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  1. Have you watched the video ?? If you have point out the errors with time references and we can discuss it ( on the thread involved)
  2. This is basic science and you need a good grasp of that , which very few have to understand this ..... Boiling at 10C it will push out from any plastic wrapper , leaving pico grams of EtO left in the swab ...It just cannot deliver the toxic amount required , about only one Millionth of the amount !!! .. This is the problem , if people are not good a science , they believe any scare story! ... And I'm VERY good ...at ALL science!
  3. Well sure .... Warehouse operators surrounded by boxes of MILLIONS of these swabs , working 60 hrs a week among them , may get a mild exposure ...there maybe "concern" ... but none have dropped dead yet.... It's basic chemistry ... a compound with a boiling pt of 10C will evaporate extremely quickly ... This is all a red herring .... distracting from what is really going on ... nano bots in the swabs that can get into your brain .. https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/18467-watch-this-everything-you-need-to-know-in-one-upload-nano-bots-in-the-test-shows-it-getting-tested-in-a-crime-lab/ Chlorine is used to bleach paper , toilet paper you use everyday ...... This is a deadly gas , killed thousands in the trenches in WWI ... but there's no danger to the consumer , because it boils away at minus 34C , so it's impossible for any to be in your toilet roll .
  4. Trashy 4 min video by police hater .... The whole video is about ONE police officer who was caught with pedo images on his computer ... Thousands of people are caught with this every year , dentists , bank managers , doctors ... so it would be very strange is some police were not doing it too! The good news , which the video overlooks is that this guy was caught , prosecuted and fired from his job ... It shows that at some level the police system is working in the publics favor
  5. There's some dodgy numerology going on there E=31 ? .... R=44?? no system I've ever come across .... And just what will be the effect of this ... oil tankers deliver late ... so what , oil refineries have a stock pile of oil for exactly these sort of occasions .... Containers full of washing machines and fridges arrive a week late ... Do you think the shops will run out??
  6. Income for the BBC last year 3.52 Billion from license fees ... 1.42 Billion from other sources This is a total of 4.94 Billion pounds .... A quarter of the countries on the planet have less income(GDP) than the BBC .... countries like Barbados , Guyana , Fiji ... It's a staggering amount of money ! A reasonable withdrawal strategy would be to cut the license to 50 pounds , they will still have income from other sources so it will just cut their budget in Half to 2.5 Bn
  7. People shouldn't fall into the habit of thinking there is a conspiracy behind every news event .. There was a strong side wind , the tall stack of containers acted as a sail ..an incompetent captain and the thing went off course and got stuck ... This event will not change the world ... just delay some shipping for a week ...big deal!
  8. I think the outgassing from plastics is different . The volatile substance is dissolved in the solid plastic and can only escape from the surface , it has to migrate through the solid to the surface to escape , can take many weeks .. Not the same with a cotton like substance with EtO which will all be gone in minutes at room temp.
  9. It's understood that nano chips have been in food for over 10 years , we supposedly all have these in our bodies transducing signals carried on 3/4/5G into a form that is accepted by the subconscious mind , sending background suggestions " trust government" etc .... What I think is being done under cover of covid is , via nasal swabs , getting a new generating of nano electronic devices imbedded in the brain ...We can imagine this would be able to produce much more powerful effects ...Flesh eating Zombies.. EtO has a boiling point of 10C ... this means it boils away well below room temperature . If a swab was rinsed in EtO and sealed in a plastic wrapper it would all boil off , pushing through the wrapper , within a few days only the slightest trace is left .... EtO is only mildly toxic anyway.
  10. Well the cabal won't allow a swab to be poked up their nose ... According to this video It's about poking the nasal swab deep into the nasal cavity to where there is no bone preventing access to the brain , then twirl it around and the nano bots disembark and start their way up to the brain .
  11. This is not about ethylene oxide , it's very volatile evaporates at 10C and is toxic in large amounts , which would not be present on these swabs .... and it's not as primitive as just killing people It's about getting nano bots into the brain... Watch the vary scary video in this thread ... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/18467-watch-this-everything-you-need-to-know-in-one-upload-nano-bots-in-the-test-shows-it-getting-tested-in-a-crime-lab/
  12. Well it's hard to get categorical evidence on that Fluke , since all research is funded by the cabal , and they won't investigate it .... But there are many clues .... frogs living in high estrogen water become "gay" ..... The massive explosion in male homosexuality . If this was a life choice then there should be the same number of female gays ... but judging by the people who turn out on gay pride marches the ratio is about 10 to 1 .... Decline in sperm count .... Estrogen is the female hormone ... this ain't rocket science ... The cabal also push feminine male artists as role models to help things along , David Bowie , MJ , Prince , the type that would be no good in a fight ... the fight with the NWO!
  13. Estrogen is a big weapon the cabal use against humanity , they want passive limp wristed males with no fight ... Michael Jackson and Prince are the type of males they want It's effect on men is to feminize them , hence the large number of male gays (not a comparable number of female gays) and the massive decline in sperm count .... It's effect on women is to Hyperfeminized them , large breast size and increased breast cancer ... The official story is that estrogen gets into the water from the pee of women who take the pill ... Alex Jones proved this was a lie over 20 years ago by measuring levels in the water , he calculated the cabal adds tonnes of this stuff a day ... It also turns the frogs gay that inhabit the streams that feed the reservoirs ... Alex Jones is banned from Youtube , except for this ... the cabal allow it because they think it makes him look nutty ...2 minute video
  14. So society shouldn't compel people to take a driving test or have insurance when driving a car in shared space??? At the moment 1 in 20 drivers are uninsured in the UK , and if they crash into you and destroy you're car , then YOU will be walking.
  15. Basically you are saying the people cannot be trusted , they are too stupid ... Whilst I agree they are handicaped when it comes to specialized issues (like covid) , the majority have common sense and a good heart , and this is what gives me faith in humanity ... The history of voting in the UK (if I remember correctly) was that first only the "Lords" had a vote ...the line was that the masses were idiots and should have no say . Then after much struggle the males got a vote ... Of course the females were seen as the stupidest of the stupid and only relatively recently have they been able to vote. You lean more towards Larken Rose's suggestion of anarchy??? ..I've just searched him and I'm not impressed , just a lot of attacks on the established system , which we know is wrong , shooting fish in a barrel ... But no practical suggestions of what to replace it with .... In a society there is shared space , so only a majority vote can determine the rules which govern this shared space ... If the majority outlaw walking the streets naked then all have to comply .... So what I'm proposing is the purest form of democracy ..... It should be pointed out that the US is a constitutional democracy ... that's to say there are written in the constitution inalienable human rights that cannot be violated .. So for example even if a majority voted to kill all blacks it could not be enforced... But who drew up the US constitution? Drawn up in secret by an 'elite' , the people had no say ... I suggest a constitution can only be justified if the People vote for it , so then it's pointless anyway.
  16. Man on the Moon (film) - Wikipedia en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Man_on_the_Moon_(film) Man on the Moon is a 1999 biographical comedy-drama film about the late American entertainer Andy Kaufman, starring Jim Carrey as Kaufman. The film was directed by Miloš Forman and also features Danny DeVito, Courtney Love, and Paul Giamatti. Box office: $47.4 million Written by: Scott Alexander; Larry Karaszewski Budget: $52–82 million Cinematography: Anastas N. Michos ‎Plot · ‎Cast · ‎Production · ‎Historical accuracy https://youtu.be/UZVUnm64NvA
  17. And what is the alternative ??? 50.1% vote you need insurance to drive a car on the road , then that's it ... it's true democracy ...if you don't like it move to a zone where you don't need insurance to drive.
  18. All this is done online .... Anyone can go online to where the votes are counted electronically , look for their phone number in the list and check their view was correctly counted The police enforce all laws the people vote to live under .... And the penalties for law breaking will be decided by vote .... People voting in this way could determine all criminal prosecution .... I'm an avid viewer of cop documentaries... At the moment the law is a shambles , the cops catch a car load of kids in a stolen car after a chase , but they're all let go because the cops couldn't determine who stole the car or who was driving ...But the chase was all filmed ...So on the new system viewers watching live time vote on what happens to the 4 hoodlums.... Search "Interceptors UK cops" on Youtube for a typical video.
  19. So the Reptilians are one of three groups of physical ET's who work covertly here manipulating and enslaving humanity .... All these ET's are depraved and savage , although highly intelligent and technologically advanced. The Reps have the unique ability to of being able to shift and impersonate a human .... This is quiet a sacrifice for the Reptilian to limit itself to a smaller weaker form , and they only do this to take positions of power for more complete control here ... So you will not find these rep shape shifters scattered among the population ... And there are no nice Reptilians ... This video gives a view into there culture and life from one who has died and "gone to the light" ... they do have souls ...
  20. No, we don't need political parties ... We also don't need political representatives .... A hundred years ago this old system could be justified ... people in a mining village felt they needed a voice , so they elected an MP .... Now we all have smart phones (except me) , and there is a secure way for everyone who want's to , to vote ..... So how this would work in practice is people will vote on everything .... Let's say for mask wearing ... In the media different sides would put their case forward , then every phone holder could vote on mask wearing ... No mask compulsion ... Compulsory in all public places .... Compulsory in shops and restaurants .... This is the obvious way forward , but it will never happen because it takes the power from the controllers .
  21. The first part of that post comes from my understanding from general conspiracy research ...The last part is mostly from Mollison .. I highly recommend him, he has filled in all the missing blanks ... Here he is in a 20 min video talking about ET control of this planet.
  22. IMHO ... The establishment of a NWO is not a danger , this may have been the plan 50Years ago , and it makes sense for them to move towards ultimate top down control , but now the plan (of the ET's behind all this) is for total extermination .... So mid level operatives will still believe the plan is a NWO . The top controllers tell the operatives what they need to hear to keep them motivated and moving ... Black lives matters people will be told the plan is to enslave white people and the blacks will take over.... Communists groups will be told it's the establishment of a communist world wide state ... Radical green groups will be told the plan is to reduce the population to save the planet .. They are all being played to keep them busy and to maintain conflict amongst the population .... We are reliably informed the ET's plan an escalation of the virus thing .... multiple disasters , the open arrival in craft of ET's pretending to be friendly but warning of an invasion from reps ..... Advanced craft firing on population centers , a human clone army released to kill the hold outs ... This is the PLAN as best we can tell ..Only .Praying for divine intervention can stop this.
  23. Yes ... Going back 85 years the secret government were doing experiments , initially with Tesla's help, on cloaking , teleportation and time travel ... See Al Bielik ... Then at Roswell the US got their hands on an advanced craft and proceeded to back engineer it ... See Bob Lazar ... How long would you think it would take for them to copy the tech and have their own craft? ...A decade ?? .. Yes that's about right ... Insiders confirm by end of the 1950's the US had a base on the Moon ...That was 70 years ago ! So this is where the missing trillions go from the pentagon budget , used to build up a secret cabal run off world empire .... Around a million personnel , mostly slaves , fleets of advanced anti gravity propelled craft , some a Km long ! Advanced weaponry that we saw used on 9/11 to disintegrate the towers ... These cloaked craft are busy starting forest fires and creating destructive weather events ... This is what were up against ... advanced tech that can mind control people by getting nano tech in the body working with 5G ... stand by for Zombie Apocalypse .... Truthers need to get up to speed with this SSP information , without it you're in the dark
  24. Your post is unintelligible ...."How do you make explosion in going and bend columns in?" placed explosives could do that , a plane definitely could not damage those columns as hundreds of engineers have testified.
  25. That video is working now (see link in post 1 above) [email protected] 18:30 David covers the israeli spies arrested "many of them were 'artists'"
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