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  1. That's sort of right GO .... I've measured the output on the cloudiest rainy day and it's a few% compared with maximum of 15% in intense sunlight ... In practice you never get what the manufacturer says (19%) .... the panels also age and output goes down the older they get .. Manufacturers say they should output with about 14% efficiency after 25 Years ... bear in mind this is at the equator at noon , so output in UK will be much less.
  2. Yes that's a good idea Jack and something I've thought about ... I guess panels you have are the standard type with an aluminium frame all around .. the heat is all over the surface of the panel and it is very warm to touch on a sunny day so the best way is to circulate air around the back of the panel , you will have to enclose the back space have a sheet of plastic of plywood as big as the panel itself and glue it on the back of the aluminium frame so you've enclosed a space a few cm deep around the back of the panel , then an inlet and outlet so you can blow air out of the panel into the shed ... you can find a small fan on eBay (search blower fan )that can connect strait to the panel so it will only run when the panel is putting out power ... Another advantage is the cooler the panel the more efficient it is that's what the last colomb means in the table in the opening post on this thread "temperature coefficient" a temp coeff of 0.26% means efficiency drops by 0.26 every degreeC increase in temp so 10 C hotter (35C) means you've lost 2.6% electrical output
  3. There's only one way to prove this ... Print out the picture , with scissors cut off the top part with the white line and give whats left to someone who's never seen the picture before .... I'd be willing to bet they'd see no line.
  4. It was very interesting to watch that .... 5 mins In those days he was very clearly on what might be called a religiouse or spiritual mission .... much use of the G word ... yes , he says "I am the son of God" .... the interviewer asked him..." would you say I was the son of God too? " David " Err ....well" ..... So he did see himself on a special mission and different from others .. And he was right ... These days the G word is rarely heard on Davids lips ... It's more about exposing the conspyracy.
  5. I realise now my above post is all wrong , I looked at the picture , saw the white line end and saw what appeared to be it extending into the sand dune.... I assumed it stoped chemtrailing in mid air and continued .... But it cant have cos the white line is too tight , by the time the plane was over the dunes the line would have spread ... So now then the plane is at the point where the white line stops .... What about the faint black line that extends to touch the dune? It's not there , It's a trick of the mind and you can show this by covering over the white line with a thick piece of paper .... look away , then look back , there is no faint black line !
  6. Yes ... a rechargeable battery is needed for night and cloudy days If someone want's a grid connection this means they don't need the expensive battery .... they use power from the grid at all times and when the sun shines they feed the grid which reduces the bill ( the meter goes backwards when feeding grid) .... if the grid fails this is detected and feediing is halted with no problems , when grid power returns this is detected and feeding continues .... But I don't have a grid connection cos this is all about surviving without the grid if society collapses.
  7. This is nothing to panic about , no conspyracy! Anything which converts one form of energy to another has an efficiency ...your petrol car has about a 25% efficiency .. that's to say when the petrol is converted 25% goes in moving your car and 75% is heat lost through your radiator and heating the car ... Nucler power stations convert about 35% of the energy into electricity so 65% is lost in heat ... I've got about 80 square meters of solar panels as insurance against the grid going permanently off .... they are about 17% efficient 83% of sunlight hitting them ends up as heat .... The vast majority of panels sold are below 20% because that type are much cheaper to produce ....it's not worth paying double for a few extra % .... Some panels can go over 30% but are ten times the price , only sensible to use in satelites .
  8. I think you're intimating there GG that Lucy in the sky with diamonds = lucifer in the sky with diamonds .... that the Beatles were in league with the dark side and all their music was subtly corrupted .... Without music what is there? I think if you look at the impact of the Beatles as a whole it was overwhelmingly positive , not just in liftiing the spirits of everyday people , but in the lyrics and politics , John Lenon in particular "Love , Love , Love ...." and opposing the Vietnam war . In the end the controllers had enough of him and he was elliminated . Evidently he was too resistant to psychic mind influence . They would like to elliminate all music makers , but people would notice and it might make some wake up . As I pointed out in my post with the Beatles cover showing dead babies , musicians will be subject to influence , both from people around them and Psychically , trying to bring corruption into their work ... they are in a constant battle they are mostly unaware is going on. But generally prominant musicians are the people who are most in DIvine allignment .
  9. You can see very clearly the abrupt end to the chemtrail where he runs out of , or switches off the chemical feed .... what is left is hot exaust gas from the engine that will evaporate any mist in the air .... I think that's what we see a very clear BLUE line in a slightly misty (hazy) sky . It may also be that the engine exaust is a bit sooty ... this is sometimes noticable at take off but hardly visible at high speed....
  10. "Celebs" or rather Music makers are the greatest bringers of love and light to the planet , that is why so many are killed off in "acidents" or other ways and the controllers are desperate to get people to believe they're evil .... Take a look at Queen's live aid performance .... https://youtu.be/bToG3hKX5nM?t=174 Or Robbie Williams at Nebworth .... https://youtu.be/O6lC46saCRw These are humanities greatest moments .... the energy releaased by the crowd uplifts the whole planet bringing us closer to the Divine Realm. These performances give a glimpse of Heaven.
  11. It's worth looking a bit deeper into the evidence over which Kylie has been so quickly condemed ..... Here's what the linked article says from OP ..... In the Tension cover image, Kylie holds one hand over her eye, which conspiracy theorists believe is a reference to the 'evil eye'. So there's two errors from the person writing the article , she's not holding her hand over one eye ., she's looking at you through a diamond .... and no conspyracy theorists talk of the "evil eye " they talk of this sign referencing the eye of horus or the eye of God or of a Reptilian or whatever ... The article goes on to quote comments by twitter users .... 'I don't know who told you to pose like this but it is a symbol of Satanism,' one fan tweeted. 'The hand gesture represents 666 and covering one eye is a well known satanic gesture. I certainly do not believe you knew,' they added. 'Truly SATANIC, Kylie,' remarked another, while one wrote: 'So the illuminati has a new toy puppet, and she’s a pop princess!' 'I loved #KylieMinogue. I made excuses for her. But her latest album is in-your-face Illuminati symbolism from one-eye cover to dancing in devil red on the debris of Western Civilization in the Padam Padam video,' they wrote. 'Looking back, it was there from the start, on "I Should Be So Lucky",' they finished. Again these tweets fail to observe the evidence , she's not covering one eye , she's looking at you through a diamond (pure Carbon ) So this is something new , never seen before ... we have the same 666 with the fingers rienforcing the idea this is all about carbon .... LIFE ... Carbon is the one element around which all known life is built .... The controllers want you to believe 666 is Evil .. that Carbon is evil and we have to reduce our Carbon Footprint ... which will lead to the end of all life In this immage Kylie is reminding us Carbon is beautiful and precious the most valuable thing there is. ... This image is very close to Angelic .... She looks like an Angel , blonde hair , Beauty , serene expression ..... Has she got fangs and horns ?... So imagine this as an Angel reminding us life is precious , the greatest gift . We shouldn't ignore the name of this Album ... The one word which apears above Kyle in this image of her Tension Two opposing forces pulling in oposite directions ..... The corrupting forces which may have been upon her and the Divine realm offering support pulling in the oposite directions ... was she mind manipulated to stray into this area of covering the eye , but the intent was skillfully parried by the Divine Realm? In practice her art advisors may have suggested " Hey Kylie , do the 666 over one eye , it will connect with the younger audience" and the Divine realm inspired her to put the diamond in there reversing the original dark intent.
  12. One of the plans of the illuminati is to turn the people against the only heroes we have ... the musicians , those who bring joy and love into the world ... I could fill up this thread with pictures of pop stars flashing illuminati signs , you've seen them all before ... What about this !!! You couldn't imagine anything more sick and satanic , and it was an Album Cover .. (untill withdrawn due to public outcry) Does this mean the Beatles were satanists into child sacrifice ? Of cource not ....It's achieved by mindinfluence ....the controllers have the ability to put ideas into peoples minds . At the time the Beatles probably thought it was a wacky idea .... Later they must have been mistified they could have done such a thing and tried to explain it away as "a protest against the Vietnam war" ... So Kyle is not part of the illuminati pr even working with them , I've watched her music video and it's very mild , but the colours black and red and her dress could be seen as satanic .....the effect of mindcontrol of her and her advisors all with the aim of pushing truthers buttons to stir up a media frenzie and turn public sentiment against her.
  13. If the bible does say for people not to come together in prayer this sounds like propaganda from the dark forces , they do know there is power in group focused intent , power to thwart their plans ....keep people apart , divide and conquer .... the bible is heavily corrupted . I said very clearly in my post all religions have been corrupted and that freemasonry has been corrupted .... The doctrine ..... not completely those who attend ... No one can deny the churches and cathedrals are the only decent archetictre there is . it lifts the spirit just to go inside one of these buildings and these were designed and built by masons so there original intent was good .... look at todays architecture ... people live and work in these boxes and it depresses the soul. The Idea behind America was Divine ... to break away to a new land free from the opression of rullers and it was the masons who were the "founding father's" .... now of course America has become an instament of soft oppression .... So there is good and bad in all , don't assume every mason is corrupt , most arn't
  14. It's important to understand freemasonry did not start out corrupted ... It's key emblem spells out the original intent ... It shows Big "G"or God , being at the heart of their work ... these were stone masons and their tools were the compass and square and with these they designed the magnificent cathedrals and churches to the Glory of God that still uplift all who enter them today .. It was the freemasons who founded America , an attempt by Europeans to breakaway from the slavery and opression that Royal families held over England and elswhere . As always the coruption of the dark side got moving , this will attempt to subvert any movement with good intent , all religions , movements like the Green party (as DI can testify to from personal experience) all political parties EVERY organisation , Education , the Medical system ... EVERYTHING ! So 99% of all people in most of these groups will be of good intent , want to improve the world , The very top will be corrupt and seek to infest and corrupt the lower levels . The % with pure intent in the freemasons will be lower , since now it is seen as being for buisness men , or those who want to get ahead so these people will be more easily corupted . posters on this thread give us pictures like this ... The implication being that this guy must be evil , he's a freemason ... Nothing could be furthur from the truth !
  15. Yes I think Praying is the key ..... Other agents (like the blind lady you saw) are only so good to the extent they invite assistance from God ... It's God or his agents in the Divine realm who deal with issues like this , but must be invited to help .. We can do it ourselves by inviting this help ourselves. Someone you mayfind helpful is Karl Mollison , he's an expert in spirit attachments , in removing them and in teaching how this can be done oneself , In this video he deals with spirit attachments ... https://youtu.be/yiO15GdaYQo
  16. This video is 38 mins long and I've watched all of it .... The guy is 100% credable and very courageous ... There are two stories being told in this video .. The first story is this funeral director and others finding dead people with their arteries full of spagetti like white growths .. this is not a time delay effect from the vaccine , but occours fairly immediatly within no more than 30 days of being jabbed , it kills you and disproportionatly kills younger people, The second story covers the attemps by the authorities to kill this whistleblower using the medical system ... very scary and very worth watching.
  17. Yes I don't imagine for one moment the "suiciding" stopped in 2003 , perhaps they suicided the whistleblowers who were compiling the data , I can't seem to find any recent figures .... The number of microdiologists killed is truely extrordinary , but as you point out this extends into other fields , homeiopathy , alternative medcine , tech of all kinds , and I would add alternative energy technology , and the Music industry .... Yes the music industry will be heavily targeted because the stars like elvis, hendrix, whitny huston , MJ , and many others are the main bringers of light to the planet so will be taken out ( but not in numbers so high that the public will really start to ask questions ) .. they can be targeted by psycic influence to draw them into to drugs and alcohol which will limit their performance and destroy them.
  18. I've watched that sm ... What can you say? It appears genuine ! the government are coming out in the open on this ! What's the problem ? You believe in Global Warming don't you? The government is just trying to fix things ! That nice Mr Gates want's to help too ..... "Could dimming the sun help to cool the Earth? Bill Gates wants to spray millions of tonnes of CHALK into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and slow global warming - but critics fear it could be disastrous" https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9392641/Bill-Gates-wants-spray-millions-tonnes-CHALK-stratosphere.html So everyone has to join in and do their bit ... Some Pilots will see that video and want to do the same , contact the goverment and get $10 / gal ... Perhaps that guy was given the OK to speak out , the authorities want to test people's reaction , and get more willing pilots .... Soon pilots who arn't helping out in this way will be wierdos .. they don't care about the planet .. They should have their pilots license taken away. In the video 2:50 he says " you use this nozell for particulates if you want to genocide a whole province " ...I don't think the gov told him to say that! That could show he's taking the p**s out of chemtrail believers and hes a fake .. I'm undecided on this one
  19. I think there are two differnent things here Ria . David saying perception creates reality is not the same as the law of attraction .... David has the idea that nothing is real , it's all in our heads , if we don't percieve it it's not really there ... which is clearly not true .. It reminds me of the Zen riddle if a tree falls in a forest will it make a sound if nobody is there to hear ? .. David would say no .. but the answer is obviously yes , because we could leave a taprecorder running , leave the forrest , the tree falls and we can rewind and see there was a sound, The Law of attraction is something different , it's about what you focus on you attract to yourself .... so if you dream about wealth , imagine you have it , and put a lot of time and effort into this , you will attract lucky breaks which if followed , will increase your bank ballance , I tried this extensivly in my early life and it Does Work... Litterally hundreds of books have been writen on this by people who have tried it and found it works So your thoughts desires and beliefs do form your personal reality ... so you have to watch your beliefs , if you think the world is full of robbers and muggers you will increase the probability of drawing a mugger to you . But we are not the only players in the game , you can sit all day and think thoughts of peace love and harmony ... but there are much more powerful beings thinking thoughts of death torture and destruction ... these are the dark spirits and malevolent ET's ... these ET's are much more mentally developed than we are , and thats why they can overide our thoughts and we have a world of poverty war and slavery to 9 to 5 ..... They don't care if a very few of us know these principles , they regard us as mental midgets .... they do care about our belief in God though , that's why they've corrupted religions , and convinced us the idea is primative superstision .... they know from the past if humans come together and ask for Divine help , their plans get misteriously thwarted ..... This is our only way to defeate these advanced beings , Pray for Divine Help.
  20. PPE? no idea what that is Dale , a search only gets this ....
  21. .... OMG ..... perhaps this is too complex for people . Lets break it down slowly On the right side as we look at the mask .... Td's picture 1,2,3, blue stripes on the head then 4,5,6,7,8,910,11,12 ..... stripe No 12 is the biggest then 13,14,15,16,17,18, ....blue strips No 18 has small blemish near the beard On down to 24 ..... 24
  22. God has a BIG sense of humour .... So does John Cleese . Speaking on the corronation ,,"I couldn't stop laughing , it was like a monty pithon sketch"
  23. I invite all readers of this to count for themselves ..I make it 24 But your photo does not show the whole mask anyway , if you search on the web I'm sure you can find a picture of it with a little more cut off the bottom , then you'll have 23! The whole mask, the mask in my photo has 26
  24. It's not that we delight in the failures of these space ventures ... we want humanity to expand it's horizons too ... It's just that we see the bigger picture , that the controllers don't want this and will not allow it to happen ... So now virgin orbit has gone bust ... and UK taxpayers invested 20M pounds in it which is lost ! Politicians need to be held to account! ... This is bound to have a knock on effect pushing away investors in what is left of Branson's space enterprise , and Musk's .... If you want some positive news , humanity is in Space in huge numbers zipping around in advanced anti gravity craft .. they have been for 70years! , but it's super secret , financed by the missing trillions $ from the pentagon budget .... this is not a maybe .. but 100% proven ..down side is it's all controlled by malevolent ET's ... Do look into this Mono , It's Real ... here's a good intro ....
  25. Common Tb you're seeing meanings that are not there to fit your own ideas (your first post) .... And here are clearly 24 stripes on each side of tut's mask in your picture not 23 .... In other photos which show the whole mask there are 26 stripes
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