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  1. The video is poor quality .... But I can believe it ... These are the the long "Q-tips" they stick up peoples noses for testing for covid , the video maker says they are alive , nano particles/fibers ... Maybe this is how you get zombies , deliver these fibers into the brain area .... We are not in Kansas anymore !! This is Alien technology !
  2. Getting to the truth about covid is EXTREEMLY tricky , the most difficult challenge truthers have ever faced ...Apollo . 9/11 , the SSP and the alien question are all easy in comparison .... The difficulty arises because virology is a very specialist subject , and we are swamped with "facts" from the media , and we don't know if any of it can be believed .. The death count .. the number of cases , does the test even work , is there a virus at all? The beings behind it all are VERY smart , they could be intentionally putting out false information to lead people to bel
  3. It is a foundational belief of David Ickes work that ET's came here thousands of years ago ...ruled over us , saying they were Gods ... manipulated our DNA to down grade us , created an "elite" bloodline the Jews (God's chosen people) who were not to breed with the rest ... The ET's decide it would be easier to control humanity if we didn't realize outside aliens were behind it , so they departed but secretly supported the elite bloodline , keeping them in power and giving them orders ... The elite Jews are victims caught in a trap , these families subject their children to sata
  4. This is not about whether vaccines work or not ...The Cabal intentionally poison them ... They have been caught literally hundreds of times ..Normally it gets covered up of spun into a "trial vaccine" that went wrong Bill Gates faces trial in India for testing vaccines ... www.reuters.com › article › uk-factcheck-gates-india May 19, 2020 — Posts on social media claim Bill Gates is facing a trial in India for allegedly testing vaccines on children illegally.
  5. People don't seem to get this vaccine thing ... It's not a matter of adequate testing .... They have toxins intentionally added The evidence for this is overwhelming and goes back over a hundred years , it's all been posted before ... It's the Cabals favorite vector of attack , right into your blood stream , by passing all defenses
  6. Of course ....all the elite are Jewish . Even the royal family , the Queen is officially head of the church of England ..lol Showing results for claim to fame rabbi circumcised Charles 'Circumcision is one of the oddities of the Royal Family' www.telegraph.co.uk › news › uknews › kate-middleton Mar 31, 2015 — For many years my dinner-party claim to fame was that I was circumcised by the same rab
  7. I don't know what Gates is playing at with this land purchase but it can't be abut controlling the food supply with this paltry purchase of a quarter million acres ... farm land , just in the US totals 900 million acres so it will have no impact... He could be planning to grow some toxic Frankenstein food ...we'll have to see ... Food is a tricky one for the controllers to crack , the easiest way is to sabotage delivery. Nationwide blackouts ,then follows the inevitable looting and destruction of shops , delivery trucks highjacked , so food can't get through , it rots
  8. Just the impression I get from reading 'Confessions' ....By the standards of the day he was wealthy , had an inheritance from the family brewery , but for someone with a lavish life style , traveling all over the world , never working , it would never be enough .... His abbey in Chefalu was very grotty , I'm sure he was embarrassed by it and had dreams of something grander. Many of his magical workings were aimed at remedying his financial plight.
  9. Sure see this thread where 24 died in one nursing home after getting vaccinated ... https://forum.davidicke.com/index.php?/topic/16490-24-dead-in-ny-after-getting-the-vaccine/ As expected the vaccine gives you covid
  10. The point of waking up is that you can understand the threat to your survival and take PRACTICAL action to ensure you stay alive longer ... The only solution on a wider level is to Pray for Divine Intervention , That the malevolent ET's and evil spirits who possess them get healed and move on ... That's why you want to stay alive , to stay in the game and Pray .......... getwisdom.com
  11. But if you believe that information You can't also believe David's no virus theory ... My point being there are many different theories to explain covid ...If you pick anyone you will find much supporting evidence , much of which maybe disinfo intentionally planted to mislead ... I still have a wide open mind on covid , and would not feel comfortable encouraging people to open restaurants ... the stakes are too high , and it may well turn out that covid is real and a danger , but not in the way the authorities are saying ..
  12. WWII era bombing was very inaccurate "With less than 50 per-cent cloud coverage an average B-17 Fortress Group could be expected to place 32.4% of its bombs within 1000 feet (ca. 305 meters) of the aiming point when aiming visually." In addition London raids were at night , barrage balloons and flak to keep the attackers at a high altitude , they didn't have the number of aircraft to carpet bomb , trying to hit a bridge would be a waste , most bombs would go in the river ... So they concentrated on large vital areas like the docks .
  13. So would David who doesn't believe the virus exists ! .... There are a dozen different theories about covid ... I do understand peoples desire to burn their masks , I was just pointing out there's no need to be unnecessarily reckless , as some of these theories see covid as a real danger ...
  14. See my previous post ... According to the official story most people who catch covid are "asymptomatic" ... that is to say they will be infected with covid , can infect others , but will have no symptoms at all .. ( until 5G triggers them into a zombie ).... Just a theory Nothing is certain
  15. Certainly refuse the vaccine .... but if rebelling means pretending there is no virus , mixing with people as usual , you may catch covid , not even know you have been infected and end up a Zombie when 5G is activated to fully make the change !
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