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  1. That's quiet an extrordinary news report from 5 weeks ago ... of a crashed craft in someones back yard and 8 ft creatures walking around ... I don't know what to make of it , seems genuine if so it's taking things to another level of getting the public ready for an alien landing.
  2. I've just looked at this thread again after two years of not checking it .... I see I made a post on page 1 , the third post , and I still regard that as spot on .. This planned Alien arivall will not be fake .. they will be the real deal , the same Reps who control our world now in human Disguise.. But it doesn't matter whether you think it's real of fake , we all agree on one thing... Don't go along with what they want!
  3. Yes because Karl Mollison's the pure unadulterated truth .... Remember I've been intensly studying this subject for 55years .... started when I was 15 investigating UFO abductions ... then collected Man Myth and Magic as a teenager this was a weekly publication 112 weekly parts I bought it every Thursday for 2 years from the newsagent on my way home from school Then Jung and Frued ... by 20years of age I was involved in occult groups , magic astrollogy , kaballah ... with basic magic I was able to atract wealth so have never had to work so I've spent all my life investigating it all ... Yoga , Crowley , Tai_chi , buddism , Osho , everything ! conspyracy .... Always asking questions always seeking the truth ... So by the age of 63 I believed I had a very good handle on things , how it all fitted together ... I knew Reps ran the world , Apollo was fake , 9/11 was fake , the global conspyracy, SSP ... all of it ! ... Then I found the work of Karl Mollison (6 years ago) and he was saying what I knew .... with some few differences and added insights which filled in the whole picture .... He claims that he channels GOD and the material is 100% true , He follows a careful procedure to make sure his source is uncorrupted .... So it's very easy for truth seekers now , you just have to explore KM's work .... The catch is newcommers have no experience of the subject and don't know what is true , can't recognise the truth .... that's why he has no following at all , just a few hundred hits on most of his videos . .. https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos
  4. In your first video it's amazing he managed to get througth security as far as he did.... The second video it's amazing Gulliano did'nt catch on earlier it was a set up! I've followed Cohen for a long time , it does seem he's been given assistance in his rise to prominance , but that could just be cos he'a jewish and the industry is run by jews . I really don't see any ajenda in his material , he'll take the piss out of anyone and anything if he thinks it will get laughs .... he is very funny and creative in his humour.
  5. You can explain Roswell away in such away ... but it doesn't explain evidence from literally hundreds of different sources all testifying that Greys are very real , and that anti gravity craft are very real .. Your first post on this tread gives the testimony from just one US inteligence officer who says he knows these craft are real , and there are close to a hundred insiders like him who say the same thing ... So any viable theory must encompass ALL the information we have from inteligence officers , abductees , SSP personell and other sources.
  6. Your story is a clasical case of someone with natural pshycic abilities being highjacked by the controllers , now you tell me more , this is not just be dead humans and demonic spirits , but telapathic physical ET's who are members of the group who control our society ... they will always be on the lookout for people such as you , they will spin an intriguing story taylored to your already existing beliefs , their hope is that you will spread this false information , even atract a following , and it all adds to the cacophony of disinformation which is the new age movement and infiltrates forums like this ... Higher beings , Divine beings would NEVER override your free will .... The way to ensure you DO connect to a genuine Divine source is to work through GOD the creator of all that is ... Ask that he protect your outreach from all deceptive entities Two minute video ... https://youtu.be/jrm5bEk2zAg?t=15 One minute video ....https://youtu.be/8vZYKz5-tfw
  7. Saying no is the only chance we have of winning . The ET's have stayed in the shadows all this time because they know if humanity knew of their existance , that aliens were manipulating their society , they would rebel en mass and there is a sort of magical power in our combined mental intent , they know from experience we have the ability to thwart their plans if we come together . So they've used humans to carry out their plans and we blame politians , or jews , or bankers , for all the problems ... or particularly OURSELVES for producing CO2 and destroying the planet ... this keeps us fighting ourselves . If we willingly invite them to collaborate with us we are not resisting ... So the current plan is (information source God KM) for them to land offering high tech solutions to "global warming" , energy , food production , disease and an end to poverty an end to all wars ....they are much wiser and advanced than us (they will say) and best able to manage this transformation. It will be very hard to resist this deception , if humanity falls for this offer they will incrementally assume power and then destroy us.
  8. I've listened to your recording Sjahki .. 1 would be described as electronic music , I could hear no voices but found it quiet hypnotic , getting invasively into my head in a way that was not good . I strongly advise you to cut off all contact with these creatures , they are very real , they will try to become your friend , make you believe the interaction is of value to you , they will be dead human spirits or demonic spirits in the lower Astral plane and they want to feed on your life force energy!
  9. Let me clarify what I mean by craft were "Gifted" to the US millitary .... So the ET's wanted the US to develope advanced anti gravity craft .. They had similar objectives with the NAZI's during the war ... in Germany during the war secrets could be kept more effectivly the society was tightly closed so the ET's could risk working directly with military , also time was short , so they did work directly with them and this has been well documented . The NAZI's did develop anti gravity craft(so called foo fighters) but had problems with recoil from weapons effecting flight , so could only use these for reconnaissance. These problems were eventually solved but too late to win the war. Post war the ET's now wanted to build up Americas capabilities ( more effective weapons , more death and destruction) .. But it was paramount to keep ET colaboration secret , It's one thing for it to leak out US had a crashed UFO's and quite another that they were working with ET's and keeping this secret from the public ...also there was much more time available , so the ET's kept their distance , there was no urgency , so let the humans figure the tech out themselves by back engineering ... And so they arranged the "Roswell Incident". I expect the ET's selected one of their small craft , put a few Greys in it , and dropped it from a great height from a mother ship to crash in the Roswell desert! How convienient the Roswell Air base was just a few miles away ! What are the chances? ... It landed right on the militaries door step , LOL So a farmer finds this craft , phones the base ... military come out to investigate "What the sh*t is this!?" ... the commander phones the pentagon "get it into your base and keep your mouths shut" .... And so it starts , back enginnering ... they have plenty of time and unlimited money , and all the military personell and engineers think it was a random crash,
  10. Yes I believe that's correct .... My understanding is they wanted to limit the number who knew the ET's were working with the miitary so they told technicians and others the craft crashed ... As time went on things became so compartmentalised and secret US Presidents didn't know what was happening . But in the first contact Eisenhower was involved. The aliens offered Eisenhower millitary and technical assistance and so the collaboration started . But this was all a trick by the ET's , they wanted the US to build an advanced military space force using US tax $ , the missing trillions each year from the pentagon budget ... So now 70 years later we have the SSP with over a million human personell , an off world force with advanced craft and weaponry who think they are protecting Earth , in reality they are mindinfluenced by the malevolent ET's who can use them as they wish and have plans to use them to attack Earth
  11. It's a myth that the Elite "Worship Satan" ... they do sometimes gather in groups and rape torture kill and EAT children , see DI's video "Revelations of a mother Goddess " for a rough aproximation of what goes on ... This is done in respect and hommage to their controllers the Reptilians .... These creatures eat raw flesh and drink blood EVERY MEAL , often human flesh .... And it tastes a lot better with Adrenalchrome in the blood and meat, and this also gets them high ... Adreanalchrome is the breakdown product of Adrenaline ... so they torture the victim which releases massive amounts of adrenaline into the victims blood which becomes Adrenalchrome.... So the elite (illuminati) are a human/ET hybrid bloodline who are saying by participating in these rituals ... "We are with the Reps , that's our alliegance and to prove it we eat humans like Reps do...." Satan or the Devil don't come in the picture , the elite know the real power is with these physical ET's Bob Dylan has been mentioned in this thread , and how he "sold his soul to the Devil for success fame and fortune" ... Here's the 46 sec video ..https://youtu.be/jNn72qnp6kI Whatching that video it's not at all clear that's what he says the interviewer asks him ... Why do you keep performing? It goes back to the destiny thing ... I made a bargain a long time ago and I'm holding up my end what was the bargain? to get where I am now who was the bargain with? With the chief comander of this Earth? This Earth and the world we can't see. The chief comander of this world and the world we can't see could equally describe GOD And that's what we promised Him before birth that we would keep going and put in maximum effort . I could make a good case for dylan being OK .. In the late 1970s, he became a born-again Christian and released a series of albums of contemporary gospel music also pro christian songs like "Property of Jesus " .."Gotta serve somebody" ... "Gospel Plow" ..and others But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed You’re gonna have to serve somebody Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord But you’re gonna have to serve somebody So it's very clear Dylan had a very strong Christian belief ... a belief in the Devil too... and this could have led him into making a "Pact with the devil" ... but the devil doesn't exist! That doesn't matter , the controllers will playalong , they will act the role of this devil , either by psycic methods , coming into Dylans dreams or whatever , or physically , record companies aproaching him ... so Dylan is under their control because HE believes he made a pact. It seems that this pact ment Dylan had to keep on performing and making records till he dropped , a very strange and one sided pact , but the sort of pact a record company would want, to extract maximum revenue from him.
  12. I did watch ... The title of this video Surveillance Coins Are Coming would give most the idea that tracker chips are going to be put in one and two pound coins ( or $ coins) to surveill what you spend your cash on ... but this is only for digital transactions which they already monitored anyway electronic transferes , cards ..
  13. That's an excelent question Dale ..... The Greys are here in greatest numbers ... If you are abducted (mostly for breeding experiments or for genetic downgrading ) it's the Greys who will be doing this , often supervised by Reps .. The Greys are described (by Simon Parkes and others) as being "soulless" , cold , heartless , indifferent to the pain they cause in surgical opperations ( the other ET's are not indifferent but often Delight in causing pain) ... And it's litterally true that the Greys are souless, they are a genetic creation of the Arcturians designed to be slaves and do mundane work , and as such have no soul , do not survive death , when they die they're gone! The other 3 ET species are a creation of God and so have a soul , despite them being completly corupted by dark spirits ! We are on the same path to depravity being under the psycic influence of these same dark spirits , human child rapeists are are well down that path , but they still have a soul ... So these ET's do survive death , their soul goes to the lower astral (as we do on death) and if lucky they finally return to the Light ... To them the lower astral is not so different to their own society in the physical , it's cutthroat , built on domination and tormenting of those lower down in the pecking order , so they've just shifted from one nightmare to another , it's all they know, so they are much tougher than us .... For us on death , it's another matter . Our physical life , despite it's extreem hardship is not as bad as all that . When we die we find ourselves in the lower astral in the company of dark spirits (fallen Angels) and the souls of dead malevolent ET's (and other human souls) ... and we are the lowest in the pecking order because of our mental weekness . We are helpless and dark spirits will torment us to feed off our energy ... This is limbo or pergatory and to be avoided at all costs! How to avoid this terrible fate see here https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/31981-the-great-importance-of-dying-skillfully/ So that's why I don't classify the Greys as an ET group despite them being most well known by the public as such ...
  14. Well tell us something we don't know! The only question is how mainstream this will go and what lies the government will tell in this partial disclosure. All this is leading upto the open arrival of the ET's who have always controlled our society ... I've watched the first 10 mins and the main error is that these craft were crashed ... No they were gifted by the malevolent ET's (1940's) so that US military could back engineer and build craft .. this has become the SSP with over one million human personell , who belive they are defending Earth , but in reality are under the control of these ET's
  15. You will remember this world is effectivly under the control of an alliance of 3 ET races working together to control us from behind the scenes using the illuminati(humans) as front men ... These ET creatures have been around a very long time . They're pure evil , hyper inteligent , telepathic , psycic and do read the Akashic record. They see each person being born and can trace back their past lives .. If they see that the individual has caused them problems in other lives and times , has been particularly effective in opposing their plans , then they will be singled out for special treatment in this new life . They will be subject to psycic attack as soon as they are born and throughout their life .. Most will not be able to withstand this onslaught . By the time they are adults they will likely be hooked on alchol or drugs in an attempt to escape ... unable to keep a job or a roof over their heads , nevermind make some contribution to opposeing the tyrany ... and they will never know why , just that their life fell apart , the stress of living was just too much ... Information source Karl Mollison https://www.youtube.com/@getwisdom7028/videos
  16. Yes .. I agree with that , it's a fine technical point which many do not get ... The devil and satan are not sentient beings , they are like father christmas , they are inventions of humans and do not exist in their own right .... Lucifer on the other hand is a different matter .. He is an Angelic being NON PHYSICAL originally created to positivly inspire and uplift physical life forms ... but he made bad choices , went spiralling down into depravity... he and other Angels who followed him became fallen angels or deamons , cut off from creator they can only exist by leaching psychic energy off physical life forms ... billions of years ago they possessed and corupted physical ETs ... these advanced ET's are now here enslaving us and are working with these fallen ones , they all have the same goal ... torture death and destruction.
  17. What's your problem with this Carpe ? Free Money from the government ! "A universal basic income of £1,600 a month is to be trialled in England for the first time. Thirty people in two parts of the country will be paid a lump sum each month for two years - with no conditions. They will be observed to see how they live. The people taking part live in central Jarrow, in the North East, and East Finchley, in north London. Researchers from thinktank Autonomy are seeking financial backing for the pilot, with supporters saying it could simplify the welfare system and tackle poverty." This is a trial experiment , just 30 people so they will follow them to see where it's spent , obviously if it's rolled out for the whole country they're not going to track everyone . The trail is going to take 2 years so it'll be a long time before everyone gets this. Presuably the participants in this trial will fill out a form as to how they spend the money , don't know how reliable this will be? will anyone put down 20 quid on a bag of weed
  18. click bait .. this is nothing to do with coins ...the hard cash in your pocket , this is just another way of managing digital transactions credit cards , paypal etc
  19. Some posters here don't seem to like Bary Manillow! I can't think why.... Perhaps it's because it's the sort of music your mum likes , and the young tearaways on this forum don't think it's cool , wan't nothing to do with it .... I've just listened to some of his stuff ... https://youtu.be/3V_7-7myPxM It's beautiful , uplifting , songs of love and lost romance ... In a very real way this brightens up the day of many as they do the washing up or whatever. Societies view on music is that it's trivial , a divertion , nothing of any importance .... According to God KM , nothing is furthur from the truth ... it is the main vector by which Divine love reaches humanity .... not churches or mosque , but music ... it uplifts people in a very real and valuable way ... and your mum needs upliftment too! Edit for post above this one ... Strongly advise Against getting into headbanging!
  20. I do understand where your coming from Bombadil ... As a disaffected youth I was heavily into Black Sabath and would have found reasons to defend their music ... But I would strongly advise getting into head banging ... For those who don't know .. headbanging definition: 1. the activity of shaking your head up and down with great force to the beat of rock music Astral travellers ( people who caan leave their body and shift awareness into the astral world) have observed venues where this goes on , they are packed with demonic entities , they are waiting for a headbanger to lose conciousness momentarily , the person will hardly notice this happen , it's a fleeting second when the brain impacts the inside of the scull and a mini black out occours , at this moment a spirit can enter the person and stay attached , it's goal from then on is to sabotage the persons life to feed off the negative energy .... Astral travellers have also observed this hapen to drunks who fall down and lose conciousness. I can't get into the lyrics of particular Black Sabath songs , I know some are not as bad as others .. But why would you chose that for the name of your band ? Black Sabath is a ceromony in homage to the devil where children and babies are tortured and eaten ... Isn't that what DI and people on this forum are against?
  21. Yes , Bob Dylan certainly does admit it in that startling interview .... Different muscians will be corrupted to different degrees , but that doesn't mean ALL muscians are totally corrupted .... Just as with ordinary people .... a very few will be child molestors , but the vast majority will be descent careing folk. The most popular groups , Beatles , Abba , Bee Gees and artists Elvis ,MJ ,Prince , Robbie Williams , Whitney Houston will be the least corrupted .... If you want to see real coruption in music take a look at Heavy Metal . Just the names of the bands tell you what they're about and what thier selling ... Megadeath Anthrax Slayer Black Sabath ( a black magic ritual at which babies are eaten) Judas Priest ( Judas the one who betrayed Christ) Iron Maiden (A Medievil torture device) And the song titles! ... I put "heavy metal songs " in search the first one I got was "Breaking the Law" (Judas Priest) ... next Trooper (Iron Maiden) Here's the lyrics from Trooper You'll take my life, but I'll take yours too You'll fire your musket, but I'll run you through So when you're waiting for the next attack You'd better stand, there's no turning back The bugle sounds, the charge begins But on this battlefield, no one wins The smell of acrid smoke and horses' breath As I plunge on into certain death.... So this is real corruption in music ....theyre selling death and war and breaking the law .... and all those who sing along and follow these bands are energising death and destruction ... It's in your face ! So Don't pick on the Beatles and Kylie who only sing songs of love , and don't imagine evil in Beautiful inocent pictures like this...... Will they be corupted to some extent ? Of course .... Everyone and everything has been tainted , you, me ,everyone.... we are swimming in a sea of dark spirits who want dispair and torture energy to feed on , they mentaly influence all in this direction ... But don't demonise those who sing songs of love , they are the ones who are keeping their heads above water , and inspiring humanity to stay afloat.
  22. I might have been getting a bit ahead of myself , recycling hasn't yet taken off , but has started and future projections are all will soon be recycled and all valuable materials recovered , just silver alone is "$15 from each panel "... https://cleantechnica.com/2022/07/17/solar-panel-recycling-is-about-to-become-big-business/ .... this article is one year old.
  23. That's dead right (IMHO) ... but it's important to understand the trauma will most often come from past lives .... Nearly all people on the planet are anxiouse to some extent or another , resulting in excess use of alcohol or drugs , some go certifiably crazy yet there is no traceable cause in their present life. Most people have had around a hundred lives as human , and these were mostly lives of pain hunger and drudgery and often torture or war experience ... Our unconciouse mind has access to all these memories and the dark spirits who torment most stir up these memories , to feed on the resulting anxiety ... so most are in a constant state of mild anxiety but don't know why . All attempts to fix this problem have failed miserably... It is a Divine level problem ... Only Praying for Divine healing from God can resolve this , Pray daily it's a long process.
  24. Hmmm.. interesting and more information from Campion ..... There definietly apears something strange here , but no aircraft around in your observations or this picture ... We are reliably informed there are Thousands of cloaked ET craft in our sky at all times . Picture above could be some hick-up in cloaking and we see the path of a craft entering the sea ( many undersea ET bases)
  25. No they get carefully recyled because they have a fair bit of silver ... the grid on the cells which make up the panels is pure silver. about 26 cells make up a 100w panel ... busbars and fingers are pure silver
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