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  1. Jim Morrison was an important figure in the counterculture movement that arose in the 1960's ... the hippy tune , in turn on drop out , peace and love movement .... But conspiracy researchers ( particularly David Mc Gowan) have pointed out many such musicians , including Jim Morrison, Frank Zappa, “Papa John” Phillips, David Crosby , Sting and other members of the Police , to name just a few , were children of high ranking military and CIA ... The conclusion being this whole "anti establishment " movement was a psi-op. The question is asked in this channeling , 'just what was going on?' The answer is very long and involved ... People like Morrison were under intense mind control , the whole movement was designed to deflect rebellion , although a few good things did come out during this period .... The final part of the channeling deals with the current plans the malevolent ET's have , it seems these are still on track ... more disasters for humanity coming , finally the arrival of malevolent ET's pretending to be our saviors .... advanced craft attacking population centers , and a human clone army going house to house to wipe out the hold outs . Only Praying for Divine intervention can stop this... Full channeling is nearly 3 hrs , available here ... https://video.get-wisdom.com/watch_video.php?v=XKU9NUHRKR53 ..You have to join getwisdom to listen to it , but there's no charge.
  2. He may not be one of the good guys , but he may not be a Reptilian ... Normally people in that family are all of the elite bloodline , and so in bed with the rep controllers... even so they are often not depraved enough to carry out the plan and the whole family group may be killed and replaced by shape shifting rep ET's ... perhaps half a dozen of them , we know this was done to Queen Victoria's family https://youtu.be/jPeHDihuzco?t=1313 There is even doubt about Harry's parentage , but we can imagine his upbringing was designed to corrupt him , so don't expect too much , he probably is a nasty piece of work , looking out for himself ... but not a pure evil reptilian. There are also indications that "Princess " Ann is human , a mean twisted human , but still human ... It was probably figured she was not important enough to replace ... so Harry and Ann will always be outsiders in that family , but will know the "Biggest Secret" , that the queen , philip , charles and perhaps a few others are reps.
  3. I came to realize if I left a comment with a link to this forum then my post appeared to me to still be there , but when using a different computer it was gone ( a search shows this is what shadow banning is} ...so I now just use words and not a link .... A look at your video link shows your first comment is top of the list with 56 likes , no sign of other comments from you ... I don't think they can't have people doing this censoring , probably words or phrases trigger shadow banning , so on the same channel some posts may get through , others not. Watching the first few minutes of the video indicates it's very soft ball ... the controllers don't mind this level of debate , the guy trust the official story , there are some disagreements , but the government is doing it's best.
  4. That is a big Alter We are reliably informed that the Christ thing was an attempt by the Divine Realm to improve things ... He was real , did exist , but imediatly the dark forces that control this place would re write it all , twist it , promote sick symbolism and imagery like the crucifix and the Sheep meme ... The sheep comes up again and again ... Christ is the "lamb of God" sacrificed for our sins .... we are Sheep in Gods flock , presumably to suffer the same fate to be killed and eaten by "God" ..... This is of course the Reptilians polluting the religion hinting at the truth ... they believe they are our Gods ... they do keep us like a flock of sheep , and they do kill and eat some of us .
  5. Sure ... Scientology was founded by Hubbard who , on record , worked for Naval Intelligence the cabal would promote it ....the reason Tom Cruise has made so many movies and is still making them is he supported this operation.... Most cults are freelance , spontaneous Jim Jones ...Osho ...Heavens Gate ... The intelligence agencies will let them run , will be watching them very closely , learning more about human behavior , how people can be manipulated ... The Raelian Movement is VERY big and an example of a very sophisticated Cabal created cult ( Rael himself will not know this) ...Here the aim is to prepare humanity to welcome the return of the malevolent ET's , destroy belief in God ...
  6. Yes ...I know that M ...Crown is the top dog , boss of everyone .... Kether is the top sephira , number 1 .... Kabbalah is just a distraction to lead people up the garden path ... just like freemasonry ...lead people into depravity ... the top elite don't take kabbalah seriously, or 'Lucifarianism, or Satanism , they realize they're all just games , systems invented by the dark forces .... The Cabal get their power from Technology , mind control ... They don't do "magic" to control people ..but virus research ...science ... 5G electronic mind control ... But they will often put kabalistic symbolism and number in their public presentation , it's what many of them were brought up on , but corona virus (when it fully manifests) was made in a lab by men in white coats , not in a magic circle.
  7. I was on topic , explaining why "satanic" rituals take place in the first place ... See David Icke's video (still on Youtube) "Revelations of a Mother Goddess" for an account of a typical Reptilian sacrifice ritual ..... These only make sense when you realize this is just a normal meal time/social gathering for the Reps ...They eat fresh raw meat every day , often human children and babies , and they don't buy it already packaged dead , wrapped in clingfilm ... They enjoy taking life , causing suffering , and the meat tastes better fresh filled with adrenal chrome .... So if you want to be in the human elite you must do what the reps do , it's a way of demonstrating your allegiance is with them and not humans, that you regard your fellow humans suffering of no account ... then the reps know you are able to carry out their plans of mass extermination , poisoned vaccines or whatever.
  8. Oooppps .. the Marquis of Bath .... but he looks so cuddly and non conventional , the acceptable face of the aristocracy , who would have thought it .... This adds greatly to DI's credibility ... I left this comment on Youtube... David Icke outed Ted heath and the royals over 20 years ago ! Good to see this finally going mainstream... In the typical satanic ritual the victim is tortured killed and eaten ... The reason for this is that the true controllers of this planet , and the elite that serve them , are Reptilian ET's ..They eat humans on a regular basis , tortured first because the adrenal chrome released makes the meat more delicious ...It's a big joke to the Reps that they can get their human allies ( illuminati) to do the same , eat their own kind ! The video is featured on the david icke forum look in child abuse section
  9. Very credible presentation ... Here's two pictures of one of the mind control molesters outed ..."Lord Montague " Of course the victims that come to light in this way are the ones used on a regular basis by these perves ..mostly for sex ... When not being used they live a normal life and if the programing breaks down they go to a therapist . Most victims will appear in a ritual only once , tortured killed and perhaps eaten, and will never come to light via a therapist.
  10. Extra terrestrial research as a whole has has been taken over by this new (SSP) information ...That is to say if you went to a UFO conference 20 years ago they would be talking about area 51 ... sightings around military bases ...abductions ...the lecturers would be talking about that ... and everyone would be and scratching their heads trying to figure it all out .... Now the talkers at these conferences are mostly escapee's from the SSP ... Gaia .. the largest alternative media streaming channel with well over 500,000 subscribers dealing with "Transformation, Alternative Healing, UFO's and Yoga " has Corey Goode and Willcock as their most popular items ...(Corey Goode is an SSP whistleblower ) So the SSP is the biggest Secret that people on this forum have yet to embrace , that there are millions of humans taken from Earth , at this moment flying around in advanced craft , living off world in bases on moon mars and elsewhere . They dustified the towers on 9/11 , are starting forest fires everywhere , and manipulating weather ... this is an evil off world empire of human slaves run by the same ET's who direct the illuminati who control this planet. The true controllers are not human ! David Icke has said it is a non human race behind everything (the Reptilians) ... he 's rather unclear about who the reps are , he sees them as non physical , "archons ". Physical ET's to not figure in DI's picture .... But generally he has got much correct , the non physical entities(daemons , fallen angels) feed of "loosh" ... suffering energy , and this is the game the physical ET's and demonic spirits (fallen angels) who work together , play here ... they want to torment us and cause misery , by wars , conflict and turmoil
  11. This is the biggest problem. Most humans are infested with Dark Spirit attachments ...Deamons ! These feed off human torment energy , and their goal is to sabotage your life so they get more of this energy ... It's not just Mollison who says this although he has greatly clarified the situation .... Andrew Bartzis talks about these spirits tormenting children , whispering in their ear (so to speak) "Mummy doesn't love you" ...Payne Andov in his astral journeys sees them psychically torturing babies (it's why babies cry so much) he also sees them hovering around drunks .. George Kavassilus and many others tell similar stories .... So this is why your life is a struggle , these malevolent spirits are always trying to make you short tempered , make stupid choices , become addicted to drugs .... these are the daemons that torment Saints Temptation of St. Anthony The same Daemons that Black Magicians work with ..... The same Daemons the malevolent ET's work with corrupting society and causing war and conflict , with the help of the Cabal ( illuminati) .. The only solution is to ask for divine protection , and collectively Pray for their healing , so they move on and leave us.
  12. The big mistake was being registered with a doctor in the first place ...Insanity ... I have never been all my adult life Stay away from doctors , western medicine is designed to slow kill you
  13. This is simply a form from her doctors surgery ...it will be put in a filing cabinet and forgotten about ... They have clearly been instructed to make sure all their patients have been offered the jab ... This doctor has to protect himself , have evidence he's contacted all patients , so he'll keep on ringing and sending letters.
  14. well that's slightly different ... But generally I don't think it's good to ramp up fear .... fear of being on a "LIST" ... this is not the way the controllers will operate , coming after people as posters here are implying ...
  15. Yes more stress for your mum because she doesn't claim her right to refuse !
  16. Just cos they have her phone number does not mean she is the person who picks up when they call As the letter says if you don't reply they will keep ringing .... You will get nowhere by confronting the system but stress ... You are not legally required to take a jab , tell em you don't want it!
  17. They have no way of verifying a persons identity over the phone , so they're just following procedures . They want to be sure they have really contacted your mum ... I would just sign and send it back , as the letter says , so they won't contact her again ... Nothing to worry about in my opinion .... millions of people will be refusing .
  18. Putting "rik mayall one by one dvd " ... in google search shows Amazon , ebay and other places selling it , also available for download
  19. He maybe getting ready to kick the bucket , he cant last much longer .... If he does die there maybe some symbolic meaning to this He can't reincarnate as a virus till he first dies ... So when he does die , the controllers may take this as a que to release the REAL virus , or activate the Zombie protocol and tell us it's a mutation of corona virus ... Corona Virus = Crown (Royal) Virus I'm not suggesting Philip will actually reincarnate as a virus , that's not how things work ... It's just a sick spooky joke the controllers may play. People turning into Zombies because they are infected by the reincarnated malevolent spirit that animated Philip !
  20. Thanks for that EW ... you've reminded me of a few names there I'm not overly familiar with , will check them out again ... My understanding is , just as the Dark Fleet is not run by the NAZI's , so the US SSP is not run by the Zionists .... The Reptilians control and play each group , make the humans believe they are in control , tell them what they want to hear.... The rep civilization is millions of years old ,they are very smart and know every trick in the book.. Yes it seems the Dark Fleet assists the Reps in subjugating other planets in other star systems ... Earth is not the only world the Reps control .... They probably made a deal with the NAZI's ..." you help us control our other dominions and we'll keep the tech assistance coming " ... This must be part of the strategy and why they helped built up the NAZI's Dark Fleet , to make it into a force they can direct to attack planets the reps persecute .... Always the reps will hold back the most powerful weapons and tech from the NAZI's , so they can destroy them if they were not to play ball ...
  21. You don't believe a person's essence survives death? That consciousness survives death ? If you do then it may well be possible to contact and converse with that consciousness , so channeling Hitler is not so unbelievable ... Mollison also channels GOD ! You are correct , WT believes NASA put men on the moon , which we all know is a lie . But that does not destroy his credibility or the fact he brought important information out about NAZI's working with ET's ... During WWII he was working for the intelligence services collating and passing on information from many spies infiltrating the NAZI's , it's this information that is of value to us ... Later he did work in NASA , he would only know what he was told , and he would not be told Apollo was faked , only a very few had this information. Tomkins and others would believe they were watching "live feed" of the landing showing ET's ... This was pre recorded and faked to add to the confusion and misinformation surrounding Apollo ... NASA do this with the hope that those questioning Apollo will be lost in the maze of conflicting information.
  22. Important people in positions of power are often killed and replaced by shape shifting ET's for more effective control , they control this planet from behind the scenes .... All the videos purporting to show shape shifting are nonsense it will not be caught on camera... Karl Mollison explains it all best , check out his many videos , this one for example , queued at correct time ..
  23. You are referring to the poster publicizing the talk by Penny Bradly at the Stargate Conference ... well sure .. why not lift pictures of soldiers and moon bases used in fiction ? They are probably pretty close and illustrate the point.... People here need to take this subject seriously , it is a big gap in their understanding of the world ... the video I already linked to is a good place to start .... https://youtu.be/MNIx72eRqWc There is no doubt this is all very real. This picture has emerged from the testimony of dozens of reliable people , starting with William Tompkins from WWII .... Does anyone here even know who WT is??? I doubt it .... The forum has declined greatly . No hard core truthers here anymore mostly just people who do don't like masks or lock down.
  24. Beginners to this subject will have great difficulty believing all this ... To quote DI " the world aint just a little different from what you've been told...it's nothing like what you've been told" You are both deluded if you think overwhelming evidence can be dismissed by one line of type , calling this information "honk" ... "shit" ... Such childish comments will not sway anyone .
  25. The answer to question 9 fine tuned our understanding with regard to the NAZI off world space empire , the "Dark Fleet" The Question was ..." Is it true that the Nazi Germans have a breakaway off-planet civilization that is militarily and economically active in the human slave trade and other type of technology and resource trading?" First some background .... With the collapse of Germany after loosing WWII the very best scientists and technicians escaped by submarines to a large base in Antarctica along with many thousands of helpers .... Third rate scientists like von braun working on primitive rocketry and the like were scooped up by the US in paperclip .... Hitler and some others retired to sunny South America , presumably not fancying living underground surrounded by ice! In this Antarctic base the NAZI's continued working with the Reps , and soon had unti gravity propulsion , by 1949 they had a small base on the moon.... The US were playing catch-up ... Also with ET help developed advanced craft , had their own moon base ten years after the NAZI's ... These two separate groups continued expanding and developing ... the NAZI "Dark Fleet" which speaks German and has a "Fuhrer" ... and the US controlled SSP composed of 3 subsections .... we are talking around a million personnel off world ...the Dark Fleet is more technologically advanced than the US SSP .... The two groups are separate , but trade . NAZI's particularly need slaves (the "missing children") which it can only get through US help .... Most Dark Fleet personnel are slaves , wear shock collars , all must swear an oath of allegiance to the Fuhrer ... A smaller number of officers , German descendants , over see the slaves taken from Earth ... The impression given is that this is a NAZI empire , controlled by the Germans.... This is current truther understanding , much of the details come from Tony Rodrigues , who served as a slave in the Dark Fleet https://youtu.be/MNIx72eRqWc So this is why the question highlighted above was asked ... Hitler answers by saying .. "(the so called Dark Fleet slave empire) is just the Reptilians continuing doing what they have always done , using humans for slaves..." So the idea that the Dark Fleet is controlled by the NAZI's is just an illusion to motivate those of German descent , the officers , in the Dark Fleet ... People work better if they believe they are free and working for a cause .... Even these German officers are effectively slaves , they must follow orders , which they think come from the "Fuhrer" , but behind this German Fuhrer are the Reptilians directing everything.
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