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  1. At least one of the speakers at this gathering must pass a comment on the BLM protest ....


    No one in their right mind could think that an anti racism march is relevant in London in 2021 ..... Over half the population of London is composed of people from all parts of the world , the ELECTED Mayor is a Muslim Asian . No place on the planet is more multicultural and inclusive .....


    Even in America this is not a relevant issue.  It was in the 1950s/60s that there were segregated buses and schools ( in a few states) . ... So this BLM BS is all engineered by the Cabal to divide and conquer ... and get people hateful over MEMORIES of past injustice! 

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  2. The idea of an organization or group that decides when the gathering shall be ...  decides who shall be invited to talk ... organizes a stage and sound system is very outdate. It's  prone to infiltration ... easily targeted by police ( they just take the sound system) ...Also the idea of a speaker talking to thousands of people ... a one way exchange , seems unsatisfactory , We don't need leaders so much .... Of course people like DI have a lot to teach ... but this can be achieved by watching his videos...


    So I return to the idea of an informal gathering ..once a week , every week ... TS , or really a park would be better , Hyde Park , around speakers corner .... people could wear signs around their necks "I've got a great idea how to wake people up , ask me "  .. or .. " I'm from Sidcup starting a local group"  ... and people would chat , gather in small groups exchange ideas and support one another , others could bring guitars and play ...Of course DI and other notables could come and would attract larger groups around them , but exchanging ideas and asking questions ....


    A whole day event Sunday in Hyde Park ... make it a picnic , impossible to infiltrate , impossible to sabotage  , much more difficult for police to break up. 


    It needs someone like DI to put out this idea to get it started. 

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  3. 5 hours ago, Elizsia said:


    Really,, Are you serious? After you have used 666 in your username? WTF do you stand for? ......


    Yes I am serious about gathering once a week  ...Don't you think it would be a good idea to keep the momentum going , just put out the word that EVERY Saturday there will be an informal gathering at Trafalgar Square , no masks no social distancing...


    But to answer your concern , I would say you've been misinformed about 666 , have a look here ...  forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/9954-666-advert-for-bupa/

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  4. What no gathering in Trafalgar Square  tomorrow??? This could loose momentum .


    Keen activists may want to go to TS every Saturday , there will be other like minded people there , just hang around together without masks and chat .... no need for anything official ....


    I don't know why the organizers of previous gatherings haven't put this idea forward ...


    NO IMAGINATION! ...What is there to loose?

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  5. Wow ... the video of Merkel shaking .... I was expecting her to lose it and shift into her true form ...a 7 foot Rep!...


    Talking of Merkel .....


    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has doubled down on her controversial open borders immigration policy, saying she would make “essentially the same decisions” if presented with similar circumstances to the 2015 migrant crisis.

    Merkel was asked about the policy during her annual summer press conference in Berlin on Friday. “When people are standing at the German-Austrian border or the Hungarian-Austrian border, they have to be treated like human beings,” the German leader told journalists.

    The politician added that European nations will face similar tough decisions for many years to come. “The subject of migration … is not finished. It will be a constant theme for the 21st century,” she said.    https://www.infowars.com/merkel-reveals-she-has-no-regrets-over-2015-migrant-influx-claims-she-would-let-1-million-into-germany-again/

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