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  1. 1 hour ago, DarianF said:


    Yes ... as your link shows No plane theory has a lot of support ....


    From link

    No-planes theory

    Former chief economist within the Labor Department under the Bush administration, Morgan Reynolds, argues that no planes were used in the attacks. Reynolds claims it is physically impossible that the Boeing planes of Flights 11 and 175 could have penetrated the steel frames of the Towers, and that digital compositing was used to depict the plane crashes in both news reports and subsequent amateur video. "There were no planes, there were no hijackers", Reynolds insists. "I know, I know, I'm out of the mainstream, but that's the way it is".....


    also .... According to David Shayler, "the only explanation is that they were missiles surrounded by holograms made to look like planes", he says, 


    There's no need for that , imagining "missiles surrounded by holograms "  ... no evidence anyone saw the planes , just the explosion , then everyone looked up to see the fireball .. The few "eye whiteness" reporting seeing the second plane coming  could be agents  


    Those who don't like this no plane theory have to explain just what were these Mossad agents doing on the 91st floor , the same area where the plane supposedly impacted , they had 110 floors to choose from ...Just coincidence?  

  2. Yesterday I watched part of DI's video on Sabbatien frankism ....https://davidicke.com/2021/03/05/global-apartheid-with-sabbatian-ruled-israel-leading-the-way-david-icke-dot-connector-videocast-please-share/ ... going there today to get timings in the video  I find it no longer accessible even though it was on bitchute  ... Anyway I'll go from memory ...


    What caught my attention was that David believes planes DID hit the towers , although not the ones we are told ... He thinks the planes that took off were diverted somewhere and substitutes hit the towers ... A strange idea .... he also mentions many Israeli mossad agents  mascaraing as art students who were arrested for celebrating 9/11 (latter released) ...


    What David may not know is that these art students spent days  camped out in the towers ... sleeping , living on the same floors where the supposed plane impacts were latter to happen ! .. their cover story was they were creating a mural 



    From all the evidence it seems most likely that no planes hit the towers , there are many anomalies in news video indicating they were added by editing .... But the blasts at the supposed impact sites were real , and this is what I suggest these "art students" were doing , laying an intricate web of explosives and containers of petrol , that would give the type of explosion that a plane full of fuel might produce ... C4 explosive or gelignite and large amounts of petrol in containers which would be concealed  in cavities in walls and ceilings  ...


    But get this ... this Israeli art group was called Gelatin !


    From Search ....Gelignite (/ˈdʒɛlɪɡnaɪt/), also known as blasting gelatin or simply jelly, is an explosive material consisting of collodion-cotton (a type of nitrocellulose or guncotton) dissolved in either nitroglycerine or....


    They are so sure they are untouchable this is an actual picture of the "Art Project " under construction on the 91st floor of WT1 



    Some Gelitin Art Students formerly known as Gelatin  ... even have a page on Wikipedia ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gelitin




  3. 5 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    So you did it all for gibs and sex? Maybe those degenerates that think with their dick and brag about banging white woman are onto something, as annoying as those muh dick folks are. /s


    Edit: Not a dig. I'm just thinking how my life would be different if I still chased Mammon and women. lol


    "gibs" ??? ...that means Money ??? I realized early on in my life , if you were not financially set up you were a slave to the system , working 9 to 5 , surrendering most of your life to be directed by an employer ...Either that or go on the dole and have extremely limited options ... So early on I spent a lot of time on "affluence consciousness" ... being comfortable with money , convincing myself I deserved it so my life could be my own ... and the lucky breaks soon started to magically appear....


    Sex???  ... One of the strongest themes of mind control we have directed at us is that Sex is dirty , degenerate , unholy ... all the swear words are sexual "You're a cunt"  ..."You're a prick" .... "Fuck you" ... This is the plan of the dark forces , to keep man and woman apart , in conflict ... Sex in it's untainted form unites and leads naturally to true love ...


    They try to convince you money and sex are evil , because both lead to freedom . 


    So once the dark forces and the mind control are gone , sex will become sacred , Yoga is an integral part of bringing this about , and zero gravity.

  4. 7 hours ago, Lamp Of Truth said:


    Thanks but that's not what I was thinking of, I mean a proper refusal to wear one same as those who go into shops without a mask on the basis of medical exemption.



    Well , I think it still all comes back to the individual employer , and where you work .... Someone on the checkout at Tesco refusing a mask would probably be sacked ,even if they had medical exemption , they could then appeal to a tribunal who would probably uphold the dismissal ....


    Someone working doing MOT's in a garage , not coming into contact with people , might get away with no mask , but if their employer was fanatical he might insist you wear one or get the sac.   

  5. 9 hours ago, Dotty said:

    I still do not understand though why there are two different tests to be taken if there is only one virus causing the illness.


    You're right ... there is no need for two tests , and doctors in the video in the link below say there's no need for nasal swabs ...


    From what I gather there are effectively two types of "Tests" ...

    One involves taking saliva from the mouth.

    The other type is a nasal swab where a long Q tip thing is poked deep up your nose to an area where there is no bone separating the nasal passage from the brain ....


    Much evidence this "nasal swab" is about implanting nano tech ( micro small robotic computer) into the brain ... 



    What this nano tech will do is anybody's guess , some think when 5G is fully activated it will make people into cyborg zombies..... 


    As far as we know the mouth swab test is not dangerous....


    But why two tests ??? Maybe they haven't enough nano chips to turn everyone into zombies , maybe some people will refuse the nasal swab ....   


    Covid is a riddle within a riddle , only time will reveal all the mysteries.



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  6. 8 hours ago, Basket Case said:


    Really.. 🙄 


    'Just' the latest media event..? 


    Not a total Worldwide Coup that has been seen to be coming for a long time now ? Not Billions in prison ? 

    Not a real threat on 95% of the populations lives ? 


    FFS  🤨 


    I probably have a slightly different perspective on covid , since it doesn't impact on my life in any way , nothing has changed for me , I just see it on the TV if I switch the thing on , hence me calling it a "media event" .


    But "Billions in Prison" ??? Everyone seems to be walking around just as before , just some choose to wear masks ... So these are still the good times with food in the supermarkets .


    Covid is just the latest event , I expect more to come soon , much more scary than current covid .. and while people are obsessing over covid , they are not preparing for what's next ... If you live in a populated area , you are sitting ducks! 


  7. Just now, Dotty said:

    I just got an email from the school my kids go to. 
    Can anyone enlighten me please what is the difference between asymptomatic testing and PCR for people with symptoms ? They make it so confusing and no explanation. 
     Also what currently accounts as the Covid symptoms ? 
    It makes me lough that educated and learned people take part in this Covid circus without even questioning it.

    Please note that if you or your child develop symptoms of COVID 19, then you are required to get an official PCR COVID test from the Government website. People with symptoms cannot use the asymptomatic lateral flow rapid testing, as these do not work for people with symptoms!
    I appreciate there is some confusion with regards to the different sort of testing, please see details below: 
    1) Asymptomatic testing - these can be ordered or done at asymptomatic testing sites, and are purely for people without symptoms (ie household bubbles of school children) or staff, these are not for people with symptoms. 
    2) PCR testing - these are for anyone with symptoms of COVID and are sent off to a lab. Even if you have a lateral flow rapid test kit at home, these should not be used for people with symptoms, and a PCR test is required.
    If your child develops any COVID symptom, then you are required to get them a PCR test, by visiting the below link:



    From what I gather from this email "if your child gets symptoms then you are "required " to get a PCR test from a government website " 


    What at the symptoms? from Search ....



    Most common symptoms:
    dry cough
    Less common symptoms:
    aches and pains
    sore throat
    loss of taste or smell
    a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes
    Serious symptoms:
    difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
    chest pain or pressure
    loss of speech or movement
    If your child has NO symptoms you MAY want to have an "Asymptomatic test at an asymptomatic testing site"  
    Best advice is to ignore the whole email
  8. 13 hours ago, CONFIRMED_REPTILIAN said:

     pretty much everyone on this forum figured out hes a fraud 


    Haa.... There's no one on this forum who is not a beginner !


    You can tell by their post they don't know the basics are just caught up in the latest media event , covid !  


    So I'm just here to tell these beginners if you want to take a short cut , Mollison is the path  

  9. 2 hours ago, CONFIRMED_REPTILIAN said:

    Yeah his stuff doesn’t confirm what i know. ...cause he cites easily google-able shit and stinks of a salesman


    You have no discernment ...You seriously think a guy who is 73 years old  starts up as a fraud? ... As you get older you get wiser , and are not motivated by money , you know you will soon be dead .... 


    Frauds do not come out with truths which only a few people know like the SSP and rep shapeshifting .. 99% won't believe it ... Frauds come out with soothing pap like ascension is about to happen ...


    When you know more about our subject you may come to appreciate Mollison , he's only for those who have gone very deep down the rabbit hole ....


    First familiarize yourself with the SSP from other sources  ... 




  10. 3 hours ago, Clarissa said:

    The problem with channelling people is that there's deliberate interference going on...



    You've hit the nail on the head there Clarissa .... According to Mollison over 90% of channelers are being deceived , not by dark spirits , but by ET psychics ... these are physical ET's who can reach into the astral , the same ET's who control the Earth through the illuminati (Cabal) . They target channelers to stop the truth getting out about their activity here ...


    Mollison explains things in this 2 minute video 


    22 hours ago, CONFIRMED_REPTILIAN said:

    .... if you’re backing up what he’s saying, then im intrigued. What’s your opinion on Mollison?


    You really have to investigate this yourself , no one can do it for you ...


    The problem is you really have to already KNOW most of it is true from research elsewhere , before you recognizes Mollison as genuine , confirming what you already knew and filling in many blanks ....


    So I already Knew about the SSP ( the cabals off world high tech empire with a million personnel ) ... I knew about Apollo being faked , that vaccines were poisoned , and some prominent people were reptilian shapeshifters ... If Mollison's channelings had not confirmed this and much more I knew ,  I would not be convinced of the value of his work. 

  11. It's all going to depend on your employer or the person supervising you ... Push the limits , first let it slip off your nose now and then  , just wear it around your mouth ... after a few weeks of this ,if no one objects sometimes let it slip  to your chin ...


    Don't make it look like your confronting the directive , just that you didn't notice it had slipped ...


    Finally wear it around your neck.

  12. Just now, DarianF said:


    Those who landed on the moon back in the day were highly trained, ultra elite, war veteran fighter pilots. 


    That's just the fluff for the public , what we do know is they were freemasons , so were all top administration in NASA at the time ...


    Freemasons can be trusted to keep secrets ...


    Apollo 11, Freemasons and the Moon

    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mwIrvjgUWmc/SmRIQOLM4PI/AAAAAAAACK8/tmJAHiTp1uk/s320/200px-Aldrin.jpgAnd you thought anti-Masonic conspiracists served no useful purpose.

    Thanks to ConspiracyArchive.com, an article from the Scottish Rite SJ's old magazine, The New Age, December 1969 issue is available online. The article discusses Neil Armstrong and brother Buzz Aldrin's historic Apollo 11 walk on the Moon 40 years ago today. Aldrin is a Scottish Rite Mason, and took a hand-made silk flag to the Moon and back, donating it to the House of the Temple.
    From the ConspiracyArchive blog:


    The Apollo program was rife with Masons; they were proud of being involved, and weren’t shy about advertising the fact.

    In the November 1969 edition of The New Age Magazine, there is an extensive article by Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, 33°, the Manager of the Apollo Program Command and Service Modules; Deputy Manager, Gemini Program; Manager, Project Mercury.

    On page 13, we read:

    Note how many of the astronauts themselves are Brother Masons: Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr.; L. Gordon Cooper, Jr.; Donn F. Eisle; Walter M. Schirra; Thomas P. Stafford; Edgar D. Mitchell, and Paul J. Weitz. Before his tragic death in a flash fire at Cape Kennedy on January 27, 1967, Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom was a Mason, too. Astronaut Gordon Cooper, during his epochal Gemini V spaceflight in August of 1965, carried with him an official Thirty-third Degree Jewel and a Scottish Rite flag. Via the lunar plaque, the Masonic ensignia and flag, and the Masonic astronauts themselves – Masonry already is in the space age. Can we doubt Freemasonry and its spiritual relevance to the modern era when even its material representatives have today made historic inroads into the infinite expanses of outer space?


    Back then, Freemasonry wasn’t shy about admitting that the “Craft” is essentially a spiritual endeavor, either. In fact, right before Kleinknecht writes some bios on the Masonic astronauts (as well as Mason James Edwin Webb, the NASA administrator from 1961-68), he includes these words: “The mission of the Craft has always been one of salvation, but until now its field of endeavor was the individual and the bringing of him to the light. Masonry cannot think in these terms now. All men everywhere must hear our message or all men everywhere will perish” (ibid., pp. 15-16; my emphasis).

    Kenneth S. Kleinknecht, by the way, was/is the brother of C. Fred Kleinknecht, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander, The Supreme Council, 33° (Mother Council of the World), Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Washington.



  13. 4 minutes ago, Icke-Kia said:


    So Musk has told us he plans to send the first tourists around the moon in 2023 ...They will not land on the moon , much too risky using this rocket technology , even though NASA supposedly put men on the moon 64 years before ! 


    I guess they will use Musk's new state of the art rocket that can land on it's but . Three of these rockets have been test flighted so far ..all 3 blew up! 


    So we have to see how this turns out ... If I were a bookie , I would have these as the most likely scenarios...


    1.. Zombie apocalypse will be running by then , those who have taken nasal swabs or vaccines will exhibit various types of zombieism some flesh eating ,  resulting in a break down of society and the moon flight is forgotten , doesn't go ahead ...


    2. . Continuing problems with rocket safety cause flight to be delayed...


    3 ... Flight goes ahead , but disaster strikes , all passengers  dead ... 


  14. lol ..... A lavish mind control video from NASA....


    This is all about getting the public to believe rockets are cutting edge technology .... when they're a stone age joke ....


    Quote ..."NASA passed a major minestrone with the firing of this rocket engine " ..... So in 2021 they're still testing rocket engines , and if they don't blow up it's a major milestone .... lol 


    80 Years ago Hitler had rocket tech cracked , successfully launching thousands of V1 rockets at England ... 


    The whole space industry whether Musk , Branson or NASA is about wasting public money , and making sure the public do not get up there! 


    Here's the story of what the US secret government are really doing in Space from an Army officer who was inducted into the SSP (Secret Space Program) ... fleets of advanced anti gravity propelled craft , bases on the moon and many planets



  15. I've watched some more of this... really excellent , backed up with scientific documents , and well presented ...


    To try to summarize the video , don't think covid is just about one thing , and it's certainly not as primitive as about just killing people.


    The nasal swab is about putting nano chips into the brain ...what  they will do is not clear ,it could be to track you , or give you the new currency chip or mind control you , we just don't know ....


    The vaccine is about reengineering you , getting your own body to produce toxins to slow kill you , or perhaps turn you into a zombie ... there are a dozen different vaccines companies making these , I suspect there will be a dozen different effects . 

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  16. This is a 2hr video .... It starts off in the worst possible way.  A booming voice and type "All Rights Reserved" .... Now why would you try and restrict the spread of this information by claiming copyrights?? ...Then we have a  monologue from Alan Watts (not Watt) , the stubbiest rubbish ever as we expect from him ...


    But then the video got interesting at just before 1 minute ... people jerking around making zombie like movements ... the result of the covid vaccine ! They move like actors from MJ's thriller movie !  Is this what will become of many who take the vaccine? 


    I'm not motivated to watch the whole video  ! I already know not to have a nasal swab or vaccine ... but the video does look interesting . 

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  17. 4 hours ago, Basket Case said:



    What a day




    Wahoooooo... is right BC ..... Turn out is way up ! and not just in UK but all over Europe and US , large numbers are waking up ...


    The police HAVE to back off , because they see the numbers , and realize this has mass support and is no longer fringe  ...


    What's the controllers next move ??? Just plough on ? the simple minded are still taking the vaccine .... There are just too many unknowns to predict what comes next . We don't know for sure the vaccinated will mutate into flesh eating zombies .... Will they release a deadly Virus if anti vaxer numbers increase? ...It's all impossible to call  . Stay tuned for the next exciting development! 

  18. This is the most lying and deceptive article I've seen in a long time .... But the public are so stupid they will just believe the headline and the thrust of this article.....


    Just assuming the death figures presented in this article are accurate  and the number of deaths have increase from 530K per year   to 608K in 2020 ... that's an increase of 78K deaths due supposedly to the pandemic ... But normal growth of population from a graph in the article is 500K per year .....


    So extra deaths would have to be 500K just to keep population level ! but they're only 78K ....


    So this is all a bare face lie obviously put out because the  official figures that I know of , for the US and Italy show deaths were lower during the pandemic year! 


    But you won't be able to explain this to people , they have no ability to think! 

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  19. My understanding is people like Alice Baily , Blavatsky and of course DI are all on a mission to do the right thing . They will be targeted . The ET controllers are working with dark spirits , they can mind influence , psychically connect and present themselves as ascended masters , and the message will sound very fine ... the first part in the video quoting Baily's "Master" about removing all weapons for example ... well who could argue with that? Except it is all a plan to enslave us deeper ...


    DI will be targeted , taking ayawashka is an open invitation , he will be mind influenced to try to steer his information onto things like 'reality is a hologram' which has the effect of disempowering any resistance ... So the battle is constant to keep on track for such leaders ...


    As always Mollison explains it best ... 


  20. 2 hours ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Hugo Talks has also outlined even more coincidences of deaths of high profile figures which have taken place in Tanzania. 🤔


    Throughout February, 10 prominent Tanzanians died:

    • The Governor of the Bank of Tanzania, Prof Benno Ndulu
    • Former Finance and Planning permanent secretary, Dr Servacius Likwelile
    • Chief Secretary, Ambassador John Kijazi
    • Zanzibar politician and national chairman of the opposition party, Seif Sharif Hamad
    • Dr Muhammed Seif Khatib, a politician
    • Mohambwe constituency lawmaker and former Deputy Minister for Works, Transport and Communication Mr Atashasta Nditiye
    • Former Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Mr Bakari Mwampachu
    • Ruaha Catholic University (Ruco) analyst on political matters, Prof Gaudence Mpangala
    • Two lecturers at the Sokoine University of Agriculture, Dr Peter Mamiro and Prof Delphina Mamiro (husband and wife)






    Any country or person standing up to the agenda WILL be targeted like this . If they can't get you in line by mind influence or blackmail they will just kill you . They can kill anyone anywhere , they prefer not to do it this way because it can wake a few people up ...


    So if looking for somewhere to escape to it's best not to chose a country that goes head on against the cabal , that country is in their cross hairs. 

  21. Just now, Doctor What said:

    These are from torch on clearup operation.




    You have to think more for yourself Dr What , and not just believe the government cover story ...


    If your job was to cut this girder with a lance why would you cut it at the angle shown ? much more work ,much easier to just cut it horizontally across .


    When cutting a steel girder for demolition , the thermite is laid at the angle shown , it turns the steel liquid in an area a few inches high , and the top part falls,  slides down over the lower part and the fall continues . 


    If the thermite  was not angled the top structure could just fall down a few inches and stop , re welded to the lower part . 

  22. There was 200,000 tonnes of steel in the two towers . Nearly all of it was dustified and settled over the whole area , much was carried far on the wind ....


    The dust has been analyzed by many independent groups and they all find a lot of iron in the form of microspheres , these are about 20 micro meters in diameter , 50 put side by side would measure 1 mm. 


    9/11 dust sample 



    We can speculate that when the energy beam hit it must have neutralized the inter atomic attraction between the iron atoms in the girders , the atoms drifted apart  and later regrouped in these microscopic spheres...


    There was great secrecy surrounding the clean up of the  steel girders that remained ... A deal was made with a Chinese company who shipped it under tight security to China ! This makes no economic sense . But if American companies had recycled it , they would soon have realized there was only a fraction of the steel there should be . They would also have seen thermate melt marks on some girders  

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