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  1. "Brilliant work from David Hockey"  .... Perhaps he's only 4 years old ? That would excuse imperfect circles and inconsistent size of letters ....


    This is all part of the agenda. It is on record the CIA started the modern art movement by buying paintings for $millions  ... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/modern-art-was-cia-weapon-1578808.html ... in this article they spin it and say it was to defeat the Russians in the cold war , but that makes no sense... the real reason is it's an attack on people  , make them doubt their own judgement ,make them feel alienated from the world ....




    Imagine being a commuter standing on the platform day after day looking at this ! You would think the world had gone mad 




    Kahn does not understand the agenda ... he is targeted by mind control and really does think this 'art' is cool.

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  2. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    That's weasel language. He is one of those fellow French guys, not some random French guy.


    You mean he's in on the lie ??? Hard to tell ...but I don't think so..


    The mind control the ET's have is All powerful  if they focus on one person ....They can't apply this degree of control to the whole world population , because there are just too many of us . We are Billions , they are millions .... so they only give personal attention to politicians and people like Rael ... most of us are just impacted by electronic MK carried on 3/4/5G , decoded by ingested nano chips , much less effective ....


    So I would guess Rael really does believe he was taken to their planet , and he does believe his own story ... People can often detect a fake , and if Rael was knowingly being deceptive , some of his followers  would pick up on it ....


    I did meet Rael when I attended his  2 week (nudist)  summer camp in the South of France .. that was about 35 years ago .... very memorable ...lots of shagging going on. 

  3. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:

    Yep ... the Raelian movement is one of the biggest cults on the planet ...100's of thousands of members worldwide  .....


    Raelians in Seoul Sth Korea 



    Its a very well constructed and catchy psi op .. they're into sensuality and nudity 

    Rael is a French guy and the story is he was driving up near the Pyrenees and a UFO came down and little men came out ... told him they created humanity , and he as to prepare for their return ... this was about 50 years ago ....



  4. Just now, alexa said:


    Yeah ... that's just a tree burning on the mount , next to the mosque .... 


    They'll see what the reaction is and if they can get away with burning the mosque .... 


    Then a quick build of a temple (house of god)  to welcome the returning "gods" .... This has always been the plan , but they'd better get a move on . The Annunaki will land soon weather the temple is ready or not! 


    Raël stated that humanity has to build an embassy for the Elohim prior to their arrival on Earth and that it must include a landing pad for their spaceship.[89] He stated that it needed to be located on internationally recognised neutral territory so as not to indicate favour towards any one particular nation-state.[75] Initially, Raël sought permission to build it in Israel,[90] explaining this by reference to how the ancient Israelites were once in contact with the Elohim.[75] He also stated that this embassy would constitute the "Third Temple" referred to in Jewish prophecy.[91] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raëlism

  5. That's the way I interpret this news item on BBC ... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-57059148


    A 3minute slick promotion aimed at recruiting working people and women who want to help the world ....


    Of course they will never tell you the members are all dying off and not being replaced , the headline is ...


    Freemasons: Young people 'on waiting lists' to join notoriously secretive society


    "The Freemasons is an organisation that conjures up images of secret handshakes, men-only rituals and power and influence wielded from behind closed doors.

    Now in a bid to be more open, the organisation has published its first internal report about the state of Freemasonry in 300 years.

    There are about 200,000 members across the UK, with the vast majority men aged between 65 and 80.

    But the new report showed those aged 18-34 were the most favourable towards Freemasonry, something the organisation said it was keen to capitalise on...."

    Video Journalist: Ben  p0613gmn.jpg


    The picture above as also on the BBC website , (with two other videos on freemasonry)... It shows more of the creature peeping into our world ... the "Eye of God"  .Normally just the eye is shown at the top of the pyramid .But here you can see part of it's face  ...   It has green scaly skin!









  6. I'm sure it's no coincidence this story appears on BBC News today ..... See , their just harmless old black men , aren't you ashamed of yourself wanting to keep them locked up 


    Joe Ligon: Released , America's 'longest juvenile lifer' on 68 years in prison

    By Swaminathan Natarajan & Lauren Potts
    BBC World Service


    America's "longest juvenile lifer" recently walked out of prison a free man. Joe Ligon spoke to BBC World Service about spending nearly seven decades in jail, why he waited so long for freedom, and how he intends to spend the rest of his days....

  7. Brilliant! ... It might help if you get it in  focus  .....


    But well done for trying Keep at it .

    .. You can buy a microscope with camera  like this for $20 on ebay  1600x magnification ... I've got one myself but am to stupid/computer illiterate to get it working!




    If there were nano worms or micro chips in masks and swabs surely we have got some good pictures or footage by now ...


    Plenty of university students have access to electron microscopes , or even high quality optical ones ... This leads to the conclusion that it could all be miss information .

  8. 1 hour ago, Duewy said:

    So I am the only One who watched the X-Files and sees the connections???

    Any other shows/series that gave a prediction? 

    Unfortunately the full episode is not available to see .... 


    This was the final episode of season 10 , aired 2016.... 


    The story line is something has been intentionally put in common vaccines for decades by a Gates like villain , who wants to reduce the population ...this is now causing a breakdown in peoples immune system and plagues ravage the planet. 


    The solution is to have the jab ,this is not a 'vaccine , but a  remedy ... If you were sic the jab cured you...


    I found this interesting from your link .

    The remedy for the weaponized immune system collapse comes from some alien DNA Scully carries — the same DNA that keeps the self-selected elite safe from the pandemics.

    The program ends in chaos as masses of people flee Washington DC, with a large triangular spacecraft shining its light directly on Scully and Mulder.


    So The story line is that the planet's "self selected elite" carry Alien DNA ...And that is the truth. Rothschilds royalty and other super wealthy are Annunaki Hybrids ..This is conspiracy 101


    My take is malevolent  Aliens are behind covid and will land after things have got worse , giving false offers of help  ....


    The message from this episode is take the 'vaccine ' and things will be OK... 


    So the episode is a mix , some truth in there , not accurate enough to be called a prediction IMO. And hard to tell  if the good or bad guys inspired it. 

  9. Been looking more at commodity prices ,not just all basic foods are up  but everything , particularly lumber ....

    This is the most recent chart I could find ... but spot price today is even  higher  $1686 !! 

    As the guy in the video pointed out this impact on those wanting to be self sufficient , it costs 4 times more to build a chicken house than it did a year ago ... And chicken feed is more expensive .

    But gold and silver are hardly moving , so if you have your wealth there , or in cash in a bank you lose out , buy things you need now , particularly food . 



  10. Just now, Icke-Kia said:


    Yes you've posted that before , I-kia ....


    From your posts I would imagine you are new to the subject of conspiracy ... You love Musk and his rockets , love NASA , and can't imagine there is a hidden agenda going on with them , you take it all at face value ...


    Someone has spent money buying the domain www.beilek-debunked.com  .. spent a lot of time trying to convince people he's fake ... that's the secret government in action .


    Keep an open mind , reexamine the evidence  ... science is far more advanced than we are told. 

  11. On 5/2/2021 at 10:54 PM, Icke-Kia said:


    Bielek claimed to be involved in many conspiracies, time travel, Philadelphia experiment, Montauk project,


    He never claimed to be involved in conspiracies ... He was a top scientist working on secret government projects , Time travel ,

    On 5/2/2021 at 10:54 PM, Icke-Kia said:

    .Many people backed up Bielek's claims with their own stories, all liars.


    About half a dozen credible , high level scientists backed up Al's story .To think they're all liars is absolutely ridiculous...


    Here's one of them Stewart Swerdlow  ..Apparently DI  knew him well slept over at his flat , long chats into the small hours 



    As soon as information like this comes out the government will set about discrediting the source , so I'm not going to get into 'faked family album' ...

    Remember academic Fritz Springmier , after publishing 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati" was accused and convicted of an armed hold up of a bank , served many years in prison 

  12. Just now, Grumpy Owl said:


    What does this have to do with Covid? 🤔


    In fact I've asked both of you @HistoryIsComplex and @oz93666 to stop posting in bold text, and you've both ignored my warning.


    I really can't see the objection to using bold text or larger size text (in moderation) ... I would say most of my posts use neither .


    It is a facility offered by this forum , presumably for the patrons to make use of , as is colored text and posting images , all of this can make this place more interesting ...


    When I use any of it , it will have a purpose... for example the large text in my post above was the essence of the post , in answer to the question in the title "What is the Mark?" ... so those who don't have time to read all that post, will drawn to those 2 lines .... the whole thing is bold because I rate the question raised  as quiet an important issue ...


    However I do understand excessive use of bold or large text can be annoying ... I will only use it sparingly  



  13. Trying to figure this out ....


    As we know there are various "Degrees" in Masonry ...The lowest 3 degrees are 'Entered ' ... 'Fellowcraft' ...'Apprentice'  ... there are 33 acknowledged degrees ... So 33 is top dog ... called 'Inspector General Honorary'


    Now there appears to be  a new degree called "Mark" ... I've never known this to happen before! 

    The way it's being openly promoted suggests it's available to all masons , which is not true for the normal degrees,  for those you are promoted up the degrees by your superiors decision  ...

    So perhaps a 1st degree mason or a 31st degree mason could both chose to take the Mark initiation then they would be 1st degree with mark and 31st degree with mark ...


    What is the Mark??? Those with active imaginations might think it was the Mark of the Beast ...and the  freemasons want to be the first to be Marked to curry favor with the Antichrist soon to arrive! 


  14. So Rose got 31K .... Kahn over a million .... Very sad to see the mayoral vote decided on religion ... If Kahn had renounced Islam but had the same policies  he wouldn't  have got 100K votes 


    Did Rose really think he could win?? I don't know what to make of him !...


    "While he doesn’t agree with Icke that Covid is a “scam”, Rose has the controversial view that “it is the job of the Mayor to have found alternatives to lockdown that could have kept the city functioning — the Mayor of Manchester, for example, fought for hospitality. It was not responsible for that many transmissions.” When he talks about gyms closing he appears devastated. He “encourages everyone to get the vaccine” but has no plans to get it himself, “I am low-risk”. On the campaign trail he shakes hands and is against vaccine passports as they restrict freedom." ..https://www.standard.co.uk/news/mayor/brian-rose-london-mayoral-election-millionpound-bid-mayor-b929331.html



  15. 2 minutes ago, zArk said:


    i have heard a few panic station ideas in the past year

    'food shortage'

    'power grid failure'

    'internet shut down'

    'martial law troops on street'

    'mandatory vaccinations'.


    The three I've Highlighted do seem to be part of the plan ... from things they themselves have said 


    There are things we can do to protect ourselves 

  16. 36 minutes ago, zArk said:

    if they kill most people in the west with the vaccine there will be plenty of food for the survivors


    Indications are  the vaccine is not about killing people ... Many millions have taken it , less than 1% have suffered really bad effects ....


    There are many different 'vaccines' ... is it about enhancing mind control .. transforming people into Zombies , we can speculate till the cows come home ... But spending too much time on this is a waste of time. 

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  17. Just now, Jikwan said:

    Are you saying their target isnt genocide?

    Their target is turning the free man into creditscore supercontrolled slave?


    Sure it is genocide , but I don't think mainly by the vaccine or covid ...

    Many catastrophes to reduce the population by a few billion  ..Then the arrival of real ET's , the same ones who control the cabal and are causing the calamities . They want us to willingly  put global society under their governance ... First they have to convince us we can't manage things ourselves. 

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  18. Just now, Tinfoil Hat said:



    No. Every aspect needs watching an documenting.

    I'm liking this woman's turn of phrase...

    "Kate Shemirani warning nurses that they will be held responsible for their actions" https://www.bitchute.com/video/ec5PLfhclNZ1/


    And who's going to hold them responsible after society collapses , supermarkets are looted , and covid is just a minor calamity compared with starvation? 


    DI and every other prominent analysist has said covid is primarily about collapsing the economy ... If you don't prepare for this you will perish! 

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  19. I've said it before , but I'll say it again .... this obsession with covid is playing into the controllers hands , it's mesmerized people , and they've taken their eye off the ball ....


    This thread has been going for a year now ! Don't you think we've got it ... Don't take the shots! ..That's all you need to know ....


    Take a look at the latest posting from Gareth    https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/19618-sunday-9th-may-2021/



    The planed starvation is swinging into operation NOW ...Where do you get your food from?  

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  20. 35 minutes ago, GarethIcke said:

    Brace for impact – they are preparing to starve us https://davidicke.com/2021/05/09/brace-for-impact-they-are-preparing-to-starve-us/


    Here's the video featured in this link ....



    I've listened to the whole of this 45 Min video ... He's very smart and well researched .... I thought he might be exaggerating so I searched grain prices , they ARE exploding NOW  



    Bottom line , inflation of everything , particularly food ... shortages , riots , mass starvation ... As the guy says , You have to be a producer of food to survive ! 

  21. I've watched that first video .... not impressed , many holes in the information ...


    For example in the introduction , and in the channeling  @ 9:10 a big issue is made of Gates "collecting much land on the planet"  that this is part of the reptilian agenda to own/control the Earth... 


    The reality is gates purchased  242,000 acres of US farmland  totaling more than $690m. .... total farmland in the US 915 million acres 

    So Gates "Massive" land holding is only 0.028% of US farmland ... insignificant ...But this did get much exaggerated hype in the media , and the channeler swallowed the hype... 


    So this is an example of a channeler not asking for Devine Protection , and so is open to Annunaki Psychics to download miss information ...


    Here's a 2 min video from the Master explaining the dangers ... I've watched over a hundred 3 hr videos of channeling from KM and my hypercritical mind can find no flaws .... It took only 10 mins to find big errors in the information from the Kid featured in this thread. 



  22. Yes... a memorable song H is C ....


    I found meaning in there , the lyrics are very loose and open to putting your own interpretation 


    I put the whole title of this thread in search and got some interesting info ...


    first the name of the group ...

    What is the meaning of Tears for Fears?
    tears as a replacement for fears
    As Curt explained in an interview, "it means tears as a replacement for fears," the fears being the root cause of neurosis in adulthood (Hall 12). They found this medium to be a healthy and cathartic mechanism through which to create their music and lyrics.
    The song's lyrics detail the desire humans have for control and power.[22][23] In 2017, Tal Rosenberg of Pitchfork stated that its lyrics could be applied in different scenarios such as the environment ("Turn your back on mother nature"), short-lived financial success ("Help me make the most of freedom and of pleasure/Nothing ever lasts forever"), dictatorial rule ("Even while we sleep/We will find you"), and the Cold War ("Holding hands while the walls come tumbling down").[1] The Economist writer K.Y.W. called the track a Cold War anthem and noted its timeless message, stating that "the song's lyrics speak to the anxieties of every age."[24]

    This song by the English band Tears for Fears puts forth the idea that “everybody wants to rule the world.” However, this isn’t meant in a literal sense per se. It rather serves as an allusion to the global reality the artists dealt with when this track was written. 


    Song was written during the Cold War era

    It was during that time that the Cold War between the United States and Russia was at one of its peaks that this song was written. Thus many of the cryptic lyrics in it refer to that tense situation. However, what the track is about in general is the lust for power and control and the destructive consequences which manifest as a result. Thus it is also believed that “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” contains references to George Orwell’s classic book 1984. It is important to mention that 1984 is not only about war but also its fictional government’s all-encompassing desire to control the masses.

    • In fact this track originally featured the lyrics “everybody wants to go to war.” However, Tears for Fears weren’t feeling that phrase and modified it.
    • This is one of the most-beloved songs from the 1980s. For instance, it received the highly-distinguished BRIT Award in 1986.


  23. Just now, trthskr said:

    No man rules alone.


    I would vote for, The Crown Corporation, a wholy owned subsidiary of The City of London and ultimately the Vatican.


    The Vatican does not figure prominently in the pyramid pictured above ... It has considerable wealth , but does not figure in the control structure , day to day running of things , it's influence is through dogma and doctrine to corrupt the people ...


    The Vatican is not family run ... popes come and go and are not from illuminati families . The Vatican would not want to get involved in running the world , planning events like 9/11 or corona , this is done by the "Crown Council of 13" at the top of the pyramid ...


    So , My understanding is the Vatican is mostly a non player ....

    If the antichrist/returning jesus/ET's do arrive then the Pope will have an effect by swaying the mindless masses with his advice on whether we should embrace same. 

  24. Just now, Beaujangles said:



    Are you saying that The (Crowned) Queen is the`spider`or The Crown (corporation)  in your opinion?

    Let's search the definition of that ....

    What is a Crown corporation?
    "A crown corporation is any corporation that is established and regulated by a country's state or government. This is the opposite of private companies, which are privately owned, structured, and operated to serve the owners of the company. The government commercially owns a crown company."
    and ...
    "Canadian Crown corporations are corporations wholly owned by the Crown and most are agents of the Crown with each ultimately accountable, through a relevant minister, to Parliament for the conduct of its affairs. Wikipedia.."
    I think you may mean by "Crown Corporation" the holdings of the Queen ... her land and  properties , institutions ...
    Well this could be seen as the web , perhaps .... the monarch is the spider . 
  25. We are informed by KM  that the only way humanity can get out of this mess is by calling on the Creator to join us in sending healing and forgiveness to the evil spirits and malevolent ET's who oppress us ... This is the only thing that will get them off our backs ... In this free will reality we call the shots , we have to enlist Divine help ...


    Only by getting enough people believing in God and Praying for upliftment of the evil ones , can we avoid annihilation. 

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