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  1. The path of meditation is simply the process of turning focus inward .... This does not come naturally to most , so a system has been created to make the process easy ... It's called YOGA ... The type of yoga taught in thousands of evening classes everywhere ... Postures ...... Why should doing something like this help 'meditation' ? ... Because you feel the stretch in your body , your mind is drawn , naturally to the internal bodily sensations ...inside ... So after a few hours of these postures you are half way there .... ready to slip into lotus and dissolve in bliss..... Essential the male master the above posture , not only for 'meditation' ...but because all this is all just preparation for the ultimate Divine Union .... Best done in Zero Gravity ....
  2. No risk of anything Seeker .... and you don't cook anything ! .... these sprouts are alive when you eat them .... live energy raw food packed with Parana ... Sprouting releases the vitality stored in the seed , all the high level nutrients are created when you give the seed life.
  3. You haven't been here long Jojojo ...but I think I like you ......... David often says this , I think he did at Trafalgar square. .... "they're scared to death of the people standing up ... " First of all who are they ??? There are the top level who understand that corona is a lie ... the queen and royalty ( corona means crown, which indicates the royalty instigated and own the virus) ... Rothshilds ... Soros ...Gates ... these type of people get the whole picture , and I see nothing but smug confidence from Gates .... The queen seems to have disappeared already , perhaps underground ...These people are not scared of the people .... only terrified of their overlords , the reptilians and other ET's working with them .... These elite are confident their dark masters have the tech to deal with anything the public can do. Someone like Boris (and most politicians) are like deer caught in the headlights ...have no idea what's going on ....Boris follows rothchild/gates advisors .
  4. Of course it's impossible to gain weight ...Your body goes into Healing mode ...All the energy previously used to process food is now available to fix problems in the body .... And the body gets it's energy from Breaking down your fat reserves ..... toxins stored in this body fat( from bodily processes or pesticides) are released and passed out in pee .... collect your pee and you'll see it go cloudy as it cools , these are the toxins coming out , and you'll feel better when they've gone . Anyone else see strange reasoning in that post?? A good regime and the one Bragg recommends is .... 24 Hrs with no food once a week ... 3 days (72Hrs) with no food once a month ... and if it feels right 7 days every 3 months
  5. That's great work Smokestack .... What you are doing is probably the most effective way of reaching the greatest number of people .. Activity like this will have a big effect .
  6. Sunflower sprouts are the very best for taste ... and analysis shows they are packed full of everything you could want ... also the symbolism of eating something that could grow into a giant sunflower .. you are eating raw live sun energy .... Best to grow in pea size gravel 2 inches deep , then you can pick one by one and the root comes out too .... eat the white roots too . Don't grow in dirt as in this picture people doing this way cut and leave the root ...three days from start to harvest at temp of 25C Another way is to just grow in a jar , rinsing every 8 hours ... Seeds are not easy to find , should have husks on , some pet shops sell them as bird food ..
  7. Oppps ... sorry ... it was 2630 who said just say no ... There ...I've edited the post .
  8. Ethel just started a thread , so I posted there .... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/7861-food-shortages/&tab=comments#comment-158967 My post here , and the one there , give the fundamentals of what I think the way forward is.
  9. What has this got to do with the title of this thread???? ...The controllers have a clear plan , obvious to most , to use food as a way to control people ... People Snapping or not won't make any difference. ... And as for just saying "No" ... 2630 ... give me a break ! .. we know that , but the people won't say No...
  10. Great minds foresaw these times and this problem arising many decades ago ... They concluded the solution is not to grow (for city dwellers) The time expense you put in for meager returns does not warrant it and guaranteed hungry people will steal it all in the night while you sleep.... By now you should have a large stockpile of tins , dried food , dried bread with long shelf life (rivita type?)... but you need food which is alive ..has some chlorophyll , living enzymes ...and sprouts are the answer .... Sunflower(with hulls) and alfalfa provide chlorophyll ... mung , pea , chick pea and others ..... when sprouted these are the ultimate energy and health food ..Start experimenting now to find out what you might need to make them more delicious... Sprouted seeds should make up the core of your diet because they are the best possible food , are by far the cheapest and compact and the seeds have long shelf life ... Let's not forget fasting ... Fasting is recognized by most religions as the thing to do ... Christ went off to the desert to fast for 40 days ... Buddha fasted often ... and the practice is still alive today in Ramadan when 100's of millions of Muslims stop eating for a month ( but only during daylight hours) ... I've done a lot of this , and the spiritual effects are noticeable...that is to say the chattering of the mind slows , probably due to reduced sugar in the blood stream you enter a very centered and wonderful place ... And the benefits for health are well known ...1 or 3 days without food is best .... This is the fasters bible , very inspiring reading and important to get .... Bragg died at 99 in a water skying accident The great paradox is , the controllers attempts to starve us out only give us a great opportunity to improve our diet and fast ...brilliant!
  11. Sure ... this is all part of a well coordinated plan to support criminality ....But to think that BLM or Antifa have enough numbers to take over the US is a non starter , and AJ has a blind spot here .... Everyday on the news there are reports like this ... https://banned.video/watch?id=5f53fad6af4ce8069e699f3b ... a BLM group invades and smashes up restaurant in NY ...attacks people having a meal ...And the Police are nowhere ... These people come from a camp , like the one shown in the video in OP ... and are bused an flown around , one night to NY , one night to Portland and given money and drugs form Soros , but their numbers are small , around a thousand .... the whole point of it all is to show the public there is no law and order , and the police will do nothing , so that the underclass ..millions ... will loot shops and supermarkets and cause the total breakdown of society .... The underclass are just not motivated to march or demonstrate for BLM , but will smash into a shop for free electrical goods or food , particularly after the economy collapses and they are hungry.
  12. EW !!! ... people might reply to your thread if you did a better Yob with tour first post ... "Laura Takes On Another NPC Response" The title indicates nothing ...I only clicked on this thread because I thought it was about Laura Eisenhower ... you just dump a video on us with no word of explanation ... DO you think most people here know the Laura you are talking about ... do you think we follow tweets and twitters ??? Here's the latest from THE Laura ... That's the grand daughter of ex president Eisenhower
  13. It's not that difficult ZB , you don't need lots of money . Here's how you start ... Try this now before the shortage comes ... Next time you're in a supermarket , buy a bag of mung beans ... very cheap ... then find an empty plastic water bottle ... Put some mung beans in the bottle , about 2 inches deep , then fill the bottle half full , put the top on and shake , and leave for 3 hours . Then take the water out , rinse with fresh water , drain out and leave bottle on it's side . rinse often ( every 3 hrs is ideal ) with fresh water after 8 hours the beans will have started to sprout and are ready to eat raw .... These are the ultimate healthy energy food , at one time I used to eat mainly sprouted seeds ... mung , sunflower(with husk from some pet shops) dried peas, these taste best ... I slipped out of the habit , hard to resist pizzas etc .... but when the crisis comes there will be no pizza deliveries , and you'll be forces to eat healthy ! .. your energy will go through the roof , and 1 kg seeds makes 4 kg sprouts so ten kg mixed seeds will keep you and your family alive and kicking for a month cost 10 pounds ... bring it on NWO!
  14. Well I don't see too much suffering in nature ... lets take a gazelle ... it's born ... hops around eating grass ...it's constantly on alert ... one moments lapse and the lions will get it ... every day it runs for it's life from the lions ... is that suffering??? not really ...perhaps for 30 secs in it's life when the lions do finally catch it that could be called suffering ... But most people agree with you about this .. Karl Mollison channeling Creator was asked a similar question ... he said all the predators were brought here by the malevolent ET's that control our society ... the same ET's that tinkered with us genetically to cut us from Creator , limit our lives and created our unconsciousness mind for ease of mind control by them. I must recommend Karl Mollison to you Danny ... he is the very best I've come across .... https://www.getwisdom.com/queen-victoria-channeled-by-karl-mollison-28may2019/
  15. Yes your right .... That's very sloppy on her part .... We can't know that this was "free-energy tech " (whatever that means) ...free probably means once you build the apparatus it will just run forever , requiring no electricity/petrol/uranium to power it ... I doubt this is what it was , perhaps some sort of device powered by electricity or directly from atomic fission/fission , fired from a cloaked SSP craft. Reports from SSP whistle-blowers that they do use nuclear fission on craft , this probably generates the electricity ( just the same as conventional nuclear power plants) to power anti gravity lift and other things.
  16. 17 years ago 2 million turned out to try to stop Blair going to war with Iraq ... these were not just local people , some set off weeks before and walked 100's of miles from where they lived to get to Trafalgar square ...Over 2 million people ! ... the government just ignored them and went to war ..... So we must be realistic ... keep rebelling ...keep protesting ...keep trying to wake people up ...but also prepare for what is probably coming ... preparation(food) should be your main preoccupation and praying for Divine intervention
  17. I have to disagree with most of this Danny ..... Particularly that some outside (malevolent) mega being/s are manipulating things on an atomic level to keep us trapped in an illusion ! This idea is the Matrix movie on steroids!! I see that movie as an analogy , because outside forces have created all our institutions which are all sabotaged and designed to fail , and have created events like Apollo, 9/11 and corona which are lies .... so to that extent our world is fake and a lie ...but only to that extent ... If you go deep in a forest , away from the madness then you are in a pure true environment , an experience un-hacked , away from the 'matrix' .... Just because we are not aware of all the frequencies and dimensions that do exist , does not mean the forest reality is fake or an illusion ... we cannot experience it all living within the confines of a body ... the five senses supply more than enough data to process ... So once we get the malevolent ET's off our back , all will be fine , our perception of reality will be limited , but that's as it should be for the moment. And as for Alan Watts the last video ...words fail me ...it was par for Watts ..utter garbage and generalization! categorizing people into boxes
  18. Hmmm .... just looked up the figures. UK deaths in WWII were 380,000 soldiers and 70,000 civilians , from a population of 48M ... that's less than 1% Short term the impending economic collapse must have the biggest impact on house prices , although could be masked by inflation as they print more money ..In real terms they must fall ... But if the cabal do reduce our numbers this will come with the destruction of society , road warrior , if they do cut off food , then most must starve to death.
  19. OMG Danny ...A terrible mish mash of many diverse idea streams ...I can make nothing of it .... Why clips from various movies??? Dads Army? ...Just what are you trying to communicate to your audience by posting that Dad's Army clip ???
  20. Everything is compartmentalized ... the cabal have to keep our science and tech in the stone age to enslave us financially keep us working 9 to 5 ... So the conventional military knows nothing of this .. the US Navy sees UFO type craft , now and then , flying around , and doesn't know what they are .... mostly they are piloted by humans in the SSP who never set foot on Earth , so nothing leaks out .... the Cabal want this advanced tech secret and for themselves , to start forest fires , manipulate the weather , use on operations like 9/11 .... They have vast fleets of enormous craft , which they are likely to use in a fake alien invasion soon ... they will appear over cities and disintegrate buildings , just like they did on 9/11 , and the public will be told it's aliens doing this ... Aliens do control everything here , an evil coalition of annunaki , reptilians , and arcturians ... they direct the human Cabal (rothschilds , royalty etc) .... But they will most likely use the mind controlled slaves in the SSP to attack us . One of the SSP craft in the Solar Warden Fleet Shown with a conventional aircraft carrier for size comparison
  21. If she did say that , What she probably meant was " This is evidence of technology which is beyond the understanding of the science we have" And she is dead right .. what happened can only be explained by tech which is more advanced than the surface population has ... This is no surprise to those up to speed on the SSP .. The SSP , Secret Space Program , is a secret cabal run off world civilization comprising millions of humans , mostly kidnapped from Earth , they have advanced tech in all areas , anti gravity UFO type craft , teleportation , time travel , cloning , and disintegration weapons that can dustify buildings.
  22. Yes , but everyone will not stop paying taxes ... And most people are in favor of wearing masks ... If 30% were against masks the control would collapse ... So the police are not pushing anything the majority of the people don't want ... police believe they are protecting the public .... We are in an infowar .... A race to educate the public and the police are part of the public ... It's not about fighting the police , it's about knowing the right thing to say to make them question... And giving them hassle , so they go tell their superiors " this is unenforceable"
  23. no ...no idea ...I guess he's someone with a youtube channel
  24. Don't even waste your time Mr Owl ... the first few minutes is all you need to see to know they're all retards .... I don't want to know who 'Bill Malloney ' or 'Brian' are , fill my head with that garbage ..... 1hr long , and that's only Part 1
  25. Not really brave , he pleads "I told them not to go to the protest" ... Bravery isn't needed ...all that will happen is he's taken to the police station , charged , and released ... all done within a few hours .... Again , he could have dealt with it better ... now he's got a busted front door he has to fix !
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