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  1. 28 minutes ago, johnkim said:

    I’m sure not all these theories are correct.

    Is anyone out there just tired of this? 


    The ideas you are exploring are in the right area ... but there are many conflicting ideas out there .. The solution is not to get tired of it all and just give up ... The way forward is to spend more time on the subject ... always ask the question "where does this guy's information come from". 

    It helps to spend time with good sources , The best I know is Mollison ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos

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  2. You'll have to give a better link than that Nora ....just goes to Tom's site , no mention of any apology that I can see , there is a podcast, didn't listen to it all   ...


    Who is Tom Woods??? An American with a radio show / podcast .... he has a good review from Ron Paul and Nopolitano 

  3. 5 hours ago, mathewtwatson said:


    Look....im sorry......i dont follow the stuff i put on, so i didnt know this convo was been had.....


    firstly let me just share a few things with you...n by the way, im not pissed off with you for airing your opinion...i do swear too much, i post how i speak, so you can imagine how many slaps around the head iv had off the wife,my mother and now even my daughter....n sometimes it is over the top.


    you are damn right i posted this in absolute anger, and the etiquette of the forum might have been tainted by me in this post. Let me tell you where im coming from and why n just give you a little background.......


    My little girl Scarlett, throughout her life was in n out of hospital, with a viral wheeze. If youv ever seen a little baby in a hospital bed and watched has their body struggles to breathe,this became a regular thing..... we could never work it out and has she got older, wed spend nights in the intensive care unit, only 1 parent could sleep so me n the wife would take it in turns because we always knew we'd be in again at some point, 1 of us holding her while shes hooked up to breathing equipment......obviously inhalers for the rest of her life, really bad eczema.....then 1 time we sort of made a link to vaccines, we realised within a week of every jab wed av a episode, but wed never been anti vax, never knew.so when she was 5, it was flu jab time at school, and me n the wife were having a back n fourth, does she have it, but with her illness if she doesnt have the jab n she get flu she could die, this sort of thing. stupidly we decided to go for it, 4 days before her 5 birthday..........on her birthday childrens ICU in pinderfields hospital,wakefield.

    It wasnt just after the flu jab, sometimes shed av attacks in the months after n wed be able to treat her at home with inhalers...but sometimes inhalers just werent enough.

    So after this we never touched vaccines again, shes 8.........shes not used inhalers for 2 and half years, this from needing a poof on 1 every morning for the rest of her life according to the experts, no eczema, this from having creams for the rest of her life according to the experts. My little girl is amazing now, no illness, beautiful skin, running round like a lunatic.



    So you see............the very prospect of mandatory vaccines, or restriction of movements without a vaccine directly impacts my daughter, if they do this for covid,whats to stop them doing this for all vaccines.........this decision could kill my little girl.........it wont obviously because shes not having it, but stop her going on holidays, stop her attending schools, stop her going bowling,to the cinema...shes 8 years old. This is why i get so up and down with it all.


    and i am genuine, im not a liar.......the last time i used a laptop/computer i was playing this



    i literally bought a laptop,a printer just so i could help get info out......and half the shit iv handed out, iv just stolen of this site...... n ofcourse i dont swear on them........well not all the time.......well perhaps a majority of the time...........................i joined this site and ickonic because i always liked david icke, little did i know how great it is, and its helped me greatly with info, n videos and iv awoken quite a few people by using this.


    im not on this to measure dicks or get likes or pats on the back......but im also not on here to hurt or offend any1. This whole covid scam means more to me and angers me a little more than most because when somebody says everybody should be forced to have the vax.........a decision like that could impact my daughter with irreversible consequences. Im not some keyboard warrior pretending to play a role......everything iv shared or iv done is 100% true. This weekend, iv got a chinese takeaway on the corner of my street, n this weekend it had a queue....i went out with print outs and harassed 12 people....and spoke...just for the sheer hell of it....i drive the wife insane!




    i give you my word, il do my best to cut out the bad language the best i can, you are right, if someone new entered it might deter them...i dont want that we need the numbers, i certainly dont want to create abit of hostility between you n the guys than run the forum....n i av been told off a couple times by these 2 NOBS in PM aswell so dont think they enable me to just abuse people, they dont.



    So...... i appologise whole heartedly...these are times we need to stick together and we need numbers..........BUT FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP CHANNELING HITLER....if thats true.


    Honestly, sorry, i did post the david icke post in pure anger...... i still mean every word though. But please dont be offended by me...but the C word does need to go...so il try my best to cut it out.


    But listen OZ.......im here, im real, im telling my truth.......and im here....with you.


    Also BC, and the grumpy owl..........thank you.


    Tanks for that Mathew ... very moving story ...And it gives an insight into what really motivates people , a threat to their child's life  ....


    I had no idea children in the (UK ?) were subject to so many vaccines ...before the age of 5 ! a wonder they're still alive ...


    To clarify it's not ME channeling Hitler ... One of the most respected sources in the truth movement gets his information from channeling , and Hitler was just one of the hundreds of subjects he spoke for.... 

    I don't know why this is so controversial ... Most people believe consciousness survives death, so it's not beyond the bounds of credibility that a skilled operator would be able to contact dead people .... And if you had a choice of who to contact , hitler would be among the first hundred I would think ... anyway , the quality of the information speaks for itself ...   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos


    Keep up the good work ...If you plan any more flyers do let us have a look ... people here with decades of experience trying to reach others with this info , so we might have  some good ideas .

  4. 25 minutes ago, DarianF said:

    @Fluke This is a nice tribute:



    Posted by Helena Handbasket | Mar 7, 2021



    The above link is the only place I can find reporting his death , it seems a credible source , but rather strange no one else is reporting this , since he died 4 March 

  5. Just now, Basket Case said:





    I do think dealing with crowley and channelings are  good for the casual visitor ... it's the type of non mainstream information that many would expect to see here ..as well as SSP and UFOs .....


    But a post on any subject which is filled with expletives will turn any normal person off , it labels the author as immature   ..... Can you imagine Icke getting up in Trafalgar square and doing that ? 

  6. War on Terror? .... I hadn't noticed any war on terror ....


    They did try to play that card  20 years ago ....With 9/11 they hoped to polarize the world ...... get the Muslims who are all over Europe, to fight back, riot in protest  against the invasion of Iraq , Afghanistan and so destroy the West ... but it never happened . 9/11 was the event that failed to change the world  , and it's too late now , all those Muslim kids are 40 years old now , integrated into Europe and don't want it destroyed ....


    So now a new game is being played , corona ! 



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  7. Just now, Basket Case said:


    Do you think that threads promoting Alistair Crowley is good for the casual visitor? 

    Do you think that threads promoting 'people' channeling Hitler is good for the casual visitor? 

    Do you think that that threads promoting 'people' channeling Jim Morriston is good for the casual visitor? 


    Do you see it yet..? 

    Do you see the mirror I'm holding up? 


    I've been in PMs with Mathew. 

    Mathew is 'real' IMO. 

    This is how he communicates. 

    He's addressing and attacking REAL issues, here on the ground. 


    Get over yourself Ozz.. 




    I haven't seen any threads promoting Crowley .... I certainly don't , just give a balanced perspective ....


    Hitler was just one of the people channeled out of hundreds  , others included  bush ...pol pot ...starlin 


    Perhaps the most damaging posts are those denying the holocaust ..... Icke is often wrongly labeled in the press as a holocaust denier 

  8. Just now, Grumpy Owl said:


    That is why the forum has the 'Report' functionality, this topic has been up since 5th February and has not been reported by anyone.


    I can see many like it ...4 likes ... It resonates with the despair , exasperation that many here feel ... 


    I've just read it again , and if all true , Mathew does deserve applause , he's spent two grand on producing leaflets ?!  I wish he'd shown us what was in those hand outs ,we could have offered suggestions  I hope not too many f**k and c**ts   

  9. Just now, Basket Case said:


    Do you want to point out where it was explained that you get to vote on such matters when you signed up...?

    Why are you sowing discontent  ?



    One person maybe able to "sow" discontent , but it can only grow if people feel they are not in control of their reality (in this case the forum)  ...


    I only spoke up because this thread appeared to me to be deserving of erasing not promoting , and I see you were the one who pinned it BC! ....


    Do you think the casual visitor here would be impressed with a post that has about 2 dozen expletives ?  No they would think were a load of foul mouthed hooligans who can't express themselves as normal people do .

  10. Just now, oddsnsods said:


    Please not everyone on here is that naive.





    I don't believe sweet Dolly Parton wants to turn us all into Zombies/ kill us .

    Just because she funded a vaccine does not mean she's evil .... She's suckered by the propaganda AS MOST PEOPLE ARE, and genuinely want's to help .....


    The outlook on the world you believe just does not feel right .... Mollisons world view makes much more sense .... That just a very small minority are in on the plan , the rest are mind influenced to follow the agenda ... this mind influence comes from advanced nano chips we have ingested decoding signals in 3/4/G as well as psychic mind influence  and of course the media ..News 



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  11. 14 minutes ago, Seeker said:

    Now the Dalai Lama choosing to be vaccinated and encouraging others to do so. How are these spiritual people not having their higher self/ intuition screaming at them to not take it. Whilst I don’t know much about the Dalai Lama, who is greatly respected, he’s been well and truly fooled here if he got the real jab. And fooled further for him to promote it




    The Dali Lama comes over as quiet a nice old boy ...see this video of him from 2010 dismissing the idea of an end of the world in 2012 https://youtu.be/5IijrZNDZkc , but as he says in the clip "I am NOT all knowing , I could be wrong ."


    So he may have great spiritual insight , but may not know about the cabal and conspiracy , I could post many photos of him cozying  up to Bush , Obama and others...


    He will be subject to mind control from the evil ones . In regard to covid it appears he's as blind as the average person. Just the same as Dolly Parton.




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  12. 19 minutes ago, Diesel said:

    Why is this thread pinned


    Because one of the unseen controllers of the forum likes it !  Believes it disserves prominence. 


    Abridged Quote from the original post ....


    " ....this absolute bollocks, ......fucking school for fuck sake, .........this fuckin despite all their children been together in school with no masks. (fuckin dumb cunts)....iv fuckin fought all the way through this...... £1000 ON FUCKIN INK......fuck the neighbours 















    PLEASE FUCKING WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Very nice .... does anyone think that paints the forum in a good light ??? Even overlooking the obscenities , the spirit  of the post is pure anger , hate and despair.. Nothing positive , Giving in to these emotions  is not going to help us win  




  13. 10 minutes ago, oddsnsods said:

    Israel the 1st apartheid within an apartheid in history.






    Interesting to see Israel being the most heavily vaccinated and controlled country .... It was the center of heavy Zombie activity in WWZ .... Some believe vaccination is about transforming takers into Zombies 


    World War Z’ puts Israel in spotlight

    New zombie apocalypse film starring Brad Pitt highlights Jerusalem’s historical defenses.

    By Viva Sarah Press  JULY 2, 2013, 12:00 AM
    World War Z poster

    (Spoiler Alert) World War Z‘s $66 million opening weekend in the United States astonished many in the film business as they assumed the movie would be a total flop. It also surprised Israel.


    Israel’s top-notch security, its IDF elite, the Mossad and Jerusalem’s historical resistance – not to mention a curious wall that has been likened to both the security fence and the Western Wall – all feature in this action-packed movie filmed in Malta. There are also scenes with Palestinians and Israelis working together to fight off the zombie pandemic.

    Upon its release in the US, pro-Israel and anti-Israel activists were quick to voice opinions on the Israeli symbolism.

  14. 1 minute ago, karantanc said:

    OK, you know what is the truth out there ... I do not know. I have seen a video on Philadelphia experiment, but I am quite sceptic about it. There is a saying in this regard: I believe everything, I believe nothing. Difficult to say, what is true.

    Can you please tell me the sources of your hidden knowledge? Links and so on. 


    Well... understanding just comes from  decades of looking into this stuff .... 


    When it comes to whistleblowers , like Al Bielek , Bob Lazar , William Tompkins and the scores of others ... they are all honest and telling what they believe to be true , but they may have a few errors because they were told lies by the government department they worked for .... but broadly you can trust them all , and all their stories  fit together to make a very clear picture....


    A good place to start is this video ...  https://youtu.be/Fp4299-vfPs  a debriefing of Tony Rodrigues .... This stuff is mind blowingly interesting , I don't know why more people aren't into it! It's probably because most find it hard to believe....


    And if you really want to take a short cut and get strait down to it , there's no one better than Karl Mollison , IMHO .

    Here's his Youtube channel .. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos


  15. I've just re listened to that whole video again ... you must do that ... people make the mistake of watching something once , then hopping to the next video from another person who has  different ideas ... if you do that you will not remember any of it . You must find a good source , listen ... cogitate ...re listen  again and again 


    What came out in the second listening was a fine tuning on our understanding of "loosh" ..


    A search gives us the standard definition of loosh ..

    1. New Age term applied to energy produced by human beings that other entities use to feed from. 2. It is also used to refer to the energy that is produced by suffering that entities feed. From books by Robert Monroe. Maybe a play on the French word Louche. Aliens feed off the loosh of humans for food....


    Most researchers of our subject believe this is going on in one form or another .... David Icke believes that archons/reptilians are behind the conspiracy , their aim is to create wars and suffering because they feed on this loosh energy ....


    In the channeling Jim is explaining that he had demonic parasitic attachments during his life , sabotaging him (as most of us have)  ... On his death he did not transition successfully , was stuck in limbo being tormented more intently by these same daemons.... 


     "...in that state of torment I was calling on greater energy from the divine to support me and it served my parasites quiet nicely ..." 


    This idea has come up in other channelings too , that when an individual is under severe stress , Creator sends out more life sustaining energy , unfortunately this also gives  the parasites more food ....


    So there are many errors in the standard definition of loosh ...  Energy is energy and it all comes from Creator ,it is not produced by humans ... More is sent when life is threatened ...and of course it is not ET's that feed on this energy but non physical demonic spirits (Fallen Angels) who by their own willful rebellion  have cut themselves off from Creator and so do not receive this energy directly , they have to leach off other life forms. 

  16. 9 hours ago, Velma said:

    Fantastic success for SpaceX as it's rocket took a full eight minutes before it exploded. Can't wait to fly to Mars in Elon's SN10! (NOT!)


    Ahh... This rocket did Explode!!! 


    The video in the first post on this thread does not show the whole story ...It shows the the take off and landing which did go OK .... But it didn't show the thing exploding 5 mins latter !! 


    lol ...you couldn't make this stuff up ! Three launches so far and they all blew up! 


    They are not that incompetent. This is by design , they do not want tourists going into space ... just too many ET's (and humans in the SSP) buzzing around out there ...


    As I suggested in a post about a year ago , Musk is part of the Cabal , his job (with Branson) is to attract all the investors who think space tourism is a good idea . This diverts investors away from backing genuine independent space pioneers ... Musk and Branson will make big promises , but make sure space tourism never happens. 


    Article below from NY Times yesterday 


    SpaceX Mars Rocket Prototype Explodes, but This Time It Lands First

    Two earlier flights of the Starship rocket crashed spectacularly. This one returned to the ground in one piece, then blew up.


    Two spectacular flights, two spectacular crash landings. The third time was almost the charm.

    On Wednesday, SpaceX launched another high-altitude flight of Starship, a huge next-generation spacecraft that Elon Musk, the founder and chief executive of the private rocket company, dreams of sending to Mars. It returned to the ground and set down in one piece, but then lit up in another fiery blast minutes after the landing.

    As the sun set over the test site in Boca Chica, Tex., close to Brownsville, the latest prototype, designated SN10, lifted off, its stainless steel exterior gaining a purple hue as it ascended toward an altitude of just over six miles, well below the orbital heights that SpaceX one day intends to achieve.

  17. 9 hours ago, karantanc said:


    As far as we know today, the distances in space are too great for human beings or similar biological aliens to travel through....


    That first sentence is wrong so it's taken you into a whole load of errors ....


    The main stream science we have is stunted , intentionally so by the controllers . They do not want us having anti-gravity craft , "free" energy and all the rest , because it would liberate us ...


    So the reality is there are a number of ways for travelling great distances , wormholes , these occur naturally and can be made by tech , soul transfer into a clone of the being wishing to travel ... time travel ... and other ways . This information has leaked out and the cabal are using it now in their off world empire ...


    A good place to start into this information is by searching "Al Bielek" on Youtube , he was involved in the Philadelphia experiment.


    All ET's we interact with at this time are malevolent , they are the same ones that control Earth using the Cabal (illuminati) as front men ....


    ET's are not cyborgs , they have more sense . But do abduct humans to turn into cyborg warriors.   

  18. That's a 14 min video , the first 5 mins the thing sits on the launch pad doing nothing .... Launch was a success... Yippee ..well done,  It didn't blow up! 


    Forgive me if I'm not impressed ...It's basically the same thing that Hitler launched by the thousands ( V1's )   Eighty Years Ago ! 

    But each new generation forgets ... and so the controllers can get away with keeping us stalled  with stone age technology....


    The big joke among the ET's is humans use space craft with flames coming out the back ...lol 


    But rockets are just for the surface human population . In secret , unknown to the public the cabal have an off world empire with millions of personnel and fleets of advanced anti gravity propelled craft (no flames!)  


    The company behind this rocket is Musk's Space X  ... the same enterprise that is putting up thousands of 5G satellites ...


    He calls the engines in this rocket "Raptor Engines" 


    Raptor is an abbreviation of Velociraptor , bearing a resemblance to our Rep controllers. 




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  19. Welcome to the forum Ire_Mane .... I should point out that I am the second , or "Red" Beast in the Thelemic tradition , Crowley's successor , and likewise am happy to answer any questions...


    Mr Crowley has two magical groups associated with his work....


    The first is the Argentum Astrum (Silver Star) or AA which deals with basic traditional magical training 


    The second is the OTO , dealing with sex magick 


    The hidden meaning is that AA was named such because  AA means Alcoholic's Anonymous , and students usually meet in pubs and are as fond of alcohol as they are of magic ..


     The hidden meaning of "OTO" is that it shows in glyph form the most arousing image for the male  , the phallus between to breasts /buttocks ...


    Here are two questions to get the ball rolling  ...


    1 .... What is the "SIlver Star"  is it a star in the sky ? Sirius ? or another ? 


    2. ... Glancing at the work of Crowley's era the casual observer is struck by the abundance of Banishing rituals ... we have the GD lesser and greater banishing rituals of the pentagram and hexagram (4 in total) .... then Crowley's own version 'Star ruby' ...Just what is the purpose of these rituals , What is the practitioner trying to achieve?  



  20. Lets be honest ... nobody knows for sure if covid is a real virus ,but I expect it is ....


    Conspiracy theorists are pre disposed to not believe anything the government says , and the extreme form of this is not to believe there is a corona virus ... some don't even believe any viruses exist or are contagious ...


    The truth will come out as time moves on .

  21. Just now, Macnamara said:

    In the global freemasonic system the rothschilds are clearly more influential than the british royal family.


    I just put "who is head of the freemasons " in search ..


    Contemporary Freemasonry does not have a single recognized head, however, the Grandmaster of the United Grand Lodge of England is  Prince Michael of Kent .


    The crown is in control of the freemasons , the queen delegates one of her people who is into all that stuff , and the rothschilds maybe active in it , their all on the same team , but the crown is number 1 

  22. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Perhaps the monarchies of the old world order are no longer needed once an Anti-Christ/Dajjal figure comes.



    When that happens we'll have to redesign the pyramid pictured above ....


    But they may not play that card  ... they have multiple plans and will go with the one that tickles the spot ..With the decline of Christianity the anti-christ part of the end game may not resonate with people anymore , Zombies are more popular and up to date ... nothing is fixed 

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