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  1. Interesting observation sphere .... I hadn't noticed they skipped Windows 9 .... But it figures , It's not so much they fear 9 , but wouldn't want to evoke that "down" energy in their business , it might cause their business could go down (bankrupt) Here's what I said on the prince philip thread ... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/18937-prince-philip-dead/page/8/&tab=comments#comment-262576 Number 9 is the "down energy". A glyph of the limp flaccid penis and testicles , the exact opposite of 6 the erect penis and testicles , virile vigorous LIFE
  2. I can understand the fascination with rockets and space Icke-kia ...But what is much more fascinating is the truth about what is really going on in space .... The Secret Government has had anti-gravity propulsion for over 70 years ...They have vast fleets of craft , bases throughout the solar system ... This is beyond any doubt , we have close to 100 reliable whistle-blowers , all telling a similar story
  3. Well spotted Kitty .... You will remember the Evil ET's were working with Hitler , helping him with antigravity craft , Hitler did get these operational but couldn't fire guns from them due to recoil .. so they could only be used for reconnaissance and intimidation ... These were the foo fighters widely reported by allied pilots
  4. We don't know for sure he did say that , but he may have The Beatles said Lucy in the sky with Diamonds was something random , when we all know it referred to LSD So artists may be bold in writing a line in private , but in public back track to save their buts .... literally in this case the NWO do kill people
  5. The media are desperate to give that impression ... the Washington times uses the word "satire" But if you just listen to the song , it doesn't give me that impression ... Nor does it suggest an "optimistic outcome" as the NY times says .... the repeating lyric is "it's goner get crazy"
  6. Just the line "There's aliens in Deep State " As DI said , this is the Biggest Secret ... He dedicated a book to this Secret.
  7. I've just listened to that single from Mick ... I can't fault it...It could be seen as a truther song .... "Bill Gates is in my bloodstream ....It’s mind control....There’s aliens in the Deep State.” I did know Mick's brother Chris , when I lived in Glastonbury(1999-2004) , he lives there with wife Carry-Ann , who teaches yoga ... In their home they had a picture of the Queen on the wall , when I saw it I said "Oh my god ... don't you know she's an evil shape shifting rep?" ... They knew of my beliefs , and that I left UK because I said the NWO we
  8. Definitely a bad sign ! But Only good in safe areas .... the bad boys would soon deal with that , throw a blanket over it soaked in petrol The NYPD's robot dog is once again stirring privacy concerns and cyberpunk prophesies of some New Yorkers, after the four-legged machine was spotted inside of a Manhattan public housing complex on Monday. A video shared on Twitter shows the robot trotting out of a building on East 28th Street in front of two NYPD officers, then slowly descending the stairs as bystanders look on in shock. "I've never seen nothing like this before in m
  9. Still testing , testing !?.... 80 years after Hitler showed he had master rocket technology by impacting thousands of V2's on London , NASA is still Testing rocket engines .. despite itself having fired quiet a few rockets .... A rocket is the very simplest of devices , it's just an empty chamber into which two reactants are pumped and ignited. No moving parts , nothing to go wrong , only the pumps ...simple pumps for delivering fluid reactants .... An Internal combustion engine or a jet engine is infinitely more complex with
  10. Youtube also has DI's Revelations of a Mother Goddess , they probably assess that it's just too crazy to believe for most people ... And KM (Karl Mollison) is even more crazy , he says Icke is right about the reptilian shapeshifters and artificial ET inhabited moon , but goes beyond that to even more crazy .... KM only has a few hundred views anyway, banning him will just draw attention to the material.
  11. Exactly ... it's the same as the old philosophical question, If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? ..https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/If_a_tree_falls_in_a_forest Well we know now It does make a sound ..... a tape recorder left in a forest with no people around WILL record the sound of the tree falling ... So there is an objective reality , it's not just all in our heads ! So this stupid debate has been going on for two thousand years , as the wikipedia Sophist page says.... "the point of the sophists was to show that "obje
  12. Reality being an illusion is certainly not a new idea ... it goes back over 2000years , But this is not the time to rehash these old theories , with the Cabal poised to exterminate everyone! It's called Sophism Solipsism was first recorded by the Greek presocratic sophist, Gorgias (c. 483–375 BC) who is quoted by the Roman sceptic Sextus Empiricus as having stated:[6] Nothing exists. Even if something exists, nothing can be known about it. Even if something could be known about it, knowledge about it cannot be communicated to others.
  13. You think David doesn't know the information in those links ?? Any one who paid attention in Biology class knows about the rod and cone cells in the eye that translate certain wavelengths into the perception of color... This information doesn't sway the 'Fake Reality' debate one way or the other.
  14. All areas of banking are undergoing a downsizing , partly due to covid , but also in preparation for the reset ... If they kill off employees with the vaccine they won't need to pay redundancy ...Bankers , always thinking of the bottom line !
  15. You present this video without a word of explanation ! Presumably it's supporting the original proposition that we live in a hologram? Well that wouldn't surprise me , as covered on the old forum , Hawking was a mouthpiece of the Cabal , saying things they wanted out there , that's why he was promoted in the media in such a ridiculous over the top way as the "New Einstien" Just like Philip they even arranged a significant date for his death to cement the link
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