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  1. Well there's people who believe in Flat Earth and that there is no Space ...!!! Are you going to try to respond and understand them too ?? Don't give attention to any of it , it is all a blight on this forum ... But to answer your question it is understandable that people like us who now understand the authorities they have previously trusted , politicians , doctors , media are all a lie , are now suspicious of EVERYONE ... It's an occupational hazard of being a truther!
  2. They maybe watching M , but unless we invite them to participate and give clear instructions about how we wish them to participate , then watch is all they'll do ... I've become convinced of this ... It's a freewill Universe , if we don't call for help , it's taken that we are happy to tackle things on out own .... We are informed we cannot beat this on our own ... the malevolent ET's in the shadows who direct the cabal have millions of years of experience in controlling civilizations on other planets .. We have to call on Devine assistance to heal them and send them on their way ... It's all spelt out here ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q
  3. If she is that old I think it increases the chances of her being up to something knowingly deceptive .... Dictionary deffinition .... shill INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN noun an accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others. So the original meaning was of someone being knowingly involved in a fraud or swindle , and being paid for their work.
  4. All this maybe true ... But I think the issue is ... is she paid by the controllers to knowingly infiltrate and misdirect the movement?? I think that's what the term "Shill" implies . Or is she a young woman , with here own interest in making a career and name for herself , just blundering around?
  5. lol ... that don't sound good Seeker .But don't let it put you off meditation , that is what they want! ... Just put up protection first ... Even crowley and other magicians agree with Mollison on this , protection , protection ( see banishing rituals of pentagram and hexagram) ... It at least shows you were doing something right , to get noticed by them
  6. She also said that's why she left because she saw through it .... DI also worked for the BBC!
  7. I notice you quoted her as saying she worked for a rothschild bank , I checked and she did indeed say that .... Most banks ARE rothchild , or linked in some way . She needn't have told us that , I doubt it would have been discovered .... it does ring alarm bells but is not conclusive .... Is that the worst there is , perhaps she did call DI a nutter , I don't know ... So lay out your evidence , if she says she's is sure vaccines are good , then I'll agree with you ... I suspect she's fairly new to all this and is still stumbling around . EDIT ...looking more on this thread she says "ignoring the government and not trusting their judgment is not a good sign" ...lol that is very funny , She may either be naive and new to this , or is indeed a shill ... I have not looked deeply into her
  8. Karl Mollison warns that anyone doing spiritual practices will be noticed by the controlling ET's who are tapped into that dimension ... the ET's direct the secret government so will often send out a black helicopter to check out groups doing yoga or meditation in the open .... But usually it is dealt with on the psychic realm so they may have sent someone/something to mess with you and warn you off .... Mollison says protection must be set up before meditation ... "I call on Creator to set up a field of invisibility and protection around me during this meditation and at all times"
  9. Why are you making a thread on this ? which will only give this idea attention and legs .... No one with any credibility is calling DI controlled opposition ...just a few anonymous idiots ., there will always be these ... That said we are all subject to mind control/influence ...DI is obviously greatly resistant to this but it will still have some effect steering his message off course to some extent , "holographic matrix reality" etc ... it maybe he's wrong about the virus not existing , time will tell , he will have a natural tendency to disbelieve everything , and mind influence could have led him too far on this .... But the idea that DI is Knowingly spreading a false message is absurd .... I also doubt Boris is Knowingly being deceptive ... Mind influence is all pervasive and people do believe in what they are doing. .
  10. Video covers research to produce a virus which allows those infected to be manipulated by (unnoticed ) pulsing light ( modern led street lamps and household lights) .... Sure ...Mind control is going on constantly NOW , and the controllers have many overlapping ways of doing this ...The ET's are masters at this , they work with malevolent spirits and fallen angels to psychically influence people ... and also use 3/4/5G in conjunction with nano chips we have ingested... Everyone is subject to mind influence , particularly politicians who are influenced to believe in corona etc ... public encouraged to go on BLM riots and believe the government ... We can expect public behavior to get more and more crazy.
  11. If anyone thinks the people will wake up and demand their freedoms back they will be sorely disappointed. The police are just members of the public , and most of the public think lockdown should be more intense and they support the actions of these police ... People don't realize what we are up against ... Behind it all are ET's that are millions of years more advanced than us ... There are no actions we can take that will beat them... Only Prayer calling on the Devine realm to heal the perpetrators and get them to move on will work This link explains it all in great detail ... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg18_LahHDHQZi7LYGbkS3Q
  12. The fact that MSM is calling David a nutter will only make him more attractive to our target audience ... the MSM is saying "the virus is real , wear masks " .... The people we have a hope of waking up must already be suspicious of MSM.
  13. I'm with you Kala ...People here are too quick to jump on anyone and accuse them of being paid disinfo agents ..... This is the first time I've come across this woman , but at first glance she appears to be doing good work , the more people covering this issue the better .... Same with Rose , he came and went , there were suspicions , but his net effect was to promote David.... So If anyone can see any malevolent agenda being pushed by this woman spell it out with links to videos , otherwise these constant accusations and suspicions do not help our cause .
  14. That did have to be said ... It is The Biggest Secret , and had to be put out there for those who want the truth ... that many top people have been killed and replaced by reptilian (ET) shape shifters ..... This is not just about corona , it's about understanding who is at the root of the manipulation , and it's ET's .... see getwisdom.com But strategy does have to change since the authorities have made it clear they will not allow speakers , a stage and sound system ... No problem everything has already been said ... So Trafalgar gatherings must continue every Saturday ... informal events , people bring guitars and make music , just gathering with out masks is defiance.
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