET groups .. they control us by mind control , psycic and more recently electronic via the 5G grid .... It seems an imposible and hopeless task since humanity is mindcontrolled to believe they don't even exist !  Mindcontrolled to trust and believe the government ! Even if humanity was aware of what's going on , there is no way we can overcome their technology! 


    The only thing which has prevented humanity from being destroyed so far is the Prayers sent out for help .... The few who still believe in God can ask for divine intervention and under the rules that exist this allows God to help in proportion to how many ask. So in this free will game we can ask for assistance. If we don't believe in God or don't ask then that free will choice must be honoured ...


    The ET's have been playing with us for thousands of years , and have noticed that when people come together and Pray then their plans for our destruction are inexplicably thwarted .. They don't believe in God and put this down to some unknown mental power humans have ... They understand that to destroy us they have to get a willing consent to partnership with them ... If we willingly agree for them to control us  then creator has to stand back and honour that choice ....


    And so the ET's  "Plan A " is underway which is to convince humanity we cannot manage our world ... global warming ... desease ... wars .. economiic colapse .. then they arrive openly in craft offering assistance to all our problems with their advanced tech , but to end all wars they need to supervise things , take governance of the Earth , a New World Order of free energy and space travell , freedom from illness and poverty . It will be hard for humanity to resist this offer . If we accept , it wil end in our complete destruction. 



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