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  1. This information comes from the most reliable source we have , Karl Mollison channeling Creator. This particular Webinar deals with the plans the malevolent ET coalition have to exterminate us ... they will use humans to do this .... Covered in this video is the large number of humans kept in Dumbs as slaves and food for the reptilians ... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=8RKUB6O2G3OW at 1:19:00 the subject of clones is covered these are also kept in the DUMB's . Numbers are not mentioned , but they must be in the 10's of Millions . SSP personnel are around a Million "There is a need for a very large force of human clones , used to search for stragglers . Those who survive the mass attacks , the scourges , the calamities designed to kill many people , particularly in populated areas . There will be those in isolated enclaves who will be overlooked in the initial waves and so those surviving remnants of humanity need to be searched for and killed . That will be the duty of the human clone army , being manufactured by the alien Greys . These clones are human looking , and can be trained to follow orders and perform repetitive tasks , and will have enough inherent creativity to be hunters with a mandate to kill anything that moves . So it will be a strait forward operation to let loose hoards of these clones to find and exterminate any hold out human beings . This allows the ET's to accomplish the deed of annihilation without any personal risk . It will all be done by mind controlled human beings in the Secret Space Program to do the first waves of killings launched from space craft , with the clone army bringing up the rear . ...." So these plans have been underway for many decades first famines, plagues and collapses will kill many , then advanced craft will fire on populated areas , then the clone army to mop up the rest . These are just PLANS , and can be thwarted if enough pray for Divine help
  2. I don't have that number for you Yasmina .. They are already helping , but the degree to which they can help is determined by how many pray , and how effectively we pray... God does not want grovelers , but people who invite him into this drama , and give clear instructions about What We Want ..... We are informed that what we should want , for an effective resolution to this situation is healing and forgiveness for those oppressing us . Techniques for being effective in Praying are laid out here , along with a complete breakdown of who and what are attacking us ... getwisdom.com ... or see here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos "I call on Creator and the Divine realm to heal and forgive the dark forces oppressing humanity , may they move on and leave us"
  3. That's a great 3 min video ... the author brings up excellent points .."People remember the hysteria about aids where millions were predicted to die ... the BSC scare the sars scare of 2003 ...the avian flue hysteria ...all came to nothing"
  4. What the hell is this obscenity doing in Trafalgar square??? And this one???
  5. Yes ... the West certainly were involved in that leap that resulted in 50 million starving to death ... The CIA do help put despots in control of other countries , like Mao , or Sandam Husain .They think destroying other countries keeps the US as the dominant world power ... but Mao and Husain are not "ruled by the cabal" ... they will take help from the US and are independent , but must be expecting a double cross at any moment.... US does appear to have struck a deal with China on covid ... they probably said to China... " you start covid in your country , it will spread to the west , we can both use it to clamp control on our populations" ... very hard to know ... they may have planned WWIII together , as tensions mount with the US telling the public China engineered covid and blaming them for the coming collapse ...neither side will trust the other ... behind it all are the ET's mind manipulating the players
  6. After decades of following this and EXPECTING this , I am convinced there is no physical action people can take .... EVEN IF PEOPLE WERE AWAKE ... But they are not awake ... in a trance and in denial ..... The ET's doing this have millions of years experience at this , subjugating many planets ... they have tech and powers we have no idea of , we only see the surface ... We are like primitive ants to them ... but we do have one ace to play which can beat them. We can call on the Divine realm to Intervene ...Pray for help to heal them and get them off our backs .... If we don't do this the Divine realm cannot step in , our free will is respected and it's assumed we want to do it alone.
  7. My understanding is as follows .... The controllers are the coalition of malevolent ET's ..... they want death torture and mayhem ...and ideally total enslavement of Mankind .... They would start things moving .... impulse western bankers to fund Hitler .... Impulse the UK to be complacent and not be allerted by Germany's weapons build up .... impulse(mind influence ) Chamberlain to believe he had a peace treaty with Hitler ... all to allow Hitler time to build up forces so there would be a good fight .... So Churchill and those fighting Hitler were doing their best to win .... Churchill does not want to see England overrun by NAZI's ...and no one could predict the result , not even the ET's. The Divine realm would be trying to help , but the extent of this is determined by prayer from humans involved.... After the war the important NAZI engineers and scientists went off to Antarctica , 3rd rate ones were scooped up by paperclip , these were serving their own interests and had to work for the US It's the same today ... it's a mistake to think china and most countries of the world are working with the West on a united plan with covid .... they are separate competing entities ... they follow their own interests , and mind influence of politicians is a big factor to stir up conflict and war between countries .
  8. Nothing special about 2025 ... they say BY 2025 the US population will be below 100M ... This they hope to do incrementally ..... starting NOW ... If you wan't to scare yourself the video in this thread has an accurate vision of how this will be done ... Covid is just one ingredient in the witches brew ... and all these are just plans anyway ... nothing is for sure
  9. That hit the nail on the head M ... Imagine if no one protested ... if we all meekly went along with it without a murmur ... how bad would that be???
  10. This goes back way before Icke .... Search Von Daniken or Zachariah Sitchen ... they spent their whole lives explaining that ET's came down and bred with us , openly ruled us ... bible and other texts ... then left and controlled us from behind the scenes via their 'elite' bloodline ...rothschilds and royals .... Icke agrees with all that ... Now we have 100's of insiders confirming the ET link ...and whistleblowers from the SSP , it all fits together and gives a perfect picture .... The rothschilds have no reason to exterminate us all , they control things already ... it is the evil ET's pushing them .... the plan has so many facets , is so complex , the technology is so advanced , it is not just humans ... Even the Amazon rain forest is now burning !
  11. It doesn't have to be aliens , but the overwhelming evidence is that it is ... Even DI says the Biggest Secret is that reps control the cabal ... Deborah brought up aliens in the video , she said "I know many think it's aliens , but the people who I see are implementing it are rothschilds and politicians " ... We are agreed , the human cabal are the boots on the ground , the human illuminati , and rothchilds are the top of the pile .... the elite bloodline the aliens left to rule over us .. they follow orders from the ET's ... This video spells out the horrifying position we are in ... they have spent decades preparing this ... there is no way to fight this on a physical level . Only by calling on Divine Intervention ...Pray for help ... see here for an explanation of who is behind it , and the way out .... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos
  12. I listened to the whole thing ....Extremely Scary ... This is a very smart woman who gets the whole picture .... Much of it I knew ... some was new ...She sees the 5G system as a kill grid , soon to be activated .... The Nightmare will be worse than you can ever imagine , and it's coming now! Get out of cities quick !
  13. Deborah goes over the nightmare unfolding in America ..California being burnt to a crisp , a combination of cloaked SSP craft fire , She says many times ..."These are Directed Energy Weapons fires " ...conventional chem-trailing with metals which burn and feed the fires ... dry hot winds , engineered to burn things .... Then the engineered hurricane , weapons being used to "surge'' water levels.... Watch out for more volcanoes and earthquakes .... this is ET tech ... food shortage riots ... confining of humans in settlements .... And that's just the first 16 minutes ..video 1Hr 40min long
  14. This is the big secret that governments keep , that they have secretly been interacting with ET's since 1940's ... the secret government now has advanced tech and craft , an off world secret empire run by the cabal in league with the ET's ... So these will be the craft starting fires , messing up the weather , and disintegrating towers on 9/11 ... mostly they are cloaked and manned by humans .... These days they are allowing themselves to be seen more just flying around to get humanity ready for the open arrival of ET's ... they will offer help , don't fall for the lies... If you really want to understand this subject you must put in the time , 100's of hours , all on video ... otherwise you will never be SURE !
  15. That's the film Mr H .... I've finally got around to watching it , and it really is very good , very professional for a low budget film ... It tells the story of someone waking up to the conspiracy . Her friends have been long into it ... the core theme is that the politicians want to reduce the population to 500 million , the people in the film are not sure how this will be achieved , a bio weapon , by vaccines ? At the end of the film the military finally are on the streets ordering people to stay indoors , someone refuses to go indoors and is shot ... The film covers ZION in 2012 olympics ... 9/11 , 7/11 ... Diana , JFK are mentioned ... it really is very good and will give the broad picture to new people , and is prophetic of covid to some extent .... The criticism I have is that it implies this population reduction is being done because the planet cannot support 7 B people , not enough resources, when of course this is just the cover story ... Also the target of 500M comes from the Georgia Gide-stones ... this will not be adhered to , again , a fairy-tail to get people on board with the plan ...500M we are told is "sustainable for the planet " Truth is the ET's who control the politicians want us all gone .
  16. This is not rocket science .... Cloud fair is also blocking my access to infowars for 5 days now .... The controllers are not idiots , firstly they would create and own companies which deal with protecting sites from being hacked .... So if infowars suffers an attack they will run strait to cloudfair in a hope they can fix things ... this may give the illusion of a sort of fix , but will in some ways it will continue the sabotage ... The same happened to this forum . Was it cloudfair or another company? ...After a hack management installed security which made the forum a pain to use , numbers went down .... when finally security was removed , ... everything fine again!
  17. ML ...you've been brainwashed by the evil cabal ..... this is their mantra ...."not enough for everyone , stop consuming " ...All Lies .... When Obama went out to Africa 6 years ago , he told them all "You can't have cars and Air Conditioning it will burn the planet" ...Global Warming is a lie .... over consumption is a lie ... ALL commodities are at an all time low , from oil to copper all the metals , because modern things are more compact , use less materials and are more efficient .... We need to burn more oil to get CO2 back in the Atmosphere it drives the Biosphere... Everything they tell you is a lie .... As for your picture of the dead Wale with it's mouth full of plastic , this was staged to tug at heart strings .... Of course we should tidy up plastic garbage , but 99% of beaches are clean , and most dolphins and wales are not effected... An agenda is being played here ..... " save the world by reducing human population"
  18. Keep these food threads coming ... this issue should be foremost in everyone's mind . Where is your food coming from in 6 months time or a year? If you think supermarkets will still be open you maybe disappointed. Once food becomes scarce of expensive looters will take out the shops , then it all collapses.
  19. It is ET's who are behind it all , it is they that truly despise humanity ... they play us like a computer game for amusement...The ET's have to work hard at corrupting humans who they get to help them .... even the elite bloodline (rothschild , royalty etc) are often not depraved enough to carry things out , and are often killed and replaced with reptilian shapeshifters ... You will remember the Annunaki are in control here , but allow the reps to join in because of their very useful shapeshifting ability .... These malevolent ET's have been doing this sort of thing for millions of years on other planets ... they are experts at it , and unbeatable without Divine intervention . And that will only come if enough humans ask for it .
  20. Yeah ... go for it ... I used to live under Bristol council , they cover Glastonbury ... probably a few activists from there behind this .... Unfortunate T shirt that guy is wearing skulls and death dripping blood .... really ! He should be trying to stop the mega death , not promote it! One good thing about non-professionals being allowed to vaccinate , it does increase the chances of being able to bride the guy with the needle not to do it and just stamp your pass ... Unless Bill is ready with his mark of course which will prevent this as it's delivered with the vaccine .
  21. Dreaming??? This is not the time for dreaming , lucid or otherwise .... LD could be said to have a place on this forum , But not a whole section ..... DI's claim to fame is that he exposed the secret controllers of this world ... Meta physical stuff is a little off topic .
  22. Certainly most physical ET's are benign and enlightened (to some extent) and so realize it's not for them to mess in our affairs , even if they see us under the jack boot of the evil ones ....If they tried to intervene publicly they know this would cause a fire fight with the Anunaki , and the reps and Arcturians who help them ... they would use humanity as hostage and kill us all before surrender .... There is evidence of what you say about help from ET's .... "One of the more out-of-the-ordinary press conferences held in Washington this week consisted of former Air Force personnel testifying to the existence of UFOs and their ability to neutralize American and Russian nuclear missiles. UFO researcher Robert Hastings of Albuquerque, N.M., who organized the National Press Club briefing, said more than 120 former service members had told him they'd seen unidentified flying objects near nuclear weapon storage and testing grounds. Star & Stripes quoted former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967 when 10 ICMs he was overseeing suddenly became inoperative - at the same time base security informed him of a mysterious red glowing object in the sky. Robert Jamison, a retired USAF nuclear missile targeting officer, told of several occasions having to go out and "re-start" missiles that had been deactivated, after UFOs were sighted nearby. Similar sightings at nuclear sites in the former Soviet Union and in Britain were related..." ... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/ex-air-force-personnel-ufos-deactivated-nukes/ The malevolent coalitions of ETs who control the Earth and direct the cabal are constantly trying to start conflict and wars and it seems outside action has saved us many times , in response to prayer the higher realms are able to take action ...How much is completely dependent on how many humans call for their help ... Most humans don't believe in Creator or the Divine Realm , that's the big problem... This help is done behind the scenes ... the good guys could not land on the White House lawn , that would lead to conflict ... Important to realize humans are divine beings , not warlike or dangerous ... the ET's and evil spirits they work with are in a constant battle to turn humans to the dark side .. mind control /influence is constantly aimed at us all , both psychic from dark spirits , electronic 3/4/5G , conventional media , and the rest ... So I believe no helpful ET's will turn up at this time , the only solution is Pray to the Divine to heal the dark ones and impulse them to move on ... help will not come in a physical form , but will be mind control if you like , from Creator , aimed at the ET's to get them to lose interest in us .... But all is dependent on us asking for help ... if we don't , in this free will experiment , it's assumed we want to do things on our own .... Much of this information comes from Karl Mollison ... he has greatly upgraded my understanding. ... getwisdom.com
  23. I should say I don't follow politics or the news much ... Have no Western News TV channels where I am , except Bloomberg financial , which I watch occasionally for the silver price ... and online I do visit infowars (hacked and down for 4 days now) .... Even so the plan seems very transparent ....The controllers are shouting it , getting people prepared for what's coming ... Trump will of course be elected by normal voting ... but postal voting will take another week , it seems the cabal are able to fix postal ballots more .. the democrats will contest the result , already they are saying Trump will try to steal it .... and the media will say trump lost , but he will hold on to power .... Then the riots start .... Don't imagine a few thousand BLM meth heads can bring down America ... or the students will riot , despite polls show the majority of students believe BLM riots are justified , they are too soft .... The underclass will destroy the US In the chaos the cabal will used cloaked SSP craft ( currently starting forest fires) .. to fire on and take out the power grid ... The cabal know well what effect this has , they have cut of power before in cities , and within 3 days all shops and supermarkets are looted and burnt ... This will be nationwide ... no one coming to rebuild , no food trucks coming to resupply ... the government will take control of food , and if you want any you have to get it from the FEMA camp when you get your vaccination .... Nothing is for sure ... there could be many variations on the above ... but knowing the mind set of the ET's controlling the cabal , I think this has a high chance of happening .
  24. That explains a lot ... first the overwhelming self confidence ... jews generally see the rest of us as inferior , so don't care what we think ....treat us like idiots . And the NWO addenda anti life ...an end to breeding an end to humanity ... I expect his father has told him ... "get out there and tell them not to breed , and I'll keep supporting you" And no one in his audience can tell him why we should breed ... I can tell him ... Because it brings love into the world ... love and life ... The natural process is boy meets girl and they fall in love ... but this is a chemical high in the blood stream ... research has shown the chemical is gone in 11 months ... but by then the baby turns up , and the parents find a deeper , different love , a longer lasting love to unite them , focused on the child.
  25. The video was uploaded to Youtube this week , but no indication of when it was shot .... It probably was filmed recently , the reason I brought this up is it looks like pre covid London .... very few have masks on .... I thought the UK was under tyranny with enforcers everywhere bullying people ...You've never had it so good ! The Guy has a lot of hootspa to do what he does ... just a pity his message is such rubbish ... Imagine if we had half a dozen truthers doing what he does but explaining why covid is a hoax , what the plan is and who's behind it.
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