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  1. That is a large part of it ... For example Boris is related to royalty , which counts for a lot , because this means he has in his genes , ruthless psychopathic tendencies , he will tend to be hostile to others , have the tendency to be hateful towards the mass of people. This is inevitable , if you were a king or someone with wealth , you were always on your guard , suspicious of EVEYONE .... kings were often killed by their own Family members for the throne ... Due to inbreeding with similar people these tendencies were amplified and passed on to each new generation genetically ... A similar thing goes on with the Jews . If non Jews have been killing your people all throughout history , the tendency will be to develop hatefulness towards outsiders , all passed down through the generations because this group also does not breed with outsiders ... So this is the broad base of people from which most cabal members are drawn ... If you want to know who the spider is , it's quiet clear ... they tell you ... it's the one who rides in a gold covered carriage , the one they close the roads for so she can pass and you can worship ... the one who wears the crown! The Queen of England ... But these are just (mostly) the humans , They follow orders from the unseen Annunaki ET overlords ... The Annunaki eye above the pyramid ,above the Queen, that can see all , but you can't see it ...
  2. This is to be expected .. If people are confined at home then there will obviously be an increase in deaths at home .... The restaurant worker who can't work cos his restaurant is shut may take the opportunity to paint the ceiling in his flat , he'd been putting off for years ... falls off the ladder , lands badly and we have a home death that wouldn't have occurred if he'd been working . ... Home DIY deaths are common , and normally there is a spike in these when people have time off work ... "Bank holidays and warm weather inspire many of us to embark on long-postponed projects around the home. As a result, accidents in Summer are not uncommon......" https://www.quittance.co.uk/blog/7-summer-diy-accident-facts-you-should-know Some of the increase will be the result of lockdown , more depression and home suicide, people not getting out and exercising will bring on more health related deaths , but it's extremely complex and hard to know what's due to what.
  3. Well these are excess deaths AT HOME .... So the thread title needs modifying if that's what you are interested in .... Why the rise in home deaths ??? .... Dahhh... because the people were more confined to their homes in lockdown ... instead of dying from a heart attack or whatever at work , people were at home and so died there !
  4. This is very simple , but you're making it confusing ... The title of this thread is "Excess Mortality in England March 2020 to March 2021" So I guess from all these charts you have arrived at a number ? what is it?? What is the excess mortality for this period and how did you arrive at this figure??
  5. That's as clear as mud ... The sort of thing the cabal would put out to confuse things .... All we need are two figures ..... total number of deaths from march 2020 to march 2021 And Average number of deaths per year for the last ten years (adjusted to allow for population change) Subtract one figure from the other and that will give 'excess mortality' ...something the title of your thread promises , but fails to deliver
  6. There were plenty of giants around in those days ... but I suggest there are a few errors that have got mixed in after all the translations and editing the bible has gone through ... "God granted him 500years life " ... these "gods" are the evil annunaki who bred with humans to create these giants ..... God with a capital G , the Creator of all that is , would not be in favor of any of this.... These hybrid giants were created to rule over humans , to relieve the annunaki of some of the work... Fallen Angels did not "land on Mt Hermon" ...Angels are Angels ...NON PHYSICAL .... The Annunaki landed there in UFO type craft , they always chose a high place for defensive reasons... they are physical and can be killed if you can get at them! So this period of history was when the Annunaki had become board with ruling humanity directly and were experimenting with using giants (under their control) to accomplish this .. This was not very successful so they then moved to using a specific separate bloodline , the Jewish people for this purpose .."god's chosen people"... Here's an account of the story of another famous Giant They are result of an Annunaki (13 ft tall) mating with a human woman .... The giant is not carried to full term , removed by C section at 8 months .
  7. If I remember correctly AJ met his wife on the day he infiltrated Bohemian Grove ... AJ had a team with him to cover his back and film , and she just turned up and joined them , like a groupie , and threw herself at him ... She is Jewish . It all seemed very strange at the time . In retrospect she looks like a plant , a honey trap , a way to keep AJ solid with the Jews , and to sabotage his work .... They did a similar thing with Trump , marrying into the family is a good way to have an effect , a way to control a lose cannon .... AJ's wife would not be aware of the plan , all done by mind control , she would just get the impulse to hang out with AJ , the impulse to fall in love , the ET's can do this ... Now she's a thorn in his side ... acrimonious court battles over children ... nasty comments .... Such things will impact the effectiveness of AJ's operation , he's only human .... They cant kill him cos he's tight with God , has a strong belief, and does regularly pray for protection ... Divine protection is real. Ex-Wife of Infowars Host Alex Jones Says He's 'Worse in Real Life'
  8. Zacharia Sitchin definitely got the broad picture correct . The Annunaki are the slave masters here, still, ( working with the reps) ...They came here thousands of years ago genetically tampered with us , ruled over us , walked among us as "Gods" ... But Sitchin had the ridiculous idea that they travelled in Rockets ! ... We know from many sources the Annunaki civilization is Billions of years old , and they have had anti gravity propulsion for nearly that long .... So Sitchin goes looking for evidence to back up his ideas , and imagines he finds rockets everywhere , like this Egyptian tomb painting which he said showed a rocket ... this was soon exposed as non sense see here ... http://artisticlicenseorwhyitrustnoone.blogspot.com/2018/08/sitchins-rocket-in-tomb-of-amenhotep-huy.html This is a trap many of us fall into , We get an idea or theory about something , like corona , then selectively screen information to back up our theory and miss the whole picture ... David did a similar thing with another Egyptian Tomb painting , he thought he had found a depiction of a reptilian in the Tomb of Ti , see illustration in 'The Biggest Secret' . ...it turned out to be a jar of blue lotus beer . The pottery vase of blue lotus beer DI mistook for a Rep.
  9. When you think about it this sort of large scale abduction could not be done by men going around in cars enticing children with sweets ... Eyes are everywhere CCTV cameras filming , it just couldn't be covered up... The Secret Space Program has any sort of tech you can imagine , they can beam people around , just like in Star Trek ... they can remove memories from any people that might be whiteness's ... they travel in UFO type craft (mostly TR3's) with cloaking capability ... This is all beyond doubt.
  10. Most of the links above don't work ... Let's not exaggerate the scale of the problem .. The implication of this thread is that these kids are taken , when most will be runaways and found and returned to parents ... For example UK figure is given as 113K /year ... But live births are only 700K/year , so that's one in six children who disappear ?? Of course not. Very hard to know the true figure of those taken , perhaps around 5K/year are taken from the UK alone .... 100's thousands worldwide/year ... Who takes them and where do they go? The SSP working with Greys . They have technology that can take anyone right out of their bedroom , or when walking down the street , and no one will see it ... Once taken they will usually be processed in an underground military base ... Blue eyed blonde haired and beautiful will be sold to Saudi princes , or for sacrificial rituals ... Those with intelligence will be pressganged into the SSP , tortured and mind controlled ...others will end up slaves in underground factories on Earth ..... others sold to Aliens on the off world slave market , turned into cyborg warriors , or eaten... They will also take whole families from isolated locations , particularly if they have few relatives that will ask questions . Here's the nightmare story of one such family that was taken , and ended up in a reptilian slave colony
  11. Well the author is given as chipstero7 ... rather strange that you should use the name evansir here. Anyway I'll believe you , and give my thoughts on the subject of the cube. This world we live in could be said to be the domain of the cube or Cuboid Cuboid GEOMETRY a solid which has six rectangular faces at right angles to each other Chances are you are in a cuboid room , everything is square , all the dwellings Cuboids , boxes How does the song go? Little boxes on the hillside Little boxes made of ticky-tacky Little boxes on the hillside Little boxes all the same There's a green one and a pink one And a blue one and a yellow one And they're all made out of ticky-tacky And they all look just the same It is a natural consequence of being creatures that move around on a flat surface , things would tend to be square and when build upward cuboid ... For example carpet arrives in the carpet shop in a big roll . How else could it be produced ... And when you buy a piece it's square or rectangular ... The laws of geometry dictate the only sensible way to build houses is to make them Cuboid , doing any other way would be expensive .... and wasteful of carpet! So we are pretty much stuck in a cuboid world , but this is the world we have made , it could be different .. To shift away from the matrix live in a yert or a wigwam or an igloo .... But 99% of us are stuck in the Cuboid Martrix .... Living in square rooms , and any outside force wanting to influence us just has to transmit on the cube wave length , and we all resonate , like tuning forks of the same frequency.... So in a way ,because the Kabba is a cube , it sends out 'Muslim energy' to all the boxes and since the "faithful "live in boxes it helps keeps them faithful . And if malevolent entities living on Saturn are wishing to influence us , it makes sense they would use cube energy as a carrier wave , but that doesn't mean the cube is irrevocably linked to Saturn .... If we all started living in pyramids , the controllers would switch to that , and then the pyramid would be linked to Saturn.
  12. May 1st 2021 David has reposted an a item which appeared a week ago , but with a new graphic (below) which spells out clearly what he believes is about to happen ... The implication is there are no Aliens involved. David believes this is just the Cabal (Humans) , creating a fake invasion as a tactic to centralize power .... This is not my understanding about what will happen , from assessing Psi-ops like the Raelian movement which now has 100's of thousands of followers and is preparing to welcome soon to arrive aliens , The Vatical looking out for , and preparing to welcome Aliens ... and particularly the work of Karl Mollison... It seems what is on the cards is the arrival of apparently Friendly Aliens .... But not just yet , first humanity has to be brought to it's knees , covid , economic collapse , environmental collapse and war ..all engineered by ET's who control the Cabal ...Then when humanity is in despair , believing we are unable to manage things ... These same ET's will arrive in craft offering advanced tech and benign guidance to lead us out of the mess were in ...We just have to let them govern the planet! Latter they may attack us for real , using humans and advanced craft from the SSP. But there ARE Aliens , they control what is unfolding.
  13. No ... The ET's , (Reptilians and others) that rule this planet from behind the scenes are getting ready to return openly ... land in craft . So over the past decade there has been a switch in propaganda ... Before if you mentioned Aliens you were laughed at , the ET's wanted the whole subject taboo to keep the secret that they have always been here giving orders to the cabal /illuminati , the humans that appear to control things ... Now they want people to accept the possibility that Aliens are out there (not here controlling things) , hence the release of military films of UFO's ...Everyone trusts the military, they don't joke about these things First they want things to get much worse on planet Earth , So the Reps order the cabal to carry out covid ...this will also crash the economy ... and the manipulated weather will get much worse , blamed on global warming ...food shortages , war ..on and on ...And when humanity is desperate and convinced we cannot manage our affairs , The ET's will land , pretending to come and save our world , but we have to give world governance over to them .... They have told us the plan ...watch the V mini series .... the 'friendly' visitors are in reality evil rep shape shifters
  14. All the above post has just been copied and pasted from here .... https://chipstero7.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/are-we-trapped-in-the-saturn-cube/ You should inform readers when you do such things otherwise it gives the impression you are the author ... If you were the author it would indicate YOU had been thinking about this , and I would reply .... Since not anything I post would probably go in one ear and out the other , so why should I bother .
  15. We mustn't let our imagination run away with us Tet ...This is not the sort of environment they get up to their wicked deeds , and I doubt Boris is into that anyway .... Just what are you suggesting will go on at this visit ? They would notice if a pupil went missing ! It's just another photo op to fan fair the kids going back to school.
  16. Alex Jones infiltrated this 25 years ago , and concluded there was a real human sacrifice going on ..."cremation of care" is about removing any vestige of care or concern or conscience the participants have ... All such gatherings are about the high up people being led deeper into depravity , they are surrounded by like minded people , so are led to believe it's all quiet normal ... Masked balls are a favorite ... the guests hide their identity , they can openly rape torture and kill the many children at these events , without fear of being recognized and exposed by any newcomers there who were not fully committed to evil.
  17. @2:22 .... "In the mean time Brandy is focused on the positive " I can still feel some movement in my toes" " What is interesting is this is covered on MSM , the obvious course of action is to ban coverage of all such adverse reactions . So the controllers are so confident that most will take the vaccines , they don't care ... In fact they like these stories getting out , it will strike fear in the public ...But the public will still roll up their sleeves!
  18. Hi Morph ... that's a new name on me , so went to check him out .... cannot find any videos of him , but lots from a lady , clicked on one titled "Who is GS?" ...An attractive fresh faced girl , jabbering about her recent birthday party ... balloons bobbing in the background ....No clear message "Ascension and 11:11" not too impressed ... Went to his web site More talk of Ascension and 11:11 and friendly aliens! ..... he doesn't present his material very well ... So loud alarm bells ringing . The Cabal are very fond of 11:11 ... in fact they made it , took possession of it and have linked it to death suffering and the horror of war and the trenches . Ever year on 11/11 at 11:11 they conduct their dark ritual , dress in black as the walking wounded , sporting bullet wounds , hang their heads for a minutes silence thinking of war and looking sad. Below is how you dress on 11:11...all in black , except for the poppy . The poppy represents a bullet entry hole and the splash of blood . This is the costume you wear to focus the mind on war , death and dying . it's all designed to direct your mind power to conjure more war. Queen hit on the left shoulder by machine gun fire So it's a big joke to the controllers that they can get the ascension merchants to use 11:11 as their favorite number .... My understanding is Ascension is a disempowering trick , will not happen anytime soon ... And friendly Aliens is a lie ... another feel good lie .... So GS has all the hall marks of being mind manipulated by the controlling ET's ... A feel good message which will appeal to many.
  19. Since you mention Bob Lazar ,lets pick up the story from where he came in .... He claims to have been recruited by the secret government in 1980's to help in the back engineering of ET craft that had fallen into the hands of the US , this was at Area 51 , and at that time they had , according to Bob , nine different types of craft ...When Bob joined this project it had already been ongoing for many decades . We know from other sources the US had operational anti gravity craft in the late 1950's and had a base on the moon at that time .... This is where the missing trillions have gone from the Pentagon Budget , into building an off world space empire with approximately a million personnel (many taken from Earth against their will, see first video below) ..they have vast fleets of craft and bases throughout the solar system . This is the SSP .. Just like Earth society , the SSP appears to be run by humans .. In reality a coalition of 3 malevolent ET groups secretly control both Earth and the SSP ... So the SSP is a big component in the UFO/Alien investigation ... most craft seen are piloted by humans ... So you need to investigate the many whistle blowers we have from the SSP , elena kapulnik randy cremer , corey goode and others ... here's one of the best IMO For a clear overview , no one can beat Karl Mollison , his information comes from channeling , he explains how the reptilians are working with the Arcturians and Annunaki to enslave us , yes the reps are shape shifters and have killed and replaced many key government figures
  20. That's right , but look at how low the numbers are for mass shootings 1 or 2 deaths per 10 million population .... as we all know the cabal are behind all these , either flat out CIA operations , or people on medication having dark spirits whispering in their ears
  21. That's a good post (IMHO) Scogan . But be careful not to swallow Media lies .... All gun deaths and gun crime are dramatically down , all over the world ...
  22. Whether you cause harm by punching someone on the nose , or by cursing them using 'magic' , makes little difference , you will have to pay for it .... Karma is all reaching , and 99% of us are blundering around here unaware of the effects we have on others .... We all incarnate with the aim of resolving past errors , clearing bad karma .... but this place is the domain of evil spirits that push us to thoughtless bad deeds so nearly all of us end up leaving with more bad karma than we came with. So be loving , be kind , be generous and this will all come back to you .
  23. The only thing we know for sure is they have a lot of bodies to dispose of . And they really haven't got their shit together in this department ...Stone age! Look at all that wood being wasted ! ...And the irony of people dying from lack of oxygen, and respiratory problems and the funeral pyres are taking oxygen out of the air and making smoke .... Don't despair I've come up with a solution , destined to catch on in a Buddhist/ Hindu country like India ..... First you make a statue of the Buddha out of stainless steel a Hollow shell , the shell is about 3mm thick , something like this .... The back will open on a hinge so you can get inside and sit .... or put a dead body inside ... There will be two thick electrical terminals , one coming from the top of the head , one from the base , when power is supplied the metal shell will heat up , can get to red heat if required , the metal shell will be covered in a layer of insulation so the outside is fairly cool .... So a pre prepared body bound in white cloth , sitting in a meditation pose is put inside the statue , the door is shut , and it's plugged into a large bank of solar panels . It will take about 15mins to reduce the body to ashes while the family sit facing the statue in meditation , all done in an ornate hall/temple ... The gasses produced will exit through a large pipe , be scrubbed and used. When done the back is open , ashes shaken out and the next body put inside... Cooked by sun power ... the correct term for this process is destructive distillation
  24. Musk really is obsessed with the ET overlords ! The capsule is called Dragon and uses Draco engines .... his main rocket uses Raptor engines ... the rocket is called falcon ( falcons are "closely related to raptors") Dragon , Raptor , Drako are all synonyms for the Reptilian's . The Reptilians are physical ET's , travel in craft , the overlords that control society ... Remember DI ? He blew the whistle on them twenty years ago . You do like a joke I kia ..... Al Bielek a fraud ... that's very funny .... There are many unknows in of our subject ...covid for example , we can't be sure of anything with regard to that !! But certain issues are cast iron guaranteed by the overwhelming amount of evidence .... There is an off world human empire with around a million personnel ,mind controlled , working under Drako control .... Montauk and Philadelphia , guaranteed happened ... This has been confirmed by the Source of all Wisdom , Karl Mollison , He channeled Al Bielek , who is now in Heaven , and has filled in many of the blanks in our understanding..... Students of Montauk and Philidelphia will remember these two experiments both ended in disaster ... Al Beilek , dead and " in the light" , now understands they were MEANT to be disasters , the Reptilians in control wanted it that way , to try to convince US military they were not ready for this leap in technology .... They are deceptively working with the military , pretending to help (in exchange for being allowed to abduct slaves) , but the reps secretly sabotage the experiments and effectively said " sorry , we tried to help , but you are not ready to handle this advanced tech " It's all explained in this channeling , one of the best Karl has done IMHO
  25. It's not that the Christians want it to happen .... But many think it's inevitable ... the word of God (or so they believe) ... When in reality it's just the controllers telling us ahead of time what THEY want , what they plan ... They do it all the time , but usually over a shorter time period ... they sent out hints 9/11 was coming .... gave clear indications covid was coming ...Partly they do this for us to accept (what they present as) the inevitable, this gets us to use our mental energy to bring the event about . They do want the temple rebuilt on the mount ... A place for us to welcome the evil ET's when they do return pretending to be our saviors ... One of the biggest cults at the moment is the Raelian Movement ... they want the temple mount rebuilt as an "embassy to welcome or fathers from space" The return of ET's is a big part of the evil plan .... Ideally they want humans to welcome them as returning Gods , build a temple in Jerusalem for them , but it seems unlikely this will happen in the way they want.
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