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  1. "Reptilian Brain" interpretation? This is an unfortunate term invented by an idiot anthropologist who believed in evolution , the stupid idea that we evolved from 'lower' forms of life ... He labeled parts of the brain to back up this theory , believing the structure showed different stages in our 'evolution' What made things worse is that David Icke seized upon this and trumpeted it as evidence that the reptilians (a physical ET race) were the Biblical "gods" who came here thousands of years ago and interbred with us ... hence we were part reptilian. We now understand , thanks to the work of KM , that the reps cannot breed with humans ... it was the Annunaki who did this ... The reps are working with the Annunaki and Arcturians and Greys to enslave us ... this is the evil "Extraterrestrial Alliance" that hold this planet , they direct the human Cabal.
  2. That's what made me skeptical ... There's no way known to science that a clear looking liquid could be injected via a syringe and have this effect ... but then this could be tech we have no knowledge of ... The people in the video DI had on his site look credible , but this could be an elaborate hoax done by the cabal just to add to the confusion .... Metal detectors don't lie , neither do EMF meters . We just have to keep an open mind and wait for more reports .
  3. That was my initial thought , but the evidence is mounting , not just magnets sticking but mini metal detectors bring triggered ... We are not talking about chips the size of the one in your video .... stone age tech for public distraction These are nano chips invisible to the eye
  4. davidicke.com just featured a convincing video on this subject .... https://davidicke.com/2021/05/15/magnets-sticking-to-arms-at-the-point-of-covid-jab-many-examples/ Particularly convincing since it shows a metal detector being triggered and also an EMF meter giving readings .... This was predicted 2 months ago in a channeling of Creator ... There is a data base of over 100 questions answered just on covid ... "Most will not be harmed in any way with either type of vaccine, other than picking up the locator chips doctored in, to enable the Extraterrestrial Alliance to scan for detecting people in hiding in the event of their launching the planned annihilation...." Creator says if the planned annihilation stage is reached then it's all too late to save humanity anyway so it doesn't matter too much if you take the vaccine.
  5. We are swimming in a sea of disinformation intentionally put out there by the Cabal to confuse ... There is plenty of information backing up the no virus theory ..... Plenty of information suggesting China released it ... And other information supporting half a dozen other theories ... Depending on the person's disposition they will select the one which suits them ... DI is hard core , if the media says there's a virus , he'll say there isn't .. AJ is more moderate , getting sucked into the theory which leads to WWIII with China! What's the truth ??? I don't know ... But the most reliable source we have , God channeled by Karl Mollison , says it is real and masks and isolation are good ideas.
  6. This is all very exciting and interesting , catching rockets out of the air as they land ! ... Partly it's about putting on a mesmerizing display , aimed particularly at young people ,to get them interested and exited ...millions of them all around the world waiting for the next instalment . Musk see's these people as his future customers , not to travel into space , but to have wires put in their brains ... So this whole space tourism thing is mostly just an advertising campaign , a promotion , to convince people what a great guy Musk is .... with his cool company name Tesla , and his electric cars and solar panels and space rockets ... He's the wave of the future , we can trust him if he want's to fill the sky with 5G satellites, and put chips in our brains ... Musk's company Neuralink is ready to put wires and chips in your brain
  7. A lot of it has to do with economics.... Most modern buildings have zero architectural design , they are simply boxes stacked on top of one another , that's the way you get maximum square footage for your $ .... So we all live in cuboids ...resonating to the Saturn control influence See this insightful post ... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/19433-are-we-trapped-in-the-saturn-cube/&tab=comments#comment-270020
  8. Give me a break ! You've succumbed to the conspiracy theorists occupational hazard ... Paranoia ... You imagine anyone who doesn't agree 100% with your position is a government agent .... First I don't imagine for one minute the cabal are worried about this forum ... a few dozen keyboard warriors... Erick Clapton's recent adverse reaction to the vaccine , and the viral spread of his story ,will have a thousand times more impact on public opinion , than anything said on this forum Nowhere did Uhtceare talk about the vaccine .... I think everyone is agreed ...don't take the vaccine.
  9. I'm not saying this weapons system does not exist , but unlikely to be in use now , they just can't go about targeting millions of people in this way ..To labor intensive.. Why would they target Uhtceare ? is he particularly active ? organizing protests ? I doubt it ... If such a system was active it would be easy for them to see by video surveillance , who was going on protest marches and target them ...But we don't see this happening.
  10. David's knee jerk reaction is to disbelieve everything in MSM ... So if the official line is that there is a virus , he will tend to think there is not one .. and he will select information which will prove this point of view ....Much of this information will be put out by the cabal to sow confusion .... One thing is sure , this is not much of a plague ! On official figures only 1% who catch it die , and they were old and half dead already ... Honestly no one knows what is going on , but indications are it will be ramped up and get much worse with each new mutation ... One thing most analysts agree on ,including DI , is this is mostly about destroying the economy , food shortages , collapse of civilization... So forget about the virus , it's a distraction , even if you 'catch ' it you wont die ...Prepare for food shortages!
  11. "Brilliant work from David Hockey" .... Perhaps he's only 4 years old ? That would excuse imperfect circles and inconsistent size of letters .... This is all part of the agenda. It is on record the CIA started the modern art movement by buying paintings for $millions ... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/modern-art-was-cia-weapon-1578808.html ... in this article they spin it and say it was to defeat the Russians in the cold war , but that makes no sense... the real reason is it's an attack on people , make them doubt their own judgement ,make them feel alienated from the world .... Imagine being a commuter standing on the platform day after day looking at this ! You would think the world had gone mad Kahn does not understand the agenda ... he is targeted by mind control and really does think this 'art' is cool.
  12. You mean he's in on the lie ??? Hard to tell ...but I don't think so.. The mind control the ET's have is All powerful if they focus on one person ....They can't apply this degree of control to the whole world population , because there are just too many of us . We are Billions , they are millions .... so they only give personal attention to politicians and people like Rael ... most of us are just impacted by electronic MK carried on 3/4/5G , decoded by ingested nano chips , much less effective .... So I would guess Rael really does believe he was taken to their planet , and he does believe his own story ... People can often detect a fake , and if Rael was knowingly being deceptive , some of his followers would pick up on it .... I did meet Rael when I attended his 2 week (nudist) summer camp in the South of France .. that was about 35 years ago .... very memorable ...lots of shagging going on.
  13. Yep ... the Raelian movement is one of the biggest cults on the planet ...100's of thousands of members worldwide ..... Raelians in Seoul Sth Korea Its a very well constructed and catchy psi op .. they're into sensuality and nudity Rael is a French guy and the story is he was driving up near the Pyrenees and a UFO came down and little men came out ... told him they created humanity , and he as to prepare for their return ... this was about 50 years ago ....
  14. Yeah ... that's just a tree burning on the mount , next to the mosque .... They'll see what the reaction is and if they can get away with burning the mosque .... Then a quick build of a temple (house of god) to welcome the returning "gods" .... This has always been the plan , but they'd better get a move on . The Annunaki will land soon weather the temple is ready or not! Raël stated that humanity has to build an embassy for the Elohim prior to their arrival on Earth and that it must include a landing pad for their spaceship.[89] He stated that it needed to be located on internationally recognised neutral territory so as not to indicate favour towards any one particular nation-state.[75] Initially, Raël sought permission to build it in Israel,[90] explaining this by reference to how the ancient Israelites were once in contact with the Elohim.[75] He also stated that this embassy would constitute the "Third Temple" referred to in Jewish prophecy.[91] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raëlism
  15. That's the way I interpret this news item on BBC ... https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-hampshire-57059148 A 3minute slick promotion aimed at recruiting working people and women who want to help the world .... Of course they will never tell you the members are all dying off and not being replaced , the headline is ... Freemasons: Young people 'on waiting lists' to join notoriously secretive society "The Freemasons is an organisation that conjures up images of secret handshakes, men-only rituals and power and influence wielded from behind closed doors. Now in a bid to be more open, the organisation has published its first internal report about the state of Freemasonry in 300 years. There are about 200,000 members across the UK, with the vast majority men aged between 65 and 80. But the new report showed those aged 18-34 were the most favourable towards Freemasonry, something the organisation said it was keen to capitalise on...." Video Journalist: Ben The picture above as also on the BBC website , (with two other videos on freemasonry)... It shows more of the creature peeping into our world ... the "Eye of God" .Normally just the eye is shown at the top of the pyramid .But here you can see part of it's face ... It has green scaly skin!
  16. I'm sure it's no coincidence this story appears on BBC News today ..... See , their just harmless old black men , aren't you ashamed of yourself wanting to keep them locked up Joe Ligon: Released , America's 'longest juvenile lifer' on 68 years in prison By Swaminathan Natarajan & Lauren Potts BBC World Service IMAGE COPYRIGHTAPhttps://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-57022924 America's "longest juvenile lifer" recently walked out of prison a free man. Joe Ligon spoke to BBC World Service about spending nearly seven decades in jail, why he waited so long for freedom, and how he intends to spend the rest of his days....
  17. Brilliant! ... It might help if you get it in focus ..... But well done for trying Keep at it . .. You can buy a microscope with camera like this for $20 on ebay 1600x magnification ... I've got one myself but am to stupid/computer illiterate to get it working! If there were nano worms or micro chips in masks and swabs surely we have got some good pictures or footage by now ... Plenty of university students have access to electron microscopes , or even high quality optical ones ... This leads to the conclusion that it could all be miss information .
  18. Unfortunately the full episode is not available to see .... This was the final episode of season 10 , aired 2016.... The story line is something has been intentionally put in common vaccines for decades by a Gates like villain , who wants to reduce the population ...this is now causing a breakdown in peoples immune system and plagues ravage the planet. The solution is to have the jab ,this is not a 'vaccine , but a remedy ... If you were sic the jab cured you... I found this interesting from your link . The remedy for the weaponized immune system collapse comes from some alien DNA Scully carries — the same DNA that keeps the self-selected elite safe from the pandemics. The program ends in chaos as masses of people flee Washington DC, with a large triangular spacecraft shining its light directly on Scully and Mulder. So The story line is that the planet's "self selected elite" carry Alien DNA ...And that is the truth. Rothschilds royalty and other super wealthy are Annunaki Hybrids ..This is conspiracy 101 My take is malevolent Aliens are behind covid and will land after things have got worse , giving false offers of help .... The message from this episode is take the 'vaccine ' and things will be OK... So the episode is a mix , some truth in there , not accurate enough to be called a prediction IMO. And hard to tell if the good or bad guys inspired it.
  19. Been looking more at commodity prices ,not just all basic foods are up but everything , particularly lumber .... This is the most recent chart I could find ... but spot price today is even higher $1686 !! As the guy in the video pointed out this impact on those wanting to be self sufficient , it costs 4 times more to build a chicken house than it did a year ago ... And chicken feed is more expensive . But gold and silver are hardly moving , so if you have your wealth there , or in cash in a bank you lose out , buy things you need now , particularly food .
  20. Yes you've posted that before , I-kia .... From your posts I would imagine you are new to the subject of conspiracy ... You love Musk and his rockets , love NASA , and can't imagine there is a hidden agenda going on with them , you take it all at face value ... Someone has spent money buying the domain www.beilek-debunked.com .. spent a lot of time trying to convince people he's fake ... that's the secret government in action . Keep an open mind , reexamine the evidence ... science is far more advanced than we are told.
  21. He never claimed to be involved in conspiracies ... He was a top scientist working on secret government projects , Time travel , About half a dozen credible , high level scientists backed up Al's story .To think they're all liars is absolutely ridiculous... Here's one of them Stewart Swerdlow ..Apparently DI knew him well slept over at his flat , long chats into the small hours As soon as information like this comes out the government will set about discrediting the source , so I'm not going to get into 'faked family album' ... Remember academic Fritz Springmier , after publishing 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati" was accused and convicted of an armed hold up of a bank , served many years in prison
  22. I really can't see the objection to using bold text or larger size text (in moderation) ... I would say most of my posts use neither . It is a facility offered by this forum , presumably for the patrons to make use of , as is colored text and posting images , all of this can make this place more interesting ... When I use any of it , it will have a purpose... for example the large text in my post above was the essence of the post , in answer to the question in the title "What is the Mark?" ... so those who don't have time to read all that post, will drawn to those 2 lines .... the whole thing is bold because I rate the question raised as quiet an important issue ... However I do understand excessive use of bold or large text can be annoying ... I will only use it sparingly
  23. Trying to figure this out .... As we know there are various "Degrees" in Masonry ...The lowest 3 degrees are 'Entered ' ... 'Fellowcraft' ...'Apprentice' ... there are 33 acknowledged degrees ... So 33 is top dog ... called 'Inspector General Honorary' Now there appears to be a new degree called "Mark" ... I've never known this to happen before! The way it's being openly promoted suggests it's available to all masons , which is not true for the normal degrees, for those you are promoted up the degrees by your superiors decision ... So perhaps a 1st degree mason or a 31st degree mason could both chose to take the Mark initiation then they would be 1st degree with mark and 31st degree with mark ... What is the Mark??? Those with active imaginations might think it was the Mark of the Beast ...and the freemasons want to be the first to be Marked to curry favor with the Antichrist soon to arrive!
  24. So Rose got 31K .... Kahn over a million .... Very sad to see the mayoral vote decided on religion ... If Kahn had renounced Islam but had the same policies he wouldn't have got 100K votes Did Rose really think he could win?? I don't know what to make of him !... "While he doesn’t agree with Icke that Covid is a “scam”, Rose has the controversial view that “it is the job of the Mayor to have found alternatives to lockdown that could have kept the city functioning — the Mayor of Manchester, for example, fought for hospitality. It was not responsible for that many transmissions.” When he talks about gyms closing he appears devastated. He “encourages everyone to get the vaccine” but has no plans to get it himself, “I am low-risk”. On the campaign trail he shakes hands and is against vaccine passports as they restrict freedom." ..https://www.standard.co.uk/news/mayor/brian-rose-london-mayoral-election-millionpound-bid-mayor-b929331.html
  25. The three I've Highlighted do seem to be part of the plan ... from things they themselves have said There are things we can do to protect ourselves
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