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  1. Hi Ben .... I noticed in your book you said you were featured in a documentary "talking with the dead " ... I tracked it down on Youtube and found your story very interesting , here's the link cued at the right place .... https://youtu.be/FwAlbFBnutg?t=5542.


    You come over as very smart , and obviously sensitive to be aware you had a spirit attachment in the first place , most people have these of one type or another but are unaware they do  .... And I had to laugh when you upset that medium with your bluntness ...it's  the sort of thing I do ..  Anyway I hope you're still free from attachments ....


    I found your book very hard work , but from what little I've read I believe your on the right track ... 


    Would you like to tell us how you came to write such an unusual tome ... would you like to take up your life story from where the documentary left off?


  2. 38 minutes ago, octoplex said:

    1. Given that it is not disputed that the ship-builder himself, Joseph Bruce Ismay, was on board the Titanic, why did Ismay not object to the attempt to turn "hard to starboard" to avoid the alleged iceberg?


    As the architect of the Titanic, Ismay would have known that, at such a late stage, the Titanic would be more likely to stay afloat in a head-on collision with an object, rather than a side-on swipe. Colliding with the side of an 'iceberg' was allegedly what sunk the ship because multiple compartments were breached along a large stretch of the hull. Is there evidence of any decision making process in this regard?

    Well he may have been on board but what are the chances he was on the bridge at that moment ? and if he was would he have shouted "don't steer away ! Hit it head on!"


    38 minutes ago, octoplex said:


    38 minutes ago, octoplex said:



    2. The official narrative proposes that last-minute passenger-cancellations (not by least ship-owner JP Morgan) were entirely normal. Is there data available for other major ships on their maiden-voyage at the time to determine if the last-minute cancellation volume (and by passengers of such 'prestige') was normal?

    He probably was tipped off what was coming  ... no data available on other cases 



    38 minutes ago, octoplex said:

    3. Was Titanic the first ocean liner that was billed as "unsinkable"? Who made this marketing decision? Had such a promotional campaign been run previously with another ship? For consideration: If someone, loudly and publicly, tried to sell me an 'un-crashable car' I would think them either deeply naive. Unless, of course, they were contriving a plot-arc that will cause impressive newspaper-headlines when the inevitable happens to the car.

    It was called unsinkable because it WAS ... it had 21 watertight doors below the water line which could have sealed the ship into compartments preventing any incoming water speading to the whole ship ..... Oh ... but the captain failed to close them , despite having 2 hrs to do this ... the same captain  who failed to order smashing  open the door to the room with all  the binoclars locked inside ! 


    The Captain was the key figure in this , but he went down with the ship ! So you either have to believe he was willing to commit suicide and blacken his name ... but  for What???


    Or , I suggest this was carried out by the ET's who control us , they are psycic , can get into peoples heads and make them do irrational things , all to dishearten and bring down humanity.

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  3. 37 minutes ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    A professor at Stanford University claims that aliens have been on planet Earth and are 'still here,' as he says experts are working on reverse engineering UFOs that have crash landed. A team of scientists from the University of Californiabelieves aliens could make contact with Earth as soon as 2029.


    This professor is Nobel Prize nominee and has worked for the CIA, So he's definietly been given the green light to say these things .


    How posibly could a "team of university sciientsts know/believe aliens will make contact by 2029?" Do they have a crystal ball? 


    No they're part of the ajenda to get people ready for the coming out party ... The landing of craft piloted  by the malevolent Aliens that have always controlled our society from behind the scenes ....


    I'll go with that year , perhaps before the end of this decade they plan to land and offer advanced tech to transform our world into a paradise , a NWO , we just have to let them govern things ! 

  4. 2 hours ago, Mikhail Liebestein said:

    It's coming up 20 years since the death of Dr David Kelly (17-07-2003).



    What have we learnt and was there any connection with ConVid, bioweapons research/policy etc?

    Yes well spotted ML .... it's often forgoten Dr K was into bioweapons ... the media often seems to confuse him with nukes 


    I remember 20 years ago I was listening to a lot of Alex Jones and he was onto the fact that literally hundreds of bioweapons experts were being suicided ... The obviouse conclusion was the Cabal were planning a major bio release ... I was so convinced this was coming I left UK (many other reasons for leaving)  in 2006 telling friends this is what the cabal were going to do , someone asked me when , I said should happen by 2010 ...


    Well it finally came 10 years later than I expected , and it didn't turn the world into the police state they had hoped for , but soon fizzled out ! 


    I'm sure they killed all these bio scientists in preperation for covid ... all bioscientists would be monitored carefully and they killed off those they thought were too independent thinking and may challenge the official story in anyway ... I think this long term and extensive  preperation shows they were expecting covid to be much bigger than it turned out , it could have been a great excuse for martial law and a complet take over. 

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  5. 6 hours ago, DaleP said:

    But we've never heard of cattle abuduction/carcasses in the UK.... I guess they tend to reside in US where there are mountains.


    I think that's right , perhaps UK farmers keep their cows inside at night , we have less remote areas , and so more people around to see cows flying through the air ! 


    The Wikpedia page does say.... "This phenomenon has been observed among wild animals as well. Worldwide, sheep, horses, goats, pigs, rabbits, cats, dogs, bison, deer and elk have been reported mutilated with similar bloodless excisions; often an ear, eyeball, jaw flesh, tongue, lymph nodes, genitals and rectum are removed."


    I don't know if they inflict intentional pain on these animals  .. we know they do torture human victims before killing and eating them and drinking their blood, Under torture high levels of adrenaline is released , this breaks down in the victims blood into Adrenalchrome a sort of drug which gets the rep high and makes the blood and meat more deliciouse .

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  6. 10 hours ago, sock muppet said:


    And yet the evidence is overwhelming about the highly reactive compounds within these types of electro-chemical storage devices, and it is not the electrical energy that causes these batteries to ignite but rather the degradation of the materials used which does, so in a perfect world all of these batteries would be mass produced to strict manufacturing techniques, but as always when money is involved those techniques are sacrificed for profit, et viola, here we are.

    If you go through the entire thread offered you will realise that when this type of energy storage device is constantly being agitated as the vehicles move and in all kinds of weather from extreme heat to extreme cold, then it is easy to see how cracks form in its casings and becomes infiltrated with whatever the vehicle happens to be moving through, for example, icy conditions usually have salt spread across the roads and that in turn will eventually egress into the battery casing along with water.

    The case for electrically powered vehicles has been promoted with complete abandon with respect to the function that it is supposed to be 'environmentally friendly', which it is not, the infrastructure alone has caused more damage than the use of these vehicles would ever solve in a million years of operation, you would be doing the planet a favour by burning coal directly as a fuel source within the vehicle itself, i rest my case.

    Just so you know i am not against electrically powered vehicles in the slightest, i am all for them, but as the technology stands right now i see what is offered as complete fraud, and all part of the menticide operation that it fits so neatly into because of the outrageous lies being spoken by corporations and yours truly, the government.

    I agree with most of that sm ..... Electric viehcles have been brought in to reduce our standard of living and cause problems .... When they really take of in numbers there will not be enogh electricity to feed them ( or the infrastructure to handle demand)  and where will the extra needed come from ? windmills and solar ? joke ! So there will be power shortages black outs , soaring electricity prices  because of the ban on fossil fuel generation ...

    In an Ideal world I would have lots of clean burning coal plants producing electricity  , to get CO2 levels up , and yes slowly transition to electric viehecles cos they are quieter and keep emisions out of built up areas ....


    But I don't see a problem with lithium batteries , anyway these are now obsolete and being replaces by sodium batteries which don;t catch fire or use rare elements. 



    Notice the biased and inacuracy in above video at 0:33 he compares the new salt battery to an energiser lithium battery seen in a video on this thread which is non rechargeable usees lithium metal and is massivly expensive compared to those used in cars , so he's exagerating the price saving . 

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  7. 15 hours ago, Observations said:

    Found this via good ol' Alistair Williams 

    Ok ... the top video is an excelent example of chemtrails , so it seems I'm mistaken and this is still going on ( asuming it was recorded recently ) I bet it was in the US they seem to get more than anywhere else ... there's ZERO in Thailand ....

    The second video of London is simply clouds note it is not time lapse and shows no planes ... I'm adicted to watching Youtubes of  London  bus rides and I've never seen a chemtrail yet in those videos  . 



    The coments about Sulphur dioxide are non starters , there's no way they could relase it in levels that would effect health , 

  8. 56 minutes ago, LoopOfHelicopterSounds said:


    This is crazy stuff. Only the tip of the iceberg as usual though. 🤣

    Just imagine what else is in phones/tablets/other electronics etc.


    The battery shown in this video is single use non rechargable and is nothing like the type in youre phone ... this enigizer is Lithium iron disulfide , it does have lithium metal in it ..... Your cell phone battery does not .... I'm sure you have an old cell phone battery , cut it open and put the contents in water , nothing will happen .

    There are many different types of lithium battery , only one type uses lithium metal. 

  9. 51 minutes ago, sock muppet said:


    It's called Lithium, highly reactive in an oxygen environment like the Atmosphere, see here



    Well it's true Lithium is a very reactive metal , put it in water and it will eplode ( not as violently as sodium or potassium) and it will burn in air ... But there is no "free" lithium (lithium metal) in these batteries , it's in the form of a compound so it is not reactive , just like sodium in salt  sodium is reactive but salt NaCl is not ...


    So it's not lithium which causes the fires , it's the electrical energy ... and you can prove this by putting a nail through a flat battery , nothing will happen , if a fully charged one it will catch light . 


    As for the original questions .. there is nothing sinister in these batteries they are not designed to explode or survail or smoke ... the same identical batteries are in many other products litterally hundreds of billions of these are being used , and they very rarely catch fire or explode , when they do someone will be there to film it and so people get the idea  this is a common occurence. 

  10. 9 hours ago, DaleP said:

    yeah, I've heard of people hoisted up from their bed while they sleep and lifted through the roof.

    So with the right technology, human can go through the 'solid' wall.


    That's right ... We are informed the ET's have many underground bases in mountains and elswhere this is where most UFO's stay that do abductions , they don't need an opening or door to fly in and out , but fly through solid rock to the hollowed out facility inside 

    9 hours ago, DaleP said:

    Do you think reps need toilet after consuming blood? 🤔

    You say they take the good bits and discardedthe rest but it doesn't look that way to me. In fact, they left all the good bits. lol


    Ah .. blood I'm glad you reminded me , I forgot to mention the feature that stands out in the cattle mutilations is the absence of blood , it seems they've drained the creature of blood , and perhaps taken the eyes or tounge or a few internal organs , but the bulk is left . Yes the reps need the toilet ..

    These cattle abductions are so common they've inevitably been whitnessed by many farmers ... cattle flying up in the air .. the farmers do understand what's going on , it's an open secret , a joke ... The reps don't seem to care ... but they must keep secret human abductions , relatives will not see this as a joke , and will stire up trouble and ask questions.



    9 hours ago, DaleP said:

    Which God do you think he was referring to? 🤔

    Do you think angels and demons, supposedly God's assistants are like programmes with powers? In another words, part of the Matrix system.

    On the top end, you have Elohim (Annunaki?) who is supposedly created this world and at the bottom end, you have Lucifer/Yaldabaoth controlling the lower realms i.e. hades


    Karl Mollison claims to talk to God , the creator of all that is , a line to guarenteed 100% truth ... This sounds a bit wacky but isn't that what the prophets of old were doing ? And at these critical "end times" ( that's to say the time when the ET's have a Plan to end us all ) , it's understandable God would try to help stop this by a clear comunication of the truth ... Not obscure and couched in metaphores .. In this comunication through KM  God can be asked anything ....is covid real? ... what brought down the towers on 9/11 ?  was Apollo faked , if so how? Who controls this world  ... there is a vast database of questions and answers and videos 


  11. 19 minutes ago, DaleP said:



    And why these places?


    My understanding is this planet is OWNED ... 3 ET groups are in a coalition , Annunaki , Acturians and Reps ... they will not allow any others to come close , and they know all ways of access ...


    They can beam people out of their bed room , or when walking down the street , they don't care where ... But they do want to keep their activities secret , so if peoplle disapear it's accepted by relatives more if they were treking out in the dangerouse wilds ...


    These disapearences come in the same catagory as cattle mutilations ...


    Cattle mutilations occour on a MASSIVE scale 


    After coming under increasing public pressure, Federal authorities launched a comprehensive investigation of the mutilation phenomenon...... "According to some estimates, by 1979 10,000 head of cattle have been mysteriously mutilated".https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle_mutilation



    And it goes back as far as humans have been on the planet .... "The earliest known documented outbreak of unexplained livestock deaths occurred in early 1606 "...about the city of London and some of the shires adjoining. Whole slaughters of sheep have been made, in some places to number 100, in others less, where nothing is taken from the sheep but their tallow and some inward parts, the whole carcasses, and fleece remaining still behind. ...." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle_mutilation


    It's the same ET's doing it ... Acording to God as channeled by Karl Mollison there are thousands of human abductions daily ( where humans are taken ,genetic procedures carried out , then returned to their bed) ... the Reps supervise these procedures flying around in cloaked craft and they need meal breaks , they just beam up some farmers cow eat the tasty parts , then dump the carcass out of their UFO  You can see in the picture above the middle cow landed on power or telepone lines 12 ft off the ground ..lol , you couldn't make it up! 

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  12. On 10/24/2022 at 5:31 PM, Dickwan said:

    Maybe of interest to folks - David Paulides has a new documentary film coming out soon (due to be released early December 2022), 'Missing 411 - The UFO Connection':




    Yeah ... this is no mystery at all , and this video shows David Paulides has figured out what's going on...


    These people ( and a few animals) are being taken by the ET's who control the Earth ... control the Earth secretly via the illuminati and mindcontrol...


    They take humans for food and slaves off world  so all these people end up in a very bad place ...


    They take them mostly from national parks , remote areas , because if someone goes missing on a trek it's naturally assumed they've got lost or eaten by a bear, or something like that. 

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  13. From the information you've given , Missy , I can't find this at all ... need links.


    You mention the reptilian agenda and "V" in the title of this thread , which reminds me of the mini series V , an extreemly important movie series ...


    My understanding is it spells out the planned adjenda. They will land in craft offering our world help and protection and advanced technology , they offer to transform our world into a paradise , no work and no wars ... but we have to let them over see this transition to make it go smoothly , let them govern the world , to establish a NEW WORLD ORDER ...


    These Visitors from space ( V is for Visitors) apear human looking  , but as the series progresses they are shown to be reptilian shape shifters here to destroy us ...





    This mini series came out in 1983 and there were many toys and action figures "Unmask the visitor show his Lizard face" I hope the kids who bought these toys got the message ...https://youtu.be/QihkWmS7dTI





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  14. 9 hours ago, SimonTV said:

    The NASA point, https://www.nasa.gov/feature/jpl/nasa-monitors-carbon-monoxide-from-california-wildfires/ 


    They do satellite colour maps of the CO and show after forest fires it is a high rates in the atmosphere. *shrug*


    I've had a look at that link Simon , it's from NASA "Global Climate Change" as we would expect deceptive science promoting the scare of global warming.

    The vidio looks vary alarming , a computer graphic of great clouds of CO from these fires , panic ....

    But when you read the small print ...


     "The red and orange areas indicate regions with extremely high carbon monoxide concentrations of greater than 350 parts per billion by volume (ppbv). The more normal, background concentrations of carbon monoxide show up as yellow and green, with amounts between 30 and 50 ppbv." 


    They're measuring concentrations in parts  per Billion ... not parts per Million , which is 0.0001% by volume  ... but parts per Billion 0.0000001 % by volume 


    But most readers wouldn't notice that , they will just come away with the idea we must stop these fires ... the fires are because of "global warming" , so we are told ... So lets lobby goverments to ban airtravel , just like France has just started doing. 

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  15. 11 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    ... but how do you think NASA plays in to the existence of space/flat earth and all of the other theories people have surrounding space


    Once some people understand they're being lied to , their imagination runs wild and they don't believe anything they're told , and can even think the Earth is flat ! ( I believe DI fell into this trap on covid , if the media tells everyone there is a virus , his automatic response was to believe  there is no virus , and the controllers will manipulate a few researchers to believe this also and present evidence supporting this line )   This of cource plays right into the controllers hands , we're the tin foil hat conspyracy theorists who believe Apollo was faked and the Earth is flat and there  is no virus ! So you have to be careful and clear what you align with ... Careful thought and analysis of the evidence will prove the Earth is a sphere .... How far away the stars are is not so clear ... there is a lot of deception in astronomy ... all areas of research are intentionally corrupted by mindcontrol of the leaders in these fields . 

  16. 15 minutes ago, SimonTV said:



    What is the source for this table. Those are some high temperatures, is that a specialist furnace with high oxygen intake? 

    I can't remember what I put in search to get that chart , I think the chart is for a normal woodburning stove with plain air intake ...

    Just done another search "composition % gas from wood burning" .. got this 




    I think it all depends on how well stove is designed .... for an open air brush fire black smoke will indicate incoplete combustion and a lot more CO 

    16 minutes ago, SimonTV said:

    Interestingly by mistake one year after a lot of forest fires NASA released a chemical analysis of the air and found extremely high concentrations of CO over any other gas.  

    I don't think CO levels could have been too high this is extreemly toxic knocking out hymoglobin which takes 30 days to be replaced by the body , so it's acumulative ,

    from search (10ppm =0.001%)


    Is 10 ppm high carbon monoxide?
    What CO Level is Dangerous? Prolonged exposure to carbon monoxide levels of 10ppm (parts per million) or above is shown to have adverse effects on the body and brain. Threshold at which prolonged exposure can have adverse effects on the body and brain.
  17. 58 minutes ago, alexa said:

    All this NASA stuff is just nonsense in order to hide & ridicule God.:classic_sad:


    It's true the very word NASA means to decieve ....



    And their logo is the "forked tounge"  of the reptilians who control our world  


    Websters dictionary 

    Meaning ..forked tongue


    : intent to mislead or deceive —usually used in the phrase to speak with forked tongue




    And it's true NASA faked Apollo 11 ...... or to be precise black opps faked it ... all these NASA people pictured below had no idea ...


    Mission Control Huston Apollo 11 



    They just watched their monitors and listened to audio feed and believed it was coming from the moon! They had to be kept in the dark to prevent the truth leaking out ... need to know ....


    So just because this is all true does not mean satelites dont exist and that space stations aren't real , 

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  18. 26 minutes ago, alexa said:


    Sorry oz but what they tell us is all lies, for one, the stars are not 150 trillion miles away & two, there isn't one authentic picture of the space station. All this NASA stuff is just nonsense in order to hide & ridicule God.:classic_sad:


    Any one with a few hundred $ can buy a very good quality telescope and track ISS going across the sky , thousands of amature astronomers have recorded it .


    Cheap amature telescope .............ISS photographed with telescope on Earth 


  19. On 4/27/2023 at 12:16 PM, alexa said:

    International Fake Station | Brevard County Commission Meeting 4/4/23


    We have to tread very carefully on this issue .... Even the guy in this video asking the commission awkward questions is not suggesting the ISS is fake , not up there.  He's only saying there is strong evidence some footage may have been filmed on earth , bluescreened or even underwater , he thinks it may have been done to save money ...


    I think it was done to lay a trap for truthers ( they don't care how much taxpayers money they spend  , and anyway it wouldn't save money) ..


    So unwarey truthers fall into the trap there is no space station , even there are no stars 150 trillion miles away .. and the public just think were all crazy , because ISS is due to come down soon , re-enter the atmosphere  in a giant fireball and this will all be filmed , and perhaps debris recovered 


    ISS is real such a thing is not difficult. 

  20. When we look at our society it's true to say things have hardly progressed at all ... Our road viehcles use the same internal combustion engines that were used 100 years ago ... our planes use the same jet engines invented 80years ago , space travel is still by primitive rockets .. the outer wrappings of these viehcles may have been upgraded but inside they're the same ... and this is true for all areas ,electricity generation , ... medicine ... everything ... with just one exception ! 


    Computing and wireless transmision ...


    What has happened in electronics over the last 50 years is truely extrordinary . Hundreds of millions of components can now be crammed into a small chip a centimeter square .. the way these are produced and at such a low cost beggars belief ...


    Computer chip under extreme magnification  



    The development of this technology has been assisted by the ET's , they want mass computor access by the public , everyone with smart phones .. Not primarily to trace track and monitor us , as many believe .... The main reason for this is because it allows the errection of 5G masts everywhere , and this is the electronic mindcontrol grid .

    The 5G signals which carry the information used by our devices is also the Carrier wave  . Finer electical ossiclations piggyback on this carrier wave and are decoded by nanochips we have injested , into a form that can enter through the backdoor genetically  engineered into us for this purpose .. the backdoor into our unconciouse mind! 


    These injested nano chips we have inside us are another level of sophistication and miniturisation , pure alien tech , manufactured off world , invisible to the eye .. They are put in bottled water . We are informed (God Karl Mollison ) that the whole reason bottled water was introduced world wide was to diseminate these nanochips . No Earthbound humans are involved .. this is carried out by operatives in the SSP , they can beam into waterbottling facilities in the night and put these chips in the water ...

    Sounds unbelievable? They have been abducting people useing these abilities(tech)  for hundreds of years ... they can beam into your bedroom and abduct you thriough solid walls to be carried of in a waiting cloaked craft ! This has been extensivly documented .. hundreds of books , thousands of cases.


    So now the controllers have a worldwide mindinfluence grid based on technology , they are no longer reliant souly on the one on one interaction by psycic means  which they have to spend time personally on , it's more automated and makes life for them much easier .. But they will still get involved personally and use psycic power on high value  targets.


    So this is what were up against ! This is why everyones in a trance , is unintrested and lethargic , except for things like "global warming"  , activisim in this will be mindinfluenced to happen 


    How can we defeate such advanced tech and power ? We can't , not alone ...


    We have to request the assistance of a greater power , the supreme power ...GOD  



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  21. 10 hours ago, TheConsultant said:

    .....did you not notice covid19 unfold? was that aliens?


    Well everything is aliens .... Meaning the aliens are the real controllers of all that unfolds .. the aliens  would have decided when this was going to happen , they would have informed the illuminati , their alien/hybrid families ( royals , rothschilds and others) to get prepared and the illumininati would have told the lower downs , Bill Gates and others to lay the ground work years in advanced to prepare the public and politicians ....


    Word is this was a real virus , engineered in one of their off world labs .... they would have laid a fasle trail , to suggest it came from Wuhan , this helps increase tensions between the West and China increasing likelyhood of WWIII down the road   ...


    The aim was to cull the heard and cause global economic collapse , none of which happened , they are not all powerful! 



  22. 41 minutes ago, tom341 said:

     i do not believe that khunt  would have any of these toxic shots, just like all the politicians didn't take then....


    If they said to politicians " Don't take the shots , they're toxic" what do you think would happen? they'd tell their wives and kids not to take em .. and they're wives would phone other family members , and they'd phone their friends and soon everyone would know .....


    But of cource covid jabs are  not REALLY toxic , not in a major way , no more than any other jab ... he had this heart attak "Days after"  he took a jab ... well these idiots are taking jabs all the time so it's probably unrelated ....


    The whole medical system is defective , I never use it and have never had a shot in the last 55years ( forced to take one age 14) ... but if these covid shots were toxic in a major way deaths would be much higher ....


    We are all probably aware of Blair ( about 20 years ago) refusing to answer questions about he and his family taking shots , he was not an ordinary politician , more of an insider , and he may have understood that generally jabs are not good. 


    EDIT ... Just read the artical fully  his heart attack was 12 days after the shot  ... hardly significant ! 

    There are hundreds of UK MPs and politicians and during covid they were all taking shots and boster shots and boster boster shots and more .. so there's a very good chance at least one would have a heart attack within a few weeks of recieving a shot. 

  23. 2 hours ago, Colin said:

    Can anyone tell me which dimensions are the akashic records keepers energies in 🤔 

    ❤️ Colin 

    Well , it doesn't really matter what label you put on this other place/dimension .... the Akashic records are confirmed to exist by all reliable sources , they are an impersonal record of all that has taken place ....

    Some say those who read these records are simply time travelling , visiting the past or probable future and seeing events take place ...


    Others say these are infact recordings of events and that the data is held in the crystaline formations within each planet , the implication being events done in space (in space craft)  away from planets will not be recorded.


  24. 4 hours ago, peter said:

     temps get well over 40 deg c in many parts of Australia ,there should be no plant life at all,

    Plant life maywell be able to survive above 40 C they just won't grow at that time of the day when it's over 40C ... so in the mornings and evenings when it's cooler they grow , over 40C they're just hanging on trying not to dry out 





    4 hours ago, peter said:

     if the bullshit graph is to be believed


    The graph shows the optimum temp for photosythesis and when it stops due to extreem high or low temp ... Obviously if there's no light , or no CO2 in the atmosphere no photosythesis will occour at any temperature  .. the graph shows that at about  8C it will proceed half as fast and plants will grow half as quickly ,

    all other factors being equal ..


    This is reliable information , hard science , a search will get you similar graphs by other researchers.

  25. All inteligent life forms think due to the movement of electrical currents in the brain , and physics tells us whenever a current flows and electrical wave is transmitted , which can move away from the body resulting in the aura and also telepathy . Telepathy and mindcontrol /mindinfluence are very closely related.


    I remember in my youth as an aspiring  magician I experimented with this ... If I was in a small social gathering in a friends flat , I would try to impulse the host to play a certain record , or perhaps to get up and turn the volume up or down on the record player ... it didn't work most of the time , but enough to convince me there was something going on ... Many factors involved here . If I would have tried to get my friend to take out his wallet and give me all his cash this would never have worked , he would have noticed something strange going on ... But in a relaxed setting if the thought came into his head the music was too loud , he would be more likely to take this as his own thought /perseption and adjust the volume. Luckily I did not explore this avenue too much , overiding anothers free will produces seriouse karmic depts.


    You will remember there is a coalition of 3 seperate ET races controlling our civilisation ... They each have their own home planet and their own societies which are a nightmare to live in , being cutthroat , built on domination and control of those under them , continual competition to get an advantage over their fellows . And this has enevitably led to the use of mindinfluence over competitors .... They're civilisations have been around millions of years , and they are individually very long lived being able to use technology to replace outworn body parts ... A long life enables the individual to develope mindinfluence to a very powerful level , because they work at it non stop , their status and wellbeing depends on it in their savage world ..... 


    When they encounter humans we are putty in their hands ! We are stupid and weak minded and have no idea this can happen .... We know from many diverse sources the Reptilians can paralize a human on the spot . lnduce extreem levels of terror in them , dominate their minds . 


    The Arcturians could also do this , if they wished , but are more subtle and less savage than the Reps . The arcturians can pass for humans in apearance , and so are used to liaise with human , be our friends , often working with military to develope weapons ... humans technicians would not be able to work comfortably with reps , just their appearance would induce terror in most...


    So the NAZI's had ET assistance with weapons developement from Acturian Maria Orsic 




    Mariah's mind influencing abilities would be a big part in this alien/human interaction ... Reports say engineeres were bewitched by her , were desperate to please her , some say in love with her  ... they probably put this down to her great beauty . She would want to get their maximum effort and cooperation to develop technical equipment superior to the allies ... The  Aliens were treading carefully , they wanted Hitler to win , but keep secret that they were helped by ET's , so it had to apear humans were developing this technology.


    So all three Alien groups have advanced psycic and mindcontrol abilities , but this control requires a one on one interaction and since the aliens here are very few in number (millions) and we are billions , they have to achieve control by focusing on the leaders , political leaders , scientific leaders , religiouse leaders , and also leaders in the truth movement to keep knowledge of their control secret.

    I mentioned in a post the other day how they helped with the Fakeing  of Apollo 11 .. they just abducted Kubric and others , put their consciouse minds to sleep and used them and their skills for a few weeks to fake the film ... then mindwiped them and returned them to normal life . This is not So unbelievable , a hypnotist could do the same to a suggestable person . 


    There are degrees of suggestability (as any hypnotist will tell you) a few % a hypnotist can do anything with .. a few % are totally resistant , and the rest are inbetween ...


    It is the suggestable portion of the population the Aliens are looking out for and find it very easy to work with and control , this trait  runs in the family so the ET's will follow families lines and help get these suggestable people into positions of power ...


    I am reminded of the case of Simon Parkes . He is a very prominant figure in the (Fake) Truthmovement .. he has a VERY big following who he directs to , what at first glance, maybe seen as very worthwhile activities  ... campagning against 5G ..mass meditations to stop CERN ...

    He is an abductee and ex politician ,he has said on record that he is working with a group of ET's who's goal is to "repopulate the Earth with Alien/human hybrids" ... and he  is very proud of the fact he comes from a family of freemasons , he tells us his grandfather and mother worked for the CIA/MI5. 


    Labour councillor claims he 'had his first sexual experience with an alien when he was six' 



    So I'm suggesting the ET's have taken a great interest in the Parkes family because this  linage is particularly suggestable , will not ask difficult questions ,are very suseptable to mind influence ,  they will be helped into positions in MI5 , or in Simon's case used to promote the Alien Ajenda , muddy this issue ,. He will be controlled by remote psycic ET influence to  misslead and distract truth seekers into fruitless activities ( realistically were never going to stop 5G or CERN but such attempts will atract truth seekers and waste their time ) 


    .... more to follow ....

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