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  1. Hi M ... My opinion is that it's not too important to convince people now .... The ET's WILL show up so when it's on MSM people will believe .... Best as we can tell ... after some more years, when the Planet is in Total chaos ...and I do mean Total chaos ... then the beautiful arcturians will arrive in their ships with awesome tech , offering help to get us out of the mess ... They will also warn of an impending invasion from the Evil Reptilians ... and sure enough an attack will come , but the ships destroying Earths cities will not be piloted by reps ... but by humans under ET control ...So to this extent the invasion will be "fake " .... The main message I want to get across is that all these ET's are malevolent and working with one another ... they are directing the human cabal and are the designers of the coming chaos.... So no one will believe this now , it sounds all to crazy ... But when it starts to unfold .. people may remember , the ones who saw it coming also warned against trusting any ET's at this time ... I'm convinced humanity has only one way out ... Pray for Divine Intervention
  2. Video shows there's lot's of weirdos and freaks in Soho (I don't mean the guy with the megaphone) .... I don't know when this was filmed , but nobody seems to have masks on , except for the few who look like tourists ... I guess it was filmed recently .. I cant see the enforcement wardens to get that lot to mask up ,
  3. From this link ... "Can Infrared Light Reach the Brain? Can 0.5-W LEDs penetrate human scalp and skull to reach the brain? The answer is “No.”2 My colleague, Larry Morries, DC, and I showed that these LEDs did not even penetrate 2 mm of human skin. In contrast, our laser device, which emits infrared light in the range of 10 to 15 W, was able..." So a 0.5W laser cannot penetrate 2mm of skin ... the small cheap targeting lasers in these temperature guns are much much less , about 0.05 watts ... In this medical study they are using 10 to 15 W ... the laser would be the size of a suitcase. Also important to understand the targeting laser is RED which will penetrate even less . IR is infra red , it's the way the gun measures temp ...detecting the IR from the target .
  4. I watched the video FBG ... and the first 25 secs makes an excellent point about the psychological effects of acquiescing to an authority figure pointing a gun like device to your head and pulling the trigger !! ...Many times a day !! But the rest is nonsense the red targeting laser on this device is LIGHT !! It cannot penetrate the skin , nor can IR .... this is basic science ...so your pineal gland is perfectly safe ...The silly nurse who raised this concern needs to go back to school !
  5. Just searched Hancock ....no idea who he is ... I see he tested positive , just like Boris .... lol ... but now they're both fighting fit ...I suspect there was no great plan in them both being pronounced positive ... just farcical blundering ...such people would be tested , and would have a good chance of showing positive , all meaningless !! Possible it was done to convince the public covid is real .... I do believe both were told they had it , and they believed what they were told . I doubt Boris is in fear of Rothschild and Gates ...they wouldn't have to show Boris their claws , because Boris is just following his advisors without threats , probably thinks Gates is a 'philanthropist' ( as well as wanting to make a bit of cash on the vaccines) The more in the dark Boris is , the more convincing he is to the public .
  6. This is 1 hr long , and very scary . I should say I don't watch news , am isolated from it all , so this video came as a stark reminder of what we are all in ... A dystopic crazy sci-fi movie , and our lives are on the line!! The video was excellent as usual ... on just a small point I have a difference of opinion .... David brought up the government faces like Boris and other lesser people who are spearheading it all ... He concluded surely by now they must know it's a fraud , there are so many holes and inconsistencies in the policies they are putting forward ...They must know they are lying . I don't think so ... remember these people are just as stupid as the public , in addition surrounded by "expert advisors" (financed by Gates ) ... these politicians are not virologists , and so , like the public , they deffer to the experts ... and all the experts (around them) pretty much agree ... And then there is the mind influence , directed to these politicians from ET controllers... So I don't believe Boris and the other front politicians are in on it ... they are not knowingly lying ... if they were , they would not do a convincing job , body language would betray them ... and they're not smart enough to mask that. Just look at him ! Is this the face of a criminal genius or a village idiot? Video here ... https://davidicke.com/2020/09/10/heading-back-into-lockdown-the-puppets-read-their-script-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share-to-defeat-censorship/
  7. Firstly you need to educate Yourself on all this ...I know it makes your brain hurt but it has to be done ... I suggest you start with vaccination since this is the big threat on the horizon ....research Bill Gates and all the times he's been caught poisoning people in the third world with his vaccinations ...going back many decades ... scores of incidents all appear at the back of the news paper and then forgotten ...He has said his goal is to reduce population ...his father was a leading eugenicist... You have to hit people with the whole truth ... they may not believe it now .. but will later . So this is a plan by the secret government to exterminate billions of people ... As for direct action , I suggest soft non compliance ... don't wear masks , don't social distance , push the limits of what you can get away with , if enforcers tackle you educate them ...Rehearse what you will say before ... make their life difficult , take up their time ... but finally back off and don't get arrested , this way you are free to continue .. Be bold and fearless , even if they arrest you , you aren't going to a torture camp ...Just down to the station for a cup of tea , charged and released after a few hours .... a great opportunity to explain to more police what is really going.... But first you need to be an expert yourself , otherwise they will make you look a fool .
  8. This is all beyond doubt for people who have put in the time to investigate it .... We have around 100 insiders all telling the same story .... Bob Lazar was back engineering downed UFO's for the government in Area 51 over 60 years ago ...Well how long do you think it takes them ??? The secret government has fleets of advanced craft , bases in many places in the solar system .... certainly over 1 million personnel . Personnel include some people inducted from the normal military , but mostly slaves taken from Earth ...the 'missing children' .... they have advanced tech which can teleport you right out of your bed room and family sleeping in the next room would never know , the secret government is working with the Grey's and others .... Advanced craft and tech are used to start forest fires , mess with weather , and dustify buildings on 9/11 ... Intel is this secret fleet of UFO type craft will soon be turned openly on humanity in a fake alien invasion .... Until truthers get up to speed on this issue there is a gaping hole in their understanding.
  9. ^^^ I watched part of a video on this a few days ago .... the person being interviewed was a Scotish woman (I think) she told the story that she sent Rick the script and was amazed when he agreed to take part . The rant video above appears to have been shot during the making of this film ... the film is finished but no one will broadcast it.
  10. He was sent the script for this movie ... probably gets sent many .... he agreed to play a part , in it he talks about 9/11 being an inside job and other issues ... These were not his words , he just read the script , even so , it probably cost him his life . The 'rant' mentioned in OP , just 45 secs long is Rick talking into the camera ...Very strange much of it is unintelligible what can be heard is "I maybe dead by the time you see this ...destroy your televisions now , listen to no orders "
  11. It's not just a case of picking a country and thinking you are safe , you have to get very remote ...And sure Bangkok is crazy too ...masks ...and I imagine they are wary of foreigners , Thailand has only 58 reported 'deaths' ...UK has 43,000 and both have same population size 60M .... You could chose Sweden or New Zealand ... but these countries are high tech and NWO the drones or satellites will find you.... You could move to remotest Wales ...One thing for sure , living in a city you are in a kill zone , and it's only a matter of time
  12. I'm not totally clear on what is a 'Spiritual person' ... can you give a link to the forum you mention ... But generally, yes ...Mollison informs us 90% of channelers will be talking to malevolent ET psychics .. these will feed many disinpowering messages about the importance of keeping thoughts positive , how 'ascension' is about to happen all by itself , and basically we just have to stay positive and wait.... So people who swallow these messages will be repelled by the truth , which is very ugly and painful... The scariest information is coming from Mollison , he has gone deepest down the rabbit hole and it doesn't get any darker and nastier ... He says we are outgunned by malevolent ETs .. The only way out is to Pray for Divine Intervention.
  13. Not sure I understand what you mean ..... Every reliable source including David Icke agree ET's are at the root of it all ... it all ties together ...SSP whistle-blowers and the rest, so there's no doubt .... I understand most have problem with this idea ... it's down to mind control ...As DI said this is the Biggest Secret , that reps are in control of the royals . Either way they will probably turn up soon so then all will believe .... they will probably play 'good cop bad cop' .... don't believe any of them ... all are malevolent.
  14. This is all getting very boring now ...Every f**king thread is coronavirus People just reporting on the latest tightening of the noose , and there's nothing you can do .... Corona does not effect my reality , I'm far removed ...You are all stuck in a trap because you didn't move when it was obvious 10 years ago this was all coming .... There is still one chance ...they may allow flights again before the hammer falls ..some of you may still be able to escape to sunny Thailand where there are no masks and no curfews ... My domain here is very big . All are welcome .
  15. I'm well aware that at first appearances this does appear to be a jewish conspiracy . 90% of the big players are jewish even those who the public think are not jewish secretly are .. 'Circumcision BY a RABBI is one of the oddities of the Royal Family ... www.telegraph.co.uk › comment › Circumcision-is-one-o... Mar 31, 2015 - For many years my dinner-party claim to fame was that I was circumcised by the same rabbi who performed the procedure on Prince Charles.... You will remember that David and others believe that before the ET's stopped interacting with us openly , that they created an 'elite bloodline' to rule humanity ... a group of humans that looked the same as us , but had certain traits the ET's felt were needed for those who were to rule over the masses ... the ETs secretly helped this bloodline behind the scenes and of course it was important that this bloodline didn't breed with the rest of humanity otherwise the plan would fail .. There is only one group that has forbidden breeding with outsiders , going back thousands of years , the Jews ... So they must be the prime candidates to be this bloodline ... The very best sources we have , Mollison , Bartzis , refuse to answer questions on this ... they know to do so would not be helpful and just create even more bad Karma ... David slightly avoids and deflects the question by saying it's not the jews ... and that is true , 99% of jews just work normal jobs , shopkeepers etc and are as poor as the rest of the people . Mollison says the real controllers , the ET's use the jews as a scapegoat ... humanity instinctively knows something is up and are looking for the villain, and has found that in the jews , and there has been a long history of conflict and persecution pogroms and exterminations ...And the ET's love this , they want conflict and death among the humans , and the jews are humans also ...But most of all it deflects attention away from the real controllers the coalition of 3 ET groups . So I would advise all to stop seeing the jews as the villain ...this will create bad karma for yourself ... many top jews have been subject to mind control torture and are victims , and the true controllers are more than happy to see us tear them apart.
  16. Over a million people at anti lock-down protest in Berlin!! UK can only get a few thousand to protest ...What's going on?? The Germans are probably more alert to tyranny because of WWII ...
  17. Why don't you explain to the viewers what that is ... That's just it ...it wasn't explosive .... an explosion has a big shock wave and a big BANG ... The problem with many here is that are not aware of what is possible technically , their imagination is restricted by the science we have on the surface ...which is stone age ... anti gravity UFO type craft ..cloaking , and DEW are all a reality , and well accepted by those who have researched it.
  18. Of course human cloning is real ... This has been reported on by dozens of insiders ... but you can't just duplicate people ad infinitum , it has to have a spark , a fragment of the soul , from the original to animate the clone .... Cloning is reportedly also used by the elite to conduct secret gatherings ... while they sleep tech is used to remove their 'soul ' and put it into a clone of themselves in a DUMB ... they can operate through this clone , like it was their original body .. meet with others and plan things . When done they are returned to their body and the clone put back into storage ... The cabal have advanced tech in all areas , time travel , teleportation , craft , weapons ... all sequestered in the SSP.
  19. LOL ... When you have been researching this subject as intensely as I have .. and over so many years .. then there is NO DOUBT this is real .... You call this "weather weapons" ...WHY ??? what have fires got to do with weather ??? ..different tech . The video you post says these are started by Directed Energy Weapons fired from above ! You need to expand your information input , then it will all make sense ...
  20. Sure .... forest fires in unprecedented numbers are occurring all over the world from Ethiopia to Australia as the ET's ramp up the pressure ... These are started by Directed Energy Weapons fired from Cloaked SSP craft ..... You need to get up to Speed on the SSP , Secret Space Program .... This is a cabal controlled off world tyrannical empire with millions of mind controlled humans ... it is humans that man these advanced craft .... they are starting these fires to causing chaos , and practicing for when they start firing on cities .... You think corona is crazy ...You aint seen nothing yet... This video is a good intro into the SSP .... https://youtu.be/Fp4299-vfPs This is what's coming to a city near you .... very soon! I'm not sure why FBG calls this " weather weapons " ... that is something different altogether ... weather manipulation IS done by the SSP using tech given by the ET's (who are the real controllers) ... they create anomalous weather to destroy crops , flash floods , hurricanes .... all to sabotage things and destroy food in preparation for the coming famine.
  21. Just because the man on the street finds these things hard to believe does not mean they make no sense or aren't real ....The secret government has very advanced tech.. The towers DID disappear. This has to be explained !
  22. As you can see from my posts I'm still juggling ideas .... Early in this thread I was exploring the nuke theory , one deep under each tower ... the greatest proponent of this theory is this guy ... But there's a gaping hole in his logic .... the up blast could not dustify , and if the nuke blast broke the surface , as you say , the explosion would be terrific .... I KNOW SSP is a reality , so by far the most sensible theory , is the one offered by Karl Mollison , a cloaked craft , high above the towers , fired a disintegration weapon , this could have melted the granite under the towers , and perhaps induced some radiation in the ground there .. if it is present .... the blue ponds could just be a ruse from the cabal to encourage the radiation /nuke theory proposed in above video ... Dimitri , the guy proposing this , says the American government were not behind 9/11 , and suffered a surprise attack that day ..lol
  23. Nukes will not do the job fine ... they do not pulverize things to dust .....
  24. We didn't need another 1000 page book to tell us why it was done ... could all be summarized in a few lines .... To create animosity with the Muslim world and an excuse to invade any Islamic country they liked , hopefully leading to a backlash of rioting of Europe's muslims (but that never happened) ... A reason for increase police state in the West , scanners at airports etc ... And as always money ... double insurance policy on towers , missing gold in basement .... But in hindsight this event triggered nothing ...9/11 was the lie that Failed to Change the world ... DI should have saved that phrase for Corona ... Corona IS the lie that changed the world
  25. 18 minute video made by someone who seems to be mentally retarded , says the buildings were empty shells , no floors !
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