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  1. This problem of where to escape to was resolved 16 years ago ! ... Some of us saw this all coming ...


    I've told my story before , but  new members may not have herd it , or my offer of help , so here it is again ....


    The year 2000 found me living in Glastonbury (I was age 47 then) .... Having been a student of Magick for many decades I had loads of money ( magick anit magick if you can't conjure up  money) , didn't have to work , bought a large detached house and set about turning it into a tantric temple .... This has been an ongoing theme throughout my life , constructing a space for divine sex ... the thing is I just never get things finished to actually practice divine sex ... the dark force opposition is just too strong , sabotaging everything .... This time in Glastonbury was just the same  , after 4 years I was getting nowhere ... Also during this time I was intensely studying our subject, listening to AJ 3 hrs a day , every day  ... I came to the conclusion the NWO would soon make their move and I needed to get somewhere safe . I also concluded this big move would probably be a virus .... they had killed literally hundreds of microbiologists , a very strong indicator , and there were other reasons ....


    Where to go??? Must be somewhere warm . Humans are not designed for Northern climates too bloody cold !! food doesn't grow , so in a survival situation things are doubly hard ... So somewhere warm , not too much under the control of the NWO .... Strange coincidences pushed me to decide on Thailand ....


    So I sold up .... told everyone who would listen "UK is not survivable the controllers are going to release a virus" .... "And just when is this going to happen?" someone asked... "Perhaps by the start of the next decade" ... I said ...  People living in Glastonbury will confirm this prediction , particularly if involved in the yoga scene they will remember me ... my parting words were  .."Don't take the vaccine" ...


    So I was a decade out , I thought the virus might be released in 2010 ... Still that's just as well , I'm still not fully prepared ....


    I left UK with 200K pounds which makes things so much easier ...Spent the first year on one of the islands at a yoga hangout , then took up with a Thai lady and headed for a remote inland area ... Bought a massive piece of land , semi jungle with a river , about ten football pitches in size , coconuts , bananas and a dozen other fruits grow wild , I've built a large underground bunker with foot thick reinforced concrete walls...


    Thailand has only 1% reported covid deaths that UK has , despite same population size , so no plans here for mass vaccination , It must be one of the best places to be ....


    And you are all welcome to come and live on the land I have here ! .... I do know how difficult people are to get on with ,particularly you lot ,  but since the land is so big you can go off into a corner somewhere and not be under my feet .... If you have money things will be a lot easier , if not you can build a shack with the bamboo that grows everywhere. 



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  2. 8 hours ago, KTS said:

    I am focusing on Covid, but I have had similar reactions to other things like the steps toward war with Russia and/or China. Why not confuse a sub and do some real damage with a first strike smaller nuke? Why take these ridiculous baby steps via places Syria if they have so much control?


    It's the same with terrorism. The "Biggest" event was 9/11 yet it only killed a few thousand ...more die on the roads each day globally ... IF they were all powerful they could set off a suitcase nuke , kill millions and make a city center radioactive and uninhabitable for decades ... That would trike terror into the hearts of people and cause an exodus to remote areas ..


    But they are not all powerful ... There is the divine realm pushing back , able to easily disable the electronic timer in suitcase nuke .... What the divine realm can't do is disable the stupidity or willful choices people make , that would be interfering with our free will ... If people can be deceived into thinking Syria must be attacked then it will be , we give the green light , and the divine realm must stand back...


    So it's an infowar .... 

  3. 1 hour ago, PH196 said:

    But when I read passages like this “And the Angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, He hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” and this  "Then will He say to those at His left, "'Begone from me, with the curse resting upon you, into the Fire of the Ages, which has been prepared for the Devil and his angels.' 


    Might actually be conveying some high spiritual matters regarding their fate. That is, they finally overstepped their reach and have violated every known universal law by hijacking sentient species to feed off of them; and will be severely punished. Who knows? 


    I wouldn't take the bible as 100% accurate  ... it's been changed and translated and added to ....


    According to the God of Mollison Their fate is still in the balance ... Humanity was created to resolve this problem of evil  ... If enough of us  pray that the evil ones be forgiven and uplifted then they and their ET chums will forget about destroying us , and move on .

  4. 7 hours ago, PH196 said:

    Mr. Icke seems to at once acknowledge in his books the presence of the darker aspect that controls out reality, namely ‘the archons’ or fallen angels; with Yaldabaoth/Lucifer/Satan being the main antagonist.


    Not unlike a theologian, he is essentially telling us in some mysterious way that there is a Devil who is a personal being and who is opposed to God


    Also correct: the ‘fallen angels’ are essentially a distorted form of awareness that has lost their heart centered connection with ‘ the One’ - God. They were caste from his presence into spiritual darkness. God withdrew his light from them when they sinned against him.


    Well how would Mr Icke Know ??? Important to ask where does this information come from .... For example DI believes the reptilians are a big part in all this because he had many people coming to him telling their eye whiteness stories  .... He pieced it all together best as he could and is not too clear but thinks the royals and others are shapeshifters controlled from another dimension ....


    As for Fallen Angels , Lucifer , the Devil how on Earth is anyone to know ?? ...


    That said I do believe I've got the whole picture , and my information comes from Mr Mollison .... Why should I trust him?? He claims to have developed a flawless technique for channeling GOD ... ! Sounds outrageous , but the material confirms what I had already understood from other sources , and fills in many missing blanks ... To appreciate and be confident about his source you must already KNOW much of the information already ...


    So what does he say on this subject ?? 


    This part of the Universe is a free will experiment , the rest of creation is non freewill  where all beings are in peace and harmony and bliss , one with Creator ...


    In this free will experiment there is the possibility of rebelling against Creator , and that's just what the fallen angels did , by their own choice they cut themselves off from Creator and hence cut themselves off from his life sustaining energy and they can only exist by leaching life force off physical life forms ...


    They psychically corrupted physical ET races millions of years ago who in their turn became depraved , and these are the ones controlling Earth with the help of some humans (Cabal, illuminati) . The malevolent ET's are consciously working with the fallen spirits to cause misery here , this is the psychic food the spirits want . 



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  5. This corona thing is getting just too boring .... nothing new is happening .


    What say we lock the thread and get our attention back to more important matters , like the SSP , or Mr Mollison's material 


    We can always reopen the thread when the first flesh eating zombie is reported .

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  6. Just one last post .....


    The final word on any issue must rest with Karl Mollison , he is the best source for truth we have available ...


    He channeled Stanley Kubric , and the second question asked was about Apollo ....


    Kubric confirms it was faked , filmed in a studio ...  




    You have to become a member of getwisdom to see video , but no charge 




    Questions for Light Being Stanley Kubrick 05June2018

    1)  Why did you become an earthbound spirit?

    2)  Was the video of your confession regarding the Apollo moon landing a fake?  Were the Apollo moon landings faked?  All of them or some of them? Were you involved?

    3)  Can you tell us about your esoteric resources that were used in your films? Which one of your films portrays the full force of your esoteric knowledge?

    4)  What was your understanding of evil and did you feel that you understood its reason and cause?

    5)  In what way, if any, did your movie A Clockwork Orange serve the Light? Could it be viewed as a warning?

    6)  Did you have any lost soul spirit attachments in your incarnation and can you tell us about this as it may have influenced your art?

    7)  Can you explain your interest and affinity for Napoleon and the Final Solution, two subjects where you may have had some intentions to make a film for each?

    8)  Would it be realistic to view the AI movie that you made with Steven Spielberg, starring Haley Joel Osment as an android, masquerading as a young boy, as a mind programming tool to soften up the world’s human population to the idea of machine love being equitable to Divine Love?  Or is this overreaching? 

    9)  Was your death due to natural causes? 

    10)  What do you think about the investment in the human free will experiment and its meaning going forward if humans are successful in this alleged 9 year period of transition?

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  7. 1 hour ago, DarianF said:


    "how you can see all landing sites??" well that's just it , you can't see them ...


    to quote from your first link ...


    "As you're well aware, no telescope on Earth can see the leftover descent stages of the Apollo Lunar Modules or anything else Apollo-related. Not even the Hubble Space Telescope can discern evidence of the Apollo landings. The laws of optics define its limits...."


    So the pictures they give in your link are from NASA , from a lunar orbiter .... (You can trust NASA ..lol) 


    I'm board with this now so this is my last post on this thread , it has all been gone over on the old DIforum in minute detail ...(all now lost )


    I've been examining the evidence for 22years with an open mind , it's my conclusion Apollo was faked . But NASA will ALWAYS have a smart answer to any evidence indicating it was faked . 

  8. 5 minutes ago, DarianF said:

    from the above link ....


    "This is a camera artifact called image lag, typical of certain television pickup tubes of the era, including the Vidicon tube used in the Apollo TV Camera.

    This type of camera tube projects a scene onto a photoconductive target, creating a charge-density pattern which is then scanned to create the electric TV signal. The electrical charge remains present on the target until it is re-scanned or the charge dissipates. The image lag causes a characteristic smear or tail following fast-moving objects in a scene, and prolonged exposure of a bright stationary object results in a slow decaying after .."


    Absolute rubbish , as is said this effect occurs with fast moving objects something rushing across the field of view , the camera has a lag due to phosphorescents much less than a second .... the "astronaut" is hardly moving 

  9. Sure .... the Cabal sequester any advanced tech into their off world empire the SSP .. they have anti gravity UFO type craft too .... One of these cloaked craft was above the towers and fired the disintegration beam to dustily them ....


    It's interesting to ponder WHY would they dustify the towers ... why not just bring them down as any demolition team would do , with thermate/thermite? 


    There is overwhelming evidence thermate was used , beams cut through at the tell tale angle ....




    So they started the collapse with thermate charges pre placed on all the girders . That would have brought the towers down , but then there would be a mountain of tangled steel , much of it showing thermate cuts .... Very hard to hide and cover up ... and taking months to remove 


    So once the thermate is fired and the collapse starts they fire a disintegration beam to destroy all the evidence , only a few beams remained , as in the picture above. 

  10. 5 hours ago, Seconal said:

    This may be a stupid question but I've always wondered, if Neil Armstrong was the first man on the Moon then who filmed him climbing down the ladder from the outside of the craft?




    That photo above  has been edited tidied up ...


    Look at the sill shot in the video below ... this video comes from a NASA's own website ...You can see the line of the horizon through his body! Give me a friggin break!! ...lol  .... Nothing can explain that away ... they obviously faked this footage by layering ....

    Sometimes it's so obvious.... NASA do it to show just how stupid people are , that they can't see what's in front of them ...just like on 9/11 


  11. 7 hours ago, bryan said:

    A few years before the alleged moon landings the US Navy organised a descent to the deepest part of the ocean.


    At 10:37 in the BBC documentary they say:

    "Only a few officers and scientists knew about the risky mission, which was launched in January 1960 from the Western Pacific island of Guam."

    "Guam in those days was kind of a backwater. It was just right for us because we were trying to do this project sort of out of sight, because we weren't too sure it was gonna work."




    Was landing on the moon not a risky mission? Were they sure it would work?


    (Embedding the video is 'forbidden')


    Good find bryan .....


    I remember Alex Jones talking about his chat with a Russian who worked at the top of their space program ...He said the people who went up were not the ones the public were told ....


    Uri Gagarin was supposedly the first man in space . So with a big fan fare the press and TV show him getting in the rocket . But they just couldn't risk putting him up for real , if killed they couldn't cover it up ....


    So a switch is made , some unknown goes up , and whatever happens Uri is filmed getting out of the capsule in the desert ...




    Apparently the Russians did this with all of their launches , the people in the space race want to be heroes and not have the world see their disasters .... and the very few politicians that know ,  justify it to themselves by saying for national security they must appear to have rockets that work  , the same rockets are used for ICBM's.


    This same guy told Alex the Russians in their space industry  all knew and had proof Apollo was faked .... Alex didn't believe him on this .. still clinging to the patriotic illusion it was real ... Or perhaps Alex didn't want to face the truth and alienate many of his listeners ...


    Alex does know the SSP is real ... that the secret government has an off world empire with around a million personnel , fleets  of antigravity craft , bases on moon mars and elsewhere , he knows this is true from his many off record chats with Generals and insiders .... But Alex rarely talks about it , again , he may think it's too much for his audience to handle.


    He did say this in a video , about 3 years ago 


     AJ..."What does NASA know that we haven't been told ?? We have a breakaway civilization here ..we have a whole system of 50 years advanced technologies , that's confirmed ...life extension you name it ...Trump is still trying to get access to all this (information) ..they're trying to keep it walled off from him, keep him in the dark that's why there's a governmental mutiny going on..."  



  12. 1 hour ago, Yasmina said:

    I think you've missed my point entirely. I never said I was anti police. I'm just anti police having such extreme powers because as we have seen they definitely do like to abuse powers and a good amount of them are narcissistic bullies. 

    I think you're from the US Yasmina aren't you?   There , the approach to making chaos is different there  ,they set out to hire thugs .... In the UK the front line police  are just ordinary people , not freemasons ( @Basket Case ) and the chaos is maintained by freemasons at high levels in police and  the CPS not prosecuting and getting criminals back on the streets ....

    I am an avid watcher of UK cop programs .... the sort in video below  ... over two hundred episodes in this series alone , they are not faked or staged and it paints a very clear picture . 


    For example , there's a law against carrying a bladed weapon on the streets max penalty 4 years in prison ... but in practice from watching this series , the knife is just confiscated and the person not even charged ... So I'm not too concerned about this proposed new law. 


    EDIT .... I picked this episode at random , but the first 5 mins  shows a typical policing incident in the UK . .. a police chase for a car that wouldn't stop ... excessive crazy driving , finally  the cop car rams the bad guys causing $1,000's worth of damage ... the car has drugs in it ... all three in the car are released   one is finned $100 , the other given a caution and no one prosecuted for driving offences because "it couldn't be proved who was driving" ..

    So the police on the front line do their jobs , only to see their freemason 'higher ups' release the criminals back on the street the same night! 

  13. In my many decades of research I have never come across reports of the controllers using or creating mechanical warriors ...preparing  robot armies ....


    The reason is quiet simple . The alliance of 4 ET groups that enslave the Earth ( with help from human illuminati) , do this for sport , it's a game to them , and they need it to be fairly challenging ... Also the dark spirits allied with them , feed of "loosh" which only comes from organic creatures with a soul . So it's partly about tormenting us for this psychic energy .... They want humans fighting humans , this creates double the loosh compared with robots fighting humans.. 


    There are reports of large human clone armies prepared and waiting in  DUMB's ready to be released on humanity for the final mop up phase , after  big cities are attacked by advanced craft ... Also the reptilians take many humans to turn into cyborgs ... Keeping humans in the loop creates unpredictability which the ET's like as it makes things more challenging for them ...   

  14. On 3/9/2021 at 2:36 PM, Duewy said:

    Trying to get information is very difficult when there are multiple groups worldwide who seek gather and hide any piece of information about the Ancient World that they hear about.

    One point that I believe needs to be clarification is the Annunaki and the Draco multi species.


    For this issue , scratching around trying to find information by conventional means is problematic ....


    Mr Mollison has a psychic connection to the truth , his information creates a perfect whole , fills in all the missing gaps....


    The ET's controlling this planet are 4 distinct groups , the Annunaki , Reptilians , Greys  and Arcturians . This malevolent coalition are in league with (and infested by) the dark spirits ... The Cabal or illuminati are the humans who willingly help to manifest their plans 


    This 7 min extract explains who the Annunaki are and how they became depraved by influence from the Fallen Angels.




  15. 4 hours ago, Seeker said:

    Worth noting that Dolly Parton has financial ties to moderna, so that’s why she is promoting it


    I think that's a bit unfair Seeker ... She will not profit from this , she bought no shares , she made a donation ...


    She has a long history of real Philanthropy ..


    "In 1995, Parton launched and founded the Imagination Library to boost literacy among children. The initiative has mailed more than 133 million free books to children, USA TODAY reported.

    Her My People Fund gave $9 million to people who lost their homes in fires that took place in 2016 in Gatlinburg, Tennessee." 


    So my assessment of her on covid  is she's just like all of our mums ... she believes the official story and want's to help the world ...


    Don't confuse Dolly  with cabal operatives like Musk or Gates , they back Monsanto , vaccines and other issues  because if they don't follow orders they will be gone , and they always make a profit into the bargain!  


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  16. Just now, DarianF said:


    .... the increasing level of psycopaths within the force willing to enforce unjust shit on the public, like covid bullshit, and violate human rights at the orders of their masters.

    We need to take control of the police back, where they start protecting the public from this evil NWO agenda. Not enforcing it upon us.


    The unfortunate truth is the police "enforcing covid BS " are following the will of the people .....


    Just as soon as opinion polls show 60% of the public are against masks and lockdown they can enforce NOTHING! 


    A police state tyranny in 2021 Europe can only come with consent of the people , for example if a real virus appears , and lots of people DO start dropping dead , and Gates has hinted this is coming. 

  17. 12 hours ago, DarianF said:


    I submit the following as evidence for consideration of the jury.


    These are excellent videos from the Master himself Alex Jones , ranting at the many criminal cops in America where things are a lot more brutal ....


    In his calmer moments he agrees the good cops must be reached out to and supported , that seeing them as the enemy will make things worse . 

  18. 11 hours ago, Yasmina said:

    So you agree that the police should be given these powers? And that anything you do could be put down as an 'offense' and you are criminalised for nothing? There's a big difference between having a normal police system for ACTUAL crimes and having a police system that can set anyone up over a word or gesture! 


    A very clear strategy of the dark side is to turn the people against the police ... The classic example of this is the floyd BLM thing , the US public really got behind that  , BLM want to abolish police !! LOL .... can you imagine if that happened ? 


    Now we have the Sarah Everhard murder , police breaking up vigils , so this is an attempt to get WOMEN to hate the police ...


    None of this is by chance , all orchestrated by mind influencing of people , the malevolent ET's working with the dark spirits play people like puppets ....


    Police have spouses and children , they want the best for society , but if you start to see them as the enemy , they will become more like the enemy. 



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  19. You haven't explained why low testosterone should result in you dropping dead and it being put down to covid ... and if this theory is correct there should be many more male "covid" deaths than female ....


    Testosterone is a big secret they don't want you to know about ... I started taking it 6 months ago , and improvement in vitality was noticeable ... Luckily I live in a country where you can just buy it and don't have to go cap in hand to a doctor .... I use androgel  .. a clear gel you rub on the skin everyday , testosterone in alcohol , gets absorbed through the skin . Costs about 60 pound a month 

  20. 2 hours ago, Jamesp91 said:

     Why is the (six pointed) star incorporated into so many of the designs of so-called “sacred geometry”? 


    Because it's symmetrical and occurs naturally  get a set of compasses draw a circle , and it naturally divides into six  , this is how the tree of life is drawn and the flower of life ....

    So a child with a set of compasses could easily get those 6 points perfectly positioned and so draw a six pointed star ...to get a perfect 5 or 7 pointed star is not at all easy ...

    So really the six pointed has a lot going for it , particularly since 6 is carbon and carbon is LIFE  ... that association is not from the imagination of man , but a fact of reality.

    The Jews have tried to "own" the six pointed star .... just as they have control of the diamond (carbon) industry .... Diamonds are really not rare , but by hoarding the jews have created an inflated market over a commodity  which they control. 


    Six-circles-can-be-drawn-on-the-perimeteDon't remain #Sheeple forever #666Awakening (666 Is The Atomic Structure of  Carbon. (6Protons 6Electrons 6Neutrons) Carbon Is… | Carbon molecule,  Protons, Electrons


    They will sell the suckers a ring with a chip of carbon in it for$3,000 , but try to sell it and you'll only get about $1000 


  21. 1 hour ago, Jamesp91 said:

    There seems to be a lot of contradicting information regarding the true meaning of this symbol. I’ve read a few of David Icke’s books and I am convinced that it is an evil symbol, but why is it the symbol for the heart chakra? Why is the star incorporated into so many of the designs of so-called “sacred geometry”? 


    Mostly there  is no "true " meaning of symbols such as stars and geometric shapes ... It's all to do with what humans project onto them and imagine they mean ..


    So the swastika 100 years ago was a symbol of good fortune .... But now most regard it as evil ...


    Stars ?

    The five pointed star sort of reminds people of 'Man' and it can be up or down , it's not very nice being upside down  so the point down star is thought of as evil 




    The six pointed star is the joining together of the up triangle and down triangle , fire and water , male and female ...  carbon is also six , the basis of all known life , so it's really quiet a nice star 



    It's association with the heart comes from kabbalah the six sephirah is at the heart .... But all of this is all invented stuff , nothing is fixed . 

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  22. 7 hours ago, Seeker said:

    I feel this video is relevant here, maybe someone can make sense of it 


    Hmmmm... That video was posted on 2008 .... "terrorist attack classified ...flesh eating classified ... 80% of people classified" 


    So filling in the blanks this seems to have to do with a virus that could turn people into flesh eating zombies . A few years after this congress bill the US military openly announces it is training soldiers to deal with Zombie attacks ... And we know UK councils also having contingency plans for this ....


    I suspect what the Cabal has told these politicians and military is ... " We have intel that China/Russia has a virus that turns people into flesh eating zombies .. we have to prepare , terrorists might get it and release it , or even the Chinese/Russians could release it .... but don't scare the public with this information" .




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  23. 25 minutes ago, shadowmoon said:

    Why do or even would the cabal 'allow' Christianity?

    it makes no sense, unless it's their creation and gives more control? 


    It's not their creation , but strait way they infiltrated it ..re wrote most to promote negativity , 'Vengeful' god , who demanded a blood sacrifice (Christ) to atone for mans wickedness etc ....


    There is the Divine realm having their input , sending humans to combat evil .... ALL humans alive are on a mission to resolve this problem of evil .... 99.9999 % are effectively taken out of the game before they even get started .... the grip the malevolent ET's and dark spirits have here is almost insurmountable. The 'Cabal' , those elite who work with the ET's and dark spirits are just the surface layer of evil.  

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