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  1. Air is made of lots of little particles all free whizzing around ...They do have mass , and so can be pulled down by the gravity of Earth ... When you get far away from the Earth there's little gravity pull from Earth , so the air particles all wizz away into space ...are gone ..no air , and this is a vacuum There's no sharp dividing line , as you go higher (away from the Earth) the pull is less , so there is less air . That's why if you go up Mt Everest it's difficult to breath , there is less air ... The moon is smaller and has much less gravity , not enough to hold down the air molecules , so it's ALMOST a vacuum on the surface ... But no quiet.
  2. Non sense fear mongering not from a credible source ...
  3. He probably has no injuries ... the flat face of the bus impacted with his whole body smoothly , not really at very high speed
  4. Of course it's just an empty threat .... from search ..."The maximum penalty for an adult carrying a knife is 4 years in prison and an unlimited fine..." Those who watch UK cop documentaries will know kids routinely carry knives , when the cops catch them they confiscate it and don't even charge them
  5. And there's also Anil Seth .... Another government operative .... He is given a platform by the same secret group that promotes Cox .. TED TED is a group with seeming unlimited finances , they put on lavish presentations supporting all NWO agendas they call them "Ideas worth spreading " ... scores of short lectures covering subjects like how to counter lies about vaccines '... black transgender ... global warming ... and of course reality is a hologram
  6. Here's what God says on the subject ... Karl Mollison channeling Creator https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/14208-is-our-reality-an-artificial-construct-or-a-holographic-projection-or-what-is-known-as-a-matrix/&tab=comments#comment-191356
  7. I agree with your highlighted part , novymir ... Oh , I nearly forgot about Tom Campbell.... Quiet clearly a NWO operative, also pushing "the world's a hologram" BS ... they don't even try to hide the fact he worked/works for military intelligence looking up his Wikipedia page I found this .... "...He worked as a systems analyst with U.S. Army technical intelligence for a decade before moving into the research and development of technology supporting defensive missile systems. Subsequently, he spent the better part of 30 years working within the U.S. missile defense community as a contractor to the Department of Defense.[4] Campbell most recently worked for NASA ..." Working for military intelligence ... over 30 years developing missiles ... and now he's suddenly become a guru publishing books on the Tao , and videos on how we can love , and how we can find our soul path .... I don't buy it !!! Why would the NWO send someone like this out to the public arena ?? what is his brief ??? He presents himself as a mystic physicist explaining to us , like many other government operatives that this is all an illusion , a hologram , a computer generated deception.... this is a big theme in the media at the moment. Icke started all this "the world is not real" stuff ...one of his few big errors IMO ...The NWO saw that if they pushed this idea it would spread confusion , and tend to neutralize resistance ( why fight the NWO if it's all an illusion) , people would doubt the reality of everything , even doubt the Earth was round! Like Cox , Campbell is an "expert" and Physicist they must know what they're talking about , we can believe them.. lol
  8. That's an interesting read , Eve .... It seems some heavy duty , wide spread spraying was needed to get those medieval plagues going ... Can you believe I've never read 'Gods of Eden' ... looks like the author gets the whole picture , not just the doings of humans . He gets that the ET's are behind it all , something which Alex Jones David Icke and Alan Watt tend to ignore/forget. "They Came To Earth Millions Of Years Ago To Spread The Poison Of Hatred, War And Catastrophe...They Are With Us Still...Human history is a seemingly endless succession of bloody conflicts and devastating turmoil. ... Google Books " Published 1989
  9. Good find Eve ...I hadn't seen some of that information before .... I wonder what the scythes were all about ... Hard to imagine they would spray by hand like that , so much easier to spray from the UFO ...Knocking on peoples doors? Perhaps the ET's dressed up in black and went down to scare the shit out of people just for the hell of it.
  10. Video starts with an introduction by Gareth ...."Dr Brian Cox who is a fan favorite of the establishment went onto This Morning (TV program) yesterday and said .."your not going to believe this but we've just discovered we're holograms and this is a simulation ...." ... So proved right again Dad ... well done " The rest of the video is about David telling us we live in a "Simulation" , and he's been saying this for a long time ... What he doesn't get is the cabal are pushing this lie to disempower any rebellion , What's the point of doing anything if we live a simulation "created by a non human force" ... just like the Matrix movie I guess .... And Gareth was right about Cox , he is a "Fan Favorite" of the establishment , pushing all their agenda's , Like global warming ...Cox .." The absolute , absolute consensus is that human activity is causing global warming" Brian Cox got a meddle from the Queen for his work at CERN and for supporting Cabal lies https://davidicke.com/2021/04/09/we-live-in-a-simulation-created-by-a-non-human-entity-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast/
  11. Yes ... see my post at the top of this page .... My guess is because Philip made it to 99 they decided to run with this number , and announce he died on the 99th day (he probably didn't) ... Now we have a 99 gun salute , 99 chimes of the bell ,etc , just because these people are obsessed with ritual and symbolism because it grabs the attention of the masses (and truthers). That's what they want YOUR ATTENTION (ENERGY) ... 9 is DEATH so it's very appropriate .. but not in itself malevolent or Satanic.
  12. My post above summed it up well , but I should have spelt it out .... You cannot just high altitude spray and expect to infect people !! It must be done at times of high humidity in the morning so the mist carrying the virus does not evaporate ... You have to lay down this mist close to ground level .... How on Earth could you do that without people noticing ??? And on a mass scale ?? It couldn't be done ! In medieval times the people did notice , but could do nothing , and this could only be done in a small , localized area.
  13. They are all ritually abused ! It's a family tradition for the elite ! You can bet Philip was tortured and abused as a child .... It turns a normal person into a savage monster ..... It's basic phycology , if you tie up a dog and beat it everyday it will become snarling and vicious. This is how you create a person that want's to kill and torture ... And you would be the same if they did it to you! That's why it's inappropriate to hate these guys , they're victims ! so this is the upbringing procedure the controlling ET's have imposed on the elite , the price the royals and others pay for wealth and power . If it doesn't work as well as expected , if the child victim is not totally corrupt and depraved by Satanic rituals and torture , then they have to kill them and and a reptilian shapeshifter steps in to take their place.
  14. At present there are 23 companies working on producing covid 'vaccine' .... We can imagine each one of these 23 witches brews will do something nasty but in a different way . If the public start noticing bad effects , it will be blamed on one brand , and the rest will still be sold ... Some will be gene altering , some will have the zombie virus , some will just sterilize , or attack the liver and slow kill ... All this adds to the confusion and makes it difficult to see clear side effects ...difficult to see a pattern and object.
  15. There's probably something in that ...people who have been in the 'education' system for a long time have become habitualized to receiving information from authority ..( the professor giving the lecture) ... they don't question it , they assume greater minds than theirs have figured it all out ... quantum mechanics , or whatever it is they're learning.... School drop outs are sneery of everything ... we see a few on this forum , don't believe in space or round Earth , doubt everything , they maybe mostly wrong , but they won't be suckered into taking a vaccine... You shouldn't mind being called a conspiracy theorist , that's what you are , you have a theory that there is a conspiracy in high places that directs world events ... Others have a theory that the world is as it appears on the surface and is portrayed in the media . ,
  16. The exact opposite is true ....All aliens we encounter at this time are malevolent .. These are the same ET's who have always been here controlling humanity . 5,000 years ago this control was overt , they walked among us , used us as slaves , then they depart from public view and used human helpers (Cabal/illuminati) to control us.... They are now about to return to public awareness , land in craft .... After human society collapses more ...They will pretend to be friendly , saying with their advanced knowledge and tech they can lead us and save us from disaster ... If humanity falls for this deception it's the end for us ... The likely way this will roll out has all been outlined in V the original series ... they do have to tell us first! \\ Malevolent ET behind a human façade
  17. Wow ... that is beyond coincidence , but not in itself Satanic .... (I've checked that is the 99th day ) Number 9 is the down "energy". A glyph of the limp flaccid penis and testicles , the exact opposite of 6 the erect penis and testicles , virile vigorous LIFE (Carbon) As in 9/11 .... down energy and the two towers .... bringing the towers down .... 9 is also the number of Fluorine At. No.9 ... the most deadly of all elements , one whiff of this gas is death So 9is the right number for dying , life force is gone , you can't get it up ...
  18. You are right fanofD ..... Nastiness is not appropriate , and shows lack of spiritual maturity .... Forgiveness and understanding is the only way WE escape this mess , Particularly we should be Praying for the real controllers . the fallen angels and malevolent ET's , they control human puppets like Philip .... But It's not clear if Philip was human , he may have been killed early on and replaced by a shapeshifting rep ...The best source we have on this (God channeled by Mollison) prefers to remain silent on the current living royal family not wishing to start a witch hunt and creating even more bad karma .. But he has spoken about Queen Victoria's replacement and her families' replacement ....
  19. Now he's dead he can reincarnate So que the Zombie Apocalypse virus to appear anytime now ...... Also called the reincarnated Crown Philip virus
  20. That's a good approach to take when trying to explain to believers in covid , why all countries are going along with it ... Remember the Tanzanian president https://davidicke.com/2021/04/08/no-really-tanzanias-new-world-economic-forum-connected-leader-signals-u-turn-on-virus-policy-after-sudden-death-of-leader-that-knew-it-was-all-bollocks/
  21. So he Says in his new book he believes Oswald killed Kennedy ... and the Russians were behind it .... lol ..polls show even the US public don't believe Oswald killed Kennedy ... He's also using this book launch as an opportunity to prepare people for the open return of ET's He just .... "Hopes that we can be friendly and able to deal with a wide range of behaviors, in terms of dealing with ..... other creatures if they exist". So if the returning ET's want to eat us , just be tolerant ... They will be arriving soon , probably after ZA (WWZ) .. these are the same malevolent ET's who secretly control society using the Cabal
  22. Welcome to planet Earth Steelpie , the domain of malevolent entities ... What you have describe is in agreement with what some researchers believe , particularly Karl Mollison ... What you perceive as spiders they call spirit attachments ... they probably appear in the form most detested by victim ... So if someone really hated mosquitoes , they would appear in that form .... They are malevolent spirits , fallen angels , who made a willful choice to cut themselves off from Creator and hence his life force , and they can only survive by leaching energy from other life ... We are informed most humans have these , they jump on board at the moment of birth ... they get more energy from a distressed and tormented individual so they set about sabotaging the victims life in all ways possible , influencing them to be short tempered , uncaring , make stupid choices . They have been around for billions of years and set about psychically influencing and corrupting the ET races around then .... they soon turned them into depraved beings and these are the ET's now here , secretly controlling the Cabal ... These physical ET's are knowingly working with the evil spirits to corrupt and enslave us .. The solutions you suggest are in agreement with others who know this truth ... be more loving ... Also Believe in Creator and call on his protection. 'Torment of St Anthony' , this is how the Artist intuitively perceived these same entities
  23. That was always the plan ... an event designed for truthers to get involved in ... people like Kerry Cassidy and Simon Parkes swallowing the bait . Then the controlled media can make jokes about us seeing a willy in the course the boat took and we think Clinton ships children around in containers ... The millions listening to Radio 4 will never look at the information themselves , and so tend to believe conspiracy people are crazy , these same conspiracy nuts believe covid is fake too! ... People don't want to be labeled a conspiracy nut , so wear their mask and take the vaccine. This tactic will only work to some extent , it will just slow the awakening
  24. Sure .... The information in your link is no secret ... SP is quiet open about his life . He tells us his first alien contact was in his cot when 8 months old ! As a child he had repeated contact with Mantids and Reptilians , They said they had a special mission for him and asked him to choose which group he wished to work with . He chose the Mantids and later mated with one of them .... He also is quiet open about his families long history of involvement with MI5 and CIA going back generations ....and this is how he has contacts in these agencies who supposedly give him the inside story on current events .. We learn from other sources that the ET's who control this planet work with particular families who are very easy to mind control ... they place such people in strategic positions , in the CIA etc , it seems they are using SP to soften people up , ready for the public arrival of these ET's (in craft)... the same ET's who have been covertly controlling us through their human helpers the illuminati/Cabal. He doesn't talk much about ET's now , mostly time wasting stuff the ET's want put out there to distract , like the ship stuck in the Suez canal ... But his hard core followers know SP's past and accept the lie that ET's are here to help. So SP will believe in his mission , he's just genetically very suggestable (hypnotically) and will be putty in the ET's hands ... He may also be dishonorable ripping off his followers selling his fake 5G protection device ... He has said in a video the goal of the Mantids who he works with/for is to repopulate the Earth with human mantid hybrids Simon Parkes , his Mantid sweetheart , and their love child
  25. This is a very very big subject , I'll make a start and will keep going as long as someone is interested .... So ... Magic ? just what is it ... (not Magick that is another issue , perhaps latter ) ... Magic , in the popular mind is about getting what you want ..... a big pot of gold ... getting that cute girl to fall in love with you ... All conscious beings have the ability to cause effects , do magic , but every being has their limitations, so classical magic is about getting others , spirits , to give their help in achieving the result you want .... But first we should start with the Self .... It's often said the Self can do anything , we have unlimited power . That's a good positive mantra , but not true . We are limited in a human body , only partly manifest , partly expressed ... but there is a great deal we can do to optimize our performance ... The information on how to do this has recently gone mainstream in a big way , with books like "The Secret" and self help people like Anthony Robins "The Secret is a 2006 self-help book by Rhonda Byrne, based on the earlier film of the same name. It is based on the belief of the law of attraction, which claims that thoughts can change a person's life directly. The book has sold 30 million copies worldwide and has been translated into 50 languages" Self help guru Anthony Robins on Stage , he has a following of many 10's of millions The basic message from the above people is that you need to be clear on your goal , and focus on it , not just in a casual way , but with dedication , and follow through with powerful action ...There also needs to be examination of personal beliefs ... It's no good striving for wealth if you believe 'money is the root of all evil ' ... that money is not spiritual , these negative beliefs will sabotage your efforts . .... So this is the path millions of unseen people out there are perusing , trying to make the changes they want , whether that be loosing weight , or better personal relationships ... trying to make these changes by their own focused efforts ..... Magicians on the other hand are trying for a short cut ... enlisting the help of other beings , spirits , to help achieve their goals , and this we may cover in my next post here .
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