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  1. Yes I was aware of this rumour that AW disavowed her original claims .... The evidence is not strong , just typed words from an unprovable source , it would be much more convincing if she apeared on a video talked into the camera recanting her original story .... But lets supose her new story is accurate She now says "I was kidnapped and worked over i.e. given huge amounts of electric shock by unknown perpetrators, (which resulted in a hospitalization) I did not realize that I was being “prepared” i.e. programmed, for an interview with David Icke, ....That interview took place within 5 months ... and individuals “magically” appeared in my life to connect me with David Icke.... " Who would do this to her ? Who could do this electric shock mind control to her? Obviously MI5/CIA operatives . And who have the ability to make "Magical" coincidences occour "chance" meetings happen that led her to DI ? only the advanced ET's , who can psycically manipulate people and direct them (without their knowledge) to be in certain places at certain times ... these ET's also control the CIA/MI5 . And what would be the aim of all this ? To furthur discredit DI make him look crazy .. But mainly I would suggest to discredit and muddle the idea of Reps and Rep replacement which would later come out anyway through other sources (SSP and Karl Mollison) ... So now if the notion of Rep replacement is brought up , it's laughed off as being rubbish , because the originator of this idea has disavowed her story! Even so an opinion poll has shows 12 million Americans believe politicians are shape shifting reps ! ..https://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/04/12-million-americans-believe-lizard-people-run-our-country/316706/ So I do have problems with AW original interview ... the idea that someone , like the queen , who is a Rep can shift her form from human looking to Rep , in a ritual ... this is not mentioned as being posible by any other sources becaused shifting form is a long and complex procedure ... This AW interview led DI away from his original idea that the reps were ET's to thinking they are astral beings , non physical .. a big missdirection.
  2. CO2 is produced when carbon products are completly burnt (oxidised ) .... CO is produced when only partially oxidised , ... and C (soot or black smoke ) when not at all oxidised .... That's not quiet accurate Simon ..... The gasses from burning wood (and car) are overwhelmingly CO2 around 13% ... CO is produced in very low levels around 0.1% (1,000ppm) and that's just as well CO is extreemly dangerouse , low levels will kill you dead Gas products from wood burning (the 8% O2 is what is left from the original 20% in air ....N2 is the other 80% not shown in the table )
  3. You've correctly drawn attention to ithe mportant part .. transparent Bollox . Significant Increase !??? It's an Insignificant increase hardly noticable on the graph ! Bottom line is CO2 has been massivly higher and all the time life has flourished , which shows global temperatures are relativly unafected by CO2 because all vegitation is very intollerant of high temperatures ... Photosythesis stops dead at 40C
  4. Death is no longer a problem ..... Karl Mollison has channeled Kubric https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=22GH2AA9KG48 and he was asked about Apollo 11 , he confirmed it was faked . The channeling reveals there was direct ET management of this event and kubric and other Hollywood figures were manipulated and used without their consent , they can be taken over in effect , their tallents used to create the fake landing recording , acting as if in a trance , semi conciouse , and then they're mindwiped and replaced iback n their normal lives .
  5. Of course we need more CO2 .... Commertial green houses pomp in CO2 to get plants to grow well if we went any lower the biosphere would die ... But the public can't get their heads around this , that reducing CO2 is killing the planet Joseph Goebbels On the “Big Lie” “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it..."
  6. Yes ... I wasn't quiet sure where to put it ..."politics and social engineereing " or "nature of reality" in the end I went for "UFO's and Aliens" because it's the Aliens , I believe, who are behind the most advanced and subtle form of MK which effects the man on the street , what humans do through agencies like CIA and MI5 is insignificant.
  7. This is truely a massive subject , and I believe it is the elephant in the living room , the main mechanism by which the controllers manipulates humanity. This is understandable , if you are depraved and prey on others , you will seek controll over them by mental influence ... Isn't this what a con man does , he wants to get the victim to trust him , invest in his scam .. he will talk the victim into believing he can make a lot of money , he just has to invest ... so this is a type of mind control. Perhaps we should start by going back a few hundred years to the dawn of Mesmerism , later called Hypnotism Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, a physician who lived in Vienna, Austria during the mid 18th Century realised he could put people in a trance , take them over so they became his robot or slave , get them to perform tasks which later they would have no memory of doing! ... What he had infact discovered was the backdoor that the ET's had engineered into humanity via their genetic tamperring with us (through abductions) over the millenia. The ET's have change us to have a subconciouse mind (as Freud later called it) a part of ourselves , a part of our minds, which we have no knowledge of ... THIS IS NOT NATURAL ! Freud revealed that it is this subconciouse mind which forms our beliefs and governs much of our behaviour and we are not aware of it ! it's not under our willful control! Trauma based Mindcontrol This is a very nasty subject ... The NAZI's first got into this , and with the CIA recruiting Mengele after WWII was developed furthur by the US ... it involves torturing the victim untill the mind fragments into many 'Alters' or seperate personalities , so that one portion of the person can be programmed to carry out tasks and have no memory ... This is much more powerful than hypnosis and the victim cannot remember or reveal their activities even under hynosis or torture ... This is reported to be massivly used by secret service in many countries , to produce reliable secret agents , and sex slaves who cannot tell tales for eliete and politicians . The reptillians helped the CIA develop trauma mindcontrol , because it is extremly destructive to the victim , the reps love torture and pain. ... These ET's have much more sophisticated methods which they keep to themselves and use en mass on ALL humans... .....More to follow....
  8. Lots of posts while I've been sleeping ... Thanks for the interest sock muppet ... This subject , mindcontrol , is massive so I will start a new thread on it as I don't think Deca apreciates our presence on "his" thread .. I will say this in parting ... Deca's world view is based on news items that are allowed to be released , technology that is within the scope of known physics .... I'm suggesting there is a whole other layer , kept secret , even from the military .. this uses 5G singnals conventional physics knows about as a carrier wave for other data encripted in ways we cannot understand.
  9. Jordan Maxwell doesn't talk too much about ET's or Reps . But he does relate this story in a video (don't ask which one) It stuck in my mind , so I'll recount it best as I can remember .... An aquaintance of JM's , an accountant I think he was ... told him this story .... He and a group of friends planned a weekend camping out (in the US somewhere remote) ... four married couples and their children , perhaps 16 in total .... They drove in 4 cars and found a good spot to camp for the night , they were fairly high up and could look out on a lower area of forest , They started to put up tents when one of there party noticed activity in a clearing below and way off ... they could just make out a group of human sized individuals wearing cloaks forming a circle. Soon the party stopped erecting their tents and were all straining to see what was going on ... perhaps one had binoculars ... It seemed a reptilian like creature apeared in the circle , and strait away it turned to look in the direction of the campers ..... In a flash the whole camping party were paralysed and rooted to the spot . A reptilian creature materialised amongst them , it walked among the terrified group examining each one , staring in their faces and sniffing them .... Then they all recieved a telepathic message ... "Go ... get away from here and never come back" . The Rep. vanished , the group paralysis was lifted and the whole party erupted in screams of terror ...scrambled into their cars and raced away leaving tents and belongings behind!
  10. This is an Eight minute video , and is pretty good ... As far as it goes . He starts by saying 5G is not good for our health ... and that IS true and was the line DI took whan cell phones first came out , campainers against this were saying there would be an explosion in brain cancer with everyone haveing phones next to their ears cooking their heads ... but it never happened .. so we now see the health consequences are not So dire , but they are there , and I would'nt live near a mast !... The video rapidly gets on to the authors main and only point that the military is pushing 5G and it's for real time tracking and monitoring of all citizens , because the military is paronoid about terrorist , and also top levels want to hide their own criminality ..... This I would also agree is true , the millitary will be sold this line and use the system for this. But this is not the real reason for 5G ... The top controllers do not fear the public , do not need to monitor us , because everyone is asleep , entranced by their twitters and tweets and social media , and have no interest at all in what's going on in the world . 5G is a mind control grid using advanced alien technology ... using the 5G transmisions as a carrier wave for mindcontrol/influence signals , which are transeduced by nanochips we have in our bodies turning the signal into a form which reaches our subconciouse minds .... Nano chips are put in bottled water and fast foods , most of us have them inside us ... Information source GOD Karl Mollison
  11. This Lie that reincarnation is a trap will resonate with a great many people because we are all unsatisfied , we all live in torment to one degree or another ... There maybe a few , who from the outside apear to be doing well and are happy , but if you really get to know them , you will soon see they are hanging on ,just like everyone else ... So why the hell would we want to come here??? Surely It must be a trap! When we die and return to the light , where all is love and bliss, we have a time out , we eventually get our enthusiasm back and want to return to the fray, because we understand that by taking on great challenges we grow and develope and thus are rewarded with greater scope for creativity ... we are on the path to becoming Gods ourselves ... So when in the light , the pain and suffering of physical life is a distant posibility , and so we dive in again to a new life .... It's a bit like a mountineer who plans to climb everest , in the planning it seems a great adventure .... But when half way up and his toes are blue with frostbite he thinks "I must be mad , what the hell am I doing here!" ... when it's all done he can look back with pride at taking on such a task , win or lose.
  12. All the current problems with fires are irrelevant because these are caused by lithium batteries , which also do use a lot of rare elements like cobalt and lithium.... But these lithium batteries have been superceeded by Sodium batteries which have none of the fire problems and use sodium a very abundant metal... These sodium batteries were on the drawing boards decades ago but supressed so people paid excess for inferior and troublesome lithium batteries .... I'm surprised Sodium batteries are getting out now! There is economic competion between variouse power bases (China and the West ) , and at some point the greed to make money overcomes the overall global plan to impoverish the people. Bottom line this change to electric is all about reducing everyones standard of living ... oil should really be $5 dollars a barrel , it just comes out of the ground by itself in many places ,and oil and petrol and coal burning is important for feeding the biosphere with CO2 .
  13. OK Dale ... have sorted in box .... But whynot post picture on forum , others maybe interested.
  14. Really??? just searched "do Muslims believe in an afterlife " got this .... The Quran states that God will judge each individual by his or her deeds and that heaven awaits those who have lived righteously and hell those who have not. Belief in the afterlife is widespread among Muslims – majorities in all but one of the countries surveyed say they believe in heaven and in hell. That's amazingly close to what most Christians believe both are distotions and to die fearing you may go to hell is not helpfull.
  15. Hmm .. Just searched the highlighted portion of your post , found some interesting links , interesting to see it going on still ...... "Pope Benedict has announced that his faithful can once again pay the Catholic Church to ease their way through Purgatory and into the Gates of Heaven. " "... the church outlawed the sale of indulgences in 1567 — but charitable contributions, combined with other acts, can help you earn one. … The return of indulgences began with Pope John Paul II, who authorized bishops to offer them in 2000 as part of the celebration of the church’s third millennium." Reading comments on this it seems most Christians regard this with great suspicion , it does sounds like a bare faced con trick . And the pope just issueing a piece of paper is useless. It needs a human , any human , with focused intent (Prayer) asking for this to happen.
  16. Luckily we have that nice Mr Mollison who has spelled it out all very clearly ... Did I mention he channels GOD ...https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos To be clear Heaven is only a resting place , a time out between lives , when there we soon forget the trouble involved in incarnating and are itching to come back to take on challenges , because through these comes developent and growth....and only in physical life can we rebalance karma. So pergatory , limbo , is a pretty close aproximation to the Christians idea of Hell , being tortured endlessly by deamons who can induce visions and sensations of horror and pain But this is not God's will for this to happen , He does not punnish , He is pure love .. People find themselves there by missfortune , accident . If born into a family that doesn't believe in an afterlife , and you accept those belifs it makes smooth transition less likely ... If you have a painfull debilitating illness and die with low energy , this makes problems .. In this free will reality it's upto us to ensure this process goes smoothly ... God will not step and save you , niether does he stop children being raped in physical life , he stands back and lets us run things ... unless we ask for help Cultivate an expectation that death is a return to loved ones .... Pray to God your transition will be smooth Being in pergatory doesn't reballance karma , that's not how it works , there is only a down side to pergatory , a big downside . The law of karma cannot be negated by wishing it away , it's a fundamental law of creation to keep things in check... things have gone out of "check" in this galaxy because the laws of Karma have been relaxed so payback is not immediate this allows greater free will , but all needs reballancing , eventually
  17. the bit in bold is ... "most topics covered on this forum don't Really matter ... whether 9/11 was an inside job or Apollo was faked has no bearing on your fate and destiny , but dying does ..." I stand by that ... if people think this life is tough wait till they die , it's said that 30% get stuck in pergatory and there you are at the mercy of deamons who will torment you endlessly for energy ... in the physical world they are at arms length. So the main goal while here must be not to accumulate any more bad karma , perhaps even heal some past karma , but most importantly make sure you can get back to heaven when you die! Well we are victims ! Enslaved by advanced ET's who run rings around us with mindcontrol and advanced technology ... And there is something greater than us ....God who created this world and all life .... By Praying we are not sucking up to God , "Worshiping Him" .... His role in this free will experiment is to empower our wishes ... So we keed to be clear about what we want and He will help bring that about if in accord with Love .... So we need the bad guys to be healed so they no longer want to torment us and they move on .... And we need to make sure we return to the light on death .... Absolutely .. I agree with that.
  18. My assessment is Rampa is 100% genuine ... The press at the time found his story hard to believe and hounded him relentlessly . He was brought up in Tibet around 1920's , was chums with the Dali Lama and told prophesies that the Dali Lama he knew (in 1930's) was the last , which means the current one , is not fake so much, but is not a real spiritual leader. With the Chinese invasion this spiritual tradition was lost. Rampa's story is one of great suffering , during his wanderings being heavilly tortured by the Chinese , Russians and Japanese. Finally his body was about to give up , and the Lamas he was always in telepathic contact with , arranged a 'walk in' for him with someone in the west who wanted to commit suicide. So he transfered his soul into the body of this Westerner , and took up with the guys wife, although being a monk (at heart) he didn't have sex with her ... This is why some saw him as a fraud , they don't believe such things can happen. He wrote over a dozen books in his new body 1950's/60's many best sellers ... they told many secrets including knowledge of ET involvement with our civilisation , those he called "The Gardeners of the Earth" Lobsang Rampa in his second body
  19. This is an excelent question Gluoniel and your post is well crafted with all the essential refferences .... A lot of weight has been placed on the ground breaking interview DI had with Arizona Wilder over 20 years ago .. this interview is very important and still available on Youtube .... but it was just one person's story and she may have been subject to mindcontrol to deliver some false info. After decades of looking into this I am convinced the Reptillians are a physical group of ET's who , with 2 others , control this planet . The Reps can shapeshift and kill and replace key figures in society .... they are also technologically advanced and can (using technology) materialise right in front of you ... As for the "old ones" .. whistleblowers from the SSP ( such as Correy Goode) do talk of many sub spiecies of Reps , some with stubby wings , some with tails , some very tall , again this info is in the public domain so most likely will have disinfo weaved in. Above is an artist impression of CG's encounter with a Drako Reptillian ( these are not standard Reps who are only 7 ft tall) CG said being in it's pressence was like being mentally raped .... These are physical beings who eat flesh , travel in UFO type craft , but are telepathic and can telleport. So this is a very tricky area , full of disinfo put there by the Reps themselves , I would suggest expanding resarch into the SSP and of course the work of Karl Mollison .. https://video.getwisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=1033
  20. This issue is of the utmost importance , personally to you ... most topics covered on this forum don't Really matter ... whether 9/11 was an inside job or Apollo was faked has no bearing on your fate and destiny , but dying does , if not done well it can lead to you becomeing a "lost spirit" , wandering for many years in the lower Astral being tormented by dark spirits who feed off your energy. Many cultures have realised that there are millions of lost souls , stuck in limbo .. Tibetan monks spent a great deal of time rescuing these lost spirits , many of whom did not even realise they were dead!. See a detailed account of their work in Lobsan Rampa's .... 'The Safron Robe' ... Chapter 7 ..... Modern Astral travellers also have an understanding of this issue (See the work of Pane Andov).... The Christian tradition has a long history of "Praying for souls in pergatory" ... just search this term for many links ... In olden times the wealthy would pay christian monks to pray their soul would make a safe transition when they died So this is very real ... You can help to make a smooth transition to the light by Preparation ... Believe in God and the Divine realm and know that's where you want to go on death , back to the love of all those you have shared past adventures (lives) with... Pray daily that God will make your transition smooth and easy .... Pray that all dark spirits are removed from you in life and at death. Most of us have dark spirit attachments sabotaging our daily lives , causing us to be short tempered , impulsing us to distructive habits and to make disasterouse decissions , they want to tip our lives to dispaire so they can feast on our distress energy ... These dark spirits will follow us on death , but after death we are in their domain , the Astral plane , and their effect on us is much more powerfull.... Death should not be feared , but preperation is needed .... If you have loved ones who have died , Pray they make a safe transition to the Divine realm , and are not stuck half way in the lower Astral .... Your Prayers will have an effect.
  21. oz93666


    Well ...elaborate ...what are they capable of?? What they're not capable of is invading a small country like Ukrane .... one year three months after the start of this invasion they have lost half their tanks and are now getting 70 year old WWII tanks out of moth balls ... https://www.forces.net/ukraine/opinion-putin-has-lost-plot-if-he-sending-ww2-era-tanks-modern-battlefield Any tanks they send are being destroyed by sholder launched anti tank missiles ... they cannot send aircraft because these are easily shot down , so Putin has only advanced a hundred miles into Europe and his drones and other equipment are stoneage and relient on components from the West , soon to be cut off! So Putin has just demonstrated what a joke Russia is .... a big land mass but small population and no industrial base .... it litteraly is a third world country ... Of course there are the nukes but if these are like the rest of his military equipment they will probably not work , since they require constant replacement of decaying radioactive components ... He also knows if he were to use these on Europe , our Nukes will work , and totally destroy Russia.
  22. Hmmm ... Not sure about that Tb.... The true controllers love conflict and strife , not only in the public , but in the mid and lower levels of their own power structure. It's how Hitler ran his empire. He had loads of Generals with overlapping areas of command so it was inevitable they would cone into conflict , all rivals , stabbing each other in the back to climb the lader and gain favour.
  23. oz93666


    The title of this thread .. "WW3"... is suggesting Russia could expand the conflict and invade the rest of Europe .... LOL I don't think so ... Over half of Russia's tanks are destroyed just trying to invade a small country like Ukrane ... Russia is technologically backward , bankrupt , no danger to anyone. And even if Putin was mad enough to commit nuclear suicide , I doubt if his nukes still work, they require constant repalacment of radioactive components , which decay with time and are spent.
  24. These remarks were made when it was revealed Soros had sold all his shares in Tesla .... Musk must be very nervouse at the moment since after the recent rocket disaster there was talk of that Space venture going bankrupt , he's scared Soros pulling out could trigger a mass sell off by shareholders in all his enterprises... Musk has been acused of antisemitism over these remarks towards "holocaust servivor" Soros ... No mention that Soros sold his fellow wealthy jews to the gas chambers , offered them escape for a price but delivered them to the NAZIs instead . Ironically Elon Musk is concidered by some to be a closet jew , Elon being a jewish name , and he did attended a jewish school in SA as a child. Both Musk and Soros are considered to be mid level Cabal opperatives , this incident goes to show how compartmentalised the control structure is and how much infighting there is .... The higher ups in the Cabal may now want to bankrupt Musk, particularly his space enterprise (but not his company launching 5G satelites)
  25. We don't seem to hear much about Zombies these days ( or maybe I'm out of touch) .... 10 or 20 years ago it seemed like every week , in some part of the world . mass insanity would grip people and they'd go on Zombie walks . I can't imagine a more sic activity , spearing blood over yourself , chewing on fake severed limbs ,stumbling arround , even getting children involved At the time it seemed to me the ET's were showing off the power their mind control grid , inducing people to think it was real cool , and in addition preping us for the release of a virus that would turn people into Zombies ... see the many movies at the time , like WWZ ... But now , like chemtrails and covid the zombie meme has just pettered out and gone away ... looking just now at the wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_walk I see this fad has disapeared due to deaths and shooting on these walks. As for the issue brought up in opening post in this thread it doesn;t really seem related to zombies . It's about junkies taking a vetinary drug for cows and it has an adverse reaction in some useres.
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