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  1. That's an excellent link Mk .... Lot's of the basic info there that should be on our minds if we weren't all distracted with covid non nonsense Millions of children kept in DUMBs for adrenal chrome harvesting , and to be eaten by the Reps .. I watched part of the first video , ancient skeletons of Greys and hybrid cone heads .... Sure , it's well understood the Annunaki (main ET rulers here) created all sorts of Annu/humam hybrid hybrids long ago ... giants and cone heads to rule over us .. to help the Annu to control us , their slaves... David should know
  2. You can only appreciate the material from Karl if you are very far along in our subject ...If you've been at this for many decades ... Well I have. At 20 years old (I'm now 67) I was mixing in magical groups and with kabbalists and freemasons ... I have spent all my life exploring UFO's ,Yoga, secret government, occult ,SSP , psychics, astrology, investigating cults like Osho , Rael ,Yoga groups (in real life , not online) , . I've never had to work , so full time my energies are devoted to figuring the world out , figuring out the truth I've listened to over well over 3,000 Hrs o
  3. I wouldn't advise too much outward action , Ben , until you get a clearer picture of what's going on ... all institutions are in the grip of the malevolent spirits in conjunction with the ET's who they possess and work with ... And the public are mind controlled to believe none of it ... This source explains it all https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos
  4. Can you believe Karry Mullis has just been channeled by KM , only a few days ago .... KM has taken the unusual step of immediately releasing part of the channeling on Youtube ... I've cued the video at the point where he is covering the use of his test for covid .. He says covid is a real virus , it was intended to be much more deadly but divine intervention has reduced it's effects ... His test can be used to detect it , but the way it's being used it will give a vast number of positives from people who have minute viral fragments , and from people who have the virus
  5. Another cabal mouth piece appearing in that first video Michio Kaku .... But he pricked the bubble at 40 secs , destroyed the dream " the people who go to Mars are going to be , for the most part military people" The SSP already have large underground bases on Mars , tens of thousands of people , so perhaps Musk's firework rockets will just become part of this enterprise.. Here's a 7 min video from just one of many SSP whistle-blowers ... We have been on Mars for decades !
  6. Well to be accurate Km (kilometer) is not a metric unit the Meter (m) is the unit ... And also KM is not Kilometer Km is ... M is the abbreviation for Mega (one million)..... So lower case m is meter but also milli ( one thousandth) I find it quiet unbelievable that people are so dumbed down that even Battery manufactures don't know the difference ... this battery is labeled as 2100 MAH when it should be 2100 mAH
  7. oz93666


    I have quiet a few of these tree's on my land here in Thailand , just starting to produce fruit now , I wonder if their appearance will impact on sales ?
  8. Perhaps I could have worded that a bit better BC... Despite many attempts on his life , by Nietzsche and others it seems God is still alive and well and chatting to Karl on a daily basis .. Information channeled from "those in the light " (dead people) is just as accurate as that from Creator ... Freemason Nietzsche flashing the 'hidden hand ' sign
  9. You might find this guy interesting , G-Man … https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q/videos He's a scientist and by his methodical, logical approach to channeling he believes he has got a flawless connection with the truth ...he channels many dead people , even Creator ...I've found he fills in all the gaps in Ickes work ... This channeling particularly might tickle your palate . Only the first half is on Youtube , to see the whole 2 hrs you have to join getwisdom.com (no charge)
  10. Your on the right track Kirito ... This is the main area of focus for the controllers , but things have moved along much much further from what we call hypnotism... But even hypnotists have been demonstrating for 100's of years that they can put someone under , get them to perform all sorts of things , and when they awake they will have no knowledge of what has happened . But they can only do this for the most suggestable few % of the population ... We know very well the CIA specialized in trauma based mind control , from the 1940's onwards ... Extreme torture fragme
  11. What is that suppose to mean? ( the part I highlighted ) These people are not actors , they are genuinely are angry and believe in their cause , just like extreme greenies who believe in global warming ... They are all mind controlled to get angry and militant about wrongs they see in the world... " The North Face is an American outdoor recreation products company. The North Face produces outdoor clothing, footwear, and related equipment. Founded in 1968 to supply climbers,..." BLM will be financed by companies who believe in the cause and think it will he
  12. No Christians here Fluke ...only Thelemites Quiz for today ... is it A.... KFC B.... KLM or C .... KM (Karl Mollison)
  13. Great stuff G-Man ... you've got to the essence of the book .... I would respectfully offer one observation which David might have missed . We can only defeat the Reps by calling on a higher power to assist ... the "G" word , G-man... GOD Does the word leave a nasty taste in your mouth? It may do, the dark forces have been discrediting God by corrupting all the religions ... God is not vengeful , god is LOVE... The NEW AGE movement has like wise dispensed with the idea of God to all practical purposes , with the idea we can do it all alone , we are unl
  14. Where do we get our understanding on Aliens ....? It really all starts with scholars like Zachariah Sitchen , Erich von Däniken , William Bramley ... from analyzing ancient texts , bible and artifacts , they all concluded that aliens were involved in our past , going back around 6 ,000 years (any recorded history doesn't go further back in time) ...and these weren't nice aliens , they wanted to control and enslave us .. Icke came along and concluded they were correct , and that these aliens decided , as the human population expanded , that a better way would be to go out o
  15. You want to watch that ally ...I do believe demons are behind this influencing people to dress on their wavelength ... Black the colour of death , white lifeless faces .. piercings , bats and vampires . People trying to make themselves look unattractive and hence alienated from other people ... trying to make them misfits .. allymisfit!
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