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  1. I've been doing some experiments , I can easily get a magnet or any other smooth object , like a hobby knife blade , to stick to my vertical arm ... The sweat holds it there ... some places it won't hold .. Try it yourself , it can't be too heavy and must be smooth
  2. I've just tried sticking a magnet to my arm , I had no difficulty making it stick to my vertical arm , it all depends how much sweat there is , some places it would not stick . If you think you've found a place it sticks try again in the same spot but with a piece of paper between arm and magnet , it probably won't stick.
  3. Great news Jack ... this could be ground breaking .. IF you detect a signal from Jill's arm and IF an EMP can disable it ... it will be irrefutable proof even the most hardened sceptic cannot deny.. You could do this for everyone who's taken a jab .. first show them they ARE tagged , and then disable it .. this could bring their whole agenda to a halt ... An EMP device is easy to make , many types , many Youtubes , it can disable most electronics , mobile phones etc
  4. OK ... perhaps we can do some more experiments .... By 'shiny' I mean it looks like polished chrome , silvery .... You mean the surface covering with Micky Mouse is shiny? ... look on the other side , it's most certainly black... Can you get hold of other magnets small ones , silvery (neodymium) eBay ... what about a small metal detector like the one pictured below ... 20 quid on ebay Or even better an EMF detector . According to some , your wife wife's arm will be emitting a signal ... If we detect this with an EMF meter , we can then put an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) in that area ,to see if this disables it .... It will prevent the aliens finding her in the final roundup ... They will eat her or worse , and you'd be left on your own ! Remember what KM said about this channeling Creator ... ...they use their advanced technology to surreptitiously add nanotechnology in the vaccines that will allow greater mind manipulation and control and to have sensors present within humans that allow their ready detection wherever they might be located—that is the newest wrinkle and particular risk of the newer vaccines, that they include a locator chip that serves as a locator beacon so they can find you if they want to eliminate you. We have said before there are other ways people will receive these, so avoiding vaccination will not save your life. They will most likely find you with or without a locator chip and, in any event, to be a holdout and among the last to be eliminated will not be a life worth living. If you are reduced to rubble...
  5. These are depraved ET's into power and control , they delight in death and destruction and Earth and Humanity is like their computer game they play to relieve boredom and exercise control over other life ... The biggest win is if they can get humans to destroy other humans. So they've created this human off world army to use against the bulk of the Earth bound population . At the moment this force is used in starting forest fires globally , manipulating weather to impact food production , spreading covid ... later we will see these craft fire on cities ... Only Prayer can stop them . There are about a dozen credible whistle-blowers from the SSP ... Corey Goode is the most famous seem by millions on the Gaia network ... his message has been tainted and is being used to spread the idea of benevolent Aliens to soften people up for the 'event' ... Remember all these people were mind controlled , some have broken clear more completely ... So partly the reps are using this disclosure of SSP to further their agenda with the more controllable whistle-blowers ... Those whistleblowers they can't control well, they don't care about , they think even if the information is out there , people are so stupid/distracted it won't make a difference , cos only a handful will believe it.
  6. .. Mr M and Sensible have forgotten the basic premise in conspiracy theory ... It's the Aliens who are behind it all and always have been here , secretly directing the (human) Cabal... Mr Icke laid this out very clearly in "The Biggest Secret" ... but now he has also forgotten all about Aliens ... and thinks the 'event' will be a fake alien attack carried out by the human cabal.... He seems to have no knowledge of the SSP ... the off world human army of mind control slaves commanded by the Reptilians(Physical aliens) . Over a million humans press ganged from Earth as children ....They pilot fleets of advanced craft , which may well be used to fire on cities , but before this , we are informed the Aliens plan to arrive pretending to be our friends , offering to run our society for us , which is soon to collapse by design... So people here need to get up to speed with this information , cos when the event happens friends and family will be looking to you for advice , and at the moment you haven't got a clue. ... And that includes David!
  7. A 'Black Project' is a term for any project that is highly classified ..The person who wrote that caption is confused and think 'Black Projects ' is a company name ... The figure appears bolted by the feet to the metal plate hence he can stand without assistance , and workers wearing aprons look very low tech, as do the guts of the figure. If I had to guess I would say this is an early crude animatronic figure , Disney has been using them for many decades . Here's a Disney display on the theme of US presidents ...The punters walk past and the figures move their lips in time with recorded speech move their arms head and body in a limited way .. I have never come across any reports of Aliens or secret government using robot type creations ... They all prefer mind controlled humans (Manchurian candidate type thing) ... clones or cyborgs ... There were many credible reports in the 1960's , that people who reported UFO's to the police were being harassed by 'men in black' ... this is where the term MIB comes from .. they wore black suits hats and dark glasses , behaved in a strange simple minded 'robotic' way ... these were almost certainly the secret governments earliest attempts at using human clones.
  8. Well it's all about yield , but I doubt if it will produce much if it doesn't like sun ..... I don't think this is to do with the seed .... Chances are some difference in treatment in early life caused it's roots not to develop well , so with intense light (and heat) it cannot draw up enough water to keep pace with evaporation ... and it will need watering often .... If you have had the same effect with multiple seeds from the same batch then it must be the seeds , perhaps a mutation that has small roots ... can't be good.
  9. I've considered every option M , getting a piece of paper from a doctor is not a problem .... Survival lifestyle is not an option in any country .... moving around is a non starter , I know there are survivalist threads on the forum , living off the land ,that's a ridiculous idea in the UK . Possible here but not comfortable.... While on the subject , all the people getting vaxed in the UK , is a record kept ? Do you show your ID ? When this all started I recommended people in UK register with an immigrant doctor , they come from a culture that knows how to play ball , for a hundred quid they will stamp your card . .... But if you have been following my posts , you will know I don't see the covid vaccine as a big danger .... Remember I've been an anti vaxer all my adult life , haven't had a vax since I was 12years old .... read my first anti vax book 40years ago "the blood poisoners" , so I do know the story .... From the best authority we have covid vax is not the kill shot , the only way it's been spiked is with tracker chips , there maybe side effects for 1% . So if push came to shove I would not panic ... but as I said it won't come to that , and I certainly won't go looking to get vaxed.
  10. Well that video asks a lot of questions but provides no answers ... There are plenty of people around with metal pins or plates in their arms , they probably were already aware that magnets can stick there , this could be how the whole thing started ... Also it's important to realize all magnets are not equal . The really powerful ones are neodymium (looks shiny ) these are 10 times stronger than ferrite (mat black) often used in fridge magnets .... so if a mat black magnet sticks , then a shiny one should be impossible to shake off.
  11. They certainly are keen to keep this issue in the public mind .... Someone skilled at analysis should be able to tell WHEN they plan the event , judging by how intense and frequent the UFO news items are ... They are programing the public and they do know we have a short memory , so it could well be this year ... By the event I mean the arrival of apparently friendly aliens who promise help in solving our problems ... But the problems aren't to severe yet , the economy hasn't collapsed and the plague is really no plague at all , so it seems too soon for the aliens ... and these will be real (malevolent) aliens.
  12. Haaa... if I take a vaccine I promise this forum will be the first to know ...but don't hold your breath. But finding a place to escape to is not just about surviving the minor irritation of corvid ...there's much more to come , economic collapse , food shortages , perhaps WWIII ...so it's about being remote , growing food , solar panels etc
  13. Started watching again at 3:14 .... nothing new on Crowley there ..... 4:16 Quote ..."Alex Jones and David Icke both secretly freemasons...they will lead you into every direction except into the arms of the Gospels " ... That's why I generally don't like these type of videos ... these are this guys ideas , there will be much truth , but many errors ... I would much prefer to hear his life story , his experiences and then I can interpret them , hopefully without so many errors ....
  14. I went to your link Thoth and clicked on a subject at random ..... What to Expect on December 21, 2012 - The Moment of Ascension (More on Earth’s Rotation and the Days of Darkness) Question: Will our planet experience a reversal of its directions as to its rotation in the coming years? Will we experience as a result several days of darkness? Cosmic Awareness: This Awareness is prepared to introduce a new understanding of what will occur during the time of Ascension, especially around the forecast date of December 21, 2012. At the moment of Ascension, the Alignment of the 7 Planetary Gateways from that which is the central sun of the galaxy, that which is Alcyone in the Pleiadian system, at that moment of the alignment of the 7 planetary gateways represented by the planets, the stars, there will be an alignment, a corridor directly from that which is the central planet to the planet Earth. When the Portals Open a Tsunami of Energy Will Hit Our Planet .With the opening of these energy portals, these gateways, when the alignment occurs with the central sun, the force that will go through will be that force which will carry the planet to its higher frequencies. It will be as if a tsunami of energies that hit the planet at that time. Obviously this was channeled before 2012 ... and it never happened , no Tsunami of Energy ...no Ascension ,... The source has proved itself fake .... check out the video I posted above about why most channelers are being deceived What's really funny (or sad) is the people behind this site don't even try to cover up or remove the failed predictions , they just leave them there and carry on with the channeling ....producing more duff information from the same source , they never question anything , and they know most of their readers won't either.
  15. Watched up to 1hr 20 .... At around 1hr 10 he finally reveals the big secret he's been promising to tell , that the religion at the heart of masonry is Satanism or Luciferianism , he sees no difference between the two , and assumes we all know who lucifer/satan is ... A lot of the video is outing celebrities and politicians flashing the one eye sign , or other mason signs ... He makes the mistake of implying all these celebrities are knowingly Satanists and in on the big plan . In reality they are low level and will know little ... But who in reality is the evil 'god' the masons worship, and obey orders from ? ... All most masons know of this entity is that they can see only his eye .. the 'eye of god' at the top of the pyramid , depicted in many illustrations .. In this rare photo below of an altar painting in a Scottish masonic temple we can see more ... see part of his face , the skin is green and scaly ... Well guess what .. the reps have green scaly skin, according to Icke and SSP whistleblowers ... The reps who are part of the evil ET alliance that controls Earth via their willing human helpers.... These creatures , using technology can materialize right in front of you , and also have the natural ability to shape shift , so one of these will be presenting himself as lucifer or satan or anything else he want's .... no doubt materializes among a group of only the very highest mason ... And when they've stopped shaking with fear , they will follow his orders to enslave humanity!
  16. Yes.. That's a very important video Seeker , Great find ! But over 5 hrs long! ...Have you watched it all?? It might have been better from a personal angle , the story of his life , how he got into it all . I'm up to 20mins , will probably watch more .
  17. This is the biggest money making scam in history ... the figures below do not include the cost of the BILLION doses you mention .... Figures released by the National Audit Office in December estimated that the UK had spent nearly £12bn on its vaccination campaign so far. The bill included £2.9bn paid for a total of 267 million doses of five different coronavirus vaccines. Vaccines are 99.9% water made in giant vats and cost essentially nothing to produce ... the packaging is more costly .... A few dozen researchers with laboratory space , only $10M/year ... the rest pure profit !
  18. The first part of this video is disgusting propaganda selling the American people on continuing to subjugate the world militarily to keep the $ strong .. 6:10 onwards till 16:00 is pushing the UFO issue , convincing people these are real , and perhaps a threat and we don't know what they are . 16:00 onwards is pushing the narrative Fauci funded the corona virus , working with China ... Tucker Carlson may appear to some truthers as being on their team , in reality he is mind manipulated , pushing a complex web of information that ultimately serves the controllers agenda .
  19. Does anyone here remember Mr Bartzis? He exploded onto the truther scene in a spectacular fashion with a series of interviews with Lance White in 2012 ... No one had ever seen the like before .. the way Andrew could rattle off his truth about reality was overwhelming ... Lance White , a veteran of the truth movement certainly realized what he had , and set about transcribing the whole 4 hrs and selling downloads for $50 ...the videos are free and still on Youtube ... The story Andrew tells is that he was on the short list for the job of "Galactic Historian" .... Prime Creator , (AB's term for God/Creator) decided that AB was the best candidate and so he took an Earth body and here he is with us ... He has real time access to the Akashic record , something never seen before , has knowledge about all of recorded history ... So when the Lance White interviews appeared many saw this as an introduction to the main body of work which was to follow ... From someone carrying the title "Galactic Historian" we would expect a serious methodical approach to the subject , perhaps many written volumes , or if video format is employed , at least some order and a data base of the transcripts ... None of it ... He did start his own forum $10/month to become a member , it was fairly active ... and he continued his healing/therapy work, now at $1000 per session ... After the LW interviews It seems he came under severe attack from the dark spirits that control this place , in the videos that followed he often sported bruises and marks on his face , when asked about these he said he was under psychic attack.... Such people will be targeted , if the mind influence doesn't work to corrupt the message they will try psychic attacks ... And so I guess AB saw the poor response to the LW interviews , perhaps a few dozen people got it ... and he thought "why bother ? why create all this grief for myself? ... if I focus on healing it will result in less heat from the dark forces." So he mostly reverted back to his day job , It's what people want anyway .... So he is still very active with phone ins and interviews , people can ask anything , and they always ask about personal issues , and with AB's access to the Akashic record they are always astounded with the accuracy and help . ... He is a healer supreme .. a master at it ... 'fire ceremonies' , 'living the mystical life ' ...practical procedures ... Perhaps he is right , personal development is more important than History... But I can't help feeling a little let down .... Andrew Bartzis held the coveted truther award .... "Truthsayer of the Year" For the years 2013 to 2017 ... George Kavassilas and David Icke being second and third respectively ... In 2017 Karl Mollison appeared and took first place from 2018 onwards AB became runner up and George took third place ... I can find no contradictions between Mollison and Bartzis .... Mollison is a more digestible presentation of the truth , and is more relevant for these times.
  20. The conspiracy movement tends to doubt the official story of any event ... looks for the hidden hand directing things , whether this be a ship getting stuck in the Suez Canal or a Muslim knife attack... Often there is a hidden hand , we know on record the CIA finances and tries to steer ISIS and similar groups ... But I suspect most small domestic attacks are spontaneous ..What is surprising is that there aren't more such attacks considering the West's constant attacks on Muslim countries , and Israel's activities .
  21. Waffle ... verb present participle: waffling speak or write, especially at great length, without saying anything important or useful. Not saying anything useful or important??? .. I can't agree with that Mr Owl ... It has been said that the subjects being channeled often steer the conversation back into what they consider more important ... For example Savile and Epstein have both been channeled ... the tendency could be to ask questions about the details of what exactly they got up to, the goory details... They avoid going there and basically say, " Did we mention humanity is facing total annihilation within a few years if you don't wake up and pray for Divine help?" ... These people are all " in the light " now , and can see what is important ... see everything ... see how in life they were corrupted by dark forces despite coming here with good intent ... So this is the message that comes up again and again in nearly all the channelings ... Humanity is totally outgunned by ET controllers who have been subjugating civilizations for billions of years , they know every trick , have advanced mind control technology ... There is only one way we can survive and move on to a better world , by calling on Creator to heal and forgive them , so they move on. I consider everything .... The quality of the information, how it ties up all loose ends disavows this .
  22. Let's say it's about Control of people .... These days not many people care about religion , so the preacher has little power of control ... Everyone needs money to survive , so a large part of covid is about extracting wealth from people ... money for covid tests, money for vaccines , usually tax payers money , impoverishing the average person, personal wealth heads downwards while food prices head upwards till a breaking point is reached .
  23. Have watched that Ed ...Yeadon is a vaccination scientists , believes in the conventional theories and that vaccines do work , but is speaking out because he is sure the new "variants" are so close to the original virus that the first vaccine will protect you , he cannot understand why government and pharma are pushing extra vaccines and has jumped to the conclusion that this is "a serious attempt at depopulation" There is of course another BIG reason ...Money! Billions from the taxpayer !
  24. Errr ...One small fly in the ointment ...covid David doesn't see this going away , only getting worse ... Even if the government did allow such a gathering , I can't see David agreeing to compulsory checks or masks for the audience ... So in your dreams , I think we've seen the last live presentation from David.
  25. KM says similar , covid is a virulent flue which has been hyped for control of humanity and to crash the economy ... Big pharma works to produce a vaccine for normal flue and for covid ... they want your money , the technicians believe they are helping , and are actually producing a fix (if the side effects aren't too severe ) .... The effect of an mRNA injection is the same as a vaccine , so the media calls it one ... You are convinced it's dangerous from reading information which may be Diss info planted to mislead ... We are in a sea of questionable information ...magnets sticking to arms , nano worms on nasal swabs .. one thing is certain , nothing is certain.
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